'Supernatural' boss to fans: 'Withhold judgment on Paris Hilton'

supernatural-paris-hilton_lIt stands to reason that a Supernatural season built around a looming apocalypse would feature a guest turn by Paris Hilton. But series creator Eric Kripke says the casting stunt — airing next Thursday — doesn’t herald the end of the world as we know it.

“I don’t think we’re gassing up the motorcycle to jump the shark yet,” insists Kripke of the episode, which finds the hotel heiress playing “a monster who takes the form of Paris Hilton… It’s a fun, irreverent episode about modern celebrity. [Fans] should withhold judgment until they see it.”

Kripke insists the idea to cast Hilton originated in the Supernatural writers room and not in a CW executive suite. “There was no pressure from the studio or network to do any stunt casting,” he says. “We had our wish list in the room of who would be the best spokesperson for a satirical monologue on modern celebrity and Paris Hilton was at the top of the list. We never expected in a million years that she would do it, but I spoke to her and she got the joke immediately and signed on quickly.

“I give her a lot of credit for being a hell of a good sport,” he continues. “The fact that she was game to play the part speaks volumes about her sense of humor.”

What say you, Supe Nazis? Willing to keep an open mind until next Thursday? Or does the mere mention of Paris Hilton’s name in connection with Supernatural make you die a little inside? Sound off below!

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  • Dory

    I trust Eric Kripke.

    • Cindy


    • Vicky

      Me too.

      • Natalie

        Word to your mother.

      • evelyn27

        Me three.

      • shara says

        echo that

      • phi

        absolutely trust eric kripke. and if he says this is to mock modern celebrity, i’m positive it will be hilarious and smartly written.

      • Kate

        I always trust him. I’m sure this episode will be fun to watch!

    • charlie

      i trust him too. but I still think it would have been a hoot to have her invoke (if not announce) the end of the world. like all those cracks about ‘Paris Hilton having a kid would be the first sign of the end of the world”. have some evil demon knock her up and we see her announcing her ‘blessed event’ on tv in the hotel room/diner/bar

    • natalie

      Agreed. After this weeks fantastic episode (almost like a movie!) I bet next weeks will be amazing. Plus the previews make the episode look like genius. Getting attacked by the ghost of Gandhi? Thats sooo messsed up!….but funny!

    • maddy

      Here’s my deal: I hate stunt casting and I hate the never-ending Paris Hilton self-promotion machine. That said, I love supernatural and I trust Eric to mock this situation appropriately. Last year’s The Monster at the End of this Book, and Jump the Shark are examples of this of pushing it to edge but not over. They have always been able to blend humor into the show in unexpected ways. So I’m willing to give this a go. Once. And if it brings some attention to this undervalued show, great. But really, Eric should lay off the “I’m surprised she did it bit” Hilton would show up at a dog fight if she got paid, that’s what she does. So really, it’s not like it was an “artistic” decision on her part, so it’s best he not go down that road. Cause no one is buying that one.

    • Av

      me too!

    • Andi

      I love that the very first post summed it up so perfectly. There has been other stuff Supernatural has done that sounded crazy but worked just fine. (Hello, extra Winchester brother!?)

      I trust Eric Kripke and the writers of Supernatural.

  • Yoja

    I actually really like the idea of her playing her monster self. Good for her for being brave enough to make fun of her status as a celebutante. If you haven’t seen her in ‘Repo! The Genetic Opera’, you should check it out. It’s another example of Paris being able to see the humor in the role she plays in the world.

    • Kat

      Exactly. She was fantastic in Repo, and this seems a little in the same vein. If she has a sense of humor let her make fun of herself. If you’re making fun of socilites in any capcity it’s funnier from one of them and a little less mean.

      • Jaime


  • SoG

    Paris Hilton + ‘money that my grandfather made and I am now burning through in a desperate attempt for revelance’ = monster 100 times over …It all adds up to me! (Who knew Paris was good at math?)

  • hope

    I saw the that movie paris made the hottie and the nottie, she couldn’t even act? now she’s doing this? the girl must be desperate or something

  • M

    I think Paris gets that she’s kind of a joke, and she’s able to joke along with everyone. I trust Kripke, and I think there’s no way he would have cast her if it didn’t make total satirical/supernatural sense.

    • Lex

      I totally agree M.
      I have a feeling this episode will be very funny even though I completely despise Paris Hilton.

  • Jessi

    I wish Kripke would grow a backbone and quit worrying about what fans think. The least he could do is pretend to be a professional and stop making these apologetic little announcements so that fans won’t be mad at him. I wish he would focus on writing–which he’s awesome at–instead of indulging his creepy obsession with his own fanbase.

    I think Paris’s cameo will be hysterical, and I’m looking forward to it.

    • Mariah

      This was apologetic? Maybe we didn’t read the same thing, but I got a ‘chill out SPN fans’ from this. Which is good. SPN fans freak out and make snap judgements more than any other fanbase.

      • Katee

        I can see why Kripke sees the need to make a statement like this. SPN fans are sometimes a little bit over protective of the show, dare I say rabid. It’s Kripke’s world – trust him.

    • MikeyNYC

      Show runners who “quit worrying about what fans think” don’t keep their jobs too long. I agree that its not necessary to announce every single casting choice or plot twist. It is, however, vital to announce stunt casting of this caliber.

      • Kate

        Well said.

    • jb

      you mean like Russell T Davies? There’s a man that really cares what his fans think ;P…..and his shows are better for it.

  • CandyMaize

    Even though I admit that I cringe at the thought, I DO trust Eric Kripke.

  • sabine

    give the girl at least some credit
    you can like her or not but lets wait until we have seen the episode until we call for arms …

  • Mark Jondahl

    I find it relieving that SPN can be serious as hell and still do something funny like this. Anyone who dismisses it out of hand before it even airs is just hatin’.

  • Megan (spnep4ever)

    My opinion is very simple:

    In Kripke I Trust

    • Mariah

      WORD! :-D

  • Kareena

    Despite the fact that she’s an heiress living off her family’s money, Paris has still done more charity work than many Supernatural fans combined. And her role in Repo! The Genetic Opera was actually quite well done. I, for one, am excited for this episode.

  • Kat

    Kripke hasn’t failed me yet; gonna trust him. Just really hope she is destined for a very messy, nasty death in the epi.

  • Kathleen

    Hey, as long as Dean & Sam take her out (I mean off the monster, not date her), I’m cool with it. :)

    • Ivette

      me to… off with her and anyways i trust kripke becasue he hasnt let me down .

    • Angela

      I concur! And no lame makeout scenes either!

    • Suze

      That was always my favorite scene of House of Wax, an otherwise stupid movie, but when Paris gets a stake through her head… I had to rewind and rewatch soo many times.

  • Orac

    After Paris made her political commercial last year poking fun at John McCain for his comments about her, it’s clear she gets the joke. And that she isn’t (necessarily) an airhead. I think this is going to be great, and kudos to Ms. Hilton for being big enough to take the part.

  • maja

    Supe Nazis? Really?

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