'Gossip Girl' exclusive: Chuck Bass goes gay?!

gossip-girl_lSpotted: Chuck Bass sucking face with a dude!

It’s true! Multiple Gossip Girl insiders confirm to me exclusively that the CW phenom is currently shooting an episode for its upcoming third season in which Ed Westwick’s legendary lothario kisses another man.

So who’s the lucky guy? And what are the circumstances surrounding the same-sex smooch? Keep reading for all the spoilery details…

First things first: Sorry to disappoint, but no, it’s not Chace Crawford. Westwick’s “romantic” interest is up-and-comer Neal Bledsoe (CSI: NY, Guiding Light), who’s guest-starring in episode 6 as Josh Ellis, NYU’s head of freshman affairs. Since Josh is tasked with selecting an incoming student for the honor of delivering the freshman speech, he’s, shall we say, a person of interest to Blair. In fact, she’s so determined to snag the slot that she goes so far as to pimp out her boyfriend to the gay guy in charge.

The catch? All you need to know is there is one. Oh, and wait until you hear what Chuck says to Blair following the lip-lock. (Must. Resist. Temptation. To. Spoil.)

It was only a matter of time before GG played the maybe-gay card with Chuck, who swung both ways in Cecily von Ziegesar’s Gossip Girl books.

What do you think? Surprised? Titillated? Horrified? Choose your adjectives below!

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  • Anne

    HOT. Even though it’s not Chace.

    • jenn

      I agree, SUPER hot! It’s about time we get some hot guys kissing instead of the abundance of girl-on-girl out there to satisfy the guys…why is it assumed that girls don’t find two guys together just as hot as guys think two girls together are? Or are guys just too homophobic?

  • Sagebeth

    omg. Titillated for sure. Oddly excited too. Hope its worth it and not cheap… I heart Chuck and Blair and same sex kisses haha

    • Cindy

      My thoughts exactly. The only things better than Chuck and Blair, are Chuck and Blair working there evil ways and Chuck and Blair and sex. All around it’s a win-win.

  • patrick

    its about time it kinda irked me that they didn’t include his bisexuality from the beginning. i wonder when dan will turn

    • Ella

      they should have made his bisexuality clear from the beggining, i agree about that but bringing it out now….. it will destroy Chuck and Blair as a couple.

      I hope he didn’t like that kiss because then the couple I, and ALOT of other people, have been waiting for will be torn apart.

  • A

    They cant write for the gay character they already have, without making Chuck bi!

  • Kareena

    umm they have a gay character? how bout giving eric some storylines?!

    • Kristoffer

      I agree with that. Show the gay guy some love for gosh sakes.

      • Ric

        Apparently they offered the actor who plays Eric to become a full time, main character but he turned it down.

  • lala

    No to chuck being gay- they already have Eric. Chuck is strictly for Blair- and random womanizing only.

    • mscisluv

      So there is a quota of one gay guy per show? Plus, Chuck isn’t really gay…more like…experimental.

    • jenn

      no kidding, its not like Eric has to be the only gay in the village, its NYC, not a Welsh village.

    • total

      Except he already is…in the books.

  • Alyssa

    First guy on guy kiss on this show. And I’m soooo happy it’s Chuck. I hope they really go for it and it’s extra hot. Mmmm!

    • Devon

      Uh, no it’s not.

      • Alyssa

        Why are you being contrary, when you’re so wrong?

        Yes. It. Is.

      • Ella

        Alyssa IT IS NOT HOT. I have nothing against homosexuality. This is strictly about Chuck and Blair, no one seems to understand that if Chuck does later on in the sereis realise he has all these confused feelings for men it is THE END of the ONLY truly interesting couple on Gossip Girl….

      • jade

        uh, i wouldn’t be so arrogan, devon is right. dan caught eric and little j’s bf kissing in season one.

      • Alyssa

        That kiss was never shown Jade. It was just a shot of two guys hugging and then Dan’s shocked face.

      • Allison

        It wasn’t the first gay kiss. Season one, Jenny’s “boyfriend” was gay and kissed Eric in the courtyard and Dan saw it.

  • Jess

    Provided they dont decide to go down a huge ‘gay’ ‘bi’ storyline with Chuck (You have Nate and Dan but you give CHUCK the Gay kiss, come on people) I imagine it should be quite hillarious. And its like 6 episodes away! Give us a little teaser of what Chuck says to Blair, just a little, a few words even?

    • michael

      Actually, Chuck makes more sense than Dan and Nate. He’s an opportunist and a borderline sociopath. Sex for him seems like it would be merely a path to pleasure. I can see him getting whatever and with whoever he pleased.

      • pandr


  • ?

    I don’t know. I feel it’s rather out of character for TV’s Chuck Bass. I mean, would season one’s womanizing Chuck do that? Not sure. And the whole plot just makes Blair seem way too desperate. Blah. This show is, once again, trying exceedingly hard to be all ‘scandalous.’

    • Carol

      I couldn’t agree with you more….

  • c

    oh thats just wonderful now not only do we have to worry about girls breaking cb up now we have to worry about hot dudes too jeez im breaking out already lol it will be interesting to see though i want to know if ed can have chemistry with a guy lord knows he has it with the ladies and ianimate objects lol

  • Nadia

    This sounds HILARIOUS and kinda hot. LOL As long as Chuck and Blair are together, I honestly find this hilarious. No one can say Chuck doesn’t love Blair now! :P

    • Leigh

      Exactly. As long as Blair & Chuck are together & solid, it’s all good. But, I want HOT Chair action as the follow-up to the kiss!! Blair & Chuck are the BEST!!!

    • Ella

      Maybe i should stop the hysteria. I too think it will be hilarious, like wet your pants funny, as long as it doesn’t have implications on C&B’s relationship. (but i can already see that it will :()

  • Amy

    Nooooooo. AWFUL!

  • Cara

    I don’t understand the catch part??? i’m kinda scared that the catch is that Chuck liked kissing another guy :(

    • OLIVIA


      • @TweedleV

        NO WAY. The CW so does not have the balls to take one of the main characters and reveal that he is bi. They will hype hype hype it up and then they will kiss for a millisecond and then it will be over. If they really go for it and have Chuck like it, I will be AMAZED, but relax chicks because it will not stick. This network is notorious for this lol

  • NG

    at first i was like “wtf? you can’t do that.” but then i read this and it looks like C is just doing it for B. “B goes as far as to pimp her boyfriend…” so hopefully that is all it is and they’re not making Chuck bi! They sure as hell better not!

    • pnr

      i want to new freindes

    • kenshin

      He’s bi in the books people! So they wouldn’t be “making” him bi; he already was. BTW, he says, “You didn’t really think that was the first time I’d ever kissed a guy, did you?”
      Don’t believe me? Watch it again. Agree the Eric storylines should be more prominent.

  • Pattie

    Calm down, people. Chuck’s kissing a boy and HE’S DOING IT FOR BLAIR.


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