'Housewives' exclusive: Find out why Mike picked (spoiler alert)!

desperate-housewives_lIf you have yet to watch tonight’s Desperate Housewives premiere, stop reading now. For everyone else, onward and downward…

Housewives wasted no time resolving last May’s “Who’d Mike marry?” cliffhanger. In the opening minutes of tonight’s sixth-season opener, it was revealed that Mike picked soul mate Susan over Katherine. Surprised? Join the club. I thought for sure Housewives boss Marc Cherry would drag out the Susan-Mike romance for another season at least. Heck, he essentially threatened to do just that last April at Paley Fest ’09, telling fans he would likely string us along for “a few more years” before marrying them off. So what happened to change his mind?

Cherry tells me he had a fan-driven epiphany over the show’s hiatus. “I originally was going to have Mike marry Katherine,” he admits, “but as I went out into the world on vacation and just started talking to people they were so determined that Mike and Susan should get together; they were so insistent on it. So I started to think, ‘What if I went that way.’ And it occurred to me that it might be a more effective way to go as opposed to frustrating the fans for another year by keeping Mike and Susan apart. The fans demanded it in a voice so loud I kind of was scared to go against them.”

There were creative advantages as well. Cherry says having Mike and Susan happily married “plays better for this season’s mystery.” It also gives Dana Delany a meaty woman scorned story, the beginnings of which we saw tonight. “Katherine has a breakdown,” says Cherry. “And it’s going to be one of the funniest breakdowns you’ve ever seen.”

But what about Cherry’s assertion at Paley Fest that happily married couples “are the death” of soap operas? “The truth is, Tom and Lynette have been married for five seasons going on six and I’ve managed to keep that relationship [interesting],” he maintains. “There’s stuff to mine there once we accept that they’re together as a couple.

“I don’t anticipate ever breaking [Mike and Susan] up again,” he continues. “So now it’s up to me to find out what’s interesting about that marriage. I’ve done it with other marriages on the show, I now just have to do it with Mike and Susan.”

Thoughts? Ecstatic Cherry chose not to drag out Mike and Susan’s romance until the end of the series? Or do you fear that marriage will herald the beginning of the end for the star-crossed lovers? Sound off below.

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  • Shane

    Well, you told me that “for sure they wouldn’t marry Mike/Susan til the end of the series” at your party.

    Who am I to believe!

  • dinyell

    I thought Mike married Susan because Karl was in the church during the wedding. Why would Karl have been invited to Katherine and Mike’s ceremony? Of course, there are other ways to explain his presence, but I thought it was a definite clue. It makes more sense that Karl’d be at his pseudo-friendly ex-wife’s nuptials than at the wedding of two people with whom he hardly interacts.

    • Em

      I thought it was funny that the new family was invited. They’d only been there a couple weeks, and Mike and Susan were hitting them up for a wedding gift? Rude! ;)

      • eve

        If I’m remembering correctly, the new family had moved in 8 months earlier before the wedding took place.

      • JRose48

        Eve, for some reason i can’t reply directly to you, but it was 8 weeks not months.

    • Sam

      well if you think about it Karl could have been there for Katherines and Mies wedding because he was there to see Bree. It would make sense having him there as well.

  • Lauren

    I was relived. I would have been PO’d had they drug it out. Still hating the plot line with Carlos and Gaby’s niece. That chick needs to go or they need to figure out a better way to utilize that character than just make her a terror.

    • Kristy


    • TT44

      They keep saying that Jesse Metcalfe (is that his real name…you know, lawn boy with the eyebrows?) will be back this season. I’m thinking he hooks up with the niece!

      • Emma

        genius! that would drive auntie gaby crazy.

    • M

      Yes! They already had the annoying kid storyline with Tom’s illegitimate child, remember? It dragged out way too long, and just got very irritating.

    • tvfan

      I live Mike and Susan together.

      • movie fan

        ….but I hate proofreading and correct spelling!!

  • Melena

    I am so glad the back and forth is over! Mike and Katherine were never believable as a couple and if memory serves their whole story line was Katherine trying to manipulate Mike into staying with her. She even used his son to bring up marriage.

    • Liz

      So true! I hated Mike with Katherine! That’s why I had stopped watching.
      After all the thingd Susan & Mike got through to be with each other, they deserve some happiness together! Plus, they’re soulmates!
      And gosh, there was NO chemistry at all between Mike & the evil one!

      • DomeFoam

        Totally agree. Katherine and Mike’s relationship always seemed extremely forced, like she was pushing him for a commitment the whole time. It never seemed natural and they lacked chemistry.

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        I stopped watching when Mike and Katherine hooked up too, he didn’t have chemistry with her just like Susan had no chemistry with Gale Harold (Oddly enough…Mike did!) Pretty bad when your ex husband is better on screen with your boyfriend than you are.

    • Joanne Temple

      Finally – Mike married Susan! Katherine wasnt right to marry Mike – cant wait to see next week’s episode!

    • Melz

      Glad to see I’m not the only one! Mike and Katherine had zero chemistry. And, her whole woman scorned thing seems contrived, as well? Why couldn’t they just give her a new man and not her supposed best friend’s ex husband?

  • Emil

    I love the decision. Great.

  • Marnie

    omg thank you marc cheryy i luv you thank you sooo much mike and susan are soul mates!

  • P.S. Jones

    There are two completely maddeningly things about this show: Susan and Susan’s relationship with Mike. I am so sick of seeing them go back and forth. Please, god, just let them stay together forever!

  • Marie

    Thank you Mr.Cherry is all I can say. I was really hoping it would go this way as it is going to be hilarious watching Katherine go nuts. Also I don’t have to abadon ship and turn to On-Demand for my entertainment.

  • sick of Susan

    Susan is so aggravating. bleh.

  • jenn

    I stopped watching this show when the tornado came to town. Lynette’s self-centeredness and ugly, stupid face was more than I could take.

    • Sam Not Spam


  • Jay

    I was so happy he went with Susan. She and Mike are a much better couple, plus Katharine is finally interesting again. Great choice.

  • Mo

    I can’t stand Susan and Mike together. Their relationship ran its course in Season 4. It’s funny that Marc mentions Tom and Lynette as an example of a couple he can still do things with because if you ask me, her pregnancy with twins is proof that he’s run out of ideas.

  • jesse

    dont really care about susan and mike together but i love that it gives serious charge to dana delaney’s storyline who i absolutely love couple that with with bree and karl and drea im seriously excited again about this show

    • Lisa

      I completely agree about Dana Delaney! She’s under-used on the show. She’s a terrific actress & Marc could have a lot of fun with her character. Mike and Susan need to stay together. The Susan character is very needy, and watching her date other men was tedious & boring.

      The Bree & Karl match-up is unexpected & brilliant. Lots of possibilities here, as they have a lot they can learn from each other.

      The only character who hasn’t “grown” on the show is Tom. The guy comes across as the same complete idiot he was Season 1, Episode 1. Story lines in which Tom is center are my time for the bathroom/kitchen runs/kid runs. Marc, can you do anything with the guy??

  • mindy

    I was really hoping that Gale Harold would be back. I love that man as an actor.

  • blurgh

    I wish it had been Susan’s funeral instead of Susan’s wedding.

    • ally

      OMG :O

    • Liz

      You’re nuts!

    • Amber

      I am so happy that I am not the only one on here that cannot stand Susan. She is just awful! I have never gotten this character of what is so great about her. Please kill her off!

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