Exclusive: 'Lost' Resurrects Michelle Rodriguez!

Michellerodriguez_lWell, this should be interesting.

Michelle Rodriguez, arguably one of the more polarizing personalities to have ever gotten Lost, is returning to the show this season, multiple sources confirm to me exclusively.

Details of her comeback are, not surprisingly, shrouded in secrecy, but here’s what I can tell you:

•    Rodriguez is back for one episode, most likely this season’s second. As a result, the risk to Hawaii’s roadways is said to be minimal.

•    Given that Ana Lucia’s bullet-riddled body is probably entering the final stage of decomposition, conventional Lost wisdom (if there is such a thing) points to her appearing in someone’s flashback or via hallucination. The fact that Cheech Marin is also on the guest list for eppy 2 suggests that it’s most likely a Hurley-centric outing. And after his encounter with Charlie’s ghost last season, it’s certainly feasible that Hurley would have an imaginary run-in with Ana Lucia. There’s also this theory, put forth by EW’s own Doc Jensen: "Maybe Ana Lucia busted L.A.-based Ghost Hustler Miles during her pre-crash LAPD days, and now the freighter folkster is seeing visions of the late Tailie on the Island!"

•    Rodriguez’s return follows last season’s "resurrection" of fellow doomed Tailie Cynthia Watros (Libby), who appeared in a vision to Michael. Could Mr. Eko be next, thus completing, as Jensen jests, the "Busted Tailie Story Line Redemption Tour"?

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves — first we’ve got to process this M.R. news, and that means posing the following question to Lost fans: Are you looking forward to seeing Ana Lucia again, even if for just a brief stint? Or would you have preferred that she remain dead and buried alongside Paolo and Nikki? Sound off below!


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  • Steven

    Wow. Just wow. Never thought they’d bring her back. I watched Season 2 on DVD in less than a week, and still thought she was annoying beyond comprehension. I can only imagine how those who watched the whole season felt. Hopefully her “storyline” – or whatever they have her coming back for – is interesting and adds to the intrigue of the island’s new location.

  • DocArzt

    Nikki and Paulo have eclipsed my loathing of Ana Lucia, but still…. I’m ambivalent. It will be hard for this to be seen as anything other than a gimmick… a love letter to Ana’s fans… both of them…

  • Phil

    Okay, I really liked Paolo and Nikki! It’s a shame the show’s writers couldn’t create a more interesting character for such a talent a Roderigo Santoro. ANYWAY, Ana-Lucia’s the b*tch that killed Shannon right when Shannon became one of the character I didn’t want to die! If Ana-Lucia comes back, I hope it’s in a way in which much suffering is inflicted on her.

  • Dan

    I’m happy, I know her character wasn’t exactly loved but she’s part of the Lost universe. I think it’s a good idea to bring her back, I just hope they could bring back Mr. Ecko too.

  • Neil Reyes

    even though i pretty much despised her during the first few eps of season 2…. i did grow to like her and was sad to know her whole story of losing a baby etc….
    and her death with libby’s is one of the reasons i hate michael with all my life.
    it will be cool to see her again but i wonder how it will work…. considering Michael is dead.
    unless Hurley sees her and she asks why he lied to her cop friend that he never “knew” her.

  • Jennifer

    I’m happy to see her return. I hope it’s via a flashback since seeing all the before the plane crash connections is always fun. I know that she was panned by some fans but I liked her character.

  • minderbinder

    Actually the character Hurley’s dad, played by Cheech, is alive and well on the show. It’s still possible she’s a hallucination, but that would be seeing one dead person, not two.
    I’m very surprised she’s back, although I assume most of the actors would be willing to come back to be on just one episode, probably even Eko. Hopefully her appearance will have some real substance, not like the pointless blink and you miss it appearance of Libby last season.
    Speaking of, we still need a Libby flashback explaining why she was in Hurley’s mental institution, along with the Rousseau flashback.

  • Amanda Black

    I bet Michael is have a flash of his life right before he goes boom…so a small flashback.

  • Jared

    Having sat through that whole arc in real time, I’ll be darned if I didn’t come to understand that we were MEANT to loathe her in a tragic way. Season 2 really works now. Somewhat self-contained, but intelligent nonetheless. Ana was not nearly so deserving of the crap she received back in the ’05 days. Or maybe she was and that was the point.

  • JK

    Why????? Leave her dead and buried. I cannot stand Ana Lucia and the one note actress who played her.

  • Hej

    I did not think her character was that bad. I hated Shannon until her last episode. Part of what I love about how they build the characters on the show is how you can make a snap judgement on people until you get to know the whole story. I’ve loved and hated probably every person on the show one time or another – I think that’s sign of how great the writing really is.
    I vote for flashback. I don’t want Hurley to see a bunch of dead people – only Charlie – that makes it more powerful and doesn’t make him look like he’s crazy.

  • Donnie

    I loved Ana-Lucia. I never got the all the hatred for her character. She was such a good character, despite killing my former favorite Shannon. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! though.

  • namar

    I am along for the ride the writers are giving us… if expands the story and keeps up the momentum then i am in!
    and Jeff?! when will we be getting any post from you? i need something to salivate over during this hiatus… and your humurous post usually do it for me haha…

  • namar

    Season 2 caught alot of criticism… but after re watching it [after viewing season 4] i stand my opinion that it was just as good as season one… it just took the show in an entirely new direction… Come on guys we’ve been watching this show since 2004… the writers know where they are going… so sit back, wait………. for it to return and ENJOY… the best tv show in history

  • Megan

    As the certifiable biggest Ana-Lucia fan of ALL time. I am freaking out right now.
    I’m So excited, and I would DIE to see her back for 2 seconds.

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