'Smallville' exclusive: Find out why they killed %$#@#

Aaronashmore_lWARNING: Stop reading if you have not watched the season finale of Smallville. I mean it. Everyone else, onward and downward…

Talk about dodging a tall loophole with a single bound. In tonight’s season finale, Smallville managed to kill off an iconic Superman character without incurring the wrath of the evil mythos police. I’m referring, of course, to the death of Jimmy Olsen at the hands of a de-Doomsdayed Davis. The show later revealed (or strongly implied?) that the shutterbug’s younger brother is, in fact, the real Jimmy. Problem solved! Of course, that’s little consolation to Aaron Ashmore, whose three-year stint as faux Jimmy ended with a steel pipe through the chest. In this exclusive interview, Ashmore reveals why he was caught off guard by his dismissal, how he’d feel about a Chloe-Clark romance, and who he thinks really killed Jimmy Olsen.

When did you find out that Jimmy wasn’t long for this world?
About six months ago, right around the time we finished
shooting “Bride.” I knew that Jimmy was going to get hurt in that
episode and go on a little hiatus, so I talked to the producers and
asked, “Guys, where is this storyline going?” And they said, “Well, we
have an idea to send Jimmy on a bit of a downward spiral and, in the
end, sacrifice himself for Chloe.” That’s what I originally heard. I
didn’t know that that was necessarily going to happen this season. It
happened a little sooner than I had anticipated.

Were you disappointed?
Of course. I really enjoyed working on the show; to be sent
off kind of sucks. But, at the same time, it works great for the story.
And all things run their course. I guess Jimmy on Smallville had run his course.

Any chance he’s not really dead?
I don’t think so. Not that I’ve heard.

When word leaked that two major characters were dying, no one suspected
Jimmy because of the whole mythos thing. Did you think you were safe
because of that?
Absolutely. That was my first reaction. That being said,
Smallville has taken some little turns here and there from the comic books.

So, Jimmy’s little brother is the real Jimmy, right?
That’s how I read it. There’s always been a bit of a
discrepancy in how old Jimmy is compared to Clark and Lois, so this is
a way of clarifying things. Jimmy [is supposed to be] 10 years younger
than them, so Jimmy’s little brother showing up totally makes it stick
to the mythos.

What reason did producers give you for killing him off?

ASHMORE: I know when [the idea of] Jimmy coming to Smallville first
came up, DC Comics had a bit of a problem because of the age difference thing. But the producers really wanted to bring the
character in because they thought they could do some interesting stuff
with him. I believe [producers] had reassured DC that by the end of the
series — or at some point — they would rectify that [by making it clear
that he’s] not the real Jimmy Olsen.

How do you think fans will react to Jimmy’s death?
It’s a mixed bag. It depends if you like Jimmy or not. There
are a lot of people that probably think he’s a really annoying,
bumbling kind of guy, which, you know, there’s no doubt about that.
He’s not the hero; he’s the everyman. And I always questioned why
people got so annoyed by that. [On the other hand], I think people who are big Jimmy fans
are going to be bummed. But I think it’s a nice way for him to go. I think
he redeems himself and [emerges as] a bit of a hero after being so
self-conscious and jealous [this season]. He had a lot of good
qualities as well, but he took a dark turn at the end. I’ll be
interested to see how people take it.

Are you a “Chlark” fan?
Abso… well…. romantically, I don’t know if it would
work. That’s yet to be seen. But there’s a very strong bond between
those two characters. And you can see it in the show. Their scenes
together are always really great, and they’re always played really well
by Allison [Mack] and Tom [Welling]. The connection is really, really nice.

What’s next for you?
I’m headed to L.A. tomorrow to hit the job hunt. I ‘m in
Toronto right now, where I just shot an episode of The Bridge. It’s a
Canadian-produced television show that CBS picked up. It’s a procedural
cop drama and I get to play a beat cop, which was really sweet. It’s
tough after being out of the audition game for three years. I’m going
to try and see what the options are.

Thoughts about Jimmy’s exit? And tonight’s episode in general? Head to the comments!


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  • Snap

    I can’t believe they would do that to poor Aaron. He was always so excited to be playing a mythos character and I loved him as Jimmy. Fail Smallville, major fail. It’s so disrespectful to Aaron. I’m disgusted.

    • dan

      yeah I know this is kind of a late reply but how dumb can you be to think its “disresepctful” to kill a character off????? thats how the business WORKS idiot, wow ashmore has to go audition for a new show guess what so did the ENTIRE cast 2 years later!?!?!!? SMFH

  • Cate

    It didn’t make too much sense to me, but that’s why they want you to tune in next season. Well played, “Smallville”, well played.

  • Jonny

    Overall I think the episode was good; yet at the same time disappointing. I think if the fight between Clark and Doomsday lasted more than 25 seconds, you would hear a lot less complaints. I know they were pressed for time and had a lot to fit in, but the fight is what most people were looking forward to for this ‘epic’ episode. They could have easily cut the scene with Lois talking to Clark on the phone. It was not needed, especially since Clark was never going to meet up at the phone booth anyway #sure, Clark nor Lois knew that, but the writers of the show did#. I was ok with Jimmy dying and liked the twist, telling us that this was not the Jimmy that we all know from the mythology, but in fact was his older brother. I liked that part! There were a lot of questions raised, but I’m sure they will be answered in Season 9.

  • Annie

    Shocked that he is dead, as much as it makes sense, there is so much that doesn’t… I’m sad:(

  • mg714

    I was sad to see Jimmy go – I thought it was an interesting twist to make his little brother the real Jimmy, but it was kind of a cop out really. I liked Jimmy on the show and thought Chloe could have been happy with him, plus I liked his dynamic with Clark and Lois – it’s a shame they went this direction. But I still love the show anyway.

  • Darrell Wiggins

    I was totally floored by jimmy dying, and always confused how Jimmy was the same age as Clark…then enter the bowtie wearing little brother. awesome solution that was totally unexpected.

  • Cris

    Aaron shows way more class than TPTB deserve. Especially after the utter crap of an episode that just aired.
    All the best to him in the future.
    He was the *real* Jimmy Olsen to me.

  • Jimmy C

    This was the most anti climatic season finale for this show. Killing off Jimmy was cheap. They made some big leaps to move the story forward and it was very confusing at timesSo is Davis dead or is he becoming Zod? And how did Zod get from the Phantom Zone to the Orb? Is Clark going off to train? What was the metaphorical death? Clark shedding his humanity to embrace his Kryptonian side? Why are thy sending Lois to the future?

  • Amber

    You didn’t deserve this Aaraon. I didn’t like your character at first but he really grown on me through the years. I’ll miss you!

  • HNR

    F*CK SV! They killed Jimmy! So NOT cool!

  • widgetgirl

    Yes, I am very disappointed as a fan of the show. I liked Jimmy Olsen. To me, it is just a slap in the face. I think Smallville has pulled a very big fanslap. It will probably take most of the summer to recover from this, and I HOPE that season 9 will somehow rectify itself, because I’m very bummed right now.
    It was right, everything Clark had become this season, was completely torn away. Lois come back! I know she will be back, but really… COME BACK!

  • Gabriela

    Total lack of respect from PS part.-….I am beyond pissed right now the WORST TWIST EVER

  • Pat

    That was such a HORRIBLE season finale. Yeah Jimmy died but I really didn’t care, it was sad but eh whatever. They should have killed Lois, she is annoying.

  • mohammad

    and how the hell is his little brother supposed to be “jimmy” olsen? so stupid.
    also what the hell is up with bringing back zod? do they have no original stories left? goddd!

  • Matt Moore

    Thank Goodness, Aaron Ashmore is a good actor, and Jimmy was great up until The Bride. But after that they just decided to make him the whipping boy for everything. Put him out of his misery already.

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