It's official: Vincent D’Onofrio to exit 'Law & Order: CI'

Vincent-Donofrio_lUSA Network is finally confirming what I first hinted at last week: Vincent D’Onofrio is exiting Law & Order: CI. He’ll say good-bye in the show’s two-part season 9 premiere, at which time he’ll pass the baton to co-star Jeff Goldblum.

“I have always been, and have always viewed myself, as a character actor, and the great opportunity that Dick [Wolf] presented to me to develop the Goren character on Criminal Intent was successful beyond my wildest expectations,” D’Onofrio said in a statement. “After eight seasons, and with the addition of Jeff Goldblum, now is the perfect time for me to explore other acting opportunities and I leave the show knowing it is in great hands with Jeff. For all my loyal CI fans, I wouldn’t be surprised if Goren pops up from time to time.”

D’Onofrio’s longtime partner, Kathryn Erbe, is expected to return for the two-parter as well, although her deal is still being finalized. As previously reported, My Own Worst Enemy‘s Saffron Burrows is expected to replace her.


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  • Lorie

    Once Eames & Goren are gone, I am, too.

    • ScarletBegonia

      I second that, Lorie. Goren is the reason I started watching and he is ONLY reason I still watch it.

      • olivia

        Goodbuy to the best. Now that they are gone so am I.

    • maggie

      Yup. When D’Onofrio and Erbe go, I’m gone.

      • falana

        ditto i’m out

    • susan

      Me too.

      • tatiana

        I’m done too. I love Jeff Goldblum and seeing him every other week is fine, but no Goren and Eames? Forget it. At least try a new partner for Erbe!

      • dee

        Me three.

      • maria Harland

        I love Jeff Goldblum but the Goren and Eames team made it worth watching. Good by to a great show.

    • Michelle

      No Goren and Eames = no me.

      • jenn

        I agree! As it is, I hardly watch on the “off” weeks. No Goren, no Eames, no Wheeler, even? No thank you.

      • Anne

        Totally agree to this! They made the show..without them it’s over for me!

      • Bonnie

        Me four.

    • Abi

      Agreed. They make the show.

    • morecoffeepls

      Agreed…I’m gone when they leave! Goren and Eames make the show. I never watch during their off weeks. Their chemistry and the Goren character’s constant struggle is what make this show special. Well, it was a great run. Why doesnt NBC just call it quits on this one?

    • Carolyn

      Same here, Jeff is OK but I will always like Goren and Eames.

      • beverly haybarger


    • Carolyn VB

      I’m with you ! Goren goes I go. Who could sit through 16 episodes or Goldblum. I can’t even imagine NYPD having a cop like hin on the force. VDO is THE ONLY person that can keep LOCI going. What a shame but I can understand VDO wanting to move on. He is the most fabulous actor around. Glad I have all his DVD and VHS movies and all LOCI DVD to hold me over. The Narrows is due out the first week of November.

    • Angel

      I will be finished too. While I understand their want or need to depart, there are no replacements.

    • Dan L

      Honestly, I strongly disagree with just about everyone. I’ll miss Katherine Erbe, but I felt the Goren character was getting played out, and that Goldblum was a huge breath of fresh air and exactly what the show needed.

      I’m very excited for a whole season of Jeff Goldblum.

      And I’m a huge L&O buff. I’ve seen nearly every episode of SVU, CI, and Prime (except for having not seen most from the Moriarty days).

      • Cate

        I agree with you. Loved Goren, but the story was really being dragged down in the mud. Goldblum is very refreshing, with all those bits of humor, humility, drama and craziness that holds me.

      • belle

        I agree, it is time for VDO to go and I LOVE Jeff Goldman’s character and would like to see him team up with Eames. Can hardly wait for new season. As a footnote, I miss seeing Nicole Wallace. It would be fun to watch Jeff Goldblum’s interact with her.

      • EB

        Eames is gone so GOLDBLUM is not teaming up with her, Nicole Wallace is DEAD so I’m pretty sure that Goldblum is not going to interact with her

    • Meli

      Without D’Onofrio, I’m gone. He was the only reason to watch.

    • AccioBrain

      I’d leave too.
      I still can’t believe he’s leaving…

    • Mike

      Exactly. As important as D’Onofrio is to the show, so is Erbe. With both gone, what is it? I love Jeff Goldbum, but his character seems like a clone of Goren. Eames and Goren are the reasons I watch the show. Period.

    • sdm

      I can’t stand this guy (D’Onofrio), I will start watching now.

      • Mahfud

        I thought I’d be doing back-flips of joy at this news; but I’m not, or at least, not yet. Put bltunly, the show hasn’t been worthy of Vincent’s talents since the original writing team left at the end of Season 7. As long as Walon Green is gone, we’re not just expected to have mass collective amnesia over Season 9 and they get some quality writers in, I’ll be intrigued to discover how they plausibly bring back a detective who wasn’t just transferred, he was fired – and it’s unthinkable to me to do a new season without Kate, so I hope they can persuade her back. Vincent has seemed so much happier since he’s been off LOCI, BUT if it’s what he wants to do, I’ll certainly be there!Lizzie

    • Antje

      It will be very hard to stay without Vincent and Kathryn. Then, CI is just one amongst many and not the best on TV.

    • Allie

      I might try to watch the show since I’m a fan….but let’s face it, I’m not very interested in any episodes without Goren or Eames. To me, Goren is the show. Whatever happens, I hope they give Goren a GOOD ending after all the crap he’s been through.

      I wish Vincent would stay longer but I can understand why he isn’t. He’s a character actor and the writing or the show this past year was pretty weak.

    • linda

      without vincent d’onofrio the show will not last. he is the show and i love the guy he plays. when he is gone i won’t be watching…

    • Annette

      OH NO!!!! (SIGH!) Goldblum is good. He is not Vincent. I am crushed. I really love the intensity Vincent’s character Goren brings the show. I hope they don’t use Goldblum’s character to replace Goren’s place. I think that is the direction it is already leading to have u seen last season?

    • megan37

      The only reason I watch LAw & Order CI is Goren. Once he is gone so am I. So Tuesday night will be my last viewing unles the creators are smart enough to get him back. I like Chris Noth but still only watched Law & Order CI when Ames & Gorne were on. They are the show and without them GOOD_BYE

    • Eric

      What are they thinking?!! The pairing of D’Onofrio and Erbe is perfect – they ARE the show – it will not be the same without them – it will not be as good. I will watch the new cast and see how it goes, but neither D’Onofrio or Erbe deserve this, and I don’t think the new show will be half of what the old show was.

    • rose citro

      I’m gone too, reason watching the show was Eames and Goren, offer them more money they are worth it, all the good shows are cancelled, Monk, Ugly Betty and now we have to do without Eames and Goren, we really have no say, its awful!!!Please bring back Vincnet and Kathleen we were all waiting for them to get romantic.

  • Marie

    I love the show but will sadly stop watching the same as I did with the other Law and Orders but I respect Vincent as an artist and his drive to other projects. Goodbye Goren you will be missed.

  • Tucker

    I was always surprised D’Onofrio stayed with the show that long. He’s the kind of actor who constantly shifts to find new, different, interesting things to do. Especially after he negotiated for the ‘split team’ concept, I figured he wouldn’t be long for the show. This sounds about right.

  • thelittlefluffycat


    I understand, and Jeff Goldblum is great, and the strength of the franchise has always been its ability to change leads and continue — but . . .


    You’re a genius, Mr. d’Onfrio. Thank you, very much.

    • Cass

      Couldn’t put it better myself.

      • morecoffeepls


  • Randy

    I just see no reason to watch the show without Vincent on it. He is the reason I watched it for all these years.

  • Fred

    Was great to see Law and Order: SVU kick some ass on wednesday….put life back into the series…..thanks guys!!!!

  • Kristin


  • Kai

    Well now that he’s gone, there’s no need for me to watch anymore.

    Thanks for a great 8 seasons.

  • Mom Bibb

    I have actually enjoyed Jeff Goldblum’s character and he will be the only reason that I will continue to watch once Goren leaves.

  • angie

    OMG!! no!!! I don’t even watch Jeff Goldblum’s episodes :( I guess goodbye Law & Order: CI after the season premiere.

  • sassiebra

    the only reason i watch is because of D’O. i have never thought JG is good on this show. sorry to see this happen, but not surprised.

  • Amy

    The quality of the show has gone way down since the old writers left and it was with a bit of effort that I still remained a faithful viewer for the Goren/Eames episodes. But when they’re gone, I won’t be watching.

  • Nita

    It just won’t be the same without “Goren and Eames.” Vincent D’Onofrio was the main reason I stuck with the show. Not sure I will keep watching; they will certainly be missed.

  • maud

    I am heartbroken to learn that Goren and Eames will be leaving. They will not be the only one’s. Goodbye Law and Order CI and thanks for the many enjoyable years with K.Erbe&V.D’Onofrio.

  • Amanda

    I’m with Lori….no Goren and Eames, no me. Goldblum is alright but they made his character like an a**hole version of Goren. He doesn’t allow a connection to the viewer like Vincnet did. The partner dynamic isn’t there now and those episodes without Goren and Eames are boring and disappointing.

    Sad for the loss but happy I can expect to see Vincent in other roles. Guess SVU is going to be the only L&O left worth watching. Hope they don’t get rid of Stabler b/c then I’ll just throw my tv out the window.

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