'Medium' scoop: 'We got canceled,' says star

medium_l.jpg Image Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC Though CBS cut the episodic order on Medium from 22 to 13 last month, the network has not said whether the drama has officially been canned. But star Patricia Arquette is saying as much: The actress told EW that “we got canceled” and the show only has two more episodes to shoot.

“I was trying to get information from the writers about the last episode,” Arquette told EW this weekend while attending a gala at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. “I don’t know what it’s going to be, but they’re really excited about it. They’re like, `we’re just going to burn the whole thing down!’ I’m really excited.” She’s not looking forward to saying goodbye, however. “It’s been a great time. I love that time in my life.”

The CBS-owned Medium, which airs Fridays at 8 p.m., is currently averaging 7.1 million viewers. – With reporting from Nicholas White

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  • Jose

    Oh come on! I love this show!

    • sarah

      isn’t 7.1 mil on a Friday HUGE numbers?

      • Lucy

        That’s what I thought but I also think that CBS are just greedy

      • SteveStrifeX

        On Fridays, Medium and Smallville have topped the A18-49 ratings. However, these ratings are not all that much better than the other networks, who are getting about the same just airing repeats. So from a networks POV, what’s the point?

        That said, I love Medium and I’ll miss it

      • Matt

        Oh, I was going to say the exact same thing!

      • Joe

        Could be the show is very expensive to produce, it’s in its 7th season and each year pay increases so who knows. 7 mil is nothing unless the right demo’s are met. Gossip Girl averages like a couple million but since it’s prime demo audience is women 18-49 the show banks a ton of revenue from advertisers. But I am glad this show is cancelled, the past few seasons it’s been the same story every week, Patricia interprets a dream wrong, accuse the wrong person, stupid twist at the end of the episode…

      • laura

        No, 7.1 million kinda smells. Plus the show’s demos stink worse, and it’s expensive to produce. It’s the worst performer on the entire CBS schedule, doesn’t that say a LOT right there?

      • kgb

        I don’t watch it but “No, 7.1 million kinda smells. Plus the show’s demos stink worse, and it’s expensive to produce. It’s the worst performer on the entire CBS schedule, doesn’t that say a LOT right there?”…..there will always be a worst performer for every network and at 7 mil on Friday, not bad. CBS will probably hate later on it was cancelled.

      • PiratesDaughter

        I’d like to point out in the same slot when it was temporary cross promotiony moved to CBS, Veronica Mars got 10.1 million viewers.

    • jean walker

      We watched it whenever its on and enjoy it very much. CBS likes to cancel shows that people really enjoy!!!

      • jen

        They have a REAL thing for shows on Friday nights- I am a HUGE fan of Moonlight, which was their 9P on Friday show for the 2007 season. It was not even given a full run of 22 eps, though it was favorite new show at the People’s Choice Awards. The numbers just weren’t there in their minds. Believe me, CBS DEFINITELY is picky about what they will keep.

      • AJ

        Yes, that’s CBS’ goal – to cancel shows that people really enjoy.

    • SrNanny

      I love this show too. If think 7+ million viewers for a Friday night is pretty darn good. What garbage will CBS have in place of this show?

      • Jim W.

        Dancing With The Stars Who No Longer Have A Series…

      • Lucy

        My theory is that they have put Medium on Friday to cancel and to replace with the Criminal Minds spinoff

      • Clete

        I have always had an idea for a doctor/lawyer/western show. It would be titled Sioux, the doctor. I’m awaiting to be contacted by CBS.

      • dpeters11

        @Clete So basically Dr. Quinn but with a lawyer thrown in as well?

    • PJ

      I love this show so much, I was very happy when cbs picked it up but why put it on Friday night? Oh well the only thing I’ll be watching on CBS is The Good Wife I’m going back to cable you guys don’t give anything a chance and your to wishy washy.

    • PJ

      I love this show so much, I was very happy when cbs picked it up but why put it on Friday night? Oh well the only thing I’ll be watching on CBS is The Good Wife I’m going back to cable you guys don’t give anything a chance and your to wishy washy.

    • scott

      NO!!!!Please don’t take this show off the air, we love it. I cant wait till every Friday to see the next episode. My wife and I will be devasted…..

    • Cora

      I love this show. Come oooonnn…..What are they gonna do? Another stupid reality show?


      GOOD RIDDANCE to a show that was nothing more than a mouth-piece for the criminal One-Termer!!! We got rid of this LIBERAL RUBBISH… and, as we did this past month, we shall get rid of the Chicago-filth that destroyed our Gulf Coast, our troops and our once great nation!

      • Really?

        Really, this garbage has to infiltrate every message board? I guess someone has too much time on their hands.


      I give up!!!!i’ve watched it from day 1 and loved every episode.I’m going to stick with cable only.Tired of being disapointed….I’m thru with CBS.One of the best series on TV.

  • jmcg

    I loved it too! I’ve watched every episode since the beginning. I kind of knew it was coming when I heard CBS cut the episode order down. I hope they end it so its not disappointing for the fans.

  • jt

    UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

    • kim


      • meliot

        Boo CBS :(

  • lizaNYC

    This is terrible news! LOVE Medium! What a shame.

    • dipshat

      I love medium too but it’s been 7 years, and i’m pretty sure it has run it’s course. But still… :(

      • Wa-Lik dancy

        I love it also…I will be sorry to see it go…It will be hard to replace it on friday night for me.Everyone knows that friday night is tough night for television

      • Michael TX

        I was really looking forward to more Bridgette based episodes, as the actress has really come into her own. Love this show, and hate that it is going away

      • Lynn

        You said exactly what I was thinking. I have watched since day 1 also, but cmon people 7 years and 2 networks is a great run for this show.

  • Roger

    I think a star was born from this series. Sofia Vassilieva is talented, beautiful and sexy. I watched her grow up on this series and she will have a long career.

    • Joe

      sexy? she turned 18 last month, she still looks like she’s 11…

  • Margo

    Medium is a great show. NBC was foolish to have canceled it because it gets better ratings than any of current batch of dramas.

  • Large Marge

    Yeah, so who didn’t know this was canceled when the episode order was cut back? Guess this will help make it official for those in denial.

  • RyRyNYC

    I wonder if NBC could try to get it back? Wouldn’t that be some sh!t ? Hahaha… but then again, NBC would prolly just stick it on fridays anyway.

  • Amy Lynne

    I honestly thought this show was canceled last season. I never see commercials for it, oh well….

  • Mathieu

    You didn’t get this scoop, EW – Collider.com got this exclusive from her brother David Arquette last month when he was interviewed about his role in Terry Gilliam’s short film. He said he was going to direct another episode of Medium but the series had been cancelled. Credit where credit’s due, and this scoop belongs to Collider.

    • Luke

      This is actual word from Patricia though… not her husband. It’s not real confirmation until it comes from the network or the lead actor/actress working on the show… which EW just got this weekend.
      The episode reduction certainly APPEARED to be a cancellation… and that may, or may not have been what her husband have meant (there was no episode for him to direct because the episode order ended after 13). Now we have the confirmation that it’s all over… and it just sucks. Thanks for the info… however sad it may be EW!

      • Dave

        They are brother and sister, not husband and wife.

      • CarlaG

        Dude! David is Patricia’s brother!!!

      • Mathieu

        The ridiculous thing is, I even said ‘brother’ in my original post! And I think the dual facts that A) they’re related and B) he has worked/was going to work on the show make him a reliable source for this info. EW should acknowledge that kind of thing and give credit to another site, but they rarely do.

      • TxRancher

        Luke, David is her brother, not her husband!

  • maxx

    they should have cancelled this instead of Ghost Whisperer.

    • john herauf

      i hear u on that max,man i really miss gw that was a great show!!!!!

    • Flip


    • CarlaG

      Boo! lol

    • Petal

      Agreed! i miss Ghost Whisperer

    • ladyL

      Ghost Whisperer was my fav too!

    • jen

      Neither of them ever pulled very good ratings… and neither were on my “might watch” list either- I would turn off the TV before that, LOL.

  • James

    Goodbye Alison. :(

  • Garry

    This is such disappointing news. “Medium” is such an underrated show–so creative in coming up with variations of the original premise. But at least Patricia Arquette won an Emmy for it.

  • Justin

    I’ve watched this show since the beginning, and loved every minute of it. I figured this would be the last season, especially after the episode cutback from 22 to 13. Gonna miss you, Medium.

  • Cynthia

    First “Moonlight” now “Medium”.. CBS is really ticking me off!!!!!!

    • David00004

      Being that CBS SAVED the show from NBC a few years ago you have no right to complain.

    • Brenda

      Ummm… Moonlight??? Wasn’t that like 1989? You’re still not over it?

      • jen

        Being “over it” and being reminded of it when something like this happens to another show you like are two different things Brenda. I am still a big ML fan myself, though it’s long since been clear that it’s over. You can still LIKE something that is in reruns, right? And it was 2007.

      • SJ

        You’re thinking of MoonlightING from the 80’s; Moonlight was a vampire mystery show that aired 1 season a few years ago. Think “Angel” but not funny and not as good of characters (sorry, I tried to like Moonlight but it just didn’t do it for me!)

    • moe

      Look with all the crap on the air, and the ratings being depleted by all the competition on cable, it’s not really fair to say 7 million viewers isn’t enough. CBS is the number 1 network by leaps and bounds over it’s nearest competition. What is the deal with needing world domination and having to have every show be a monster hit. Come on, it’s the only show me and my parents can agree on.Medium is one of the few shows that didn’t jump the shark and the writing, acting and production has been awesome from day one. So no David00004 we can’t get over it!
      CBS, I realize, your probably to busy to care but could you move it to mid season replacement or something.

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