It's official: 'Bones' will flash back for 100th episode!

bones-first-meeting_lGood news, Bones fans: We’re going back in time!

Last month, I told you that Bones producers were considering rewinding the clock back to Booth and Brennan’s first assignment together for the show’s milestone 100th episode this spring. Well, I’m happy to report that the time-tripping story has been given the green light!

“We’ll be there for the first time those two personalities clashed,” confirms exec producer Stephen Nathan. “Events will conspire to make them come out of the case hating each other and vowing that they will never work together again.”

Wait, there’s more. “We’ll also see the introduction of Angela and the genesis of her friendship with Brennan,” Nathan adds. “And we’ll try and work in a Smurf reference, of course. They certainly have been absent from season 5 so far.”

A Booth/Brennan origin story and a shout-out to my beloved blue buddies? Is it my birthday?!*

* No, it just feels like it. My birthday is February 23. Registry info is forthcoming.

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  • jess

    does this also mean a return visit from Zach???? because he would have been Brennan’s grad student back then…
    meaning, also, a Cam-less episode… possible former Jeffersonian director… possible former FBI boss… and a return of Jack’s crazy hair and beard and messy dressing…
    ooh, the possibilities!

    • Film2TV

      And does this mean a return of the karate chopping Bones, who could take out any guy who got too close? I miss that about her.

      • dewi

        Wow. If we’re going back to the time where Brennan kicks the asses of men, and Brennan hates Booth’s guts.. Well, I’m interested. Although, I’m going to miss Cam and the interns..

      • Kae

        We all loved karate-chopping Bones. Those were the days…

      • Nick

        Karate-chopping Bones was my least favourite thing about the character and the series; kicking the ass of Adam Baldwin? I call bullshit. She was even more of a Mary-Sue at the beginning of the series than she is now. Now if we could go back to when Booth was less of a frat-boy…

  • Chris

    it feels like my birthday too!!! and my birthday is a week after halloween, just so you know ;)

    • Clea

      Mine is on the 4th. Happy upcoming birthday to us both!

    • anna

      mine is on the 6 :P

  • Hann

    This is just completely made my day!! Thanks for the info Michael!

  • brittany

    good move by hart! only a few shows in a drama/mystery series make it this far and im glad that BONES has made it!! having a flashback is incredible for the 100th episode! :)

  • Paige

    Sounds like an instant classic in the making. Though it will be a shock to see Booth and Boones not be friends. Kinda like watching early season 1 episodes on TNT.

    • Alyssa

      But that’s the attraction, no? I think the earlier seasons are where it all blossomed from. That non-friend thing definitely contributed to how they are now :D

      • anna

        i see seaon 2 and whata a atraction , my sister (how is’t watching the shiw) said that ” are those guy’s togheter ? beacuse they look and speak like one…I just laughing at her and said that she must see the other season too(1,3,4 and now 5) hope you guy’s can read this beacuse I’m sleepy ;)

  • ggny

    Zach better be in this episode or it just ruins the whole thing

  • coredump

    I would really prefer a flash-forward with Booth and Brennan getting together with a lot of kids. Yes, I am a shipper.

    • Lili

      :] awww..I second that motion! Especially @ the Bones doing her “dancing phalanges!” bit :]

    • Astrid

      great idea! And with kids of Hodgins and Angela in the same sandbox, while we are at it!

      • Meatball

        I second you on that. I miss Angela and HOdgins not being together. They have to find that jerk and get her divorced.

  • Penelope

    thanks mike

  • Sharayah

    Sound exciting! Since we(me and my family) actually didn’t start watching Bones at the very beginning, we started watching it sometime around season one or maybe two…so this will be good to see where it all started. Because now this is definitely one of my favorite shows!

    • JKBOpinion

      I’m with you! I was a latecomer to the show and would love to see that ‘kick-off’ moment.

  • Melissa

    Yeah…. I was about to say everything Jess said in the first comment here. So… Hurray for Jess knowing all the right questions to ask!

  • riviera41797

    this could potentially also mean a visit from Dr. Goodman, Jonathan Adams, correct? ;)

  • anonymous

    Apparently in the books Booth didn’t exist. WTF?!

    • Marisa

      The books are set when Dr. Brennan is in her 40’s (I believe) and working between Charlotte and Montreal. The guy in those books, Detective Andrew Ryan, is Booth-esque.

    • znachki

      In the books (which were written before the show was even an idea), Tempe is a late 40’s divorced mother of a college age daughter. She works and teaches in Charlotte, NC, and is a consultant who works in Montreal. Detective Ryan is a Quebecois. (In my mind he is played by Sean Bean.)
      Kathy Reichs, the real-life forensic anthropologist, and the creator of the characters, says that, although they are really separate, that you can think of the TV Tempe as a younger version ofte book one.
      Personally, I just enjoy them both as separate things.

      • Vickif

        Totally agree. I love the books and I’m not disappointed that the series is differnt. I love them both.

      • Alyssa

        Agreed. I started the books from watching the show, but consider them as two different things. Though I have noticed a couple references to the books from the show; an episode was dedicated to a girl who had basically been eaten by dogs. Ring any bells?

        Also, whenever I think of Andrew Ryan, it brings me back to Eddie McClintock (Sully). It’d be fun to see him and Booth go head to head again. D

  • daisyj

    I’m confused– I thought the pilot was the first time they were working together? Brennan did some kind of blackmail thing to get Booth to take her along on the case because she wanted to get out of the lab, and they didn’t like each other at all. Am I making this up, or are the producers going to rewrite history?

    • Ryan

      Nope in the pilot they mentioned they had done like one or two other cases together. bring back Dr. Goodman and Zack!

    • nml81

      The pilot was the first time she got him to take her into the field. They spoke as if they had worked cases before, but she was restricted to the lab.

    • Clayton

      I will concur with Ryan and nml81, in the pilot she wanted to be in the field with booth. my impression was that she had helped on several cases, at least 10 (just a number that ‘feel good’ for me).

  • Casey_F

    Yay!!! Good news to get me through a boring workday!! Thanks Michael!!!

  • Joy

    Sooooooo excited! I hope we get some Booth/Pete interaction, that would be fun!

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