This just in: CBS trims 'Numb3rs,' orders more 'NCIS' and 'Mother'

Numbers-show_lA CBS spokesperson is confirming that the network has cut Numb3rs‘ episode order from 22 to 16. Translation: This is most likely the show’s final season.

I’m hearing Flashpoint will likely take over the Friday 10 p.m. timeslot in February, although there’s been no official confirmation of that.

In related news, CBS has upped the episode orders of How I Met Your Mother, NCIS, NCIS: LA, CSI: Miami, and Two and a Half Men from 22 to 24, while requesting one additional episode of Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, The Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, CSI, and The Mentalist, bringing their totals from 22 to 23.

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  • Glenn MacMillan

    I haven’t been able to get into this show this year.. Or most of last year.. I love Flash Point though

    • Gord

      We are already watching flashpoint here in Canada. It is really great this season.
      I do watch numbers but it is getting a little stale.

      • Sheena

        While I’m rooting for the Border, I’d be putting money on Flashpoint cleaning up at this year’s Geminis. Can’t wait for Sunday!

    • AJ Simon

      This season started out really badly – the whole storyline about Larry being depressed or something was terrible and went became awkward to watch. Don’s recent discovery of religion sounded interesting but that has now gone nowhere, but I am glad they got rid of that bland attorney girlfriend he had last season who seemed to come out of nowhere.

      Flashpoint was BORING, it will be cancelled soon here.

  • RP

    Honestly I don’t think the show’s been the same since Megan left. It still has some good moments, but it’s kind of the last choice on the DVR. Hopefully they’ll have time to go out satisfactorily though.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    2 more episodes of NCIS is alwasy good news, I just hope they are better then last night’s episode (yuck!)

    • Lockly

      Can never make it through an episode of NCIS — it’s silly without being fun silly.

      • Maddy

        Wow, you couldn’t be more wrong about NCIS.

      • David Willis

        I felt the same way when my wife and I tried to watch NCIS when it first started several years ago (2003?); but since we started watching all the reruns on the USA network, we now can’t get enough of Gibbs and the gang! Best show on the air!!!

      • Bunners

        I totally agree, and the levels of misogyny on that show are enough to make my toes curl.

      • Sara

        yeah i agree….. numb3rs is SO much better

    • AJ

      I agree, Mike Franks eps are so predictable!

  • Brooke

    Wow, I’m really surprised. I stopped watching after Diane Farr left, but I thought it did pretty well in the ratings.

    • gia

      No, it does not do that well. It’s a weak link in the CBS schedule.

      • Sara

        ummm…. actually it’s been winning it’s timeslot for the past five years

    • David Willis

      I gave up watching Numbers just after the third season. Started getting boring to me. Happy to hear Flashpoint is coming back ,though.

  • don

    well there numbers are up besides it there sith season bye thankfully

    • Scotty97

      Or do you just hate the show because they can speak and spell as well as do math? I enjoy Numb3rs, it’s shame to see it go, but it has had a good run.

    • Chad

      Learn to spell retard.

      • David Willis


      • Bill, in Dallas

        Perhaps you could use some grammar…and a bit of compassion. There should be a comma in your terse reply! Just before the word “retard.”

  • jfan

    I’m honestly not surprised it could be Numbers’ last season. There’s really only so much you can do with a math-involved crime solving show before it gets old…and that was a few seasons ago.

    • Sara

      well than you obviously dont watch it then…..

  • Lynn

    I love Numb3rs and I don’t want it end, but six seasons are good.

    Yay for the rest of my shows!

    • Suisan

      I also enjoy N3… but if CBS was planning to can it after this season, why not give the fans a full order instead of yet ~another!~ shortened one? First season was short, the 4th was short due to a writer’s strike and now the 6th and possibly final is going to get cut short as well? Rotten Raspberries to CBS for that sort of thinking.

  • don

    sith seasons too many byeeeee cbyessss

    • Scotty97

      Are you just trying to prove that you’re incapable of spelling?

  • Bryan

    Yes! More NCIS & NCIS: LA = Good times. Now, all we need is for CBS to order Season 8 of NCIS and Season 2 of NCIS: LA.

    • BCT

      Bryan those pick-ups are practically guaranteed. No need to worry about that at all.

      • 117

        That’s what 20mil viewers get ya. Respec’ an’ seasons :D

    • David Willis

      I’m sure that CBS won’t be stupid and will renew hit shows. Hope they will renew Medium too. Now if NBC will just cancel Jay Leno and add some more good drama shows! Hopefully, they will renew Law and Order.

  • don

    six seasons cya

  • Darren McDonald

    Farewell to the only procedural I could stand, and the only drama on CBS I bothered to watch.

  • Laz Feliciano

    While is true that the show hasnt been the same since last season and this one is somewhat weak, I still have a soft spot for this series and I would hate to see it get canceled.

    • charlie

      canceled is one thing. this sounds more like they might have been forewarned that the network isn’t planning to renew and thus they will have the chance to end things nice and tidy. which is a respectable way to do things.
      the show has had a good run and perhaps it is time to let it go and let the actors move on to new characters and new stories.

      • Scotty97

        I agree completely. Canceling a show mid run(Jericho anyone?) with no chance to give the viewers a satisfactory walk away point is like cheating. You feel tricked by the network into watching something that they half-a**ed. Numb3rs has a great cast with great chemistry, and it’d be nice to see some of them work together again.

      • Kristen

        I agree. I love the show and I’m sad to see it go, but if this is the last season I’m glad they are giving it time to wrap up without suddenly disappearing.

    • Michael Compton

      That’s how i feel as well. They lost some of their magic when they lost Larry/Megan, but it could be turned around with some fresh writing. Perhaps it’s just me, but over the course of the last 2 seasons or so, i’ve felt as if the Charlie character has been increasingly patronizing/arrogant. He’s become a bit sneery, for lack of a better term. I find myself not liking him anymore – and i used to be rather fond of the guy. Still….I hope they renew the show.

  • Kelley

    I really excited for Flashpoint to come back.

  • stargatewtchr

    I am not surprised, the show has gotten boring. It has ignored most of it’s fantastic cast. I miss the old ‘team’ moments this year has lacked. I miss Colby, I miss Ian…. it’s time to toss out the chalk.

  • Lynn

    I used to love Numbers, but I never got into the Amita/Charlie storyline. Diane Farr leaving and the diminishing role of Peter MacNicol sure as heck didn’t help either.
    I adore the whole cast though, and I hope to see them in new projects.

    • Kvivik

      Personally, I hated Megan until she started the relationship with Larry. I was sooooooooooooo sad to see that end. Not many tv shows have beautiful smart women fall for geeky genius nerds.
      I must admit that I haven’t watched this season at all after the piece of sh*t season finale last year. What a waste of James Callis’ time.
      And a huge hug to whoever ordered extra eps of everyshow BUT CSI:Miami. It’s time to hang up the shades and David Caruso’s really bad acting. Have Calleigh move to New York or Las Vegas and I’ll be happy.

      • Willco

        Megan beautiful? eh. Love Amita though. She’s on FlashForward. Yummy.

      • Jojo

        Having Calleigh move to New York or Las Vegas would cause me to stop watching those shows. CSI: Miami just has a crappy cast — none of them can act!!!

      • Lyss

        I know that this is reply is really late, but they ordered 2 more episodes of Miami.

    • David Willis

      I was hoping that the entire cast of Judd Hirsch’s hit show, Taxi, would’ve made an appearance. Now that would make me watch Numbers!

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