Exclusive: Jennifer Morrison leaving 'House'

Jennifer-Morrison-house_lPrinceton-Plainsboro is undergoing another major shake-up: Sources confirm to me exclusively that Jennifer Morrison is leaving House.

Neither Fox nor Morrison’s reps would comment, but I’m told the actress did not quit; her exit was a creative decision on the part of producers. Morrison — the first of the show’s original cast members to depart — shot her last scene earlier this week and her final episode will air in November.

Suspicions about Morrison’s House future were raised last week when she was MIA at the show’s premiere screening in Hollywood.

Here’s what else I’m hearing about this surprising and, I’ll say it, disappointing, turn of events.

* Unlike Kal Penn’s dearly-departed Kutner, Cameron will not be killed off.

* Morrison’s on-screen husband, Jesse Spencer (Chase), is not leaving the show. (Do the math and you can probably figure out how she’ll be written out.)

* Producers are leaving the door open for Morrison to make a guest appearance later in the season.

The last point will prove little comfort to Cameron fans, especially since this was the season Morrison’s nearly three-year stint on the backburner was supposed to end. In fact, just last month series creator David Shore told me (video below), “Chase and Cameron fans will be happy with the way we’re going to reintegrate them into the team — at least on a temporary basis.” (That temporary qualifier should’ve been a clue.) Even Morrison recently admitted it was “great” being front-and-center again. “I have been working a lot,” she told us, “and there are things that happen to House very early in the season that have a domino effect on all of the other characters.”

Okay, House fans, I imagine you have some strong opinions about all of this, so start expressing them in the comments. I’ll start: This kind of sucks. Okay, your turn.

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  • Jenny

    Yup, I agree! Totally sucks! Always does for me when an original cast member leaves a favourite show (except in the case of Jorja Fox)

    • chinababe92

      LMAO. i don’t like cameron but i don’t want her to leave… because she contributed to the whole show’s dynamic. jorja fox on the other hand… didn’t mind that she left… minded when she came back. hah

    • Tom in STL

      FYI, Jorja Fox is technically not an original castmember of CSI. She did not join the show until a few episodes in.

      • K

        That’s splitting hairs at best. She didn’t appear in the original (and seriously weird, looking back) pilot, but was cast before the show even began airing and started full-time in episode 2. Cast members are replaced from the original pilots all the time, CSI was just a rare case of one they didn’t bother to re-shoot. You don’t have to like the character or the actress, but it’s not like she stumbled in halfway through the first season.

      • anonymous Q

        Yeah, the end of the second episode. Big whoop.
        So glad Cameron’s gone, so sad 13 is still there.
        Still not watching until she leaves too.

      • Jodi

        Original cast doesn’t mean they have to be in the first scene in the first second of the very first episode. She came in early on in the second episode into a part that the writers had planned from the beginning. They just needed the murder from the first episode to set the stage for her arival. She’s definately original cast. That being said…I’ll be honest and admit that I wasn’t all that upset when she left.

      • GSRfan

        Ummm Jorja Fox was in CSI since episode one (not the pilot) and was casted right before the pilot episode filmed but wasn’t in it b/c of an injury from her last days on “the West Wing”. BTW love Cameron

    • Friday

      Heard somewhere apparently from one of the TPTB in House, big fat nasty rumor. dont panic.

      • Ange

        Confirmed by Katie Jacobs. It’s definitely true.

        Stupid, stupid producers. I’m still not going to like either Thirteen or Huddy.

        I’ll be gone.

    • fan

      jorja fox. was awesome on CSI i cried when i saw her go. and when she came back i was the happiest person in the world.

  • megthom

    That’s crazy! I miss her being integral in the show! Such a shame.

  • Kelly


  • Com_Bustion

    It definitely sucks! Wonder where she’s going and if she really returns…

  • GLE1979

    Since she hasn’t had much of a role on the show for the past two years, I really won’t miss her too much as I have grown used to her 2 minutes of screen-time each week. I guess this means 13 will still be around until her disease takes her down. Boo to that!

    • Q

      That was my thought too – damnit, we’re stuck with 13. Boo.

      • Jenn

        I thought the same thing. Cameron isn’t my favorite, but 13 is by far my least favorite.

      • Mark

        What up with all the hating on 13? Love Olivia Wilde and hope she is around for a long time!

      • dina

        what’s wrong with 13?? i love 13. i like cameron too. gonna miss her! house is the best show ever!

      • JerseyGirl

        Its not that people don’t like Olivia Wilde, I think, so as not like the portrayal of 13. I am personally sad to see Cameron go. Still, Chase was my fave on original team, and still is my fave. It think I will the Cameron/Chase dynamic more then her actual presence. I mean, she was barely there in the past few seasons so it would be kinda hard to really miss her.

    • Somnambulist2

      I liked her early character, but she was pretty absent last year.
      I miss Kal Penn and I don’t like 13! If Spencer or Robert Sean Leonard leave the show I fear it will go down the tubes!

  • Gaby

    I feel REALLY bad for JM and Chameron fans :(

    • anonymous Q

      Why??? After Jesse and Jennifer broke up IRL it was downright painful to see the two of them interact. For actors, they did not hide the underlying tension very well.
      So don’t feel sorry for Chameron fans. Just hope that Jennifer gets a new gig that’s awesome and more suited to her talent.

      • Barney

        Agree. Use of Cameron was sporadic anyway. I’d like her to get a new juicy (good) role. But wonder how much is related to her stint as Kirk’s mom. More movie roles?

      • maryb

        Agreed. Frankly, I was shocked Chameron went as far as it did with J/J breaking up IRL. Also, with Chase being the weak-willed character that he is, I would imagine he’s more fun to play with (from a writer’s POV). Cameron proved to be too one-dimensional. Sorry for Jennifer…not so sorry for Cameron.

      • ashlee

        I agree. Cameron had very little to do last season. And, after the breakup IRL with Chase I thought it very crass that they were kept together for the series. I imagine it had to be very akward for them even they both said they got along fine.

  • Michelle

    The words “this” and “blows” come to mind.

    • jimmy james

      Michelle, I bet your boyfriend says the same thing.

  • Tori


    • Amy


    • D.

      Third time must be a charm. Really! how many times does she have to quit to actually be gone for good?

  • Kate

    “This kind of sucks” – Major understatement.

    • Kate

      One more things: I saw the season six RV promo pics and thought: “Yay! They’re actually working out a way for everyone to be on.” Now this? Major… major… major disappointment.

    • Stacy

      I agree! Cameron leaving is a MAJOR MISTAKE on the part of the powers that be over at HOUSE. Big, mistake, big….SOOOO NOT HAPPY!!

  • J


  • Tiffany

    “This sucks” is an understatement. I’ve loved Cameron since the beginning – she’s my favorite! (Outside of the titular character, duh.)

    • smartypants

      Cameron was my favorite too. (Behind House himself obviously.) If 13 and a House-Cuddy romance is the outlook for this season, well, it’s been fun but I’m outta here.

    • tvfan

      I agree, I loved Cameron and will be a little less happy about the show’s new direction.

  • Stacey

    This will be good for Morrison. Fresh off her stint in movies (saw here in Star Trek and something else in the same week!), and then her hot photo shoots, she should be able to make the transition to movies if she likes at this juncture.

    • Q

      I agree that probably factored into the decision. Our loss will likely be her gain. She’s lovely and talented and is “on the rise.”

      • Q

        Also, by annoucing this as a creative decision, she doesn’t get hit with backlash about leaving a sucessful show (a la Caruso and Shelly Long). But she probably wanted out. She’s way too promising for such limited screen time for so many years.

      • Kate

        That’s what irks me though: they seemed to have found a way to rectify the limited screen time issue. Hmmm… Not cool.

  • Ally

    WOW. I did NOT expect this! I wasn’t a huge Cameron fangirl but WOW. I am speechless! I’m like WTF, with a hint of a smile xD

  • evie

    geez, couldn’t they have gotten rid of Chase instead? It’s not like the show is female-heavy.

    Too bad.

    • Com_Bustion

      You’re right. Normally I do care when there’s too much males on a show. But in House I actually like it! I am sure they’ll bring another woman in..

  • DJ Doena

    I feel like GLE1979, it’s not a good news but not a devastating one either.

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