Exclusive: 'Smallville' boss sets record straight about 'misleading' spoiler

smallville_lSmallville producers are backing down from earlier claims that the coming season would be one of the show’s darkest yet.

Last month, co-showrunner Brian Peterson told me that the theme of season 9 would be “Clark’s darkest hour.” Faster than a speeding bullet, Smallville diehards started to revolt. “Superman fans don’t do dark,” harrumphed one fan, Cathy, in the comments section. “The last movie was dark and it tanked.” Added another fan with the handle Captain Obvious: “Nobody watches a TV show to become depressed.”

Well, everyone can simma down na because Peterson says season 9 won’t be all doom and gloom. “We might’ve misled people a little bit with that,” he confesses. “Clark has some very dark decisions to make and he starts the season in a very dark place, but the season itself won’t be dark.

“In fact,” Peterson continues, “Clark and Lois will be back in each other’s orbits and there will be a lot of the fun that we had last year—even more than we had last year.”

Case in point: In episode three,  Lois and Clark are “in the trenches fighting zombies,” Peterson reveals. “And when they catch their breath from fighting zombies, [romantic] sparks will fly.”

Feeling more positive about season 9 now? Sound off below!


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  • AJamison

    This is common place for Smallville they try and get the fan base into one frame of mind then end up delivering on some variation of the hype next season.

    However at times they hype it up to much and an issue such as the one mentioned above happens. This is usually the reason the studio does not like leaking to much plot information to prevent a situation like above

  • topazbean

    Hmmm. After the absolute mess that was the season 8 finale, the only thing that would get me watching again would be a promise that they’d actually learnt how to tell a coherent story.

    • Amy

      I agree…That was the worst finale ever! I’ve watched from Day 1 and want to stick with it till the end, but they have to get back on track fast. I’ll give it a shot next season, but I can’t promise I’ll stick with it.

  • Snarf

    Zombies? Meh. Remember when they did vampires a few seasons ago? Suckage.

  • k

    Zombies? really? What is this, a resident evil crossover? lame.

    • Snsetblaze

      After zombies there will be seamonsters.

      • k


      • Coltsfan

        No, they said Sea MONKEYS!

  • k925

    Why has there even been a season 6, 7, or 8. It’s Smallville. The beginning for Superman and its being stretched out into unnecessary situations. We are going into season 9 and they are talking about making sparks fly between him and lois?… How about making him fly this season. Introduce a new ability from superman and not anymore of these useless characters.

    • jay lewis

      i agree. i think that they should of end the show at the end of season 3 or maybe even 4. i dont understand why they went sooo long. and besides everyone knows that clark isnt suppose to meet lois,doomsday,jonn jonn and any other till after he becomes superman. they really messed up the show. i think that they should save the shows ratings by calling it a quits and come out with a new t.v. show like the green arrow with justin hartley in it. i think that would be awsome or maybe even the story of batman

  • David

    Personally, I hated the latter part of season 8 which heavilly highlighted dark without much balance within episodes such as in Beast and Eternal. I think this was mostly fixed with up’d episode counts for regular characters, which will undeniably bring more balance to each episode.

    I’m a little concerned with them venturing into camp, however, with casting slides of episode 5 regarding the Wonder Twins. I hope they maintain the drama and comedy without in the smart manner they proved successful at in first half of S8.

  • Cindy

    LET HIM FLY already! Get the man in tights and let him be Superman! And I don’t remember Superman ever fighting zombies – sheesh! I LOVE Tom Welling as Superman/Clark, but the show spends too much time on other characters and not enough on him. And why are there so few interviews with Tom? HE’S the STAR – let’s see some Welling interviews! And Welling in tights and flying! YEAH!

    • SupermanFan

      I agree – I have been waiting to see more of Superman and HIS abilities – not the storyline of the other characters. I wanna see more of his “evil” side, too. Tom plays that soooo well! Bring on more Superman and more space people!!!

    • Sam

      I disagree – with a couple of these points. You see the show is about How Clark Kent becomes superman. The story lines help you create the characters. The characters are the ones that help clark become superman. He just doesn’t become him overnight. Since the start of the show it has been like this. In the comic book, movies, tv this is how it has been. This is how you tell a story. The powers are the icing on the cake. Don’t get me wrong I would like to see him do these amazing things with his powers. I think that we should be talking about the way that he uses his powers and the way it is presented to us. I do not think that we should see more evil or a darker side of clark. I think the situation itself is dark enough. I have been happy to see how things are going from last season to this season 9. However I do agree with the fact that they played up the season finale “the fight with doomsday” but the thing with this is maybe we will see more of the fight in the first episode. I am really excited for season 9.

    • mgb

      You are right. Tom Welling is fantastic as Clark/Kal-El and should be the next big screen Superman. The show needs to focus on him and his journey. Where is his training? He needs to fly. Lois shouldn’t even be on the show yet if he’s not Superman. She ruins it anyway. Let’s see Clark growing as a hero and saving the day. More of the STAR, Tom Welling, with flying please!

    • Pothead Powers

      Solomon Grundy is a zombie. Maybe they’re preparing for that sorta thing.

  • Saheem

    That is nice topic

  • JP

    This show is retarded. How in the world is it still on the air, but shows like Alias and Arrested Development only got a few seasons? The injustice of it all…

    • Ryan

      Umm…”Alias” lasted FIVE seasons and ended on its own. It wasn’t cancelled, it wasn’t forced off the air…Jen Garner and the producers thought it would be wise to end the show at the end of the fifth season. So there’s no injustice. “Smallville” is riding off its clear success as the CW’s only ratings blockbuster (out of the scripted programs).

      • Sam

        Added to Ryan’s comment Arrested Development was canceled because of the ratings. However there are rumors of a movie so that is good. We will see if it will be made. Not too many people were into the show. Now if we look at Smallville . There is a huge fan base and ratings fot the show.

  • sean

    I’ve been watching smallville since day one, & sea 7 was horrendous. He should be superman by now. The producers need to up the ante, no more Lana (please, she ruined the show w/ the storyline of every psycho obsessed with her). They need to let him fly, introduce new power as someone mentioned before, & move on w the storyline. Tom Welling is in his 30’s & he’s still superboy. How long will they stretch this thing.
    Chloe is the best thing in the series (although I didn’t like the Doomsday story arc).
    Bring back more superheroes.
    Bring on Metropolis. I am truly on the fence if I will give this show another try, as I’m tired of the same recycled crappy storylines.

  • jay

    Isn’t LOis in the 31st century? The Legion flight ring should have taken her there. Are they going to show any of the 31st century? OR are they going to forget than happened?

    • JRose48

      Lois is currently in the future and when we first see her she’s there.

  • Sean

    When does he become Superman, sheesh!

  • michael

    they need someone who can deliver real good shows, Im tired of clark being a wimp and they dont show enough action with clark like in the first seasons, please get some good writers and make him fly already.

  • sandi

    Right, cause nothing says let’s make out, like zombies. Unless Lois is the zombie. In fact, how could one tell? Zombie Lois may be more interesting than actual Lois.

    • wwg23

      Zombie Lois may be more interesting than actual Lois.

      Infinitely more interesting.

      • Add1

        They already have zombie Lois (have had since the beginning).
        They call her Chloe.

  • manu

    In “Kyle XY” Kyle could fly xD But in “Smallville”, Superman can’t…

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