Blind item: Hot couple make love AND war

ausielloblinditem_lBeing an insanely plugged-in member of this biz called show has its disadvantages. Case in point: I just found out that one of my favorite on-screen duos doesn’t get along in real life. Truth be told, they despise each other, and it’s causing serious conflict on the set.

According to a well-placed insider on this unnamed smash hit, the male half of this twosome claims his leading lady is unprofessional and extremely difficult to work with. Even worse, he has accused her of behaving “inappropriately” at times. He’s made it known to TPTB that he doesn’t want to be in scenes with her, least of all love scenes.

But there’s no getting around those anytime soon. “They told him the love scenes are unavoidable,” says my spy. “Their characters are supposed to be having a torrid affair.”

Agents for the pair are attempting to defuse the situation by promising to make sure both actors maintain professional standards in future scenes.

Care to guess the identity of the quarreling lovers? Head to the comments!


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  • whishesforfishes

    Ooohhh. Please do not be Booth and Bones.

    • jess

      no way he’s always talking about how even his son loves her. So not worried its them… torrid affair hmmm… could it be a pairing on Grey’s

    • Wally

      No, they’re not having a torrid affair on Bones.

    • Aiden

      I was thinking that, but that goodness he gave the hint the couple had love scenes. Booth/Bones don’t do that. No “torrid affair” either.

    • ForensicMama

      It is definitely NOT Booth and Brennan. They are not having an affair and Emily & David consider one another family.

    • g

      Nathan Fillion and what’s her name

      • Lia

        Castle and Beckett aren’t together and since the show is going the ‘Moonlighting’ route, they may not so much as kiss by the end of season 3 so it ain’t then. Besides, buzz on Nathan Fillion is he loves everybody and everybody loves him (no shocker, he’s yummy)

    • jayemcee

      I think it is Barney and Robin…

      • dude

        Spy, agent, Chuck.

    • Lina

      It’s Mad Men

      • Via

        That would fit except I don’t think Bets and Don are involved in a “torrid affair”.

    • LotteMack

      no way man, have you seen behind-the-scenes stuff? they’re like best friends.

  • Alex

    Don’t know who is this but I’m SURE it’s not Hugh Laurie and Lisa E, they get on with really good :-)

    • Joe

      Yeah, definitely not Hugh and Lisa. That much I know!

      • Keri

        And they haven’t done many love scenes. I’m glad it’s not them.

      • mofa

        They have a great friendship in real life, so not Hugh and Lisa.

      • veronica

        Not Hugh and Lisa. They like each other sooooooo much.

      • A

        I seriously doubt it’s them. “Torrid affair”? Sounds like one of the couples on Desperate Housewives.

      • sophie

        I think it is actually Bree and Karl on Desperate Housewives. But I don’t really know.

      • Marti

        Sophie’s guess was my guess.

      • Lily

        best guess is Bree and Karl.

    • Liddy

      Hugh and Lisa were my first thought. He always looks like he’s ready to bolt in their scenes.

      • MissG

        Well, his character is ready to bolt, but that’s just who he is. The actors get along fine.

    • Aiden

      No, definitely not. They really seem like they admire each other on interviews.

    • Caroline

      Hugh and Lisa were the first ones I thought of, because she behaves inappropriately all the time by giving interviews about how she wants to jump his bones. My guess is she’s not unprofessional though…

      • Forn

        Lol i was thinking the same thing. But i also doubt its her they seem to be good friends regardless of the fact that Lisa always want to jump hm!

      • Forn

        Btw no offense to Lisa on this! Lol I know how it feels, I mean who in their right mind wouldnt want to jump Hugh!:) Im sure all his costars would want to jump him!

      • NTalina

        Well, Lisa IS acting inappropriately but I can’t imagine Hugh accusing anybody. But maybe he just lost patience already?
        So, Michael Ausiello, will we ever get the answer?

      • MN

        Lisa IS NOT inapropriate in a bad way. She has never said anything to offend him, or his wife. All she said is that she respects him highly and that is great working with him. And that it was not awkward for her kissing him because she is not married, and that she understands that is awkward for him. Anyway Hugh was the one who said they are great friends on the PMC.

      • NTalina

        Do you personally think It’s appropriate behavior to say you would like to make out with married man?

      • Liz

        I agree with NTalina, Lisa Edelstein was more than once inappropriate, Hugh is married! BTW Hugh always says everyone is friends on the cast, so don’t take that too serious.

      • shayna

        Definately Hugh and Lisa. The proof is out there in black and white. Her behavior toward him is very inappropriate which is why he only does what he has to for the best of the show. Read what he has said. Even in scenes when they have to be close he stays as far away as he can. I’m sure he is professional and he is a great actor and acts his part on the show and on interviews or when they have to appear in public together, but she should have been fired over her conduct on and off the set. I feel really sorry for his wife having to listen to things Lisa has said not to mention the problems caused for the agents having to try to balance things and keep peace. Notice one of them has had several agents trying to deal with the problem without putting a lot of people out of work. The first year he attended a couple of outside events she was at at the request of someone else and after that he didn’t any more.

    • kaya

      also, LE is such a professional. she’s 100% dedicated to the show and her job. she would never do anything to put it in jeopardy. plus, her and hugh get a long great. they’ve celebrated birthdays together, turn up at the writer strike together, etc etc. it’s obviously not them. they arent in a torrid affair anyway.

      • Marnic

        I can’t be them, they looked really good on the season’s premier event and Hugh also made a compliment on how good she looks, so i don’t believe it’s them. And in the promotional photoshoot, Hugh was taking photos of Lisa and Lisa was making jokes and both laughing…

      • Liz

        “they’ve celebrated birthdays together, turn up at the writer strike together, etc etc. it’s obviously not them”
        Other cast members were with them, btw. It doesn’t say anything.

      • topazbean

        Lisa Edelstein has been in the business for a pretty long time – if she was unprofessional and inappropriate she would have stopped getting work given that she’s been largely a character actress on TV up to this point.

    • RealDeal

      That’s the pair that came to mind given HL’s body language toward LE in the Emmy photo pics. He seemed very, very cold toward her. She was pawing him and apparently he didn’t like it. Well that matter neither did I.

      • Amy

        That’s true, he often looks so embarrassed when she’s around.

      • Lee

        Uhhh…He’s British? They aren’t really comfortable with that sort of thing as we are here.

      • topazbean

        Uhhh, what? Let me just remind you that your network TV laws are about 10 times as strict when it comes to sex and swearing as the UK.

      • shayna

        That is always the way it looks. She is constantly touching him and he either stays rigid or pulls away and looks very uncomfortable.

    • Amy

      How do you know? You’re friends with them or something? You CAN’T know ;-) But it’s still not them, it’s not fitting.

      • Jeremy

        Could it possibly be…um…I don’t know…because he’s married?

    • lily

      i started reading then im like omg its house and cuddy but then they got to the part to when the actors dont get along.i think LE has a very samll, innocent crush on HL….. but who doesnt. i dont think she acts inappropriate and they get along great. definitly not chase and cameron or 13 and foreman so that excludes the whole house cast

    • Liz

      They don’t have a love affair on screen, so not Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein, yes. Though Hugh Laurie often seems embarresed LE’s attitude towards him. For the love of god, this guy is married, you know?!

  • Sarah

    Wow. That sucks. Thank goodness I’m a Bones fan. David & Emily like one another and their characters are NOT having a torrid affair.
    Maybe this hatred thing could help with the passion of the scene? I don’t know, but jeez, that would be heartbreaking. Sorry, Aus. :(

    • KFed

      Bones was my guess!

      • Oh, KFed

        You are an idiot. But keep the kids happy and you’ll continue to eat well.

      • jayme

        The characters on Bones are NOT having a “torrid affair” it’s clearly not them.

      • natalie

        If you see/read any of their interviews, either together or apart, you would not think it was Emily (Bones) and David (Booth). They’ve talked numerous times about how close they are, and in a recent interview David said that Emily was like family. These are 2 genuine people, they wouldn’t fake being friends.

  • volunteerahs

    Argh!! Don’t leave me hanging!! What is the identity of these two “roses” in a war?

  • Stephanie

    Prolly someone on Grey’s knowing that cast.

    • Elizabeth

      Yeah – that’s my guess and I don’t watch the show!

    • John

      Was literally about to type the same thing. Grey’s – so much drama.

    • Melissa

      I was thinking Alex and Izzie until the “torrid affair” part..

      • sara

        no one on Grey’s is having a torrid affair. For once, the drama does NOT belong to this fab show

      • Plunks

        Owen and Cristina

      • @Plunks

        Agreed and seconded!

      • Reanne

        They are not having a torrid affair they are having a rocky relationship.

      • Bree

        I’s not Alex/Izzie. Justin said he REALLY wants Katherine to comes back.

    • me

      PROBABLY…sorry-such a pet peave

      • Maddy

        Yeah, when the hell did “prolly” become a word for Probably. I see this more and more on job applications that people turn in(and they go in the trash.) But god, when someone in high school can’t spell a very simple, 8-letter word, it’s a pretty sad day.

      • natalie

        Its called slang. I don’t use this word myself, but its a bit over the top say its a “pretty sad day”. Every generation uses slang, and yours would be no exception.
        That being said, job applications would be a BIG no no for slang.

      • Bridget

        Pet PEEVE. SUCH a pet peeve.

      • peggym

        “Prolly” isn’t slang, it’s just sloppy pronunciation leading to sloppy spelling. It’s used by the same people who write “should of” instead of “should’ve” or “should have”.

      • peggym

        And sloppy typing results in “pronunciation” instead of “pronounciation”. Sorry

      • BinIL

        Pronunciation is actually the correct spelling.

      • SparklePlenty

        “Prolly” has always been a joke, not slang, among my e-correspondents.

        MY pet peeves are “continue on” and “refer back” since ya can’t “continue back” and it’s unlikely ya will ever “refer forward” unless that time machine finally comes to pass.

      • drama17

        C’mon everyone, you don’t need to use correct grammar when commenting. This isn’t an English class.

      • flutiefan

        “should of” really chaps my hide.

      • wakeforce

        I prolly takes more effort to write it than complain about it. the person who uses it prolly just moved on. Now that I know it bothers you, I’ll prolly start using it more! I hope I caused you great pain!

      • Shauna

        It’s “peeve”.

      • Shauna

        Haha. I commented then I read the comments. Sorry for being a repeater.

    • Keira

      It’s not someone from Grey’s, no-one there is having a torrid affair, and it’s not a hit, it’s a well stablished show. And the ones who didn’t get along with the cast have alredy left the show.
      If you don’t follow the show then you shouldn’t comment on it, because it’s obvious you don’t know them. Patrick and Ellen love each other, as do Kate and Justin, and Sandra and Kevin, and Chrysler and Eric. Since it’s a man and a woman it can not be Callie and Arizona lol

      • Kaybar

        Callie and Arizona?

      • Kate

        I love when people talk like this. Do you personally know these people, or are you inferring from media reports? Of course these people aren’t going to come out saying they dislike each other – that’s PR! And that’s also why this is a blind item; they don’t want us to know they don’t like each other, so no doubt they put on a show in public.

      • fudgefase

        My pennysworth.
        Not House and Cuddy. They’re both professionals and Laurie is no prima donna.
        Booth and Brennan? That’d be a shame – they seem to get on ok.
        My thought are either Private Practise or Greys – possibly either Little Grey and Eric Dane or Sam and Addison. Don’t know why. Just a gut feeling.

  • BSad

    Derek and Meredith?

    • Robin

      cant be, Der and Mer are not having a “torrid affair”.

      • Liz

        Plus, Patrick adores Ellen. Said it many times. She did too.

      • Alex

        if we’re talking about grey’s my guess is either Arizona and Callie, or Christina and red head–what’s his name?

    • Meli

      That was my thought – think of it – their scenes have had zero steam since the prom, even their wedding and proposal were dull, they have no chemistry anymore. And I’ve heard that PD is quite the PITA about “professionalism”

      • Ana

        It is a very well known fact that EP and PD get along pretty well. Both have been known to be great to work with.
        I just think that you didn’t like those scenes and assumed it.
        Also, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like to work with PD. He didn’t earned the ‘nice guy’ tag for nothing.

      • lorna

        what does PITA mean?

      • sara

        lorna, PITA stands for Pain In The A$$

  • Doo Dah

    I wish you would keep these “blind” items to yourself M.A. It doesn’t do anyone any good, and thinking about it drives me f’n crazy. Tell the whole story, or just don’t tell anything. I know WHY you don’t, so just don’t say anything at all…..

    • sil

      STAMP! These things drive me insane! Hate them!

      • Michael Ausiello

        Hi, I am Michael Ausiello, and I am a complete tool. I like to make stories up.

      • APF

        I didn’t used to be embarrassed about my subscription to EW. This column belongs in a different magazine.

      • David

        Then stop reading them and shut up!!

    • MA

      I completely second this. And if it’s GA’s Cristina & Owen (Sandra Oh & Kevin McKidd), you just broke my heart, Ausiello.

      • RP

        Yeah, I feel like they’re not nearly as fun for the readers as they are for Ausiello himself.

      • MandyB

        I “third” this. These are not fun, they are annoying. Sure – print the “blind item” but tell us a few days later. After awhile, one loses interest in even reading these “blind items”.

      • angie

        If you hate them then WHY do you read them?

      • Anonymous

        i like the blind items, i just wish we were given an answer a few weeks later…

      • Brody

        I doubt it’s Oh and McKidd. They both have reputations for being total professionals. Plus, Kevin has said in interviews that he admires Sandra Oh and loves working with her.

      • Renata

        This being about Sandra and Kevin is impossible in so many levels.
        Kevin is always talking about how the main reason why he took this role was because he was going to act with her, since he admires her so much. Besides, he also always talk about their dynamic being great and how he loves her “to bits”.
        Not to mention that Sandra being “unprofessional and extremely difficult to work with” can only be a joke.

      • Mafz

        i was thinking both of them two, but they’re so great :S

      • Elena

        It’s not Sandra and Kevin, they have a great relationship and love each other from minute one. Plus, Sandra is one of the most professional actreses ever. And their characters are not having an affair, they are an official couple.
        I don’t think it’s Greys.

      • Quinn

        My first thought was actually Eric Dane and Chyler Leigh but I don’t know that I would describe their relationship as torrid. I can’t really think of anyone else though.

    • Veracity

      Yeah, I agree. Either report or don’t. Don’t do it half-assed like this.

      Although, the comments are amusing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve laughed becuase someone said, “so-and-so said they adore so-and-so, so it can’t be them!” Because celebrities ALWAYS REALLY mean what they say…

      • Jodi

        Here’s a thought….if you guys don’t like it – DON’T READ IT. It’s really that simple.

      • Elena

        It’s not because of what they say, sometimes is obvious two actors get along really well.

      • charlie

        everytime Michael posts one of these the first words in the title is “Blind Item” so why if you hate them and you know that’s what it is do you read it.

      • Grev

        If he reports it openly, he gets no more scoops from that show’s insiders ever again. If he doesn’t report it, EW gets scooped by E! News.

      • Boney

        What about the couple on Life Unexpected? She gave up a baby girl for adoption that he didn’t even know about. s
        She is engaged and they start doing the ‘hokey-pokey’ again, anyway? la, la, la, my idea is a stretch.

    • JJ

      Geeze, quit your whining. It’s not like anyone is forcing you to read these things.

      • MandyB

        Exactly!!! And guess what? We will STOP reading them.

      • Leonard

        It’s not about us reading them or not, it’s about how someone will read them and think “this actor or this other person” are unprofessionals. And this writer will never tell who he is talking about (if it’s true at all) so the people reading it will always think that person is unprofessional even if this is not really refering to them.
        I’m reading many names and I just have to lsugh, you all are talking about actors who have proved to be huge professionals and have never coused trouble, do you really think this is about them? No way.

    • Ica

      I disagree! I love the blind items, Ausiello. You keep doin’ your thing, honey.

  • Amy

    I hope “The Powers That Be” isn’t a hint about David Boreanz.

    • krjinnc

      I thought that too, but luckily his character on Bones isn’t have a “torrid affair” Wow. Now I miss Angel.

    • No!

      David and Emily GET ALONG WELL. THEY DON’T HAVE TORRID LOVE SCENES. Think about it guys. The only torrid love scenes I have seen lately are Christina and Owen.

    • Alexandria

      A lot of people have been trying to draw that connection, TPTB = Angel, but it’s definitely not necessarily so. I watched some Buffy, but never Angel, and I’m very familiar with that phrase as used to refer to show runners, directors, networks, anybody that has creative influence, so I don’t think it’s inexorably linked to David.

      Also, I can’t see EmDesch being horribly unprofessional, so hopefully not!

      • HP

        Actually Alexandria, while I agree that this blind item has nothing to do with Booth/Bones / the phrase The Powers That Be could specifically refer to the show Angel. In the show the characters used that phrase a lot to talk about some force that controlled the universe.

      • Bina

        TPTB is pretty much in the slang lexicon now, so I don’t think it indicates Angel or Boreanaz.

  • Chris

    Clues = Agents, having a torrid “Affiar” (so not married and already together) and maybe War

  • Karin

    Bree/Karl from Desperate Housewives?

    • Lynsey

      That was my first thought.

    • Daniel

      My thought, too. And it is a torrid affair.

    • claudenorth

      I was thinking the same thing.

      • Sparky

        Thats what I thought too and she is a firey red-head so it makes sense… and they are having what is definitely a torrid affair..

    • Steven

      The second I read torrid affair I thought of Bree and Karl. I hope not though.

      • Heather

        That’s exactly what I thought but I don’t see Marcia Cross fitting the unprofessional type.

      • Maria

        Yeah, same goes for me.

      • laura


      • Amanda

        But is DH still considered a “smash hit”?

      • hats8

        its not bree and karl, she has said she likes working with him alot

    • Aiden

      I doubt it, though. I don’t think Marcia Cross would be the ‘inappropriate’ type. Plus, she just had a kid.

    • ‘Bob

      thats my thought!

    • Stacey

      This was my first thought because of the torrid affair comment.

    • pj

      Bree and Karl were my first thought. They are certainly having a torrid love affair and I can see them not getting along off the show.

    • Christy

      Me, too – and I’ve heard Marcia is renowned for being ‘difficult to work with’…

    • Sandra

      That was my guess too

    • Amanda

      I’d be happy if it was them. They are a bore

    • Jennifer

      It cannot be Bree and Karl, Karl dies in the plane crash while he and Orson are fighting in the santa house. MA stated in an earlier story that only one of the men make it and Orson is it.

  • Amanda

    Hard… someone from House?
    I’m sure IS NOT Bones.

  • evie

    gotta be a Grey’s couple. Or maybe Desperate.

    • Ashley

      Cant be Grey’s no one is having an affair. Desperate housewives, Bree and that one guy are having an affair could be them

  • Scott

    I do hope it isn’t Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders! HIMYM is one of my favorite shows, and I’d hate to see it (and one of its best storylines yet) suffer as a result of tension between the actors.

    • John

      NPH is obsessed with Cobie and goes out of his way (i.e. unprompted) to heap praises on her as a person/performer during interviews. So that gives me hope there. It definitely sounds like it’s a drama and not a comedy.

    • Mary

      Definitely not them. Neil only has lovely things to say about Cobie, he gushes about her and how wonderful and hot she is all the time :p And Cobie also only seems to have good things about Neil – and in behind the scenes-vids they seem very much like good friends.

    • Billo

      No way. Cobie is a wonderful person IRL.

    • amj

      Agreed with everyone else, it’s not NPH and Cobie, he appears to love Cobie and working with her!

  • Illyria

    Nathan Fillion and whatever her name is on Castle.

    • Amanda

      They aren’t really having an affair of any type….let alone torrid

    • Josie

      That would break my heart. I know it is most likely not them – but don’t ever tell me if it is!

    • Kelly

      Their characters aren’t having a torrid affair but otherwise it fits — during the first season Nathan chewed Stana out for treating the crew poorly.

      • dmarieh

        “during the first season Nathan chewed Stana out for treating the crew poorly.”

        Really? I hadn’t heard this. I really like her, I hope she is not that way anymore.

      • Coyote

        Why do you assume that what Kelly typed is accurate? Have you tried Googling the rumor? It might be B.S.

      • skeptic

        State your source please.

      • Nancy

        I can’t imagine that its Castle. The characters are just (spoiler alert) getting their partnership back on track, there’s no affair (yet).

        Plus, everything I’ve heard or read about Nathan Fillion is that he’s a class act. Class acts don’t “chew out” their co-workers, that’s something a jerk does.

    • MRT

      HOPE NOT!

    • ERN

      I would guess Castle too. There’s a revealed blind item from another website that stated they HATE each other and the she (don’t know her name either) is very unprofessional and acts like a diva. Don’t watch the show, so I don’t know about the love affair, but they are definitely co-stars who dislike each other.

      • Kai

        I believe this is all false.
        Nathan has nothing but good things to say about Stana. He’s always praising her acting and her personality. They get along really well too. They always play practical jokes and use sarcasm a lot. It’s not them. And their characters are no where near a torrid affair.

        I think it’s a show I don’t watch. Probably Mad Men or Lost.
        Some show no one is expecting. Plus I’m not sure which couples MA likes anyways.

      • labgrrl

        it was a revealed blind item on too bad, cause i really like him and the show. his positive attitude in interviews shows nathan fillion is a class act, imho

    • Amy

      Nah it wouldn’t be them… They seem to get along together in real life and I don’t really see Nathan Fillion whining about Stana being inappropriate and they’re not in a torrid affair. They’ve made it clear their will they won’t they won’t happen for a while.

    • becca

      although i have heard nathan fillian is a jerkwad, castle is hardly a “smash hit”

      • Cdog923

        You have heard wrong. Nathan Fillion is nothing but a class act. And Castle is going very strong, thank you.

  • Breno Costa

    I bet that’s Joshua Jackson and the Australian Girl.

    • Jamie

      They aren’t sleeping together (yet) on Fringe. I doubt it’s them.

    • RachelScribbles

      I don’t think it’s them. They’re supposedly ‘together’ in real life.

      • Danny

        Anna Torv is married to Mark Valley aka John Scott from Fringe, not Josh Jackson.

      • MK

        She married the guy that played John Scott in season 1 and Diane Kruger moved to Vancouver to be with Jackson. I doubt he and Anna are a couple in real life.

      • Jaclyn English

        Joshua Jackson is with Diane Kruger.

      • MDP

        In real life, isn’t she married to the actor who played her double agent partner in Season 1?

      • Jade, UK

        Agreed…The lucky Dianne Kruger is with the gorgeous Joshua Jackson.

      • mz

        I read Ana Torv is getting a divorce

    • Nancy

      Those characters are nowhere near even having a kissing scene, much less “torrid affair” levels. So this guess is totally off-base.

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