Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'House,' 'Smallville,' 'Grey's,' '24,' 'Ugly Betty,' 'Housewives,' 'Bones,' 'Big Love,' 'Lost,' 'The Office,' and more!


Question: I’m so excited about the return of Chase and Cameron on House! Do you have any insider info on what they’ll be doing? –Leigh
Do Twitter feeds qualify as insider info? ‘Cause on March 16, Omar Epps and a bunch of his House cronies were tweeting about a big bachelor party scene that was being shot that day, fueling speculation that Chase is about to march down the aisle with Cameron. Sounds plausible to me. In related news, I’m on Twitter, too! (Come on, I had to go there.)

Question: Any truth to your frenemy’s report about a big death coming up on House? –Drew
Yep, there’s a lot of truth to it.

Question: The Office? Pretty please (with cherries and anything else that you especially like on top)!? –Laura
I’m partial to rainbow sprinkles and crushed Oreos. Regarding Office scoop, we’ll soon learn that Ryan pulled a Margene during his time away. (Ask a Big Love fan; they’ll know what I’m getting at.)

Question: Do you have any more scoop about The Office? I’m starting to feel like Andy without a penny for his loafers. –Tiffany
Think Michael’s abrupt resignation last week was nothing more than a one- or two-episode sweeps stunt? Think again. Not only will his departure stick, he’ll decide to start up his own paper company  — presumably one that competes directly with Dunder Miff!

Question: Is Desperate Housewives playing another trick on us re: Edie’s death? –Sam
Nah, they really killed the ol’ broad this time. But Edie
returns in a big way in the April 19 episode via newly-created
flashbacks with each of the main housewives. It’ll be just like the
100th episode, only swap out Beau Bridges and insert Nicollette

Question: There has been a complete lack of Law & Order: Criminal Intent scoop in AA. Let’s change that, okay? –Kristi
Sure, but only because you asked so very nicely. Criminal
‘s eighth season (and second on USA) kicks off April 19 with a
Goren-Eames episode. But things get really interesting the following
week with the arrival Jeff Goldblum’s character, Zach Nichols, who’s
partnered with Wheeler (Julianne Nicholsen). Let’s just say
communication doesn’t seem to be this duo’s forte.

Question: Is Elizabeth Mitchell leaving Lost? It will break my heart if she does. –Cristiane
I address the murky Mitchell situation in this week’s EW (on
sale Friday), but this much I can tell you now: Juliet will definitely
appear on Lost next season.

Question: Any Smallville finale spoilers that don’t involve the Grim Reaper? –Graham
The fight scene between Doomsday and Clark is going to be big. One might even call it ginormous.

Question: Any clues on the Smallville vet getting killed off in the finale? –Brad
The *er**n d***g ** *** C****.

Question: Rumor has it the Veronica Mars movie is dead. What’s the deal?! –Andrew
It’s not dead. It’s not alive. It’s… I better let Rob Thomas explain: "I haven’t received an official no [from Warner Bros.]. It’s being considered, but at this point the chance of a quick green light isn’t there. It’s true I’m a bit discouraged, but I wouldn’t pronounce it dead-dead. It’s like the wheezy old man they’re trying to cart off to the graveyard in Monty Python and the Holy Grail." Keep the faith, people!

Question: I am dying for some Gossip Girl scoop regarding the season finale. –Lara
I’m hearing there will be multiple cliffhangers, one of which may include an appearance by Rufus and Lily’s presumed-dead love child.

Question: Any scoop on the Gossip Girl spin-off? Please tell me they’re not calling it Lily. That would be L-A-M-E. –Blake
They’re not calling it Lily; nor will it be Lily of the
, which was also rumored. The Valley was discussed but, alas,
that was the name of the faux soap on The O.C. That leaves… um… If you’ve got any
suggestions, post ’em in the comments!

Question: Do you have any awesome scoop on what’s ahead on Grey’s Anatomy? –Jim
The wedding taking place in the 100th episode on May 7? It’s not Mer-Der after all! The plot thickens!

Question: Any news on whether T.R. Knight will get a story this season on Grey’s Anatomy? –Craig
Remember me telling you last month about a proposed storyline
that would find George developing an interest in Owen’s specialty as a
military/trauma doc? You know, the one ABC insisted had been scrapped
and replaced with something even better? Well, my colleague, Jennifer
Armstrong, just spoke to Kevin McKidd, and the new story sounds a lot
like the old one. "Hunt [will start to] see something in George that no
one else has," McKidd revealed. "There’s an event that happens and
[Hunt] realizes there’s a lot more to him… that he has a set of
skills that maybe he isn’t even aware of. And Hunt starts to mentor him
in a way that gets really interesting." Translation: My initial theory
about Shonda Rhimes having George join the military and go off to Iraq as a
way of accommodating Knight’s departure is so happening. Right?

Question: Will Cristina and Owen hit the sheets anytime soon on Grey’s Anatomy? –Erin
Let’s ask Kevin McKidd. "A lot happens this week," he said.
"I think they’ve drawn that one out a lot, and I know people are
getting frustrated. I think it’s good because they’ve really connected
on a mental and emotional level. And now I think it’s time they connect
physically." (Oh, they’re going to connect physically, alright.)

Question: You were right, the Big Love finale did not disappoint! HBO
has a new best show. And how good was Chloe Sevigny? If she doesn’t get
any Emmy love, there’s going to be at least one angry person out there.
Make that two. Three if you count my colleague, Nicholas
Fonseca. Four if you add my boss, Henry Goldblatt. Tim Stack brings it
to five. Tina Jordan makes it six. Missy Schwartz is seven. Jeremy
Medina is eight. Kristen Baldwin = nine. Annie Barrett’s 10. Dalton Ross,
11. Margeaux Watson, 12. Ken Tucker, 13…

Question: Is it too early to ask for Season 4 Big Love scoop? –Mari
It’s never too early. We have not seen the last of Ana (a.k.a. Wife No. 4). I’ll have more on that later in the week.

Question: Did Roman really die in the Big Love finale? –Melanie
Yes. That’s why I labeled this story "Who’s gonna die?" and not "Who might die?"

Question: How about some Ugly Betty scoop? –Kelly
First, the good news: Ugly Betty‘s final four season 3
episodes will not be burned off this summer, as some (read: me) feared.
ABC announced last week that Betty would return from its unexpected
spring hiatus on May 7. Now, the bad news: Daniel is going to have to
sell his soul to bail out Meade. And by sell I mean dress up in a bunny
costume at the behest of some rich tycoon named Hartley. Oh, how the
boring mighty have fallen.

Question: What’s the deal with your disrespect of Stargate: Universe?
MGM gives you an exclusive cast photo and you can’t even be bothered to
identify all of the cast? How unprofessional. You may not be a fan of
Stargate, but it’s been around for a long time. Give it and the fans
some respect. –James
Hey, I told you who the old middle-aged guy in the front row was. Doesn’t that count for something?

Question: Will Rhys Coiro (Sean) be back on 24? –Bob
I have a hunch Sean will likely remain lawyered up and out of
sight for the rest of the day. A really good hunch (wink, wink).

Question: What’s the word on Friday Night Lights? –Tony
The two season, 26-episode pickup will be announced any day
now. Unfortunately, it looks like Tyra will only be appearing in a
handful of those 26, as (future CSI: Miami guest star) Adrianne Palicki
is not expected back full time. Ditto Minka Kelly, who was recently
cast in the CW pilot Body Politic opposite Veronica Mars‘ Jason
Dohring. Both will likely be given multi-episode arc send-offs a la
Gaius Charles’ Smash and Scott Porter’s Jason. 

Question: There appears to be agreement amongst most Bones fans that
the ridiculously adorable Wendell must be crowned Brennan’s permanent
grad student. (I mean, come on! The guy geeks out with Brennan and the
Squint Squad and he’s Booth’s hockey buddy? How can you say no to
that?) Any idea as to when we’ll see the end of
rotating-intern-palooza? –Olivia
Maybe never. "As of now we’re going to continue to rotate
them," says exec producer Stephen Nathan. "We were looking back at all
the interns we used this season and trying to figure out who would work
out best, and we can’t make a decision. We love them all. And I think [the variety] has really helped the show a lot, because fans have their favorite, so
people tune in to find out who’s going to be on that week. Also, we’ve
been extremely lucky with the actors we’ve cast. Everybody our casting director
Rick Milligan has brought in could easily be a regular on our show, and
that’s a very rare thing to find. It seems like we have a permanent
cast of players now."

Question: Bones scoop? –Stephen
"Sweets and his girlfriend wind up in bed with Booth and
Brennan," reveals EP Stephen Nathan. Okay, he’s kidding, but an
upcoming episode will find the quartet in an awkward situation. "Booth
and Brennan think Sweets’ girlfriend is getting married to somebody
else and hasn’t told him," says Nathan. "It’s a bit of a Bridezilla
episode that takes a look inside the wedding industry."

Question: I just found this website where unemployed creepy guys can
pretend to be millionaires and scam exceedingly naive women. Can I plug
it in your column? –Pat
Will we get a link back? If so, you got a deal.

Question: Any Unit scoopage? –Dana
In the second to last eppy of the season (airing May 3),
Scott Foley’s real-life wife, Marika Dominczyk (Brothers &
), guests as a Russian snitch with intel that will help — who
else? — Foley’s Bob!
Also in this ep, we’ll discover that someone isn’t who he claims to be,
and Bob uncovers the ultimate goal of the season’s big conspiracy.

Question: I hear Life won’t renewed for next season. Say it ain’t so, Mike! –Bev O.
It ain’t so! At least not yet anyway! Life co-star Donal Logue told us
at the Monsters vs Aliens premiere that NBC probably won’t make a decision until May. And unlike you, the uncertainty isn’t keeping
him up nights. "I am in a different position on this show than on shows
I have done in the past where I was more the lead or title character,"
he says. "On other shows I have done, I would be more in Damien’s
position. He’s the one that is really feeling the concern. I feel free
and open; it has been a great experience." Logue adds that they’re
shooting the season (or series?) finale as we speak. "It is really a
super action-packed episode and it will answer a lot of questions. I
think it is a very strong script and, so far, what we have shot looks
great. Charlie confronts the deep dark parts in this episode. He is
going to confront the conspiracy against him and it gets pretty

Question: Can you please give me some good news about The Sarah Connor Chronicles. –D’rick
I’m hearing rumblings that a major male character will be
killed in the season (series?) finale. Also, one of the women in John’s
life will leave him. Another will betray him.

Question: Please give us a hint about the big death in the Lost finale. –Bill
Just this one: That’s not what people will be talking about the next morning. Trust me.

Okay, that’s a wrap! Please direct questions/comments/anonymous tips to Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by
Jeremy Medina and Carrie Bell

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  • k

    I really hope it’s not the series finale for TSCC, it’s such a great show and you’d think with the new Terminator movie coming out soon people would be tuning in..

  • Deanne

    choking the sh*t out of christina is connecting physically??? Dude needs his a** sent to JAIL

  • Lazy

    thanks for the scoop mike!
    I eternally hate your astericks quizzes…

  • k

    I really hope that Sarah Connor gets another season. It is one of the only shows I’ve been watching recently. My guess for the death is Ellison.

  • Cathy

    I don’t know about the TR Knight thing. I can’t see Owen, suffering from PTSD, advising someone to enter the military. Not at this point of his life. Maybe advising him to pursue a career in trauma, but not to go off and join the military

  • nick

    the smallville asterick quiz:
    the person dying is not chloe???

  • shari

    what you said about the LOST death not being what people will be talking about the next morning gave me chills lol

  • Gabriela

    “the person named is not Clark”
    Hey I had to try

  • becky

    Actually the person dying is NOT clark! which would leave you DAVIS And CHLOE to die. hahaha… AUSIELLO you must think you are genius…

  • Claire

    Well I am so sad right now. The 100th GA episode and it’s not a Mer/Der wedding? So a “proposal” after Derek already knocks the ring into the field beforehand is supposed to pacify right? Whether you like them as a tv couple or not, Mer/Der fans have waited and waited for this and it’s the longest running couple on the show. Constantly having th e rug pulled out from under the fans so Shonda Rhimes can continue to sus Mer/Der angst for shameless self promotion has gotten so old now. Well I guess I can Skipp ep 100 and watch it via a video service that is not counted by the ratings systems later. What can I expect from Shonda after all? It’s nothing new sadly? Bring on the Lexie/Mark marriage (ugh).

  • Tucker

    Smallville: The person dying is not Clark. The person dying is not Chloe. The person dying is not Jimmy. Great narrowing down. ;-)

  • Josh

    Come on Ausiello – I haven’t seen the Big Love finale yet. At least a spoiler alert before that question about Roman. I’m at school and we don’t get HBO here – have to wait until the end of April to watch. Come on!!!

  • Danielle

    For the Smallville asterisk quiz, I’m gonna say “the person dying is not Chloe”??? Am I close?

  • Kelly

    I think Izzie&Alex will wed or the chief renews his vows to his wife on Grey’s. I dont like Owen choking Cristina. They should have had him show his PTSD violence to other characters, only Cristina makes it too awful.
    I hope Juliet does not die on Lost.

  • Mica

    I really, really hope it’s not TSCC finale. I love this show more than any other (and I do watch a lot of tv shows).
    But if a woman will live John and other will betray him…jeez! Not many options, hum? He only has two women in his life. His mother will never betray him, so…

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