Exclusive: A 'Big Bang' bust for Penny and Leonard

big-bang-theory_lThe Big Bang Theory will finally make a go of a Leonard and Penny relationship this fall, but things get off to a rough start.

“After two years of foreplay, they finally [have sex] and it doesn’t go so great,” reveals exec producer Bill Prady. “There was so much anticipation that when they finally make it all the way, they have trouble finding their groove.”

They won’t be the only ones going through an awkward adjustment period. “Sheldon does not like waking up and finding Penny in their apartment, which happens in the second or third episode,” says Prady. “And he’s not happy when she makes French toast on oatmeal day.

“But Sheldon believes this is a temporary anomaly,” Prady adds. “He thinks [the romance] will come to an end and everything will be back the way it is.”

Do you agree with Sheldon? Or are you confident that Penny and Lenard have staying power? Comment away!

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  • Laura

    I saw this in this week’s EW magazine and about died. I just finished watching season 1, and was on a high point knowing that they were actually going on a date. So this is breaking my heart!

    • Jordan

      Oh I’m sure it’ll be fine! They’ve been teasing us with this for 2 years. I’m sure that this is just the plot for 1 episode. At least I hope.

  • The1337

    I guess this is the break up and get back together later plot device.

  • Henock Haukongo

    These two have NO onscreen chemistry, why shove this down our throats??!! I hope Sheldon is right!! I would be more interested in a Penny-Sheldon relationshi[!!

    • Staurolite

      Please no Sheldon. I was one of those geek girls in college. Leonard is way better. He has emotions. I love his character.

      • Debbie Smith

        Yes I love it!

  • Scott

    I like Penny and Leonard better as friends. This just changes the dynamic of the show, and not in a good way. This ensemble works well as a group of friends.

    • Hilary


    • Chris


    • SEAN


      • geekgroupie

        sex between friends = maturity? NOT…. sex between committed people = stable/mature

      • quirkyb

        you make no sense whatsoever, Sean. Guys who think mature friends have sex=idiot.

  • Blue Tesseract

    Love the show! Not surprised things will be awkward as they move from friends to ….more than friends ;)

    I wish the Producers would get rid of the LAUGH TRACK. Its awful. The show is funny enough on its own without needing to prompt the viewing audience as to when to laugh.

    PLEASE Michael – ask the producers to 86 that awful archaic laugh track!!

    • Cary

      @Blue Tesseract:

      They don’t use a laugh track. It’s filmed in front of an audience.

      • Chappel

        Shows filmed in front of a live audience “enhance” the live laughter with pre-recorded laughter in post-production. Everyone does it. Look up “laugh track” on Wikipedia for more info on this subject.

      • Danny

        I attended the taping of the Sheldon learns to drive episode. Trust me, there is no need for them to sweeten the laughter. In fact, if anything, they downplay the reactions of the audience. Each scene is taped twice so that they can get the best of the two. There were three or four times that the audience gave spontaneous applause. They never used the cut that included the applause.

    • Typhos

      It’s not a laugh track, it’s taped in front of a live audience.

    • stephen

      I agree. The laugh track on this show is awful. It stopped me from enjoying the show many times. Maybe they can limit the amount it is used. Not every single line is laugh out loud funny.

      • Sam

        These shows are different animals in person. Go see one filmed/taped.

  • Dave

    I think it’s a brave move to play the Leonard-Penny hand this early in the upcoming guaranteed two future seasons of TBBT. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes and how the dynamic of the group changes over the next two years.

    • Reidar

      This series has the potential of making the most classical relationship in sit-com history. Could be way better than Ross and Rachel. Go Penny and Leonard. Go slow or go fast, just go true as you have so far. It is going to be the ultimately romance for future sit-com’s.

  • Maria

    I think Penny and Leonard are also much better as friends. I can’t really see the chemistry between them, it’s kind of really awkward. But I’m sure they can probably break up and have it not ruin the show.

    I second the motion to get rid of the laugh track! I was just watching my S1 DVDs yesterday and jeez, I didn’t realize how annoying it was until yesterday.

  • Lindsey

    I hope Sheldon is right like he always is. These two are so boring together, they just don’t have any chemistry and their characters just aren’t right for each other. I hope it’s over by the end of the season.

  • Abi

    Sheldon and Penny for the win…

    • Rhonda Freeman

      I am laughing my a** off right now thinking about sheldon and penny procreating and trying to figure out which end the diaper goes on…

  • Katie

    My problem with Leonard/Penny is Penny’s never seemed that interested in him. And I’m not even sure why Leonard’s interested in her. Because she’s pretty?

    I’m not opposed to rooting for them, but I need a little more first.

    • Sam

      Ben I guess you have never been a nerd infatuated with someone. I think Leonard is spot on in that regard. There is likely going to be a lesson learned regarding why those we are infatuated with might not be our best option.

      • Sam

        Sorry, I guess I should have addressed Katie (the location of the line led me to conclude that Ben had written the post).

  • Ben

    I’ll take a “they will” or “they won’t” over a “will they or won’t they?” any day. Leonard’s awkward affection for Penny is what makes the show great, and this can only help.

    • Bri

      Thank you! Finally somebody’s making some sense. This show is partially based on Leonard’s awkward affection for Penny. It’s perfect, this season is going to be great!

  • Mary

    I think this will be another traditional sitcom plot device, and everything will be great by the end of the episode. I really hope Penny and Leonard do not last, they are incredibly boring together.

  • Jake

    Please have Sheldon be right…

  • Anne

    Sheldon and Penny have much greater chemistry. I would much rather see them!

  • Ana

    I think they are like a Rachel/Ross couple. They are together and then not, but allways being friends.

    • jass

      Ross and Rachel(David and Jennifer)had AMAZING chemistry between them. You wnated them together. Penny and Leonard are kinda boring. The best scenes are definitly Sheldon/Penny scenes. See that, is chemistry.

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