'True Blood' season finale spoilers!

6a00d8341bf6c153ef011571dc0e28970b-800wiHBO just released a very spoilery detailed description of True Blood‘s Sept. 13 season finale. Here it is in its entirety…

“Beyond Here Lies Nothin”
In the season two finale, the mayhem in Bon Temps reaches a fever pitch as Maryann prepares for her ultimate bestial sacrifice, conscripting Sookie to be Maid of Honor at the bloody nuptials. Meanwhile, Sophie-Anne warns Eric to keep the lid on Bill’s inquisitiveness; Jason leads Andy into the heroic abyss; and Hoyt has a hard time swallowing Maxine’s endless stream of insults. Deliberating on what may be his final move to save Sookie and the town, Sam is forced to put his trust, and his life, in a most unlikely ally.

Just 17 days and counting!

This just in: New True Blood season finale spoiler!

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  • Phnam Ngyuen

    even thoughts that this so is so bloody and messy and scarey with the vampire and such, i thing that i may be need to start watch this because the reveiws of this show are becomeing very great. may be i need to stop become a scarey kitten!

    • Devon

      oh my.

    • gene

      Maybe you need to perfect your english before you type so that other people can understand what you are trying to say. I’m not trying to be, I’m just saying.

      • barbara

        maybe you guys need to stop being negative and hateful. what is so awful in your lives that you have to pick on an anonymous person on a message board? maybe you guys need to spend more time on fixing that and less time being jerks.

      • Phnam Ngyuen

        I do not right on these comment cites in perfect english but that not mean that i can not right what i feel and what i want to say. you do not have to be reading what i say if you do not want to read go on and skip to other. i am not push your face to screen and read what i righting so stop making bad thinks about me. it not nice.

      • Cheri

        Communicating in a language not your own shows confidence in one’s self. Ridiculing others does not.

      • charlie

        i think the poster’s name would be a clue that perhaps English is not his/her first language so perhaps you could chill with the being a jackass.

      • kim

        Wow! You are rude.

      • Chappel

        “I’m not trying to be, I’m just saying”? You’re not trying to be…. what? That sentence makes no sense. Perhaps you should spend a little more time putting your thoughts together, gene, and then find a fifth grader to help you write it out in a coherent manner.

      • Josy

        You are rude. What other language beside english can you speak as well as him?????=/
        I bet none!!!

      • sam

        GENE, why the hate? Was that adequate english ? if not let god strike me down

      • Katharine

        Wow, Gene, you really should man up and apologize to Phnam. That is, and was, totally uncalled for.

      • Ruth

        I’m not trying to be…
        It seems obviouse that Gene was saying “I’m not trying to be mean” and the comment was meant as a light hearted tease. Why assume malice? Poor Gene :(

    • ME

      The show is not that scary once you get used to it. It’s got a bit of everything: romance, suspense, horror, porn, action, etc.
      The books are excellent too so I think the show will definitely be around for awhile especially since Alan Ball is involved.

      • stella

        It does, I just wish sometimes a little less porn and a little more introspection. I expect a little more substance and exploration from the creator of Six Feet Under, but this season has thankfully become a bit more complicated thanks to Godric. I hope Season 3 is even better.

    • crispy critter

      You will love to be scared watching True Blood.

      • Fi

        You will love being scared! after each episode i get scared and sleep with the lights on, but yet each week wait in anticipation for the next episode. its scary but addicting! a scary addiction you can say =) ok i’m such a dork. really just start watching and you will start liking being scared =)

    • Artois

      it’s a fun show! ignore these idiots on here and enjoy :)

    • sam

      O its not that bloody and gory, trust me I do not like that horror stuff but this show is the best I have ever seen!

      • kimmer

        Not “bloody and gory”?? Yes, yes it is. But perhaps because of the humour it is more acceptable, and less like a slasher movie. But there is definitely LOTS of blood and gore.

    • alookaroundme

      what the heck is with your english you gibberish?

    • teresa

      Your english is fine.

  • Dr. No

    Maybe you need to speak English, Phnam Ngyuen. But yes…….get with it and start watching this show already.

    • Hey

      Why was it offensive? Cause the guys name is Asian? Whatever creed you are if you don’t write English very well and you post on forums the grammar Nazi’s will come and get you. Dr. No wasn’t being offensive, he was being a jerk.

      • Hey

        This was in response to James S below, not you Dr. No, but yeah you’re a jerk.

  • Potch

    I read that like two days ago somewhere else. Not so spoilery dude.

    • Miagkaia

      Me too. I read it from the link to the series on Tvcountdown.com (goes to TV.com). Well, one cannot always be the 1st :-)

    • Cindy

      Me also…

    • Nate

      Not even two days ago, the description of every single ep from the 3rd on was available online since they aired the 2nd and then they were all posted in wikipedia back in july. Ausiello is like WAAAAAYYY late on this.

  • maiv

    I’m just trying to figure out who that unlikely ally is.

    • Cindy


    • ME

      It would be awesome if it was Alcide…maybe Eric will call Alcide to come help.

      • LizzieLemonie

        It’s not Eric. Sam goes to Eric in the next episode. See preview for Frenzy. It says his FINAL move. I think he goes to the werewolves and that’s how they are introduced for next season.

      • Ivey

        I don’t think Sam knows a werewolf, he didn’t know Daphne was a shape shifter…

      • syndiloo

        It would make sense that Sam goes to Eric and calls in his favor from Alcide (his father’s gambling debt)

      • jenn

        It’s Bill, but I guess that’s obvious by now.

    • imani

      hehe it was the vampires :)

      • imani

        ohz my bad, yea sam did go to the vampires but bill went to sam didnt he? like to bring him to that crazy lady :)

  • james S.

    Completely understandable, Phnam. You know what helps? Reminding yourself as you watch that everything on the screen is smoke and mirrors–just latex and colored corn syrup. None of it is real. Detach yourself from the “reality” of the situation and you’ll make it through just fine. Enjoy!!

  • james S.

    Oh, and Dr. No? Your comment was incredibly offensive. Stay off the boards if you can’t play nice.

  • Mary

    5 bucks says that the “unlikely ally” is Eric. I think I saw somewhere that he’s going to take shelter with Eric and Pam at Fangtasia…

  • Stephanie

    If you watch the scenes from the upcoming episodes it looks like Eric is definitely the unlikely ally, they show him talking to Sam.

  • Mole

    Most Likely Eric per the previews.

  • Foxx

    I just saw sason 1 on DVD (no HBO) & it was awesome!! I’m totally hooked. I’m happy about these “spolers” to keep me going until the dvd release. Dr. No-why so mean. That was just uncalled for

  • ME

    The unlikely ally is ERIC! I’m sure of that. I’m guessing Lafayette gets captured by Maryann because he and Sookie go back to the house if I’m not mistaken. But “nuptials” make it sound like someone’s getting married. Weird?
    I just can’t wait to see it!!

    • charlie

      well you better hope that Alan follows the 3rd book pretty close cause if you like Eric you will love, love, love what happens. All I can say is that you will see a lot of the Viking Vamp

      • ME

        OH you dont even have to tell me. I’ve read all 9 books and Club Dead is my absolute fave. So I know all about the Eric moments in that book. lol. I can’t wait!

      • orchidcass

        book 4 – Chapter 6 oh god please put it in technicolour!!!! :D

      • syndiloo

        SHOWER SCENE!!!

      • ME

        They have some sexy moments in “Dead and Gone” too. HOT!!

  • Kathy

    Yo Mark that description has been around at least since Aug 8. More spoilers, more spoilers!!!!

  • Ronnie

    Phnam Ngyuen, try the books too – you’ll love them. Yes it is a hot show and don’t worry there is a lot of us out here who are also scary kittens.

  • ak

    seriously? “mayhem reaches a fever pitch?” um how is it now already there? maryann is like, so yesterday, filed right next to Bill Compton.

  • Barbara E.

    I had no problem understanding Phnam’s post. No reason to be rude to a non-native English speaker. He/she did quite well. Like others have said, True Blood is not that scary per se … there is a lot of romance (which quite frequently dips into soft porn), lots of one-liners (aka, jokes), occasional vampire killing (but very quick so there’s not a lot of gore) … all well-done. Start off with Season 1, episode 1 .. it will ease you into all of it quite nicely.

    Yes, the ally is Eric – that was in the previews. That’s the 4th time I’ve seen reference to “Bill’s inquisitiveness/curiosity” – something that I think will be a bridge to Season 3, among other things that are just coming to ‘light’ this past episode *wink wink*

    I haven’t read the books yet, but have learned enough to see where certain things might be headed. Can’t wait!!!!

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