Blind Item: Lovers' biggest obstacle? The network!

ausielloblinditem_lCupid might wanna trade in his standard bow and arrow for something that packs a little more punch if he sees today’s blind item. For that matter, you might feel inclined to take a shot at a few network suits, too. See, they’re the only obstacle that a certain popular TV couple can’t seem to overcome.

For seasons now, one stumbling block has been placed in front of another to keep the dynamic duo apart. But, finally, at the end of last season, viewers were supposed to get the big get-together for which they’d been waiting. The love story’s happy ending — or real beginning, as it were — was all planned out.

Unfortunately, the execs got cold feet.

Terrified that, without the constant “Will-they-or-won’t-they?” tension between the two, viewers would instead wonder “Why are we watching this?” — Moonlighting, anyone? — the net asked producers to delay the hook-up, and our gratification. So a new wall was blueprinted and built between the would-be sweethearts.

Mind you, the couple will eventually get together — the season after this one, if the powers that be are to be believed. It’ll just take a little longer than it was supposed to.

So… who’s the duo with the fragile dynamic? Guesses below!


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  • Emily

    House and Cuddy??

    • Laura

      Nah, because people don’t watch House for the “will they or won’t they.” Booth and Bones is the only one that makes sense.

      • sassy2009

        I think the more fanatic House fans do care. I was on their site once, and the attacks were rabid1 You get Huddy fans and Hameron fans taking it personally and insulting each other.
        That said, I think it’s Chuck and Sarah.

      • Marsha

        Sadly I think that this is all the House fans care about lately, as Sassy2009 pointed out that fandom is based on insulting each other!
        That’s said, I think it’s Bones!

    • Shelley

      Pretty sure it is Bones and Booth. I remember reading/hearing on an interview with Emily that originally the season finale was supposed to have them together but the writers were afraid to take away the tension

  • jore

    way too obviously bones

    like people need another reason to spew venom at fox

    • Maddy

      Gotta be bones. Nothing else explains the banquet crapfest of “it was all a dream” with an extra helping of “sudden brain tumor” on the side.

      • Laura K.

        No question: Bones and Booth.

      • metzmom

        Totally Agree! Gotta be Bones!

    • Branodn

      what about Mihcael and Fiona? Burn Notice…They have been doing the dance for the past 2 seasons

      • Jena

        I don’t think they the cable networks much input in what happens on the shows on their network so it has got to be a regular network. Probably Booth/Bones

      • Emma

        Michael and Fiona have already “danced” so to speak. They’ve already slept together a couple of times and the last show of this season was basically a big ‘ole love fest between the two.

      • Nancy

        Michael and Fiona are as together as they can be. The only couple it can be is Booth and Bones.

    • Luis

      Ha! I’ve never even seen an episode an I immediately guessed Bones.

      • really?

        LOL! Same here! We know our ausiello!

      • me, too

        That makes 3 of us.

      • GirlieQ


    • Liz

      Gotta be Bones

    • natalie

      agreed. its Bones. on some level it would be nice to know that the fakeout wasn’t their choice.

    • jenny

      totally Brennan and Booth. The whole show , since the beginning , has pretty ,much revolved around their rossandrachelism.

  • Cris

    either House and Cuddy…

    or even more likely Booth and Brennan! But to wait another 2 years to see it?! DAMN!

    • Sam

      okay, two years…no way, in trailer cam says to booth, You love bones right? something like that . but he is totally describing bones!

  • Gruno

    Ted and the Mother on How I Met Your Mother?

    • HIMYM

      I agree!! Theyre gonna drag out this college business for a while i think

      • Rachel

        No – I don’t think we will know who the mother is until the last episode. Yes – maybe we will have already met the character, but the payout there is “oh, she was the one”.

      • Peter

        Yes, supposedly we have seen the future mother at least twice. Once at the bar they frequent and in Ted’s lecture. However, it looks like their going to have Barney and Robin get back together again this season, but who knows for how long?

    • michael

      There hasn’t been any will they or won’t they between Ted and anyone. Robin and Barney…maybe, but not Ted.

      Booth and Brennan, House and Cuddy make the most sense.

  • X5452

    It is so Booth & Brennan! :(

  • Joe

    House and Cuddy seems to obvious.

  • Jake

    My first thought was Chuck and Sarah from “Chuck”. Or it could be Cuddy and House on “House”. Or Booth and Bones on “Bones”. Basically any show that is named after it’s lead character.

    • Lindsey

      Chuck and Sarah was my first thought too… I don’t watch House, so I don’t know that story, but it sounds more like it than anything else I can think of, even Bones..

      • Cara

        Chuck’s only been on for 2 seasons though, and the BV implies that the couple has been kept apart for longer than that – like Bones, 4 seasons, and major bakclash for us not getting the promised payoff.

  • Sarah

    I am going to go out on a limb and say Booth and Brennan. Don’t be scared, network execs; if the viewer response to the last season finale was any indication, true fans will not abandon the ‘ship’ – they will get on board whole-heartedly!

    • Sarah

      Agreed! I’m going on this ship h3ll or high water!

    • chrisitnadd

      I totally agree with you sarah…It is not always the couple that are the star of the show that keep everyone hooked and the hole show as a whole that will keep us tuning in..

  • Jessica

    Bones! A reference to Moonlighting HAS to be Bones.

    • Steph

      Bones without a doubt, especially as Moonlighting is always mentioned in relationship to Bones. Got it in one girl! So totally agree with you!

    • Jen

      And the reference to “the powers that be.” That’s from Angel which was Boreanez’s previous show. This is so not a “blind” item!

      • Jen

        “The love story’s happy ending — or real beginning, as it were — was all planned out.”

        Isn’t this just a play on the Bones season finale’s title “The End in the Beginning” or “The Beginning in the End? (Whichever it was) Not so tricky Mr. Ausiello.

      • sassy2009

        You’ve convinced me Jen. When I recognized the Angel quote it should have hit me. I hereby take back my Chuck vote and substitute Bones.

      • Mich

        He also stated it was going to be the season AFTER this one.
        After the much publicized two season renewal of Bones, we know there will BE a season after this one.

      • Merm

        Also note the use of the words “dynamic duo”, which I’m certain I’ve heard B&B compared to at some point.

      • Jack

        I agree its bones, but there is one other (less likely) possibility for the couple Hodgins/Angela.

        Yes they have been together… but they were about to get married and then didnt. that could be the “major stumbling block”. As far as the references to Angel and such, is it possible that those were red herrings?

  • Tricia

    First thought was Mer-Der from Grey’s, but when Ausiello referenced the “dynamic duo”, I thought Mike and Susan, since Teri Hatcher was Lois in the Superman show a while back.

    • Brock

      Dynamic Duo is Batman and Robin, not Lois and Clark.

      Bones was my obvious choice too!

    • Mary

      Can’t be MerDer, they have been very much together several times on the show and now, by Shonda Rhimees standards at least, they are married (albeit in the most unconventional way possible). Mike and Susan from DH have very much been together as well. I’m thinking this means a couple who NEVER seems to get close to being together officially. For that, my guess is Bones. Grrr..Frustrating for them and fans!

  • Carter

    House and Cuddy?

  • Elle

    This has to be Booth and Brennen from Bones. They have been in a push-pull struggle since the first season.

  • jonathan Epstein

    definitely benson and stabler on SVU

    • E in Toronto

      Agreed. Benson & Stabler.

      • Rose

        I dunno, it makes sense, but they’ve said repeatedly that they don’t want to do that. And they just had him get back with his wife…I hope it’s not them, honestly.

      • Buzz

        yeah that sounds right . fits their new contract i think and could usher the show off if necessary

      • love_ya

        Really? I get NO sexual tension between Benson and Stabler. Stabler is with Kathy–they got back together, have a new baby etc.

    • Jodi

      If that were true (which I don’t think it is) then I would have to agree with the network suits. That would ruin the show.

      • Mickey Z.

        I agree, yuck to the Benson and Stabler pairing. I totally believe they love each other deeply but not in the sexual or romantic way. Of course, it will Bones and Booth– you know, the “suits” obviously to listen to viewer repsonse. Possibly, House and Cuddy, although Ausiello already posted that would be put off indefinitely anyway to better utilize other characters (and to sort out the whole House losing it scenario).

  • RL

    Definately Booth and Bones. (2nd choice House and Cuddy). I don’t understand why it is so scary for execs (and even writers) to put two main characters together in a tv relationship and make it work – it still can be exciting and interesting viewing if it is done right and doesn’t need to suffer the “moonlighting” effect. Ugh!!

    • Jenna

      I, for one, am so sick of the Moonlighting reference in regards to Booth and Brennan. Lets face it Moonlighting failed because Cybil Shepard was MIA for the following season, not because they got the two main characters together. It was the total lack of a main character the following season that killed it.

      • Mickey Z.

        Jenna, I agree. I was an avid “Moonlighting” viewer as a kid, and you are right– Cybill Shepard was preggos with twins and missed a lot of the next season. PLUS, the writers on Moonlighting NEVER tried to put David and Maddie together as a happy couple. maddie had to continue to overanalyze and second guess herself, therefore making David aloof. I agree, I would be GRREAT if the writers would even TRY to be creative enough to make a happy relationship interesting.. HHMM>>

    • Jenna

      Im so sick of the Moonlighting excuse in regards to Booth and Bones. Moonlighting was a colossal fail not because the two main characters got together but because Cybil Shepard was MIA for most of the following season.
      Get Brennan and Booth together already Ive been waiting forever (I am a faithful Season 1 Ep 1 watcher)

      • NavyResGirl

        Instead of “Moonlighting” as a reference, how about “Remington Steele” – as soon as they moved beyond sexual tension, the teasing relationship had nowhere else to go.

    • Chloe

      Totally agree. And if any show can pull it off it’s “Bones”. They have a strong supporting cast and the stories take center stage.

    • brighteyes00

      I can see why the execs are scared. Unfortunately, there are quite a few shows that fizzled out after a long awaited pairing finally happens. I’m guilty of being one of those viewers. I sat through season after season of wanting the couple together and I was overjoyed when it finally happened.The problem is that in a lot of shows the whole will they or won’t they drama is a big part of why it’s so interesting, and once it’s taken out of the equation there’s not a lot of interesting story left. We can’t predict whether we’ll still like a show once the couple’s together. I want booth and brennan to get together and I still think it’ll be a really good show. We won’t know until it happens.

  • Cory

    I think it could be Chuck and Sarah on Chuck. It seemed like they were about to end up together, and now I’m hearing rumors of them facing more obstacles. After all, Ausiello never said how many seasons this had been going on.

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