Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Grey's,' 'House,' 'NCIS,' 'Bones,' 'Gossip Girl,' 'Supernatural,' and more!

Meredith-and-Derek_lGot a scoop request about your favorite show? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Just want to say hi? You can send any/all of the above to

Question: Grey’s Anatomy fans are buzzing about a possible Derek and Meredith break-up this season. Please tell me it isn’t true. —Katherine
It isn’t true. Here’s what is true: The Mer-Der relationship will be written a little lighter during the first half of the season as a result of Ellen Pompeo’s real-life pregnancy and subsequent maternity leave. “I think we would be irresponsible writers if we didn’t give a woman who’s seven-months pregnant a little less time on her feet,” maintains exec producer Krista Vernoff. “She’s waddling around seven-months pregnant about to push a baby out of her body. We have a responsibility to alleviate her screen time a little bit.” That said, Vernoff insists Mer-Der are at no risk of losing their title as Seattle Grace’s reigning super couple. “It would be false to say that Mer and Der are no longer the focus of the series,” she says. “Derek and Mer will always be a focus of the series.”

Question: If you don’t give us some 30 Rock scoopage, I shall cry. —Amy
No tears, please. They, um, creep me out. So you hold back the flood waters, and I’ll tell you some stuff, okay? Deal? In the season’s fourth episode, Liz will endeavor to round out the cast of TGS with a new member, naturally leaning toward a hire who is more than just crazy talented. (Or less than just crazy talented… as in just crazy.) That same episode will introduce a wannabe who’s hoping to be discovered while pretending he’s a robot in Times Square. Since the character’s supposed to recur, his dream just might come true.

Question: Do you have anything scoopy for Private Practice? The season finale left me clinging to my seat and cringing in pain for Amy Brenneman! —Mallory
Two things I can share: Violet lives. And twenty minutes will have lapsed between the last frame of the finale and the first frame of the premiere.

Question: I loved Addison and Noah on Private Practice. I know Josh Hopkins is on Cougar Town now, but will he return to give closure to the storyline? —Jamie
Currently, there are no plans for Hopkins to return. Amanda Detmer, however, will be back as his wife.

Question: Heard through the Twitter grapevine that you are talking to Supernatural creator Eric Kripke. Please ask him if we are ever going to find out more about Ruby’s knife? Like how it was made, by who, or why it can kill demons. —Vanessa
“I don’t think I’ll ever give up the back story of how that knife got its powers,” Kripke responds. “I like to leave some things mysterious. And that’s likely to remain mysterious.”

Question: Ask Eric Kripke if the Colt pistol is ever going to make a comeback on Supernatural. We never saw it destroyed and it seems like it would be pretty handy in a demon war. —Wesley
Good news. “The Colt pistol is making a comeback,” Kripke declares. “I was actually in the [writers] room today breaking episode 10 and the Colt pistol is in episode 10. And it also pops up a little bit earlier as well. The Colt emerges as the boys’ best strategy to shooting the devil in the face.”

Question: Any chance that we’ll see Jeffrey Dean Morgan again on Supernatural? —Barbara
Yes, there’s a chance. “I would love to have him back,” says Kripke. “But he is an in-demand actor. It’s all about scheduling. It’s [in the hands] of men who wear ties.” Hey, I sometimes wear ties. Consider this a done deal, Barb!

Question: Any casting news on Scrubs? —Jonathan
Yes! Kidnapped‘s Michael Mosley and relative newcomer Kerry Bishé have just been tapped to play med students.

Question: Last week we were promised a boatload of NCIS spoilers. All we got was one about Gibbs’ boat. WTF? —Alyssa
And that one wasn’t even accurate! I erroneously quoted exec producer Shane Brennan as saying that Gibbs would be measuring his basin in an upcoming episode. He actually said he’d be measuring his basement. In my defense, Brennan has one of those funny accents.

Question: Is Gibbs ever going to date again on NCIS? —Alyssa
Date? Yes. Marry? No. “He’s had two or three wives too many,” says Brennan. “A relationship that would take him to the precipice of marriage is probably not in the cards.”

Question: Will Cyndi Lauper’s psychic turn out to be Sweets’ birth mother on Bones? —Jeannette
That’s a negative. A better question is whether she’ll turn out to be mine. You gotta admit the resemblance is uncanny.

Question: Anything at all on Leverage? I absofrakkinlutely love it! —Cindy
TNT is rewarding your devotion by extending the show’s summer run via two bonus episodes, airing Sept. 2 and Sept. 9.

Question: OMG!  I’m totally jonesing for Brothers & Sisters! Anything new?  —Kathy
As I hinted earlier this week, a member of the Walker clan will get some devastating medical news in the Sept. 27 season premiere. Guesses? Head to the comments!

Question: I’m so happy Cameron and Chase are getting their old jobs back on House. Got any more scoop about them? —Sabrina
Their first significant fight as a married couple will take place in episode 4. And it’s not going to be pretty.

Question: In your column last week you mentioned that someone on House’s team gets fired. Do you mean House’s fellowship team? Or the general team, which would include Wilson and Cuddy? —Alisha
The fellowship team.

Question: Is the character who gets fired on House leaving the show? —Sam

Question: Please, some Desperate Housewives scoop. —Arno
Marc Cherry tells me that he worked out a “cool situation” with Shawn Pyfrom that both grants the actor’s wish to pursue other projects and ensures that Andrew doesn’t vanish without a trace. It’s basically called being bumped to recurring. “He wanted more freedom [so] we [hammered out] a smaller episode order with him,” he says. “I don’t ever want to say goodbye to him completely. He’s a beloved figure around here.”

Question: Spill it already! What do you know about the identity of Angela’s lover on Bones? —Sarah P.
You’d be proud of me. I took all your questions/concerns about Angela’s mystery lover directly to series creator Hart Hanson. The transcript of that interrogation conversation is below:

Who will Angela break her vow of celibacy with?
HART HANSON: I’m not telling.

Can you at least rule someone out?
HANSON: Let’s see… who would I be willing to rule out of the equation… Let me think… No, I shouldn’t rule anyone out. That would be foolish of me.

Can you at least rule out Booth?
HANSON: I’m not going to rule out Booth. Are you kidding?

Is Angela’s choice of sex partners connected to the huge fight she and Brennan have?
HANSON: I’m not saying they aren’t connected. There’s a reason both those things happen in the same episode. I’m not saying it’s necessarily a story reason.

Someone scores major points for trying!

Question: Any Chuck scoop? —Deniz
The show is casting the role of a dashing and suave dictator of a small, fictitious nation called Parador. Josh Schwartz, meet my good friend Ian McShane.

Question: Any Gossip Girl scoop? Please, tell us something that doesn’t have to do with Dan and Georgina or Dan and Olivia. —Fernanda
Are we on a first name basis with Hilary Duff’s Gossip starlet already? Good to know. Well, speaking of Olivia, there’s a new man in her life. His name is Patrick and they’re co-stars in the Twilight Vampire Knight movie franchise.  Casting is under way for the two-episode role.

Question: Bonjour! Avez-vous des infos sur la saison 3 de Gossip Girl??? Merci beaucoup!!!! —Xav
Lady Gaga fera une apparition dans l’épisode spécial “Halloween.” Batman aussi. Et Robin. Et… Vous voyez où je veux en venir? (Ce sont tous des déguisements, mon ami!)

Question: I was wondering if you had any Smallville spoilers about Chloe. Apart from her being stuck behind a computer as Watchtower and babysitting the Wonder Twins, is there any reason for Chloe fans to watch season 9? —Donna
All I can say is that a pretty cool Chloe twist will take place within the first 10 episodes.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions/comments/anonymous tips to Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Andy Patrick)

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  • sam

    I want to know if Andrew’s husband/partner/fiance/whatever is going to be back. He was cute!

  • maiv

    Aw man, I was really hoping for a True Blood scoop.

    • Brittany

      Tell me about it. Ausiello and Watch with Kristen both left me high and dry this this week.

      • Virginia

        I third this sentiment :-(

      • Caiti

        I would like to fourth this statement! I’ve only been checkin out this blog for trueblood news and what a let down this week!

    • Joe

      Kristin is good. But she is on maternity leave still so its not actually HER. ausiello is good too, just sometimes a little too much on one show, for instance, supernatural and house, not that i have a problem with that, i would just like to hear about one thing from all shows, and not some of my shows being completely alienated.

  • Becca


  • Lilly

    No One Tree Hill scoop?


  • Vicki

    Kudos on your French, Michael.

  • daf11

    That’s IT on NCIS??? Come on, stop teasing us!! More, more, more!!

    • Chappel

      NCIS doesn’t feature any gay characters, underage sex, housewife porn or heroes that have murdered enough people to fill a football stadium so it isn’t very high on the TV critic list of shows to pay attention to… even though it’s the most popular scripted television show in the USA.

      • Steph

        Why are gays included in that list of immoral things, togib?

      • Ellie

        I don’t think any of those were specified as “immoral.” I mean… I suppose the whole murdering thing is, but I think it was just commenting on all the other shows that get a lot of spoilers while NCIS gets nothing.

        People: They are trying to keep the season premier a secret: don’t expect any big spoilers (even though Ausiello explicitly said we’d get some)

      • Martina

        Ausiello don’t have a spoiler, a real one about the new season… he continues to give us this informations about boat, Gibbs etc that we already know! Stop promise us spoiler and then give us this… ‘nothing’!

      • JimFromJersey

        Wow. What NCIS spoilerage! Gibbs “doesn’t” get married. What a shocker. I’m stunned. How could they? /sarcasm off

      • brody

        Wouldn’t it be kinda tough to have openly gay main characters on a military show… at least until we finally get rid of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” rule?

      • Danny

        that’s because that show is BORING. It’s episodic. The storylines wrap up episode to episode. What do you want to know? THere is another murder and they don’t know who did it until the end of the episode when it’s the last person you expect. There’s your spoiler. Apply to all 22 episodes.

    • anna

      While I wish we’d get more, considering SB’s penchant for twisting the meaning of his spoilers, I’ll take what we can get. & I’m *thrilled* that the last 2 ‘spoilers’ were about Gibbs & not more stupid Tiva.

      • Lauren

        Ok, so I’m a Tiva fan, but I wouldn’t call the last to bits of info “spoilers”. We could have guessed that Gibbs would build another boat and not marry. I’m looking for PLOT spoilers, not info we already know!

  • Courtney

    Thanks SO much for the House and Bones scoop! Chase and Cameron fight in episode 4? No!!!

  • Kate

    WTF, we were promised a ton of Gossip Girl spoilers too, we havent got anything on chuck and blair (aka the only good thing) on the show ughh please give us something!!

    • LH

      Bring on the Chuck/Blair awesomeness!! They do make the whole show.

  • Realme2008

    I didn’t like the Private Practice season finale it was way too overdone and something you would see done on Soap Opera. The acting was good though. The storyline was not. You said that Noah will not be returning, but his wife will. That pretty much gives away that the wife tells Addison to back off or Addison realizes it herself. It’s funny, because Addison is still a *lut, and still goes through men like m&m’s. Her last two love interests were written off the show without so much as a final word from them. That to me is poor writing and casting.

    • angela_p

      and the fact that Addison claimed “I’m not a home wrecker” I got so disgusted with her character, one which I used to really love, that now I fast forward through all of her scenes… When they made her haf ann affair or kiss the married husband of her patient, it turned me ill….

      • Sam

        At least Addison didn’t screw the married guy with his wife in the next room like Meredith did with Derek at prom.

      • Amanda

        Instead Addison was screwing the married guy with his wife in the next room being in the labor. She is really classy. Not.

        Addison is a pathetic, disgusting wh*re. Her character is unwatchable.

      • Sam

        Actually Amanda – Addison NEVER screwed the guy !! Get your facts straight if you’re going to criticise LOL.

        And if you don’t like Addison, don’t watch the show. It is her spinoff and she is the lead character.

    • Maria

      Ther finale was crap.

      Violet the slut sleeping with two guys and as a doctor not even knowing how to use brith control.


  • Aiden

    Thanks for the Bones/Chuck/House scoops.

  • eli

    wow you speak french?!! nice, good job!! Pas mal du tout!!!
    glad to hear Mer/Der are safe…
    Please send us some One Tree Hill, True Blood or Greek spoilers next weeeek :) thanks

  • Katherine

    Chloe has always been the heart & soul of Smallville (and Clark!!) The character is a reporter. Hopefully the twist fixes that debacle.

  • Elizabeth B

    Can you get any spoilers on the second half of Burn Notice S3? January seems like forever! Thanks in advance!

  • Shelly

    Let’s hope that Chloe twist is death *crosses fingers*

    • Amy Leigh

      Yeah, well I’ve been hoping for the demise of Lois for years but it’s not happening. Besides why would they kill Chloe, the best thing about Smallville?

    • Sarah

      i dont think they’ll kill of chloe, after all chloe has a large fan base among smallville viewers.

  • Lindsey

    Thanks for all the supernatural tidbits!!!!!

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