Done deal: Jennifer Morrison hits the 'Mother' lode

jennifer-morrisonImage Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS; Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosIt’s official: Former House doc Jennifer Morrison is joining the cast of How I Met Your Mother as Zooey, Ted’s new love interest.

And she’s not just any love interest. Zooey’s “the biggest female character we’ve maybe ever added to the show in Ted’s life,” exec producer Craig Thomas declared to last month. “This is a big arc—a huge arc. It’s going to be a little less date-of-the-week for Ted, which season 5 was.”

So, who exactly is Zooey? As I teased yesterday, she’s a rabble-rousing activist who’s hell-bent on saving the Arcadian, an old New York hotel that’s scheduled to be torn down to make way for the Goliath National Bank tower—which Ted just so happens to be designing.

Cue fireworks!

Thomas describes the Ted-Zooey dynamic as “very complicated and interesting.” Adds fellow EP Carter Bays: “This is going to be a big saga for Ted. [It’s] going to be a big overarching story that will take Ted on a journey that we’re really excited about.”

Although Thomas doesn’t come out and ID Morrison as the titular mama, he does concede that season 6 gets “back to the fact that Ted is the ‘I’ in How I Met Your Mother. There’s going to be a huge push forward for Ted on that search.” (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  • Sandra

    YESSSSSS!!!! Thanks so much for the awesome news to you and Jen (who tweeted it just minutes ago)!!!

    • CC

      I LOVE her, I didn’t enjoy season 5 but now I’m really excited for season 6!!! Between the stories supposedly coming and the addition of JMo, I’m really happy.

      • HOTfaVXc

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  • Camen

    Oh NOOOO! She is terrible!

    • Cheery

      Suck a d*ck, son.

      • Camen

        I’ll suck yours, daddy *wink*.

      • Jeremy


    • munariz

      She is so bad that i don´t think i´ll tune in next season

    • Ayma

      I don’t think she’s terrible at all, but I don’t think she has a good comedy timing. But, who knows? Maybe she will surprise me. Good for her.

      • atlantisguy76

        I think she played the role they wanted her to play better than most actresses could have. I also think she has tremendous range as an actress. I think she will do a good job as a romantic foil for Ted and I can see her playing the activist role very well. Any viewers HIMYM can steal away from House during the Monday timeslot by landing Morrison will make the hiring all the sweeter.

        I can’t wait to see how she does.

      • Ange

        I think she’s got great comic timing. She was very good in scenes with Hugh Laurie (subtle, unlike LE) and in the Rob Schneider movie. She even made that dreadful Christmas movie (I forget the name) tolerable in her scenes.

        Well done for HIMYM. I’ll be watching it instead of House this season.

    • laylagalise

      I like JMo, but I really don’t know how well she’ll fit in with the show. She always seemed so pouty as Cameron and HIMYM is a comedy, and a good one at that. I really am hoping that she’s just another girlfriend and not the mother. I’m still holding out for Victoria– though I think someone like Lizzie Caplan would be great (and be a perfect fit for the show).

      • Lyly

        Maybe that’s because you’re seeing her AS CAMERON. She’s not, she was acting and the character was supossed to be like that. :D

  • RyanPA

    AWESOME NEWS!!!! thank you so much for the scoop. And congratulations to Jennifer Morrison :)

  • que

    UGHH NO!!! I DONT WAT HER TO BE ‘THE MOM’ UGHHHH! Why can’t she just stay at House!!!!! I don’t like her for Ted!

    • bella

      take her! take her! noone in HOUSE wants her. :D

      • Liz

        Shut up, noone likes ugly jealous Huddy/Cuddy fans like you. Why do you even care to post here if you don’t like her?!

      • Ariel

        just what we need, another jealous Huddy/Cuddy fan who can’t stop harassing Jennifer Morrison fans

      • Mark

        Although I find this whole House thing to be putrid, and single handedly ruining all the talk-backs on this site, I have to question the “jealous” part of your response, Liz.

        They kind of won. Why would they be jealous?

      • Ariel

        Mark, that’s the million dollar question, they can’t be happy with what they got, no, they have to ruin every piece of news about Jennifer Morrison

      • Laura

        @Mark they still think House is into Cameron. But well, that story ended in season… 2 i think. Well, they’re about to start season 7.

      • Liz

        Ariel, how else do you explain their constant picking on Jen? She’s smart, she’s beautiful, she’s talented. Jealously is the only rational reason I can think of. And no one “won” (ridiculous, sorry). First of all, it’s just a show. And second, do you really think Huddy will last?!

      • Cheery

        First, everyone’s “logic” is jacked. I’m a House, Huddy, Cuddy, Lisa E, Cameron and JMo fan. I want only good things for everybody. People who like House or Huddy don’t automatically hate JMo.

      • A

        You are totally right, but unfortunately people think that supporting one pairing automatically means hatred towards the other, AND the actors/actresses. So embarrassed of the House fandom right now.

      • Laura

        @Liz The problem here is not who won, the problem here is Hameron people think they can still “won”, by the way i hate that win or lose thing. House and Cameron never existed, that’s why you keep complaining and that’s why HIMYM people (me included) don’t really want her in the show. I think JMO is great, but too boring for this show… but well, i can change my mind

      • Rebeca

        @Laura, for someone who doesn’t like Jennifer Morrison nor her fans you spend too much time writing about her or talking back to her fans. You don’t like her, fine. Now leave her fans be happy alone. Thanks.

      • Mike

        House producers: I have not watched an episode of House since she left. I have also never watched HIMYM, but am considering it now.

      • Daniel

        @Liz and all the other commenters.
        It’s the exact same thing that’s happening over at the House column:
        Someone says that they don’t like huddy/cuddy and someone else replays to that person to go away.
        You are just exchanging roles with them.
        So we and they should know by now what it means to be on the other side.
        Let’s call this thing off. Let’s move on. We do not want to play their game, do we? If we stop maybe they will stop too, and we will be let alone!
        Just saying!
        And congratulations to Jennifer! I’m looking forward to seeing her again on tv!

      • Silent Rage

        Lol you people make me laugh with all of this relationship “fandom”, almost as if all of you aren’t even finished with high school yet(which would be understandable) Sadly you guys are made up of mostly previously cheated on women who devote all your attention to fictitious relationships as to not have to focus on your own. All in all you guys are still better than those damn smallville clois chlark clana fans.

      • xs

        I can’t quite figure how not wanting JMo on House = jealous Huddy fan? I am no fan of Huddy but I think it was a good move to get rid of her character on House. Now as for those making comments on jealousy, don’t you have some homework you need to finish up?

      • Ange

        @Mark. The Huddy fans may have “won” but it’s the show’s loss overall because the last two seasons have been so bad. Not just in terms of Huddy but the overall writing has become trite and repetitive.

        It’s also my loss since the show I loved for three seasons has become unwatchable.

  • Bonnie

    Great news!!!

    • ddutchie88

      I know! I hope this means she stays away from House XD

  • Queen

    If her fans ruin HIMYM’s fandom Jennifer Morrison will be in trouble!

    • Wha?

      What does this even mean? Is this like West Side Story, where her fans and HIMYM’s fans are going to fight it out? It just sounds really (unintentionally) hilarious.

      • Alia

        I hope there will be dance-fighting! I might actually tune in for that!

      • James D

        WAIT…. so who’s fighting who?!? We’ve got Huddies fighting Hamerons. Hamerons fighting HIMYMians. Hamerons fighting everyone. Morrisons vs. HIMYMians. This is chaos.

      • DL

        James, you just won the internets.

    • Sandra

      No one of her fans will ruin anything. Don’t worry. I don’t care if she’ll be the “mom”. I’m just happy to see her again on screen, and especially on HIMYM :)

      • Phil

        I second Queen here, her fans are crazy! And if they kick her off HIMYM after her arc her fans willl go crazy again!

      • Sandra

        Phil, you confuse JMo fans with Huddy fans, the crazy part of the House fandom still is. We know it’s just an arc, we’re looking forward to the episodes with her, and when the arc it’s over, okay. That’s how it works. HER fans are not crazy. Sorry to disappoint you.

    • RyanPA

      don’t worry, Jennifer Morrison’s fans are great people

      • Erin

        Actually many of her fans suck – when she was written out they started blaming and talking smack about other actors and characters which when it comes down to it is ridiculous – it’s hardly their fault, put the blame where the fault lies.

        But I guess that’s just like each fandom really. There’s a few horrid ones in each bunch.

        Meh to the casting both actress-wise and the fact that they’re actually casting for it. I’m past caring, this past season sucked!

      • Rebeca

        not as much as season 6 of House sucked

      • Erin

        Yes that’s true. The past season of House also sucked for the most part. But not as much as HIMYM (IMO).

      • Ange

        @Erin – The fault lies on the producers who are so determined to push Huddy, they are separating House from any character who may interfere with it. Wilson got a fiance, Chase barely interacts with House any more and Cameron was dropped from the show. Only Cuddy remains to be close to him.

        Not to mention, Cameron remains a great deal more popular than Thirteen and they can’t have that.

  • RB

    So excited! I thought HIMYM was terrible last season, but I’m really excited about this one.

    • Jpod

      You are so right. Last season of hyimym was horrible. And totally off topic, why does ew still require an email address to comment? Its not like anyone puts in their real email address.

      • Vince from NYC

        Comon, it wasn’t horrible.. I mean it wans’t great, it wasn’t even all that good but not horrible. There were some good episodes and others had thier moments.

  • HM

    I like her, but now does this mean that Minka Kelly won’t be on at all? Cuz that would make me sad.

  • oli

    hopefully this means she’s not returning to house.

    • Liz

      I hope so too, she’s too good for the Huddy MD crap.

      • oli

        so good that she was fired from the show.

      • Paula

        According to Katie Jacobs she was the one who left the show, get your facts straight!!! Ask Yaitanes

      • Liz

        Paula, your information is wrong, she didn’t leave voluntarily. And the decision still sucks.

      • bella

        riiiiight! keep saying that. maybe in the end you will believe it.

    • Ange

      If she’s not returning to House, neither am I. Cameron was my only reason to watch the last three seasons.

  • Phil

    She is for sure not “The Mom”! She is too boring to be “it”.

    • Liz

      Ever even seen her? Or any of her movies? Obviously not, otherwise you wouldn’t say that.

    • Laura

      Totally agree

    • munariz

      I´ve seen her in a few crappy movies and she can´t act at all. Why her?

      • Aaron

        Because the professionals behind HIMYM can do their job and see that Jennifer Morrison has talent.

  • Diane

    I don’t think she can be the mother. Ted says he got The Mother’s phone number the first time he met her, and called that night in the 3 Day rule episode. If he’s fighting with Zooey I doubt that he’d go home and call immediately.

    Also-wouldn’t Ted be on the side of restoring the old hotel? Just saying… and would he really take another job with Goliath after the last disaster?

    • Alia

      Well, that’s easy to explain away. He meets her, likes her, calls her… and then finds out they’re on opposite sides of the GNB/Arcadian thing and starts arguing with her.

      • PT

        What you said!

  • Beth

    Not really seeing her in this role, but I’m guessing that since they gave her the part, she can pull it off.
    Sooo…I look forward to Jennifer Morrison surprising me.

  • girl

    interesting since this show is on at the same time as HOuse. wonder if some of the “diehard”” JMO fans will shitch to see her. I hate HIMYM but i guess i’m happy to see her working.

    • Sandra

      House’s TPTB made sure that none of the JMo fans will ever tune into House again, no doubt about that. I like HIMYM, and I’m more than happy that she’ll be in it soon :)

      • Anna

        Word, Sandra, I’m going to switch to HIMYM

      • Jen

        LOL! They sure did!

      • Ange

        Yep. Good bye House and hello HIMYM

    • Pepper

      Maybe if you keep switching the channels fast enough, it’s gonna look like she’s on House.

      • Laura


      • Anaya


      • PT

        Tivo, Bro.

  • Sue

    No! I don’t want her on the show :(

    • Laura

      Me either. The show is great, guess i’ll stop watching the show till she’s gone.

      • SandraA

        bye bye, don’t let the door hit you

  • S

    And how exactly do you know that? Have you seen any tapes of the character on HIMYM yet? Of course not.

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