Exclusive: 'Supernatural' to 'end with a bang' in 2010 (but there's a catch)

Supernatural-Jared_lSupernatural creator Eric Kripke is sticking by his word that his CW thriller will bow out next May after five seasons. Sort of.

“I did set out [to] tell a five-season storyline,” the exec maintains. “Quite frankly, I never expected [the show] to make it to five years. But now that we’re in our fifth year, I have every intention of ending the story with a bang and not drawing it out or watering it down.”

Relax, Supe Nazis. Here’s that catch I promised you…“That having been said,” Kripke continues, “I’m looking at this season as the last chapter in this particular story. That doesn’t mean there can’t be a new story. Buffy did it. The X-Files did it. You close a chapter on a big mythology storyline and then you begin a new one.

“One of the things I like about this show is we don’t draw out mysteries endlessly,” he adds. “We’ll answer a bunch of questions this season and then pose some new ones next season.”

Of course, that’s assuming there is a next season. The CW has yet to renew Supernatural for a sixth go-’round. And even if the show does come back, would Kripke still be involved? “I don’t know,” hedges Supe‘s fearless leader, who doesn’t have a deal in place beyond season 5. “I’m going to cross that bridge when I get to it.”

What say you, Supe fans? Would you prefer to see Sam and Dean go out with a bang next May? Or are you cool with the show continuing on and running the risk of limping to the finish line like The X-Files and Buffy? And the even bigger question: Is there Supernatural life after Kripke? Sound off below!

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  • Krypt

    Just keep going.. You know that Sam and dean will eventually kill lucifer some how. All they have to do is have some intense story line with the Angels in heaven trying to take over where lucifer failed. They’ve already established the angels aren’t exactly comletely good.. Personally I see the series getting better every season

    • Nicotine

      I wish they would -because it’d be great to see- but you can’t kill Lucifer. Not even fictionally. Not if you want the story to be taken seriously. Some might disagree, but that’s how I feel.

    • Jenell

      They can’t kill Lucifer, they will send him back to hell, but I do believe they have a few good seasons left. This is one of the few tv shows I actually DVR and find time to watch it. I think that it is great, but we must realize all good things come to an end, sometime.

      • Skye

        Well that is true. It’s to bad I would like to see supernatural continue on for a while longer, I mean who wouldn’t like to see Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackels fight evil another year!

    • Angela

      What Eric is getting wrong is that XFiles did the continuation with new characters OH SO BADLY.

      Had BOTH Mulder and Scully left, yes, it could possibly have worked, and could have been like the Star Trek Franchise with a whole new cast. But XF just tried have its cake and eat it too by blend the old (scully) with the new (the other guys no one remembers) and it failed miserably on every level, despite really, really good actors. Chris Carter was just insane and he created an embarassment.

      The only way this could work is if they change out the cast entirely. But mostly, it sounds like the CW is just intent on running it into the ground.

      I know the actors are signed through season six and if the CW wants to run this into the ground, that’s their perogative. But I’d really rather see Supernatural go out on a high quality note rather than limp pitifully to end like the X-Files did.

      • Heather


        X-Files did it, and it was a travesty. I’m torn on SN, though. As much as I would hate to lose my Thursday night addiction, I’d also hate to see the series have a watered-down, lame, forgettable ending.

      • Ricki

        I agree!As much as I am obsessed with Supernatural,Id rather see it go out in a BANG then fizzle away into a really horrible nothing.

      • nick mc

        bull your wrong you clearly havnt watched the show properly supernatural isnt about just the hunt its about sam and dean has every one forgot that they came from nothing thier mother was killed its personal for them its never goin to be over so how could they stop it not killing them eric kripke would be dead personally i think they could get a few more really good seasons outta it especially if they do alot of the normal hunt episodes everyone loves them they started to dissapear with season 3 partly cuzza deans deal. but still it can go on for a while with or without kripke

      • bridget

        keep supernatural because seriously could u find any guys hotter than jared and jensen

      • Crystal

        I believe this show can go on with the same characters, but with an entirely new storyline/direction. Jared and Jensen are a HUGE part of what draws fans in every week and I think there is still plenty more adventure in new directions in store for them. That is, if they still want it.

      • Ning

        me think as long as Eric Kripke, jared and Jensen stay in, SUPERNATURAL can go on even for another 5 friggin years !

    • Brian Graves

      I agree. Keep the shows coming, keep making money and keep the fans happy. If we didn’t like it, we’d stop watching it right? I’ve always been a run it right in the ground, go out swinging kinda guy

      • Willis

        Supernatural to me, is like a masterpiece, I know many people would like to see a season 6, let it end now let it leave on top people

      • Bill

        I have only been watching this show about a year and think it’s great! Great cast, story lines great. If you people don’t like the show I say tough and the station T&T is making a killing just off the reruns. I could see this show going 10 seasons with a finish worthy of an award.

    • Skye

      your so right! there should defintly be a season 6!

    • khalilah

      I completely agree, the show is great and gets better every freaking season lol!!!

    • cutter99

      I just started watching this show. I am almost caught up! IT is honestly one of those shows that have it all. The writer, the brothers, the angel and plenty of evil to fight off. I do not think the show will have a slow “show” death. The point is that a well written story can sell the books. Supernatural have a great writer and great actors It should be strong if they stay together no matter how many seasons are to come (hopefully)or how it will end. Long story longer I am hooked and I have hooked 10 new dedicated fans who are all catching up by watching reruns on TNT!

      • babygirl

        I agree keep it going it will get better. My friend and I get together every morning have coffee and watch supernatural reruns on tnt. Now I even have dvr to record them in case we have to miss an episode and we are almost caught up. Please don’t take it away like they did charmed.

    • RED K

      There is only one show on TV I have to watch and it is Supernatural. Please keep the show going

    • Cartyreclan5

      keep it going, but go back to strickly hunting. There are plenty of Urban legends and other culture legends that could fill books with monsters to be caught and destroyed. It time to pull the boys back to what they are truly good at, looking about our country and even the world to defeat monsters. What would we do without Dean’s awesome humor and Sam to bring his intelligent dry humor. Bring it on? The fans are still hungry for more of Sam and Dean.

  • Allison

    Buffy certainly didn’t limp to the finish line.

    • Ed

      Agree with you there. Where The X-Files did tumble over the finish line, Buffy had a definitive, satisfying final season. Buffy certainly ended with a bang.

      • Jess

        I agree Buffy ended wonderfully and Supernatural could easily go to 7 seasons i know I’d tune in.

      • Heywood

        BTW, Buffy Season 8 still lives on in comic book form

    • Mike

      Your right, it crawled!

      • Georgie

        obviously, you didn’t watch it!

    • Georgie

      I agree 100%-Buffy ended with a bang!

      • sean maguire

        ok yes buffy had an amaizing series finale so wats to say that sn cant do the same. so ya they beat lucifer put him back in his cage but wats to say another big bad aint goin to rise an try an destroy the world i mean buffy angel all had the same gist but you all still watched it till the very end an then some. so i think that sn could def go the same way i know id watch over an over again

      • Joanne

        Exactly!!! just because they end this storyline doesn’t mean they can’t come back with an equally entertaining new storyline. I say they should def end this lucifer storyline this season and then try and create another one and if they can’t then they still went out with a bang and thats that. But I also think that if its not Kripke it wont be Supernatural.

    • Doc

      I can understand why people find Season 6 to be weak, but I personally find it to be one of the stronger seasons (at least better than 4, and maybe 3).

      • Wilson

        Season 6 isn’t out yet…

      • Brady

        I believe he was referring to Season 6 of Buffy. Many consider it to be weak. I am with Doc in thinking it was pretty good. Season 4 of Buffy was the weakest. Each season of Supernatural just gets better.

      • Noj

        Hell who doesn’t love supernatural. Don’t end it cut the storyline start a new one. I can’t get eough of it. Hey does anyone know where I can get a real life replica of the colt?

  • Aline

    I love Supernatural and I really want more seasons. Okay, at least a season 6. Supernatural is one of the shows with such a high quality and I hope Kripke will continue his work. If not – the important thing is that dean&sam gonna stay. I think supernatural can end with a bang in 2011. or 2012. :)

  • sandi

    No matter how much I love Supernatural, i would rather see it go out with a glorious bang than fade out with a whimper as is happening with Smallville.

    • elle

      The funny thing about Smallville is that it had a rough few seasons around SEason 6-7…then it rebounded in Season 8 and now it appears it’s finally going to be awesome again in Season 9 and finish really strong. So it really depends on how they handle it. Really, we should have gotten SEasons 8-9 plotlines for Smallville 2 years ago

      • Paul B

        I’m a huge Smallville fan. But it didn’t rebound in season 8. It rebounded in the first HALF of season 8. Then it went absolutely mental, like a soap opera. It’s like the new creative team think that everything should be unbelievable in order to be part of Superman’s story. Frankly, as interesting as some things about season 9 sound at this point… I have no confidence whatsoever that it will be anything but a ridiculous soap opera again.

      • paige

        Must say, I would prefer for Supernatural to end this season, then Vampire Diaries be pushed back to Supernaturals timeslot. This would allow Smallville to regain it’s normal slot. Even if Smallville does normal tv numbers, it will be picked up for season 10.

  • lily

    Depends… if Kripke doesn’t return I don’t know how I would feel about the show continuing without him. Buffy and X Files didn’t exactly end on the highest note….

    • sean maguire

      buffy an angel had the same cast an directors an that wat made the sow great but i think if you take out the original creator then the dush that takes over is just goin to toy wit the show how he see’s fit an make a balls of it everyone watch’s this show because it has the potential to go far. changing the director an putin in a new 1 is like tryin to put a bike wheel on a car it aint goin to work

  • Dezy

    if supernatural has to end, it has to end. but hell yeah, i want more.

    • merima

      I dont want supernatural to end smallville and supernatural are the best shows on tv and take them away then the cw has nothing.but if it should end what about a supernatural movie

      • steph

        I would go see a Supernatural movie :) but only if Jared and Jensen play Sam and Dean.

    • Lynnette

      I’m with Dezy….I would be sad to see Supernatural go but it should go out in style…not to it’s wheezing last breath!

      • sean maguire

        ya make it go out in a bang but that just this season give this season 1 hell of an ending. that dont mean you cant bring out another story line. i would love to see another 2 or 3 seasons of sn as i said before keep the cast keep the director change the story an i dont see this show weezing to its last anything as long as they keep the director an cast

    • Ashley

      I totally agree with you 100%. If it has to end, it has to end but I love the show so much that I would watch the show even if it wasn’t at it’s best.

    • london

      As long as they don’t change the characters and go off into too much of a different direction Supernatural will be fine. I hope it stays … I love the comical parts of Sam & Dean’ the actors definetly work well together.

      • babygirl

        I agree with you there. I love how sam can be so serious and dean can be so perverted. Jared and jensen work well together and it helps that they are hot.

  • kels

    Buffy did not limp on! I cant believe you had the cheek to say that

  • nicky

    I’m thinking as long as Sam and Dean remain the focus of the show (or somehow manage to get back in the focus, if you prefer saying it that way), it’ll be awesome to see SPN go on after season 5. In fact, I’m excited about the prospect of the angel-demon-war plotline ending.

    • Natassa

      In fact, I’m excited about the prospect of the angel-demon-war plotline ending.

      If you don’t mind my saying this yes I do want that plotline to end too. I loved the show as it was in the first two seasons with just the two brothers being the core of it. I welcome the show’s evolvement if it means more seasons, but the brothers bond is what I loved in the first place, so yes I’d love the angels-demons war to end this year too.

      • Erin

        Exactly! I haven’t been a fan of the demon-angel-devil thing since, uhm, the beginning. What drew me in was the first two seasons of the actually mysteries. Sure, there have been some thrown in during the whole demon thing (the Christmas episode was great) but still, I wish it would go back to it’s roots. That very first episode still makes me jump, and I’ve watched it on DVD over and over again.

    • Ashley

      All this talk about Buffy reminds me of the spin off Angel. I liked Angel but the last episode made me mad because it was the start of the Apocolypse in the show. I guess what I’m saying is I don’t like cliffhangers and not knowing what’s gonna happen. if SN can end it with no cliffhangers in this season, I’m fine with that.

      • sean maguire

        ya but angel didnt end wit the last episode there is the comic after it tellin you wat happend thay just didn make the episode out of it

  • Vir-Cotto

    Go out with a BANG! Please no long fade out, like other Shows. And I don’t think that X-Files or Buffy really rebooted themselves for the good. It is just a slow and painfull show death. But I go with Kripke, I trust him to the right thing…

  • Sal

    I personally do feel that Buffy limped to the finish line, so as much as I love Supernatural and would want it to go on as long as it can, I can’t help but fear that if it goes longer than the planned 5 years, something could go very wrong. And then we’ll end up with a horrible last season.
    That being said I’m pretty sure that there should be a season 6, so I’m hoping that the writers manage to come up with something epic. Kripke’s gotta stay! The CW better make him stay!

    • steph

      going out with a bang would be wonderful. But it would be nice to see how the boys deal with life after ending the apocalypse (because let’s face it, we all know they will). It would be good to see them go back to the simple roots of the show.

  • Styrch

    I love Supernatural, but I want it to go out gloriously. We need a satisfying ending. Not the crap that’s happening with Smallville (why in the world is that show still around???)

    • Sylistra

      I’ve been asking myself that same question for ages.

      Smallville = suck (in my opinion)

      • MJ

        A lot of people still really love Smallville. Why do you feel the need to bash another show on a post about Supernatural? I love both shows. I agree that Smallville stumbled a bit after sEason 5 and I could have done without a bunch of Season 6-7. But I enjoyed Season 8 and I really excited to see the show finish strong in SEason 9. Speak for yourself.

      • aleisha

        Smallville sucks? HELLO? This is not even about Smallville.There are so many flaws in your opinion I don’t even know where to start criticizing…

      • Wilson

        Yeah, well I say your opinion = suck.
        There was a season or two in Smallville that was off, but the last 2-3 years it’s been great, and it’s getting better and better! It’s got a VERY devoted fanbase and you know if there was something really wrong with the show, the fanbase would’ve been the first to leave it behind. Having said that, Aleisha is right, this is about Supernatural, not Smallville.

    • Shelly

      I’m sorry, was Smallville mentioned in this article? No. So there’s really no need to bash it when it still has a lot of fans.

    • Kevin Shiraldi

      He bashed Smallville in a post about Supernatural because Smallville has dragged on about 4 seasons too long and he doesn’t want Supernatural to do that too. I used to LOVE Smallville, but I just can’t watch it anymore, and I get some people still do like it, but it is certainly not as many people that were fans of seasons 1-5.

      • Heather

        Would Supernatural really drag on though? If they continue with the Heaven and Hell storyline, then yeah. Kripke already made it clear that this story line will conclude this season. So season six would just be a reinvention of the original. As long as they keep to the Supernatural that we know and love, a.k.a. Sam, Dean, Metallicar, witty writing and interesting plots, we could get at least one or two more seasons.

        As for Kripke. Yes I would love to see him stick with the show, since it’s his baby. But everyone who is a part of the show has been there since the beginning, and they know how Kripke thinks, (WWKD would probably be a popular mantra at Supernatural Inc.) and the show would continue without a hitch.

      • Jake

        Exactly. It used to be good, then they made it to much of a superhero story instead of a Clark story… if that makes sense.

  • melbye

    I want it to end while it’s on top. Too many shows these days go on for too long. 24, Buffy and Smallville should have ended after the 5th season, X-Files should have ended after the 7th and even that was pushing it. It’ nice to see that at least ABC and the producers of LOST had the sense to decide that the 6th season should be the last

    • C

      Nothing good happened on X-Files after the 6th season! And even that’s pushing it in my (huge fan of the earlier seasons) opinion.

    • Jackie

      X-Files stopped being relevant with Mulder was no longer involved. To just turn it around so that Scully was the believer and the Terminator dude was the skeptic was just lazy.
      And, whilst the UPN years of Buffy are not my favourite seasons I don’t think it limped out. It definitely went out with a bang – it just moved in a direction a lot of fans weren’t happy with.

    • Jake

      Heroes sucks now… Another example.

  • Shadowfax220

    I will watch till the bitter end no matter how it Supernatural goes out. I’ve been with it since The Pilot and I’ll NEVER stop watching. If the ends at Season Five or Season twenty five is not relevant. If Kripke is the showrunner for the entire time or not… so be it. I’m a fan of the show. For better or worse I’ll be one untill the bittersweet ending.

    • Natassa

      You’re made of awesome. Absolutely yes, me too. I’m in it till the very last minute. Jensen and Jared have put their heart and soul into this. The show is a smash hit and it’s not tied or glued to one person. Let it go on forever.

  • Mel

    The selfish side of me wants my beloved show to go on forever and ever and ever and ever and ever. But without Eric Kripke……. I don’t know :( I’ve experienced seeing a show I truly LOVED went down in the gutter once the big honchos left to do other projects, and I don’t want to see that happen to Supernatural. The best of both worlds is to have Kripke stay on if a 6th season DOES happen. Coz I believe in Kripke. The show can’t go wrong in his hands.

    • Natassa

      You’re made of awesome. Absolutely yes, me too. I’m in it till the very last minute. Jensen and Jared have put their heart and soul into this. The show is a smash hit and it’s not tied or glued to one person. Let it go on forever.

      • Mel

        Is it just my imagination or has Supernatural gone more “mainstream” now? Back in the day, they would go 2 SEASONS without getting a mention ANYWHERE in TV critic land. I remember having to sign a SAVE SPN petition every single season… and now we haven’t even started Season 5 yet and there’s already talks of a probable 6th season :)

      • nola

        re:Mel’s last comment-
        YES. SPN has gone mainstream and I hate that. I really want to see it end after five seasons. I think it has steadily gotten further and further away from it’s roots since S3. (and I think a lot of it happened because Kripke changed the storyline because of the strike) As much as I have been screaming to anyone that will listen that “Supernatural is an amazing show!!” now that it has gotten more “popular” it has definitely taken a different direction and become more mainstream. I wish the angel/demon war storyline would have ended last season so that Kripke could bring it back to urban legends/myths in S5 and back to the brothers. Then it could end RIGHT.

      • Jed

        re: nola’s last comment… YES! it should go back to legends and myths! like how the whole show started out, but i think that the show went to far with the whole angels and demons bit and proly ruined the show. and now they are going to kill Lucifer. but what do you do once you killed the ultimite evil? after that i think the show would just drag on.. and run into the ground… i love this show but i don’t know where it could go after that big of an ending?… which could also be a HUGE and awesome surprise! but if they change the cast or get rid of Krikpe i think that the show should just end with a bang and not slowly die and ruin it…

  • Eric

    Buffy did not limp to the finish-line. And as far as The X-Files, season 8 breathed new life into the series and ended with a compelling storyline. If Supernatural can avoid an X-Files season 9 debacle then it will be okay.

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