Exclusive: 'Gossip Girl' trio give ménage a try

gossip-girl-cast_dlAttention, Upper East Siders: OMFGWTFHOLLA!

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Gossip Girl‘s Nov. 9 episode will feature three major characters having sex. At the same time. In the same bed. Together.


Though my Gossip mole has asked that I not ID the threesome (on the grounds that it would ruin a major upcoming storyline, or some such nonsense), I can confirm that the kinky tryst will involve one of the following combos…

Chuck/Blair/Nate: A recent study indicated that the only thing standing between GG and a 98 share in the show’s target 18-34 gay male demo is a scene with Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick in bed together naked. Leighton Meester can watch.

Chuck/Blair/Josh: You’ll recall that Josh is the gay NYU alum Blair tricks Chuck into kissing later this month. In other words, this trio’s already at first base!

Chuck/Blair/Dorota: Blair’s been on the lookout for a non-threatening third party to fulfill BF Chuck’s carnal desires. Enter her long-suffering maidservant. The best part? She’ll happily clean up afterwards!

Nate/Bree/Carter: One’s a Democrat. One’s a Republican. One’s (for the purposes of this story) an independent. Throw ’em all together, and voila, you’ve got a threesome. Or at least one extra-sexy healthcare debate.

Serena/Carter/Georgina: Serena and Georgina’s dark past together probably included a drunken kiss somewhere along the line, so throwing S’s current BF into the equation isn’t much of a leap. More of a skip, really.

Serena/Dan/Blair: Was I the only one who picked up on something between Dan and Blair in this season’s “Freshman” episode? Didn’t think so. And since B and S pretty much do everything together…

Vanessa/Dan/Olivia: It’s only a matter of time before Vanessa and Dan take their platonic friendship to the next level. Who better to help them make that tricky transition than his current squeeze and her new roommate (played by Hilary Duff)?

Georgina/Dan/Olivia: Imagine Georgina, still smarting from Dan’s rejection, slipping him and his new GF a roofie and then proceeding to have her way with both of them. Wasn’t hard to imagine at all, was it?

Rufus/Lily/Mr. Van der Woodsen: Serena’s MIA dad returns with a secret: He’s bisexual and really horny. From there, the dots pretty much connect themselves.

So which threesome do you think will have a threesome? Guess away in the comments section below!

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  • gio88

    Jenny is not involved?? XD

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      That’s funny, I was thinking the same thing. Before I read the options, I just assumed that Jenny would be involved, and that it would probably be between Chuck, Blair, and Jenny. I mean, did you see the way he was looking at her on last night’s episode? It almost makes me wonder if they’re going to eventually have Jenny come between the two of them.

      • soni b

        i was thinking the exact same thing!

      • Emma

        ditto! Chuck is still such a flirt. He does it with Serena too even though he’s supposed to be her step-brother. But Jenny is a blonder, younger, more hallow version of Blair, all things Chuck likes.

      • Kater

        the way he was looking at her and how nice and easy she was tolerating it kinda bugged me, particularly after she made a point of saying she would never live in the same house as him after what he did to her in the pilot.

    • Todd

      She so would, but Taylor is just too young. Side note, they better play Britney Spears’ “3” during this.

    • summer

      jenny is too ugly for chuck

    • val

      ew, she’s only 16

  • Debbie

    Gossip Girl is so lame and desperate for ratings.(**rollseyes**)

    • Meheh


    • Eri

      Totally agree.

    • Hm

      yup.. didnt watch it

    • Gusar

      That’s exactly what I wanted to write. This reeks of desperation.

      • rudes

        you’re so cool for commenting about a show you dont watch…. you must be busy

    • rodo@aol.com

      More shows should have menage’s. Better tv.

    • theanonymous00

      I’ll have to fifth…or sixth your comment.
      And judging by the ratings…they need all the help they can get. GG is BARELY holding above 2 million viewers, and the CW doesn’t put out press releases touting the show’s strong demos anymore.

      They’re trying too damn hard…the show is pretty much done now, time to put a fork in it.

    • Carol

      Totally agree

  • lyly ford

    better not be with C&B…

    • michelekamay

      Unfortunately, I presume Chuck is involved; he’s naughty enough for dreaming about a threesome.
      But seriously, who cares for a threesome in GG? We’ve watched Sex Intentions like a hundred times! We’re interested in love triangles, period. I’m sick and tired of those CW desperate teasers and spoilers…

      • LH

        It’s already been confirmed by E! Online that Blair & Chuck are NOT involved in the threesome–not as a couple or individual characters.

  • keanna montanna

    really desperate

  • teendramawhore

    Getting really tired of Schwartz and co. doing these for pure shock value. I realize this show lives on buzz but they have to draw the line at some point. I’m not opposed to same-sex interaction, but I much rather see a love story than a gratuitous scene that serves no real purpose.

    • Dave

      Well I think your names says it all….now shut up and change the channel if you dont like the storylines. Maybe you should be watching Disney Channel

      • Dave’s Bud

        Or Teendramawhore can complain on a forum about said topic b.c this is America and Dave can shutup unless you can back up your reasoning with some rational thought.

  • Sagebeth

    i am inappropriately excited for this… AND NO you are not the only one who got vibes from Blair and Dan.

    • RP

      Ditto. C/B/N or S/B/D are the interesting ones, the rest range from “ehh” to “ugh”.

      • GGal

        youre picks are so unlikely i’m so sure that its c/b/ and that gay guy lol :]

    • Sofia

      Blair and Dan would make SUCH a HOT couple! I really hope the writers go there. They remind me of Seth/Summer.

      • Eve

        Blair and Dan? Seth and Summer?! You’ve GOT to be kiddin’! Blair and Dan have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other, and this ‘dislike’ obviously could NOT tur into sex. It’d be agains Blair’s nature, and if it wouldn’t, I’d be dissappointed, ’cause they’d been making a major modification in a character that’s already… Well, Blair.

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      Yeah, I caught that too. And I’ve been wondering when exactly they were going to introduce that storyline, since it has always been obvious that Blair and Dan’s mutual dislike of each other could easily transfer to some hot frenemy sex.

  • leslie

    That’s disgusting.

  • Erin

    This is not sexy. I will not be happy if any of these happen. Yuck.

  • Tweety

    Its an ugly thing…
    Hope it won’t involve Chuck or Blair with a 3rd party because then I would stop watching the show

    • Danny


  • c

    it better not have anything to do with chuck and blair we just got them stable, they wont give us a decent love scene between the two of them but they are going to put them in a threesome, oh dont even touch it writers. my first inclination is that it will be with dan and two others just bc he is taking chances this season.

  • HH

    OH YES! I am so excited…. I think it will be Chuck, Blair and Josh. Chuck will get to explore his bisexual side…..this is gonna be SO HOT!

  • Wes

    It’s going to be Dan, Olivia and Vanessa. They’re not going to a MMF threesome and this is only MFF I can believe. BTW, Schwartz has nothing to do with plotting anymore that’s all Steph Savage.

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      Yeah, I’m not really that psyched about the combo, but I suspect this is the one they’re going with. We already know the Duffster isn’t going to remain on the show, so what a great way to go out! With post-threesome awkwardness!

    • lesbians

      I agree that they would not go for to guys. They don’t ever do anything with Eric, the gay male on the show. As I was reading I originally thought Dan, Olivia, Vanessa. They laid the ground work already. Miss “Paragon of Normalcy” cannot be all that normal. She clearly likes Vanessa. Vanessa and Dan need a little push into their romantic issues. It would just seem to easy for it to be Blair and Chuck given their game of seductive flirting. Besides, I don’t think Blair likes to share.

  • mamafoxof3

    I’m going to guess Nate/Bree/Carter due to things I’ve read elsewhere.

  • Matt

    It could be Nate/Bree/Carter since Nate is always having sex anyway but I doubt that they would put two guys together. So the next most plausible trio for me would be Georgina/Dan/Olivia.

    • Mike

      My thoughts exactly…

    • Valley Girl


  • tex

    It will never happen, but my dream is Serena/Dan/Blair. YAY THRESOMES!

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