'House' scoop: Nurse Jeffrey forced out by Cuddy!

nurse-jeffreyImage Credit: FoxHouse fans who have been following the show’s app-only spin-off series, Nurse Jeffrey, for the past 13 weeks are in for a treat: Tonight’s finale features a cameo by the Queen of Princeton Plainsboro herself, Lisa Edelstein!

“Jeffrey gets caught by Cuddy,” reveals executive producer (and Nurse Jeffrey brainchild) Katie Jacobs. “Instead of bringing House down, he’s forced by HR to take a six-week unpaid vacation. It all comes full circle.”

And let there be no mistake: That really is Edelstein in the appisode. “We’re crafty about the way we show her because we want you to think it’s done on the down low,” says Jacobs, “but it is Lisa.”

Previously, only folks who downloaded the inHouse iPhone/iPad app had access to Nurse Jeffrey. But starting tonight at 8 pm/ET, all 13 appisodes will be available on Fox’s website. And moving forward, select House season 7 app content will also be featured on Fox.com after a one-week exclusivity period on iPhone/iPad.

Might Nurse Jeffrey be back for a second cycle next summer? “I haven’t figured that out yet,” admits Jacobs. “But Jeffrey’s determined not to give up. There’s a voice inside of him that knows House is just wrong and should be taken to task on some of these things. But unfortunately he’s not successful the first go-round.”


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  • Hughisawesome

    Dude i totally love love love the House/Cuddy montage promo at the end of the appisode! I seriously cant friggin wait till Season 7 starts!!

    • alex

      which montage???it showed new scenes?

      • Hughisawesome

        Yup there was a new friggin new hot scene at the end! Gah i cant waaaaaaaait till September 20!

      • Hughisawesome

        By the way to those who are asking its at the last minute of the latest Nurse Jeff appisode from the iPhone House app!!

    • Tina

      What montage?

      • Jersey Jeff

        good question

    • missy


      • Carla

        The montage is gorgeous, sensous, flowing, powerful, and sexy as all get-out. If this is any indication, the season 7 premiere will blow out TV screens all across America with the House/Cuddy consumation! Just marvelous!

      • @Carla, ITA

        Woah. They look so good together. He’s so big and hot and she’s so small, beautiful and feminine. And the scene is very sensual. I can’t even imagine what the rest of the scene looks like. Whatever else we get to see because of restrictions. Why, oh, why can’t this be cable? We get more, right? That can’t be all. More please, FOX.

      • Kim

        This scene was much much hotter than the sex scene with Stacy and the Lydia sex chair scene, and we only saw like 4 seconds of it. Wow is it september yet?

    • izzy

      there was no such thing. I have the app on my iphone.

      • nicky

        Starts at 2:37 mark Bitch Appisode #13

      • Bertha

        The montage is all over YouTube. Check it out and have your mind blown by the hotness! House and Cuddy get it on and it is fantastic!

      • re: the montage

        Six years worth of build up for this?
        It was so worth it.
        I had to wipe the fog off of my laptop screen.
        Thank you, David Shore and Katie Jacobs for finally getting them together.

      • hummina, hummina

        they are so effing *hot* together. SHEESH!

    • Laura


      I hope we see more of Nurse Jeffrey and I’d like to thank Katie Jacobs for this great treat.

      Having new content every week was awesome. And I love the new promo.


  • Qs

    who cares ?

    • Liz

      ITA. I can do without both, Nurse Jeffrey and Cuddy. Can’t he take her with him?!

      • missy

        Aaand the ham/hilson shippers (aka Cuddy/Lisa E. haters) arrived. Wow, that was fast.

        P. S.: Yes, I know you’re not a shipper, you just a fan who doesn’t like the new direction of the show.

      • Ana

        Thank God, Katie, David, GY and Hugh ADORE Lisa. So we don’t have to worry every time Lisa haters make an appearance.

      • Jane

        Missy: Just because someone ships Hilson or Hameron, doesn’t mean they hate Cuddy or Lisa. Do all Huddy shippers hate Cameron/JM or Wilson/RSL?

  • Mary

    Totally out of place, I know, but what about Hugh’s recent lack of wedding ring? Recent like, I don’t know, 9 months?
    Michael, do you know something about that?

    • A

      None of our business?

      • Mary

        None of yours, maybe.

      • A

        And what makes it yours?

      • Ana

        None of your business.

    • Liz

      Stop being so embarrassing, Huli fangirl. It’s NOT what you think.

      • Mary

        Oh, and you know EXACTLY what it means? Are you called Michael Ausiello? No, so shut up.

    • Bobbie

      I want to know about this absent ring too.

      • Mary

        Thank you!

      • Buzz

        it’s not on his ring finger anymore , though …

      • Cheery

        This is news to me as well–need to find some pics…

    • Tracy Murray

      I don’t think it is our business to know whether or not a celebrity is having marital problems or is on the verge of getting a divorce , what Hugh Laurie does in his private life is his own concern , unless he want to talk openly about it .

    • Laura

      I think it’s so sad from you to ask that kind of questions. Hugh’ve got a wife and three kids, it’s immensely disrespectul from you. It’s just the insane from you HuLi fans to get Hugh and Lisa together just because you can’t separate fiction from real life. I love them, they’re FRIENDS. I repeat: F-R-I-E-N-D-S.
      Please, respect.

      • kkgunit

        Calm down Laura dear. Sounds like you are far too emotionally invested in their private affairs than anyone here. When you are famous you live in a fishbowl. Wondering whether or not someone is having marital problems is not disrespectful it’s just curiosity. I find it quite odd that you blew a gasket over something like this. Imagine what you would do if it had actually had anything to do with you?

      • mr. jeans

        agree. seriously, people (like the poster below) need to get a life.

    • Kim

      It´s really weird. I´m sure he is still with his wife but he doesn´t wear the ring anymore and we don´t see her at all.

  • missy

    Aww, Lisaaaa. YAY. <3

  • Judith

    Welcome back to iDon’tCare… How about House leaves PPTH and starts all over again with new guys we can start to dislike?

  • Jane2

    Yay! I’m suffering such major House withdrawals I’ll take whatever Cuddy I can get!

    • Jane2

      Dead! Dead! Dead!

  • hazel

    I was so hoping that it was Sam Carr checking out of the show.

    • Katheryn Mae

      So was I!

      • Callie

        SO WAS I! booooorrriiinnnnggg!

  • Martha


  • Belle

    Who cares about Nurse Jeffrey? The real news is the glorious new promo for season 7 which ends with 5 seconds of blissful House/Cuddy sexage. The two look gorgeous — toned limbs and smooth skin — and the mood is reverential and awestruck as well as deeply erotic. HL and LE look perfect and it feels as though we are evesdropping on the gods. Just a perfect appetizer for what must lie ahead for the premiere. Great job, Fox promo monkeys!

  • Sara

    It’s a beautiful, intense and classy scene, kudos to HL and LE (gotta love that smile :))… Ausiello do you know if it’s from the 7th season’s opening episode?

  • Clarissa

    I thought this was going to be about Thirteen! Glad it’s not. I’ve grown to love her on the show.

  • lara

    That Huddy promo…God that was sexy. Lisa´s leg, House touching her skin. House and Cuddy do make me feel funny!

    • Steph.

      I love the way it was shot. The detail. Guh. After waiting this long you hope that your favorite couple’s sex scenes will fulfill your expectations and don’t end up lame. From the looks of those few seconds it’s going to meet them. and then some.

  • icedmemories




  • karen

    HUDDY PROMO OMG. S7 will be the Best season ever

  • Diane

    The Huddy promo is amazing! It’s going to be a great season. Also can’t wait for Cuddy to make an appearance in the Nurse Jeffery appisode..she needs to sexy up the joint a bit haha.

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