'True Blood' ratings: Another bloody record!

A series-high 4.5 million looky-loos caught Alexander Skarsgard in the buff on Sunday’s mostly snoozy True Blood. That’s up slightly from the 4.4 million peeps who caught last week’s episode. In gross audience—combining linear plays, DVR and HBO On Demand—True Blood is averaging 11.4 million viewers per episode.


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  • Kim

    I loved the episode! I actually cried when Godric meet the light! I could not believe that I did that! I knew what was coming but it was so wonderfully played that I cried! Eric and Sookie dream is just a little taste for the future if the show stays true to the books! Yum!!

    • nina

      i got teary eyed as well.
      i think sookie was the reason i started to cry.
      she looked soo sad. lol

      • Celia

        I loved the part when Lafayette and Tara’s mother took her from Maryann. I was like YES! And the part when Jessica finds out she can’t have kids is soooo SAD!! This episode was so emotional.

    • me

      It was very sad. I felt so bad for Eric. It’s like his father died…so sad. And the fact that they cry blood makes it even worse. :(

  • David4

    It’s really not getting 11.4 million, it’s most likely getting 5-6 because On Demand doesn’t have any clue if those are different viewers than before, and same with DVR. Reportuing that number is just lame. it’s like when a network shows a episode twice in one week and then combine the numbers to say “X had 27 million viewers last week making it the number 1 new show!”

    • J

      This is very true. I’m pretty sure a lot of people who watched the live broadcast tuned in to the encore and had it recorded on DVR. But since that’s how HBO roles in the ratings game, we’re gonna have to deal with it.

      • Kristina

        Watched both the East and West coast viewings of the show and watched it on demand the next day. Last week’s episode, the same, except I watched it three times on demand. Would have more if I had the time.

    • websnap

      I don’t think 5-6 million people are watching it twice with in two days, either way, the numbers are impressive.

      • gina bates

        I have watched twice already and have not DVR’d it. Will probably watch each time HBO shows it!

    • Tarc

      And the numbers presented do not relflect vast numbers of people that watch True Blood in alternative ways, or using equipment set not to report statistics (because some people feel that their viewing information is valuable). I’d guess the reported nuber is significantly LOW compared to actual viewers within 6 hours of initial airtime.

    • me

      yeah but if you factor in the people who watch it online and don’t go anywhere near DVR then it’s definitely near 11 million.

    • J

      Yeah, but I don’t have HBO and I watch True Blood on one of the MANY third-party sites that upload the most recent episode and show it for free. All you do is google “True Blood Full Episodes” … I know at least 10 people of hand that do that – and none of those get counted at all. And do they count Netflix? Because they stream it there too the day after it airs.

      • Jessica

        I do this too!

  • Mike W

    What are linear plays?

  • Leanne

    so happy the show is still following the novels as much as possible!!! Can’t wait for that Eric/Sookie action!!!

  • rebekah

    wayy more than that, alot of people like me who live overseas andhave only just got season 1-watch it online, i bought season 1 in america so i watch it online to keep up :)

  • rebekah

    in a way i want it to follow books what with eric and sookie but in other ways i never want sookie and bill to split up

    • Jen

      omg same! i hate having to decide between bill and eric!

      • RS

        I am so glad to hear that someone else feels the same way! I was starting to feel like I was the only TB fan not totally on Team Eric – I love Bill!

      • Jill

        I feel the same way too! I love Bill and Sookie and I’m not at all sold on Eric. I like Eric as a character, but I just don’t think he and Sookie have much chemistry.

      • Kristen

        Oh thank God I’m not the only one! Bill and Sookie are much better suited for each other, in my opinion.

      • TrueBlood Junkie

        I love Bill too….I honestly believes that he is deeply in love with Sookie.

    • Kristin

      I do not want Sookie and Bill to split up, they have great chemistry. Sookie and Eric looked have good chemistry too, I kind of like the love triangle, but in the end it has to be Sookie and Bill!

      • Celia

        I’m reading the books and Im on the 6th one now and even though the show is different…things don’t happen the way you think they will.

    • Skeezix

      Eric is like a tragic accident – we know we should not stare but we are fascinated in spite of ourselves and keep on looking.

  • Cindy

    Fantastic episode. And the numbers are most likely even larger than that considering how many people watch it on HBO2 and the like at other times during the week.

  • Hannah_Nicole

    It was by far the best episode of both seasons. Alex Skarsgard’s acting was amazing. Not to mention his body…

    • nina

      oh yes. his body was reeeeeally nice.

      oh and so was his acting.

    • bill

      I totally agree it was the best episode of the last 2 seasons. I wept at the end. It was so beautiful. Now if they get rid of that witch Mary Anne, I’ll be thrilled. # episodes left and I can’t wait. Bill

  • Jul

    Best episode of the series. Most tragic and most lustful

    • A.Tom

      I think the show is more popular now because of the growth of Eric’s character. EW took a poll and he was the most popular vampire!

  • Brenda

    Mostly snoozy? Do you even WATCH these shows? Methinks not. It was the best episode of the entire series.

    • Michael Collado

      Haha! That it was not. I gotta agree, it wasn’t the most action-packed episode, and the ending didn’t really have me wanting more. It was sort of a… filler episode where about 10 minutes worth of scenes that matter took place.

    • chrlyr

      I agree. This episode was excellent and could not be classified as “snoozy” under any circumstances.

  • Marques

    This was an average episode. Sookie getting tricked into doing something stupid is happening far too often

  • Jason Rundell

    The full screen ad I had to click through to read this article was really irritating.

  • CountryClub

    It only took me a couple of shows to figure out this was a soap opera and not created for most men. So I havent watched it since then. But, I ask the women who are commenting on here – has the acting gotten any better? My goodness it was awful in the eps I saw.

    • Kim

      The acting has gotten better. You should give it another look. Godric is one of the best (even though short-lived)!

    • GinnyV

      I also had a hard time with the 1st season, mainly because the guy who plays Jason is a HORRIBLE actor. But he has a smaller role and it seems to be a better fit for his limited range.

      • Tarc

        he’s not a horrible actor – he’s just playing a stupid, discombobulated guy. Kwanten is a rather smart Aussie guy – funny and savvy – in real life. He’s nothing like Jason, nor does he sound a bit like him.

      • nacho mama

        You should see an episode of Law and Order Ryan Kwanten did. Fantastic. Vastly different from Jason dumb as a brick Stackhouse.

      • Alexis

        Ryan was fantastic in that L&O episode! Is was so pleased to see him in a different role. Also – this was an awesome episode! I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Must we have blood and violence and gore all the time?

    • Maria

      Not sure which episodes you saw. TB is over the top, but I don;t find it a soap opera. neither do I find it targeted only to women. Actually it’s the only show my boyfriend watches with me; otherwise our TV tastes are quite different.

    • Maria

      Meant to say also that you can give ti another try. The only thing you will lose is an hour or two of your life. I’m sure there are worse things to “waste” time on.

  • Carol

    I’m glad more people are watching True Blood. This episode was the best of the series, IMO. Alexander Skarsgard, Allan Hyde and Anna Paquin were outstanding in the ending sequence.

    Also, this episode was the beginning of the Eric, and Sookie relationship and I can’t wait to see more.

  • ErinN

    Oh yeah, agree Hannah_Nicole. LOVE Alexander Skarsgard role as Eric. I have come to the conclusion that I could watch this guy read a phone book and adore him. I am thrilled he finally seems to be getting respect in Hollywood. After Generation Kill & True Blood, I went and watched his Swedish movies. He is really very talented. I hope Alan Ball understands what he has in him. I like Moyer and his role as Bill too, but for me he cant compare to Alexander and Eric.

    • Erin

      “I could watch this guy read a phone book and adore him.”

      I could not agree more. And to me, he fits the role of Eric perfectly. He’s a great actor and an absolutely perfect fit for Eric. Here’s hoping Alan will stay true to the books where Eric is concerned…

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