'Harper's Island:' No chance for second season, insiders say

Harpers-island_l It was a killer ending on July 11 for Harper’s Island, CBS’ limited-run series about a serial murderer who wreaks havoc on a Pacific Northwest wedding. Unfortunately, the killer’s final slash of the knife marked the end of the horror series, as well. Though the show’s finale may have attracted its best audience (3.8 million) since May 23, insiders insist there won’t be another installment of the show that starred Christopher Gorham, Elaine Cassidy, and Katie Cassidy (pictured). CBS won’t officially comment, but the heavily-serialized drama was never a star performer — it averaged 4.8 million viewers over its 13-episode run — thus it being relegated to Saturdays after briefly airing on Thursdays in the spring.

The series was originally designed as a Survivor-style anthology; the show could reinvent itself with a new locale and fresh players each season but the conceit would largely remain the same, i.e. a killer’s on the loose and he/she is racking up victims over a 13-week period.

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  • James

    So that’s what everyone is talking about a second season, because I thought it was just a miniseries, (because the finale definitley brough finality alright.) I also think leaving it here is a good idea, get a legacy started, instead of becoming used and pedestian, relish in the fact that you made a decent series and left it where it should.

  • Christina

    A second season was never going to happen. It was the premise I think people were hoping that would survive. A 13 episode series is perfect for summer viewing.

  • Chris

    I really dug the concept. i think for a freshman series, it could deliver the next time around with a new locale, new cast, and a more Agatha Christie, mystery with clues could build. They should re-consider.

  • Roland

    If they ever decide to do another one they’d better get better writers. I quit watching after in the span of one episode 3 different people shot at Wakefield at different times and they all missed. It looked like three quarters into the script the writers just gave up.

  • kfdodgerfan

    This was probably the worst show I’ve ever watched on network TV. I only stuck with it because I wanted to see how bad it could get, after the pilot. And it did everything I hoped it would do. Just stink up the screen every week.
    The characters were cliched and tokened, the red herrings were obvious, the dialogue flat, the finale and reasoning for the killings just plain stupid. I would say the acting was terrible but Meryl Streep couldn’t make this material work.
    I really expected something better from CBS, especially because the premise was excellent as well of the first series of promos. But the network and the producers blew it and should be ashamed of themselves.

    • courtney

      you know you dont have to be such a jerk. i thought it was great and so does a lot of people. and what are you talkin about it wasent a good reason to kill people. crazy people dont need a reason. jason killed people and all that happened to him was kids made fun of him. boo hoo…lots of kids get made fun of but u dint see them goin on a killer spree! i thought i was awesome. oh an dif u really thought it was bad…why did u wait for it every week just to watch it? and dont give me that crap “oh i just wanted to see how bad it could be” crap! ur so full of your self! later

      • zack

        yea exactly i burned all the episodes to disc and my cousin watched them im glad i wasnt sitting next to her cus she would’ve slapped me trying to figure out who it was

    • kolotripidofilos

      well mate… you said that the reason was stupid… and I think the same about the reasons you stuck with the series… Imagine how stupid you are, when you stuck with a stupid series… Imagine how stupid you are if you want us to belive that you stay every time at your house to watch a stupid series to just “see how bad it can get” …
      This kind of series its not for stupid so avoid them!

      • getalife

        You know, I can understand coming across or looking up a show you actually like and commenting on an article, but how pathetic do you really have to be look for and comment on things you dislike. Don’t you have anything better to do?

    • miss20

      i think your comment is not right at all. the show is great and many people here love that show! it’s literally good and you would find yourself watching it until the end of its season! you have a bad taste in critisizing a good show or movie, have a good time watching suck movies, mr. bad-taste.

    • patali

      Its stupid to hear pipo say this ws a flop regardless of different tastes of movies we have.I think its a cool nice mini series.it may not be compared to Prison Break or Traveler but its quite a good one.its all d suspense a good movie needs.Am wondering y someone wud watch all those episods n say ‘boring stuff’.Frm wat i knw,u can barely watch an episod of a series if its boring.GO FOR COMMEDY IF U FOUND HARPER’S ISLAND BORING PALS!

  • Todd

    I don’t know why they wouldn’t make another series following the same premise. They should realize that the problems with this one were not the premise’s fault but the writing and some cliche moments. I would love to see a real “And Then There Were None”-style miniseries

  • T.T

    i would’ve liked seeing a second season with different characters maybe having abby and jimmy come back to help at the end of have Madison grow up i dnt kno
    o well it was great while it lasted

  • jow

    Katie Cassidy is smoking hot.

  • d k

    thoroughly enjoyed each & every episode! No, it was certainly not high caliber tv, it was an over the top, completely craptastic 13 weeks of summer fun! Hope TPTB change their tune & do another for next summer, maybe debut it at the beginning of June next time so it’ll last all summer. Oh, and my choice: Harper’s Summer College Session….Appalachian Style!

  • John

    Try this site, it worked for me:
    It asks you to do a little survey but then it takes you right to the show! Enjoy :)

  • bj

    find the best way to judge her:

  • lisa

    I think 2nd season would be good. It would have to be even better than the 1st. could be hard to do. I did like the show. Hate to hear it’s not coming back.

  • denise

    It probably would have helped if they didn’t keep moving the show around and skipping weeks.

  • kt

    I loved “Harper’s Island,” but I think it is best as a miniseries. The story would get tired if it was the same idea in a different locale. On another note: Christopher Gorham- Smokin’ hot!

  • em

    I think Harper’s Island is a great summer show when not much else is new on network TV, and I am slightly disappointed the show’s not up for renewal

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