This just in: 'SNL' all-star Kristin Wiig NOT moving to 'Weekend Update'

kristin-wiig_lI knew this was too good to be true.

An SNL insider is denying a fast-spreading rumor that Kristin Wiig has been named co-anchor of Weekend Update alongside Seth Meyers. “It’s not true,” says the source. “It’s an Internet-fueled rumor.”

Meyers has been flying solo behind the Weekend Update desk since last fall when Amy Poehler departed for Parks and Recreation.

Here’s a thought: Why not pair Meyers with the brilliant Michaela Watkins? Oh, wait, that’s right — she was fired for some inexplicable reason. (Yep, still bitter.)

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  • ilana

    as much as i love kristin wiig she is too valuable to the show to be doing weekend update each show. seth can carry it on his own.

    • adam

      I disagree. I think Weekend Update is too valuable to SNL to ruin with Wiigs flat, monotonous annoyance.

  • Andy G

    I think this actually might be a good thing, since she’ll still be able to do characters, which the anchors cannot do. Wiig is not as great at the straight man thing anyways, so I’m not incredibly upset.

  • Jane

    Clearly, Lorne Michaels has gone bats#$% crazy and is kamikazying the show. Kathy Geiss would do better than he is right now.

    • dave

      LMAO! Thank you for that comment Jane.

    • jgp

      Kathy Geiss! Good one, Jane!

      • Dennis

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    • Will

      OMG my Hero, I love the Kathy Geiss comment…btw I would watch Kathy do Weekend update…then an hour of awkward silence and I would still laugh hysterically!

    • Alvian

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  • Matt

    How Kristin Wiig hasn’t been attacked yet based on that super annoying Target skit alone is beyond me. I think her looks have kept her alive so far…

    • Daniel

      I love Kristin. But I agree that the Target skits are painful for me to watch. But I’ll take Penelope, an orange, and Liza Minelli any day.

      • April

        Thanks for reminding of Penelope. That skit with Neil Patrick Harris and Liza Minelli was one of the best of the year IMO. Off to Hulu I go…

    • Brainfire

      I love Kristen Wiig! She’s hilarious. And Carrot Top is too. I also really miss Hee Haw.

  • c

    Ugh. Kirstin Wiig is SO overrated. Why can’t anyone else see that all her characters are exactly the same! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! /mugatu

    • Mugatu’s Right

      I’m with you C. Most of Wiig’s characters are repetitive: Target Lady, the critic on weekend update, Gilly, penelope and the one who can’t keep a secret. It’s the SAME character over and over again. Somebody is definetely taking crazy pills.

      • Phil

        I’m with you both! Way overrated…it’s Adam Sandler disease, her characters are ALL the same. It’s beyond me how someone like Maya Rudolph, a brilliant comedienne, did not garner the same attention that Wiig is receiving.

      • Justin

        If anybody’s character on SNL is going to get slammed for being the “SAME” it should be Keenan Thompson’s characters- He speaks the same way. He acts the same way- every frickin time.. He’s not a good actor- or comedian.

      • djm

        I agree with Justin – someone please explain to me what Keenan brings to the show. He’s the same in every skit and if he was good it would be one thing – he’s NOT. I say dump him along with Michaela and Casey – all 3 of them suck on the show.

      • Hose A

        “If anybody’s character on SNL is going to get slammed for being the “SAME” it should be Keenan Thompson’s characters” – Exactly the same with virtually every black on the show – they’re there to play a blackface parody. The phenomenally talentless Tracy Morgan has somehow been hired to play the exact same unfunny character on 3 different shows while an army of comedic talent goes begging. Of course he’s not about to turn down the paycheck from Massa Lorne.

      • jericho

        Wiig’s characters tend to be so over the top that not only do they become basically the same character, but none of them actually are funny. Come on… Gilly? Target Lady? These are both prime examples. Wiig has proven that she can be funny outside of SNL however. Its just too bad that the SNL people demand her to be completely pathetic on the show.

        As for Keenan, I would go along the same lines here. The SNL producers obviously demand that they write down to the lowest common denominator. It is hard to do anything real or intelligent when you are doing that. Its unfortunate that they can’t go back to their roots and get some guts and do some funny stuff again.

    • Danny

      You’re all maybe the most ignorant people ever birthed? PLEASE explain how Penelope is remotely close to Target Lady or Suzie Orman, or Kathie Lee? HAhahaha you’re all so stupid

    • Will

      Well then you should probably get off the crazy pills…just a thought

  • maiv

    I really like Kristin but I feel like she’s in every skit. It’s sort of tiring.

  • angie

    before jimmy and tina, update was a one-man (or woman) show… seth is doing fine by himself!

    • Daniel

      Except when it was Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin or Jane Curtin and Bill Murry.

      • Orlando

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  • bridget212323

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like Seth Meyers? The only thing that made him watchable was his interaction with Amy and now that she’s gone weekend update is interminable. He’s also the head writer for the show so blame him for the show’s downward spiral….

    • Matt

      Nope, you’re not the only one. He’s atrocious. Half the time he’s the only one laughing at his “jokes.”

      • Mike

        Actually, the studio audience seems to love him; not sure what you’re talking about…


      yah, Seth is garbage @ the faux newsdesk…Watkins woulda rocked that sh!t

      • Kauan

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      • Semana

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  • analiesejoy

    kristin wiig is awesome…but she doesnt need to be in weekend update along with every other sketch on the show….the only thing wrong with michaela having done it is there would be no more angie tempura!! Booo to lorne and his power to just fire people on whim. these new girls better be effing good.

  • Lindsey

    Good! Kristen Wiig is TERRIBLE. She uses the same back of the throat voice and mugs at the camera constantly. They should put Bill Hader as co-anchor. He’s fantastic.

    • k

      i would totally go for Hader as a co anchor… since Michaela is gone. *sigh*


        Bill is the far better choice for WU ! He & Watkins woulda been best since Jane & Chevy ! smooooth move Lorne, lemme know if u need more crack-cocaine

  • oliver

    I still cannot believe they fired Watkins. They really should have let other new cast member go–i can’t remember her name. She is truly horrific.

  • darkestred

    Glad to hear this won’t be happening. Weekend update is my favorite part of the show and I can’t stand Wiig. She is so annoying and all of her characters are the SAME. Nice job getting rid of some of the dead weight with the other girls you let go – now take the next step & find some fresh new female talent – SNL has really been lacking in this area since Tina, Amy, Mya & Rachel left.

  • Rrroberttt

    kristin wiig is not funny; seth meyer has one delivery (deer-in-the-headlights) when doing the news. Michaela Watkins would’ve been perfect! She knows how to do more than mug (learn from this, wiig).

    • Danny

      AHhaa Micaela Watkins is nothing.
      Thats why she got fired, friends.
      Kristen Wiig is where its at


        shouldn’t u be masturbating Danny ??!

    • JAMES

      yeah, and that’s why she got fired. Sorry, Kristen Wiig is doing just fine on her own – she doesn’t need to follow the lead of some no-name who got fired.

  • izikavazo

    Kristin Wiig couldn’t be on Weekend Update, she has too many characters that visit. Why not just get Andy Samburg up there, he’s terrible at impressions so he’s probably just sitting backstage during that part of the show.

  • arun

    I actually think Wiig is better in movies than she is on SNL. From Ghost Town to Adventureland to Extract. It even looks like she’ll be great in Whip It.

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