'Desperate Housewives' exclusive: Catastrophe rocks Wisteria Lane

Desperate-Housewives_lThat noise you hear is the sound of property values plummeting on Wisteria Lane. This November on Desperate Housewives, the most dangerous street in America will be the site of yet another calamity, this time a neighborhood plane crash.

“It’s going to be my cliffhanger for the first half of the season,” series creator Marc Cherry says of the tragedy, which, he adds, will “affect everyone’s lives.”

Since the story is still in the planning stages, many of the biggest details — including who’ll be on board the small aircraft and who’ll be in its path — are still, as it were, up in the air. But this much Cherry knows for sure: The catastrophe will not claim the life of a housewife. “I’d love to kill somebody ’cause that’s just what I do,” he laughs. “But the truth is, right now I don’t have anyone major dying.”

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  • Karen

    Well, Parker *is* going to Europe…

    • Mario

      its porter i think. and hes already left.

  • Jesse

    I’m really tired of Marc Cherry’s big budget “catastrophe’s” when they don’t result in any ensuing damage. Edie’s house burned down and was replaced in 5 seconds. Susan’s house burned down and was replaced in 5 seconds. The tornado absolutely destroyed the neighborhood (and Bree’s house), and all the property damage was replaced in 5 seconds. I have no idea what happened to the nightclub that burnt down last year, but I’m sure somewhere in Fairview its been rebuilt already. These storylines are “fun” in that they are used as shell’s to kill of random characters, but it would be way more realistic if some of the property damage could stick around for a while, no? I’m sure whoever’s house the plane crashes into doesn’t have to worry too much, b/c it will be rebuilt 1 or 2 episodes later. (They must keep the members of “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” on staff at the Wisteria Lane Homeowner’s Association, no?)

    • habanero

      Implausable, totally unrealistic, 3 words all TV shows have in common nowadays. IQ below 80 required to watch end to end & enjoy. Housewives has jumped the shark. The bell tolls.

    • Jflifdad

      if you have a problem with it why do u watch it, desperate housewives is an awesome show and why are u complaining, i hate people that complain bout shows, but they must like it because there reading this post!!!!!

    • Lynette

      Totally unrealistic? Um… yeah. That about describes tv since its beginning! Days go by in a one hour timeslot in tv land. Would you rather watch an hour of people getting ready for work… then tune in next week for the exciting COMMUTE IN TRAFFIC (same day, of course, because it is done in real time). Get a grip!

  • Ryan

    Well, maybe Drea De Matteo’s family will be gone just as quickly as John Slattery. I don’t have a feel for them yet. I’m not too excited about them just yet, but they’re not the Applewhites either.

  • tvtimepodcast’s Tim

    No major Death? then what’s the point? Stunt for sweeps? How about character development? I hope this plane crash doesn’t ‘jump the shark.” lol

    • convertgirl

      he said no housewife dies, perhaps it’s a husband or child

      • pop

        or causes a miscarriage?

  • Maria

    Wondering how this is going to turn out.

    And curious to know if anyone has heard if Desperate Housewives confirmed John Barrowman for a guest appearance?

    • leo

      Oooh…he’s hot :)

      Is Gale Harold still on the show? I miss seeing his face though he’s been sadly underused on DH.

      • no

        No. Thankfully Gale Harold is not still on the show.

      • fabyola

        Of course, Mr or Mrs No ;P. Surely you prefer James Denton because you are both equally boring

    • Brittany

      Maria- no such thing yet, though apparently he’s still in talks. I would doubt it with how busy his schedule is. He’s currently doing the West End and almost immediately after, a show in Cardiff.

  • Maygirl

    This may not be the cause of a Housewife death, but how about a miscarriage? We all know that Lynette really doesn’t want the babies but an abortion is out of the question – so could we be seeing her spend the 2nd half of the season dealing with the grief and “guilt” this would cause?

    • Fatima

      Is an abortion really out? DH would finally be daring again if they had the guts.

      • leo

        That’s not an area I’d want to get into on a show like this – you’ve got a loving marriage and stable family life so it would be very hard to convince viewers that this is where a woman’s choice should be utilized to end a pregnancy – with twins, no less.

      • Jennifer

        Are abortions really daring? It’s not the 70’s.

      • Dina

        Well, in the last episode they did say it had been three months. So, I would think abortion would be out — I doubt ABC wants to go there.

      • Kristin

        I think an abortion is out because at the end of last night’s episode it was clear she was telling her other children about the pregnancy. You don’t do that if you’re planning an abortion.

      • GinaBallerina

        That’s not gutsy. Something like abortioned should never be glamourized.

  • CK

    Hope this isn’t a “jump the shark” stunt.

    • Buzz

      don’t you mean another one ?!?

  • davidbrenton

    Gee. Another stunt. Let’s try gripping story, Marc.

  • Joshua

    what does ‘jump the shark’ mean again lol??? :D

    • Jackie

      I believe it refers to an episode of “Happy Days,” something about Fonzie jumping over a shark on his motorcycle, but I’m not 100% sure.

    • David

      Actually, Fonzie was on waterskis…but yes he jumped an actual shark (on the show). Now it is a term which refers to the exact moment (usually a dramatic stunt) where a show has gone off the rails.

  • Eileen Donovan


  • CK

    “Jumping the shark” is where a show is desperate for ratings and does some absurd plot point. It comes from where The Fonz jumped the shark episode of Happy Days.

  • Lucas

    Marc Cherry needs to learn how to follow through on his little sweep stunts… That’s what made season 1 great; you never knew what could happen, EVER.

  • Kyle

    First a hostage situation, then a tornado, then a fire, now a plane crash! And how many people major have been killed off on this show?!?! Hey Cherry, want to get people’s attention try killing off some major characters.

  • Marie

    Boring….. a plane crash that’s it. Kill somebody already and please let it be the new family. Drea sucks always has.

  • Marie

    Please Lynette no more kids. Its ridiculous to have children you don’t want.

    • leo

      I predict a situation where Lynette’s pregnancy is in jeopardy and she recognizes she really wants the babies after all. Of course they’ll be fine.

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