Jerry Seinfeld talks about the 'Seinfeld' reunion on 'Curb'

jerry-seinfeld_lThe cast of Seinfeld is reuniting on Curb Your Enthusiasm this fall? Giddyup! The multi-episode story line on Larry David’s HBO comedy will follow our favorite pessimist as he recruits Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Michael Richards for a reunion show. You can read all about it in this week’s EW, but here are some bonus quotes from Mr. Seinfeld.

On why the cast decided to reunite:
“Doing it with Larry and on his show just seemed like the only possible way it would be fun….We would never do the type of thing that these shows usually do. That wouldn’t be our style. But something like this — that was sillier and a little more offbeat — felt like it might be right for us.”

On possibly passing up big bucks if the gang had held out for a traditional “reunion show”:
“I don’t think we really thought about that. If we were about the money we would have kept doing the show. We were about: ‘What would be the biggest treat for the audience?’”

On getting together at Larry David’s house to write dialogue for the “reunion show” scenes:
“We did have this one scene that Larry and I wrote, as we always did, really fast. We were just boom, boom, boom, like a tennis game where you hadn’t lost any of your skills. We knew each other, we could read the lines, it just goes right through the processor: ‘Oh, I know what to do here. I think you’re over here in this one.’ ‘Why don’t you walk, I’ll follow.’ ‘Yeah, right, right!’ That was a lot of fun.”

On being back on Stage 19 of the CBS Radford lot, where the old Seinfeld sets had been taken out of storage and updated:
“The best analogy is a snow globe. You’re walking into a miniature fake environment that has been recreated. As I told people about it, I could go back in your life 10 years and recast your friends, recreate where you live, everything in it exactly how it was, and now somebody with a headset points at you and you walk in now, and there it was, and you go, ‘Jesus Christ, this is my old life!’ We all felt like it was a very special experience. Just to go back in time in life is a fantasy.”

“One of the coolest moments was to sit down again in that little foursome that we always sat in. Somebody suggested something about some camera shot: ‘Can you switch?’ And we looked at the guy like, ‘Are you kidding?’ Because we would always sit in that exact configuration. There was no way we were going to change now.”

On his contribution to the Curb world:
“They have this running gag on the show where whenever Larry suspects someone of lying, he does this squinty stare into their eyes. And I came up with a heightened version of it, kind of a double test: You stare into their eyes, you look away and then you look back about an inch from their face, with your eyes even wider open.”

On how he feels about the reunion:
“Larry and I both felt like this was a bit of a miracle, the way this fell together. The proof of it is that he — who had really designed the whole thing — had no idea that it would come out like this. He was very surprised. That was the coolest thing.”

On Seinfeld’s 1998 finale:
“Looking back on it as a way to bring all the memorable characters back in a funny situation, I have to say it’s pretty clever. I think people were expecting a memorable episode, one more episode of one of their favorites. And it was not that. But if you’re going to do one last show, we wanted to see all those people again. We wanted to see Babu and the Soup Nazi and all our favorite characters. So we had to come up with a structure where they would all come back. And I thought this was a pretty clever way to do that.”

On the decision to end the show after nine seasons when it was still No. 1:
“I think I was at that point with the show where I was in danger of killing the little thing of joy that’s inside you that makes you want to do anything that’s supposed to be fun. The thing I like is that the show sustained over time. I’m more excited about the show now than I was then, because I see now that it’s taken on this other position in people’s minds. And I do think it relates to the way it ended, because it was kind of a portion control thing. That was in my mind. You give people a certain amount — different amounts create different feelings — and I thought we had given them the right amount.”


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  • Ryan

    Love Jerry, love Larry, can’t wait for Curb to return!

    • Dan

      Oh Mamasita!

  • Jo

    Why are they giving that racist Michael Richards more exposure?

    • Chris

      I agree. I used to love this show but I can’t watch it and see Kramer as the light hearted character he was on the show. That image is tarnished.

      • Jaime

        I am really sick and tired of hearing about how Michael Richards is such a jerk because he said stuff about black people. But you have Chris Rock saying a bunch of racist crap about white people all the time in his comedy show. So why does he get to do that but when a white person says something it becomes an issue and has to make a big public apology. I think it is a bunch of bull crap!

      • william

        cause chris rock is funny.

    • April

      Chill out.
      As an African American, I have to admit that I had a hard time watching the reruns after Michael Richard’s outburst. But he gave a heartfelt apology and I accepted – everyone makes mistakes. It took awhile but I started watching the reruns again. I mean the show is funny.

      Can’t wait for the new Curb season…

      • jon

        I dunno april, although im not african american I can not believe Michael Richard’s appology. Have you watched the tape, he went way to far even if it was just an outburst “Kramer” is ruined for me…

    • Jim

      Lighten up. What Richards did doesn’t make him a racist… it makes him a terrible stand up comedian who couldn’t handle heckling.

      The man is 60 years old, he’s been in show business for 30 years, and this is the first and last indication of anything like this.

      He did a dumb thing. If he does it again, I’ll avoid his work. That’s all we can do.

    • Melissa

      Grow up. I agree with the person who points out that Michael Richards has been acting for 30 years and this is the first time we’ve heard anything like this from him. He was being heckled, he lost control, he apologized…move on! You don’t know how many other actors are bigger racists and you just don’t hear about it! And some of you are going so far as to call him a Nazi- you’ve got to be kidding me. Idiots.

    • g dog

      get over it already! who cares!!

    • Dick

      But he’s not a racist. That’s what’s so insane about it.

      • robvariety


  • June

    Really looking forward to the show.Curb and Seinfeld are my favorites. Everyone needs a good laugh. Can’t wait

  • AC

    I just have one word: Hellooooooooooooooo ;)

  • Andrea Stephens

    Hi Jerry..always thought the show was the best of the best…always love you as well..good luck!!!

  • Walden

    Loved Seinfeld, hated the series finale. Sorry Jerry, but you didn’t need to bring the characters back, by then we were seeing them every night in syndication anyway. Now I just pretend it never happened and the show was cancelled before they could film a finale. I am looking forward to the reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm though. I don’t have HBO, so I’m going to have to wait even longer for it. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • anon e mouse

      same here – when the finale comes on in rerun I instantly change the channel. In my world it doesn’t exist.


    hope racist Cramer isn’t on there, if so… I will tune out

    • whatevs

      Get a life. It happened years ago and I highly doubt you’ve never had a racist thought enter your mind.

      • Diane

        OMG!!! Is this Nazi day? Racist thought??? Did you hear that lunatic go off on some poor audience member, that by the way was there to see him. The guy needs to go away and just be all Nazi somewhere else. He’s a monster and I will not watch either if he’s any where around. I cant stand the creep.

      • kittyo

        I wish I could be as (self) righteous as Diane. She’s perfect.

      • the L

        I’m not defending Michael Richards. What he did was reprehensible…but “nazi”? Really? Plus he’s a character on a show and not the man himself. That’s what “acting” is. Cosmo Kramer isn’t a racist Michael Richards is. You know you liked Kramer before the incident so put on your big girl panties and tune in. Sean Connery and James Taylor have hit women…do you stop watching / listening to them? Probably not.

    • Jenn

      Well we seinfeld fans, hope that judgemental you, won’t watch it

  • froggyprager

    this sounds great and very funny. I am glad to hear it is not just a short cameo thing. I wish this could lead to a more real reunion couple more seasons. Given the economic crisis and the lack of funny shows on TV today, the Seinfeld gang owes it to America to come back together. We need it now. Jerry has had his break, did the kid thing but it is selfish and wrong to deny us the genius and laughter that that show provided to so many. I think two more seasons would be perfect. Everyone is alive and healthy and I don’t think anyone is too busy. PLEASE!!!!!

  • SoupNazi

    You think you can get reunion? Please, your wasting everyone’s time

    • whatevs


    • Austin

      Best comment ever.

  • Diane

    What’s wrong with you? Jo is absolutly right. Are you a Nazi? No really, are you a Nazi? Only a Nazi would make a comment like the comment you made. And one more thing, why are they giving that racist hatemonger Michael whats his name any TV time? He’s obviously a Nazi!!!

    • anon e mouse

      I think you really need to spend some time with your encyclopedia reading up on what a “Nazi” is.

    • negro_flash

      Hi, I’m Diane. I take things way too seriously on the internet. And I most likely have an extra chromosome.

    • historylesson4diane

      Nazi rule effectively ended on May 7, 1945, when they surrendered to the Allied Powers. Nazis haven’t existed for over 60 years. Also, Nazis thought the German race was superior to all other races, including black people, but if you took a time machine back to 1940 Germany I dont think you’d find too many of them. p.s. you are very stupid.

      • historylesson4diane

        Racism and anti-Semitism is still alive today without question but Nazis are not, it’s a fact. You may be thinking of what is refered to as the neo-nazi movement, but in no way are these people actually nazis. It’s like calling a person who smokes marijuana, wears tie died t-shirts and listens to phish a hippy. Hippies died when the 60’s died as did the nazis in the 40’s. Their ideals and beliefs may still exist but they do not. p.s. you are still very stupid.

  • stelvis69

    did I mention the bisque?

  • Ben


    What in your oddly shaped mind is a Nazi? Because if you think it is some blanket term for a racist, you’re wrong, but regardless of all that, can you just stop using the term “Nazi”, it’s really bugging me….you Nazi.

    • Diane

      I know all too well what a Nazi is. And no they are not dead they are alive and kicking. It’s the racist kind of talk that came from Michael Richards mouth that got the Nazi’s in power in the first place. Dont think it cant happen again, your kidding yourself. And I do happen to take human rights and treating people with respect seriously. I think it’s really interesting that Dwight K Shrute called Jo a Whore and noone bliked an eye. What does that say?

      • BILL POLK


      • talltree

        Hey Diane, calling someone a nazi is still putting a racial term towards one person, how are you any different then him? you ma’am are a racist!

      • Cole

        Micheal Richards = Not Nazi
        Diane = Retard

      • j

        you make me sick, i defend michael 100% those people interupted him on his show and laughed about it, he got mad. rappers and black comedians talk about crackers whites the whole 9 yards but you white find it ok because you not man enough like michael is. you all who say mike is a monster are the scum of usa

  • Chris

    I love Jerry!! Cant wait for the reunion!!!!

  • Rodney

    Michael did his very best to make up for what he said that night. He was very remorseful afterwards and regretted that night. I too wish he hadn’t lost his temper and said all those hateful things. How many of you out there also wished you hadn’t lost your temper in your past? All of you who are pileing on Michael must be huge fans of the punk-ass jerks from the audience that went off on him in the first place. Where is your contempment for them?

  • Jackie

    Best show of all time! This reunion is gonna be epic!!!

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