'Fringe' First Look: The season 3 cast photo!

fringeImage Credit: Andrew Macpherson/FoxAre you noticing a pattern here? It’s Thursday and I’ve got another Fringe first look! Here’s the first official group photo for the Fox thriller’s third season, which premieres on Sept. 23. I can’t decide what I find most intriguing about this image: the shadowy figure “observing” the cast (presumably from Overthereland), or the touch of sass Astrid appears to be throwing out. Thoughts? Opinions? Theories? Share ‘em below!

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  • Mark

    Of course, they’re standing on a shiny floor, so we get to see their reflections. Another hint at the Overthereland.

    • Zeddicus Zul’ Zorander

      I will be thrilled so long as they maintain a platonic relationship between Peter and Olivia AND the writing stays as good as it was in the second season, where each story was a blast from start to finish with few if at all filler episodes (unlike the first season)

      And one more humble request: have Agent Broyles sing again – THAT MAN HAS TALENT!!!!!!

      • Lyn

        Oh, I don’t expect Peter and Olivia to remain platonic in their freindship. In fact, if they’d move the romance forword slightly I’d be better pleased than if they keep teasing the audience and then dropping it.

      • Katherine

        As long as they don’t build up the sexual tension then have them get together and then that’s it. If they do get together it should add a whole knew dinamic to the show. Keep it interesting.

      • Sal

        I agree with Zeddicus, I want the Peter- Olivia relationship to be platonic. I was really disappointed when they kissed in the finale. Even Josh and Anna didn’t want their characters to get together!

    • thorswitch

      Maybe, though I’d think that more likely if we could see the full reflections with some of the different visual aspects of their Overthereland counterparts.

      What I find rather interesting is that Olivia is back to her normal blonde hair parted down the middle look.

      As for the shadowy figure, my first instinct was that it look – at least in bearing – like Walternative, but I suspect its supposed to be the Observer, since he favours that kind of hat.

    • Rush

      That’s an Observer in the background.

  • Styrch

    A sassy Astrid will be a great thing!

    • Zeddicus Zul’ Zorander

      Never cared much for Astrid – always seemed like a throwaway character.

      • Blue Sunflower


      • TQB

        In the first season I felt the same way – I ever referred to her as Plotta Deviche because i couldn’t remember her name. I feel like she’s came into her own in season 2, especially with her relationship with Walter.

      • Nate

        Hopefully, that changes this season

      • Cheshire

        Best use of her character was for Walter to screw her name up… Asteroid… Asterix… LOL

      • tracy herman

        Astro, Astral, Astrix, whats her name has a gentle, quiet, supportive air, perfect for Walter’s assistant & i always listen for what Walter is going to call her! She brings a different dynamic to the character base that keeps it well rounded & the cast wouldn’t be complete w/out her!

    • Viv

      Yes! More Astrid!

      • Katherine

        I love Astrid. She signifies all the people who do what most people think is “lesser” work but we wouldn’t be able to function without them. She really has come into her own too, though. And I like her relationship with Walter.

  • Chad


  • KoleBigEars

    I’m guessing the “shadow” is Walternate…looks like he is wearing a hat. And yes, a sassy Astrid is ALWAYS a good thing.

    • KoleBigEars

      Or maybe it’s an Observer……..

    • allie


    • JAM

      The shadow is absolutely the Observer. I feel like the Observer is going to be a little more involved in the near future.

  • Jeanette

    I’m actually really looking forward to this season. Can’t wait! :)

  • Joe

    I believe that is Walternate’s hat?

  • Jerilyn

    What I’m noticing more than anything are Anna Torv’s ugly-ass shoes. Blech.

    • HRGIRL

      I notice them too, but more from a “how nice that they finally realize that spies and agents don’t really wear 5 inch heels to run after people” perspective.

      • Anneka

        Glad that I’m not the only neurotic person who notices that

      • slacker

        I love the way they style Olivia for exactly that reason. I mean, I would think a woman doing that job would dress like that–practical shoes, no-nonsense hair/makeup. Its the most realistic thing on the show.

    • TQB

      I agree they are awful but I love that the costume folks are absolutely true to Oliva’s work attire. She’s a beautiful woman but has a rather butch work persona (as most FBI agents do). The shoes are awful but authentic.

      • Katherine

        I completely agree with HRGIRL, slacker, and TQB.

  • martisco


    Olivia is a soldier, and was told to wear “ugly-ass” plain dark clothes as a child.

  • Xerophytes

    it’s the observer. so obvious.

    The different color dress of Astrid makes it so suspicious.

    Everybody has a shade of black except her.

  • martisco

    The “shadow” is the Observer, people! Sheesh! The Observers all wear hats. The Observer is observing them… as Observers are wont to do…

    • Justin

      Thank you. Geez have these people even watched the show?!

  • martisco

    I see that Peter is holding the glyph that stands for “P” … for “Peter” I presume…

  • Matt

    Looking at the glyphs, the see an “L”
    , an “E” and a “P”. If the one covered by the light is the leaf with the dot at the 7:00 position, you could spell “HELP”.

    • who cares

      or ELPH

    • Cindy

      cool! loaded picture full of meaning.

    • wtf

      hahahaha how did u seriously get any letters from those pics…

      • CJ

        There is an entire web site devoted to the meaning of the pics shown during before the commercial breaks. Look it up!

    • Amy Leigh

      Did I miss something? The pictures that they show as they go into commercial are glyphs? I always thought the butterfly (which is what Peter is holding) represented the butterfly effect of time travel. The apple with the two fetuses as seeds represented cloning. And I can’t remember what the flower is.

      • Dicazi

        The glyphs stand for letters. There’s a site somewhere that lists them.

  • Bruce_F

    It would be nice if Nina Sharp and Phillip Broyles would be more heavily involved with the show instead of just being photographed for promotional purposes and making a cameo now and again.

    • martisco

      Nina and Broyles are supporting characters and get an appropriate amount of screen time. besides, there is going to be an alternate Broyles this year.

      • Blue Sunflower

        I know. They’re supporting characters. Which just angers me more that this season they’ll get more airtime than the lead character, Peter.

      • JAM

        the lead characters are Olivia, Peter and Walter

      • Dicazi

        If they are alternating universes this season, then Peter will be in half of them. Unless Walternate lures him back over…?

  • Rachel

    Great picture! So excited for Fringe premiere.

  • martisco

    No, the daisy glyph represents an “I”, I think.

    • Matt

      martisco, the “I” glyph has the dot by the dark petal so it cannot be the “I” glyph.

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