'True Blood' scoop: Denis O'Hare crowned King!

dennis-ohare_lInsert your own fresh meat joke here: Off my just-completed one-on-one with Alan Ball, I’ve learned that True Blood has cast Tony winner Denis O’Hare (Take Me Out) as the king of Mississippi.

The veteran actor’s name may not be a household one, but you’ve for sure seen him. He’s appeared in roughly a million movies (Milk, Duplicity, Quarantine) and pretty much that many TV series, too (most notably a 10-episode run on Brothers & Sisters).

O’Hare joins True Blood as a series regular. He’ll debut early into the show’s third season, slated to air next summer.

Thoughts? Happy that Evan Rachel Wood’s queen won’t be the only royal on tap for the future? Sound off below.


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  • Valley Girl

    I guess we’re going across state lines, again… Or are we, lol?

    • kingkajun

      I thought Lafayette was the queen of Louisiana lol

      • Bee

        lmalao good one!

      • Michelle C.

        *fist bump*

      • Lafayette Reynolds

        How old is you?

  • keshia

    I am sure glad to hear the queen-dom will finally have the king come in so that we can see the real power struggle that will take place in bon temps

    • Paige

      He is the king of Mississippi, not Louisiana. I doubt that he will have any direct influence on Bon Temps.

      • crispy

        Apparently, every state has a king or queen. It’s pretty stupid actually.

      • Josh

        Yeah, seriously-it’s stupid each state has a ruler. That would be like if there was one person who ran each state in government. You know, like a governor? Very stupid crispy, I agree.

      • crispy

        If every state had a vampire governor, and there was 1 king and queen of the whole country, it wouldn’t be so stupid.

      • Chris

        Its just a title, sheesh. Also, it’s not real. Get over it.

      • fox

        this is purely for entertainment… so yah get over it…

      • crispy

        Sweetheart, I just said it was stupid. I can assure you I’m not losing any sleep over it.

      • perry

        so if there is a king or queen for each state is there some kind of exaulted ruler of an entire country??

      • Lanny

        I think its cool how they are exploring vampire heirarchy..it’s interesting and imaginative. And yeah this is horror/fantasy so suspend disbelief!

      • Jess

        People, the Vampire government system (yes, I know it’s not real) doesn’t run the same way as our REAL government system. For vampires its based on age (which also equals strength and power). Their power structure is specifically in place to control other vampires. It would be impossible for one ultimate ruler (similar to a president) to control an entire countryful of blood thirsty beasts. Therefore they divide the power structure up by states and place one ultimate ruler in charge of each territory. When you’re dealing with visceral, strong, sensual beings I would imagine it’s better to have one strong entity to which they must obey unfailingly, rather than a democratic system where everyone gets a say.

      • Askarftw

        Aside from the Kings/Queens they political system is explained more in depth in the latest book, which breaks the country up into larger chunks with different councils.

  • jackie

    Looking forward to the king! Just as soon we didn’t see much more of the queen, though. Hoping she’s not a permanent addition to the cast.

    • Isolde

      Fear not, in the books at least, Sophie-Anne sticks around for a bit, but ultimately bites it.

      • aa

        Thanks for that beautiful spoiler! :)

  • Jocelyn

    I’m glad to see some casting ideas for season 3 but I wonder if Alan will release anymore. I’m glad ERW isn’t the only royal because I’m not that convinced on her role as the queen.

    • Mellie

      I agree. She appeared much more regal in the books and a lot less matter-of-fact like she is in the show. Though things may change in Season 3, so I’ll wait and see.

      • Michelle C.

        I did like seeing Hadley a little early on, though.

  • Brian

    This is amazing news! Great casting.

    May I recommend casting Dominic Purcell as Alcide Herveaux. That is who popped in my read when I read the books.

    • crispy

      I pictured Alcide as African-American… but maybe that’s just me.

    • Anne

      Oh my gosh, Dominic is whom I pictured as Alcide as well! WIN.

    • Chris

      Didn’t he already play Dracula?

      • crispy

        So. Alcide is not a vampire.

    • Josh

      Alcide in the books is quite clearly portrayed as white. As a major character, every single part of him, from his skin to his ummm…other parts are clearly laid out. With characters like Tara (whose role in the books is limited and often vague) Mr. Ball has room for interpretation but with some characters things are pretty set.

      • Jenna

        Jason Momoa would be a great Alcide

      • Judy

        Nothing is “pretty set”. Stupid comment.

    • Debi

      Dominic Purcell was new to me but you’re so right bout him being a great Alcide…funny that he is in Straw Dogs with Alexander Skarsgard.

    • Camille

      I like Jeremy Sisto for Alcide. I have no idea who Dominic Purcell is. Will have to look him up.

      • Michelle C.

        No way- he needs to be a beefy guy- as much as I like Sisto, muscular, he ain’t! LOL

    • JJ

      I couldn’t get a clear mental picture of Alcide from the books for some odd reason (not for lack of description), but Dominic Purcell would be awesome in that role!!

    • spikesgrl

      I didn’t know who Dominic Purcell was so I looked him up and the first thing I thought of when I saw his picture was that he would make an awesome Quinn!

    • Libby

      They actually already cast Alcide, and it’s an actor named Joe Manganiello. Also, in the books he is described as a tall man with green eyes, and thick, tousled black hair. I’m not familiar with the actor but I saw his pic and he looks like he can pull it off. I like Dominic Purcell for Quinn though! His muscles and shaved head are perfect for Quinn!

  • Celimene

    Don’t forget his small part in Garden State! Seriously, anyone who’s been a theatre fan over the past 15 years or so knows Denis O’Hare is amazing. So nice to see him – and Assassins co-star Michael Cerveris – getting to show off their skills to a larger audience.

    • Saida33

      Finally! An actors actor gets some recognition. Far too long has Broadway and casting agents kept this mans talent a secret.

  • crispy

    So I just read the 3rd book in the Sookie Stackhouse series… and let me tell ya, it sucks. Barely anything happens… the whole book could be just one episode of True Blood. Alan Ball is nothing short of genius for fleshing these stories out. Pray to Godric he doesn’t include the “Bubba” character in the show.

    And yes, they go outta town again… this time to Jackson, Miss. I don’t think anything even happens in Bon Temps.

    • ~TT

      WHA THA? I love Bubba!!!

      • Buni

        AB has stated that he will not introduce Bubba into TB, thank goodness. I always thought it was a little cheesy.

      • Jenna

        Did you notice Jason called Andy Bubba last night?

      • thursdaynext27

        Ball said at Comic-Con they wouldn’t be introducing Bubba. It worked well in the books, but on the show it would just be an Elvis impersonator.

    • Pookie

      If you ain’t got Bubba, who you gonna call to watch Miss Sookie when no one is around? Bubba needs to be there, just to eat all those cats in the woods, if for no other reason.

      • Camille

        Sookie can take care of herself! Or call Eric…

      • BIlly

        Bubba was a great character for the books, but I agree with AB that it just won’t work. I will miss him, though! I think Jessica is going to fill in his gaps. She is enough of a wild card/loose cannon … she could definitely shove some Weres in a closet. :)

    • Camille

      I agree. Bubba is corny beyond corn. But I do really like a lot of things in the books.

      • ErinH

        I like the “Bubba” aspect. It gives it a little humor to the story. When I first read about “Bubba” I cracked up outloud.

    • Stacy

      I just finished it as well. It took me a while to get into it and when it almost did it was over. I like that the books are short and I can get through them in a few days but I’m not too impressed with this one. I’ll try the fourth one out. I’m starting to understand all the bill hating but that’s why I’m glad that TV bill and book Bill are different. thank you Alan Ball! I think I like the show much more than the books….so far..

  • Dee

    Which reminds me that last night episode was a BIG let down, I’m glad they’re keeping the kidnapping storyline so we will see less of Sookie/Bill, their scenes together are cringe worthy. I can’t stomach them anymore

    • Angela

      Thank you….finally someone agrees with me. Sookie overacts and has limited range of expressions and her and Bill together have become a yawn fest. I use their scenes as commercial breaks….split them up and get move scenes with people that have presence like Eric, Godric, Lafayette and Pam (she gets great lines – almost as good as Lafayette)

  • MissyB

    It’ll be interesting to see how ERW’s Sohpie Ann will react to this hunk (or chunk?) of ‘dead’ meat! LOL!

    • Isolde

      In the books they pair up (so to speak) in order to join their respective “kingdoms.” Just as Sophie swings both ways, so does Russel (I believe that’s the king’s name). A whole big thing happens where Sophie’s life is threatened and Sookie saves the day.

      • Buni

        Actually, Sophie Anne marries Peter Threadgill, King of Arkansas. Russell Edgington is King of MS and only likes the guys.

      • Michelle C.

        He doesn’t swing, honey- he is only into guys…. I can’t wait till they introduce Claude and Claudine!

  • Meagan

    I hear Denis O’Hare from his musicals and his many appearances on the Law and Order franchise (usually playing some crazy/brilliant person who ends up representing himself during the trial so he can deliver some killer closing arguments monologue)

    • Meagan

      Whoops – “heart”. I heart him.

  • Anita K

    Glad the Maryann story is wrapped up…had a nice finish, I might say. Felt sorry for Tara, who just can’t seem to find and keep a boyfriend. I must say that the interaction between the Queen and Eric was interesting and curious to know what the Queen’s plans are. Why doesn’t anyone like Bill Compton??? I will not be happy having to wait an entire year without True Blood…waaahwaaah!!

    • Camille

      I like Bill. I am glad the show will have Alcide next season. There is not just Eric and Bill, there is also Calvin Norris, Alcide, Quinn, any number of other possible suitors. The Eric people need to sorta let their obsession go.

    • TrueBlood Junkie

      I like Bill and I like Eric. I know that somewhere along the way Bill and Eric will have to fight over Sookie and I am soooo looking forward to it. How can I not like Vampire Bill….I always remmember him walking into Merlottes episode 1 season 1 looking sexy and dead!

  • Carrie

    Alcide is not black. Dominic Purcell is pretty much what I pictured when i read the books but he’s way too old for the part now. Denis O’Hare is not at all how i pictured the king but he is a good actor.

    • Camille

      Dominic Purcell would be a good Quinn, if they decided to have him in the show.

  • Carla

    Actually, this guy looks a lot like I pictured Russell Edgington. I’ll be anxious to see who else they cast in the coming months!

    • Josie

      I agree! This is exactly how I pictured him. Hopefully they keep up the good work in the casting dept.

  • Lori

    Anita K – most book fans don’t like Bill Compton that’s why and I’m one of them. I love Book 3, alot happens and key characters are introduced. I think Denis will be a good Russell, a gay Hugh Heffner! lol

    • KimB

      I completely agree!!! But I do LOVE all the other Supes in the books much more than boring ole Bill Compton anyway ;)

      • Jenna

        I love every body better than snooze Bill Compton

    • Patricia

      The Bill on TV and the Bill of the books are NOT the same character, although they share much.

      On the show, we may suspect some of Bill’s moves, but nothing has been proved or even hinted at. Sure, in the books he’s conniving (although I contend he really does love Sookie), but the TV Bill smiles, laughs with her, kills for her and PROPOSES to her. (He just has that wee problem of not sharing his entire past with her, something he has in common with others that struggle with a Y chromosome problem.)

      Seeing how Alan Ball is changing things (the Queen knows Sookie’s heritage when the Sookie doesn’t know until Books 7&8??)many of things Bill does in the books may not even happen in the series.

      And who didn’t watch that proposal scene and wonder if Stephen proposed to Anna in a similar fashion? I’m sorry, but it was damn romantic and Bill truly seemed crushed when it seemed as if Sookie would say no.

      It’s time to separate your idea of Bill from the books. He’s innocent until proven guilty, I say. Who is with me?

      • dragonscandy

        I agree innocent till proven quilty. i’m tired of all this bill bashing….he is my favorite, I’m sure his motives and his actions are driven by others out of his control but truly loves sookie.

      • DMIller

        I agree that we should separate the books from the show. I LOVE both, but by AB creating a different story line, I am able to still enjoy the show with some anticipation even after reading the books.

      • Stacy

        I agree with you 100 percent!!! Enough with the Bill Hating, He hasn’t done anything wrong, and again I agree with you on the romance! OH I loved that scene with them dancing!

      • Ginger

        I agree. Bill is a jerk in the books, but True Blood’s Bill seems genuine and romantic. Most of the characters are very different in the television series… I think Sam and Arlene are probably the most true to the books. I love the differences from the book series, but I am of the faction that thinks we need more of an exploration of Pam- she’s one of the best characters in the books and barely features in the series at all. I love the dangerous aspect of Eric and Pam portrayed in the series; in the books they were much more tame. On the whole, I am more a fan of Eric than of Bill, but I think Anna Paquin has better on screen chemistry with Moyer than with Skarsgård.

  • Ana

    Next season will have a lot to do to keep the fans happy. The Maryann storyline went on too long and it wasn’t satisfying enough. Sophie-Anne, or rather Evan’s acting, is what is really keeping that character from being amazing. I hope they realize the core of the show is Sookie and not Sookie sort of touching all the storylines.

    • Ginger

      I thought Sophie-Ann was awkwardly written and her scenes were superfluous to the plot of the story. I won’t comment on the actor until I see the character in a scene where she has more of a storyline and seems less thrown in to take up some time. Evan Rachel Wood was adorable in Running With Scissors, and I’m willing to give her another chance in this, mainly due to the fact that the queen was all distraction and no story.

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