'Lost' exclusive: Episode 6.04 title revealed!

Lost-Locke-Ben-new_lBefore I unveil the title of Lost‘s fourth episode, let’s do a quick recap of the first three…

6.01/6.02: “LA X”

6.03: “What Kate Does”

And now, the title of 6.04 (rumored to be Locke-centric) is…

“The Substitute”

What does it mean?! Let’s ask Doc Jensen:

“Well, a substitute is a replacement for something or someone that should be there, but isn’t. Apply that to the Lost story, which left us with a burning question: Did the castaways’ actions in the past — and specifically, Juliet’s detonation of the H-bomb Jughead — change all of Lost history? Maybe season 6 will reveal that the answer is… ‘Kinda.’ Perhaps the history remains largely intact, but with some notable deviations. Perhaps ‘The Substitute,’ then, refers to someone playing the part or fulfilling the role of someone or something that is now missing from the new, rebooted timeline. For example: Walt. Maybe in the new timeline, the castaways still all get on Oceanic 815 and crash on The Island… but among the deviations will be another ‘special kid’ with a problematic relationship with his or her parent, taking the place of Walt. Hence, he or she would be the substitute for Walt. But I am also reminded of the intrigue around John Locke at the end of the season. Ben had killed him, and some Island entity took his place in the Island drama, using Locke’s role as a Trojan horse to get close to Jacob. If this ‘entity’ = Locke’s ‘substitute,’ maybe episode 4 will reveal more about this shape-shifter.”

Thanks, Doc! My thoughts exactly!

FYI: If it holds up that this season’s third and fourth episodes are Kate and Locke-focused respectively, doesn’t that follow the same sequence as the first season? Just something to think about.

Speaking of Lost, have you had a chance to watch my interview with Terry O’Quinn at Sunday’s Emmys? No? You’re in luck — it’s embedded below!

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  • MereBelle

    2×09 was called What Kate Did, so 6×03 What Kate Does, most definitely suggests that the bomb did in fact work and the future was changed.

    • Joe


    • Nick

      ooo,”What Kate Did”… that was the episode Shannon was buried… maybe a return of Shannon is in store this episode? There WERE rumors of her return. Interesting.

    • Heather

      And if you think about it…

      2 * 9 = 18

      6 * 3 = 18

      It’s all about numbers taking over the world (yes I know 18 isn’t one of the official numbers, but work with me!)

  • me

    OMG OMG OMG OMG LOST!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Scotty


  • megan

    I agree with me……OMG OMG OMG hurry LOST!!!!

    • Luddite

      Amen! I’m glad fall TV is back, but I’m aching for some Lost!

  • Fiji Mermaid

    MereBelle, I wouldn’t say that suggests that the bomb did work and the future was changed, because in season 2 it was “What Kate Did” through flashbacks… the past. Now I think we’ll be moving in current view of history so it’s what she “does” but that doesn’t mean time was changed one way or another. All though the “America’s Most Wanted” clip points to a events change. I just don’t feel the title reflects that.

    • Grasspike

      the interesting thing about the Americas Most Wanted Clip, and the Hurley Mr. Clucks video both from Comic Con is that they changed events from before the Crash. In the Americas Most Wanted Clip Kate did not kill her sted-dad but another man and it was not his house that she blew up but his business. In the Mr. Clucks ad Hurley says that he has had nothing but good luck since he won the lottery.

      Did the jughead bomb change anything or did Jacob go back in time and change things so there was no plane crash and thus no Locke to create a “loophole”

  • steffi

    In my opinion the title also suggests some relation to the previous episodes “The Constant” and “The Variable”. You study math much?

    • Ama

      the variable and constant where in reference to time travel and they said no more time travel, or at i hope.

      • John

        Variable, Constant, and Substitute do all refer to math equations, though. Just because there won’t be time jumping doesn’t mean there won’t be quantum whathaveyous.

      • DeeDee

        @John…Not a huge math fan (hated Algebra) and had not realized until you said it, that Substitute is ALSO a math reference. My mind is turning over all kinds of storylines!! Thank you!

    • Heide

      That is exacly what I was thinking….

  • Erin

    Every OMG OMG OMG excitement moment I have is followed with OMG OMG OMG I can’t believe it’s the last season. I’m going to be lost without Lost.

    • K-Dogg

      Seriously, what are we going to do??? :(

      • Yogurt

        Maybe you’ll actually get out of your basement and see the sunshine, you pathetic antisocial degenerate.

      • Anne

        Right back atcha, Yogurt.

      • Pete

        Yogurt, you should follow your own advice. Lost is only on one hour every week. You don’t know K-Dogg, he could already be getting plenty of sunshine. You only know yourself. Just because you’re a pathetic antisocial degenerate you should not assume that everyone else has failed to find a healthy balance in their life.

      • Heide


  • pop

    terry o’quinn looks so handsome! i am counting down to february

    • Amy

      well, I think my man Michael Emerson cleaned up fairly well himself!

      I SERIOUSLY want his glasses

      • Andy Bluebear

        Micahel is meh. Terry looked really good, nice to see him dress formally and cleaned up. In other award shows, he just looked weird, but now, he looked very yummy…

  • K-Dogg

    LOST..January 2010 can’t get here soon enough!! Every time I get on a plane, I worry it’s going to crash and I’ll die not knowing how the show ends. What a horrible way to go!!

    • Jenna

      HAHA!!! I feel the same way.

    • heather

      OMG… I never thought of it that way… now every time I’m on a plane until the complete end of Lost I will have those same thoughts… Thanks.

    • Jackie

      I used to feel that way waiting for the Harry Potter books. I was so worried that JK Rowling would get hit by a bus or something and we would never know the end.
      I am SO excited for January but sad that we are coming to the end.

  • Jack M

    Oh Gawd, Lost! I’m getting palpitations already….

  • Alicia

    “LA X” – that was where Flight 815 was supposed to end up if the plane hadn’t crashed, so I’ll give that a big hmmmmm….

    And I can’t wait to see if Locke gets another chance at life.

    Whose eye opens at the beginning of Season 6? I’m betting it’s Juliet.

    • Angie

      Ajira also departed from LAX so it could be about the second flight instead.

      • DeeDee

        I think all the people assuming that “LA X” means that the plane will now arrive in LA and there will be an alternate timeline, are a little crazy. I would be very disappointed if S6 is off island. Some of the scenes on island are the most beautiful pn TV. I took it to mean more like LA X’d out. But love the idea that Ajira left LAX w/ the O6, which could have completed the circuit, since 815 left Sydney on the way to LA. Hey, isn’t the X the symbol for that theory that 1=6, 2=5, etc. That would certainly be completing a circuit!!

  • harry

    John Locke is GOD!!!

    • Hmmm…

      Not to be negative, but I was thinking John Locke was satan and Jacob was God. Interesting.

  • Flyer

    I love how Terry O’Quinn wore a tie that matched his wife’s dress. It’s so sweet!

    • Monster

      His wife is a house!

      • Heidi

        She’s probably no bigger than the average American which is a size 12-14. It’s an unflattering angle, as well. I saw pics of her from the same night where she looked more svelte. That said why be mean.

      • Christine

        Monster, Quinn’s wife was beautiful, she is obviously well endowed, did you ever get to see her waist, etc? No. At a guess she is a size 16 on top and likely less on the bottom. The avg American woman is a 14, so calling her a “house” is absurd.

      • brooklynboy

        monster (right name?)Nothing good to say then “shut up”…she looks cool…Well I have NOTHING nice to say about you so I’ll shut up.

      • Linda Lawrence

        I do think many of the well-endowed gals who wear the strapless dresses wear them a bit low and they aren’t as flattering as they would be cut a bit higher on the chest.

    • gigi

      They looked really cute. Like a prom date! Her dress was really pretty!!

      • Marylynn

        I think she looked really pretty. They look like a happy attractive couple. That said I hate it when people say the average American woman is size… I’m sorry but Americans are big. It’s not something to be proud of and people need to change.

      • Kelley

        Amen, sister! If America keeps going the way it is, in a few years the average American woman is going to be size 20. That doesn’t make it right(or healthy) just because you’re the average.

      • Monster

        She still looked like a pig.

      • DeeDee

        @Monster…Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Of course, I can’t see you but I am quite sure you are a male chauvenist PIG and likely a Frankenstien MONSTER.

      • DeeDee

        Sorry it’s Frankenstein. I prefer to spell my rude counter comments correctly!!

  • April

    Four more months to the last season of the show…can’t wait!

  • buckeye

    I think “The Substitute” refers to Locke’s new role as the “substitute” for the Man in Black. I bet we’ll learn how the Man in Black managed to inhabit Locke’s body and find the “loophole.”

    • Joe

      I agree with you buckeye. Also, Ausiello is right, the producers often said that season 6 will mirror season 1 which means, to look out for character centric shows on everyone even characters that are supposed to be dead.

    • Bobs

      It’s gotta be the shoes!!!!!

      • Laura K.

        I don’t know, buckeye, but I think it’s not the first time this loophole played out. Locke’s “re-birth” is less like that of Christian Shephard, whose body disappeared, than that of another castaway relative, Yemi, Eko’s brother. I know the chances of them bringing Eko back are about as good as them explaining how Libby wound up at Santa Rosa, but it’s an interesting connection, anyway.

      • DeeDee

        @LauraK. Heard a rumor that the actor that plays Eko has signed a contract to return to S6. Can’t imagine what implications that has to story, but I loved Eko’s strong calm.

  • dylansdad

    Who is the substitute?

    I think that Lapidus is a good “candidate.”

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