Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Glee,' 'Grey's,' 'NCIS,' 'Lost,' and more!

Ask-Ausiello-Glee_lGot a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Just want to say hi? You can send any/all of the above to

Question: G’day! How about you share some Glee scoop? —Vivian
Okay, mate. There’s a crazy-ass rumor going around that Will will discover Terri’s faux baby plot, dump her, and then, in a moment of passion, get her pregnant for real! The really crazy-ass part? Sources confirm that two of those three things are true! And the other one? Not so much.

Question: I loved the Rachel-Puck hook-up in last week’s Glee! Is this something that the show may continue in the future? —Tiana
Not in the immediate future. In the immediate future, Puck is mostly into Quinn. Which is sweet considering he knocked her up and all.

Question: I have a really fun assignment for you, Aus. Create a chart listing every Lost alum there ever was, and then next to their names, tell us where things stand in terms of them returning for the final season. I just know how much you love to make lists. —Steven
I have a better idea: Let’s scrap the chart and forget we ever had this conversation. In return, I’ll share this Lost nugget with you: I hear Team Darlton will give us the answer to one of Lost‘s oldest and most confounding mysteries. And I’m pretty sure it’s an answer none of us expected to get.

Question: Can you please find out what the deal is with episode 9 of The Mentalist? The plotline hasn’t been released, but I hear something big goes down at CBI. —Liz
Here’s what I know: It’s a big Red John episode and someone dies.

Question: Is Jenna the one who’s going to die on The Vampire Diaries? – Georgia

Question: Have any Vampire Diaries tidbits? —Lauren
I have a tidbit. In episode 8, ****a* stakes ***o*.

Question: Is anything ever going to happen between Tony and Ziva on NCIS? —Lauren
I thought for sure something might happen in the Nov. 17 episode when the two sorta-lovebirds get trapped in an elevator overnight during a statewide blackout. But then an NCIS insider pointed out that it’s not Tony she’s marooned with, it’s another major male character. Guesses? Head to the comments!

Question: I’m really excited to hear about Bones‘ flashback episode. Does this mean we’ll be getting a visit from Zack? —Estee
“That’s still up in the air,” responds exec producer Stephen Nathan. “We would like to have him in the episode, but we have to work out scheduling as well as story issues.”

Question: When are you going to post your Q&A with the Smallville producers? — Trisha
I’m eschewing the customary Q&A in favor of a parceling-out approach. Here’s one scoop. Here’s another. And, looky here, there’s a bunch more below!

Question: Will Clois move full-steam ahead on Smallville or will there be a monkey wrench that derails the train? —Murnice
Ausiello: While the relationship hasn’t exactly moved along faster than a speeding bullet, you’ll be glad to know that there are blue skies on the horizon — beginning with this week’s big smooch. “They both have a few issues, so things never go as smoothly as you think,” says exec producer Kelly Souders. “But what’s great about the relationship, because it’s sort of more adult, mature relationship, is it actually brings their issues up to the forefront, and makes them start dealing with them instead of being the younger versions of themselves, where they might not have been that conscious of it.”

Question: Will Clark ever find out about Lois’ so called “Sex Dream” on Smallville? —Lisa
“I would say tune into [episode 9] ‘Pandora,'” Souders teases. “Reality is relative in ‘Pandora,’ but I will say that when [Lois] goes to the future, there’s some skin there.” Souders adds that “‘Pandora’ is literally like a finale. It’s huge. You’ll see an alternate ending for everyone in the cast. You’ll see what could happen to them and the future is dramatic. You won’t be disappointed.”

Question: When will Clark put on the iconic glasses on Smallville? —Jackson
“There’s something coming up in these first nine episodes,” Souders reveals, “in which Clark might at least contemplate glasses.”

Question: Why has Allison Mack had so little screen time on Smallville this season? —Kathy
The calm before the storm, perhaps? “Chloe fans will not be disappointed,” Souders maintains. “There will be some budding romance in her life from an unexpected source.” Oliver? “I’m not saying.” In possibly related news, Souders reveals to me exclusively that during the second half of the season, “Chloe is going to meet a new hero who is not all that he’s cracked up to be.” Will this hero be carrying a DC Comics certificate of authenticity? “I don’t think we got the rights to his name cleared,” says Souders, “but it’s somebody fans of the show will be familiar with.” Guesses? Head to the comments!

Question: I was so happy to see that you called Parks and Recreation one of the most improved shows of the season. I totally agree! Got any scoop? —Abby
You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, according to showrunner Michael Schur. He says a November installment featuring a guest turn by Megan Mullally is “the best episode we’ve ever done.” Mullally plays Ron’s ex-wife, which is pretty funny since she’s married to his portrayer, Nick Offerman, in real life. But the laughs don’t end there. “She works for the library system, and they’re trying to take over the lot that Leslie is jealously guarding for her future park,” Schur explains. “So Ron has to get back involved with his ex-wife and fireworks ensue.”

Question: Please tell me that this week’s Ask Ausiello is not closed yet! You must tell me when Gemma tells SAMCRO what happened to her on Sons of Anarchy! —Cindy
You just made it in under the deadline! Congrats! To answer your question, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth comes out in the Nov. 10 episode.

Question: I have been patiently waiting for some Numb3rs scoop.  Do you have any juicy tidbits you can supply? —Kristen
I have two, two juicy tidbits for you…

1) This Friday’s episode features an appearance by Sam Lloyd (a.k.a. Lawyer Ted on Scrubs).

2) Michelle Nolden is returning for multiple episodes as Don’s love interest, Robin.

Question: I’m pretty sure we’re long overdue for some Damages scoop. Agree? —Jeremy
I suppose. Ebon Moss-Bachrach (John Adams) has been cast as a potential love interest for Ellen. Also, rumor has it that Keith Carradine’s character will get it on with Glenn Close’s Patty.

Question: Greek info, please! Monday’s episode was incredible. One of the best ever. Cappie and Casey are my favorite couple on TV. —Kris
Now that those crazy kids are finally in sync on the love front, I can share with you a major spoiler I’ve been sitting on: This will be their first obstacle as a happy couple.

Question: I need me some Supernatural scoop. —Natalie
Body swap alert! Sam and Dean switch bodies in episode 12!

Question: I love Lauren Graham just as much as you do! And I’m glad you got to interview her about Parenthood, but I want more! I’m greedy! — Elizabeth
If it’s more you want, it’s more you shall get. Parenthood boss Jason Katims tells me that Graham’s single mom Sarah will differ slightly from the version Maura Tierney played in the pilot. “We were very much writing for Maura and in Maura’s voice, so there will be adjustments because of who Lauren is as an actress,” he says. “But it’s not like we’re completely reinventing anything.” Although he concedes that the circumstances under which Graham landed the role were “not good” (Tierney left to undergo treatment for breast cancer), Katims says he’s “extremely excited” to be working with LG. “I love her work,” he raves, “and I’m just so excited about what she’ll bring to the show and her enthusiasm for the project.”

Question: When, if at all, will Peter realize he doesn’t belong in this dimension on Fringe? — JSL
I ran this query by executive producer Jeff Pinkner, who responded, “Clearly part of the tension of this season is that the audience knows more about Peter than Peter knows about himself and we will continue to play that tension.” Or, to put it in the words of Massive Dynamic’s legal division, “No comment.”

Question: 90210 scoop, please!
Naomi’s going to tell a lie. No biggie, right? Wrong. This time, there will be major consequences.

Question: What’s this I’m hearing about Bart Bass returning from the dead on Gossip Girl? Is he alive or is it a flashback? —Fernanda
Ausiello: It’s neither. Totally unrelated question: Are you a fan of A Christmas Carol, Fernan?

Question: I love Grey’s Anatomy but what’s this I hear about trouble on the horizon for Mark and Lexie? Who is this mystery woman from Mark’s past? —Sophie
I believe she hails from Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and has McSteamy DNA coursing through her veins.

That’s a wrap! Send questions-comments-anonymous scoop tips to Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Keith Staskiewicz)

PHOTO CREDIT: Glee: Patrick Ecclesine/Fox; Mack: Frank Ockenfels

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  • Joon D

    What’s with all the SV news? Can we get info about a show’s that’s not grasping it’s last breath. It had so much potential and just went down hill.

    BUT thank you for all the wonderful scoop in the other shows. Grey’s is so awesome this year.

    • Ashwee

      Shut up. Do you see people complaining when all he does is give Greys scoop? No! So let another show get some spotlight!

      • Jessie

        Thank you! So sick of GA stans whining, especially when Aushole gives more scoop on that show than any other.

      • Lindsey

        AMEN! Not everyone likes GA, and it’s always (except with this one) the first thing he answers.. Or the first 4 questions..

      • Sally

        Yeah, actually people whine a lot when he gives Greys scoop. Actually people whine a lot whenever a show they don’t watch gets a lot of coverage.

      • Mike B

        Yes. I am one of the people that gripes about all the Greys scoop. It is about time we get a bunch about another show.

    • Jess

      Smallville is awesome this year. how about you give another show a chance and not hate on us getting some scoop

    • Mike

      Thanks for the Smallville scoop Michael :D <3

    • Frank Anderson

      He writes about shows from the CW (like Smallville, 90210, Gossip Girl and Melrose Place) because Warner owns both the CE and Entertainment Weekly.

      So, now you know why this guy ‘just happens to pick scoop requests’ about shows on the CW.

      • John

        Which is funny because the rest of the scoops are for shows on all the other networks and sometimes there are no CW scoops. What, would you only be happy if he completely omitted CW stuff? Idiot.

      • diego

        too bad he did it also when he worked for tvguide…

      • Melissa

        Agreed Diego. I followed Michael from TV Guide and he had scoop on lots of CW shows back then too.

        Thanks for the Smallville news! Keep it coming!

      • Frank Anderson

        10 out of 24 of these scoops are for CW shows, and both EW and CE are owned by Warner. That has to be more than just coincidence.

        Simple logic… idiot.

      • whale sweater

        this guy makes a sarcastic comment about ew’s relationship with the cw o every ask ausiello post. it’s pathetic and definitely not worth getting worked up over. he clearly has nothing better to do.

      • Frank Anderson

        Yeah… there is probably nothing to this whole CW, EW conspiracy I see…

        Oh, nevermind. This guy just posted another post… about 90210.


        No, seriously I am sick of posting on this guys posts as well. I will stop as soon as EW starts putting some kind of marker letting people know that they are covering something owned by Warner, just like they are.

        They do it from time to time, but I think if they were more consistent with it that more people would see how this ‘syngergistic’ relationship is being abused right now.

        I only do it because I have been loyal to EW for over ten years and hate to see it used as a propaganda machine for Warner properties.

      • tuna

        the thing is, who cares? who cares if a company is using one of their affiliates to promote another of their affiliates? why not take up the cause of global hunger or women’s abuse or anything else that actually matters? who cares if it even is true? it’s not like they literally only cover cw shows or that they overlook those shows faults and never critique them so i don’t understand why you care so much.

      • Frank Anderson

        Because I always loved EW because they did a great job covering a wide variety of entertainment, and these shows are being shown to the detriment of many other deserving shows.

        It is not like I expect EW to never cover these shows, that would be stupid and ridiculous.

        I do think it is fair to ask EW to limit their coverage of these shows to just a mention or two a week. Putting them in five or six times in one issue is simple overkill and really hurts the legitimacy of the magazine in my eyes.

        Also, saying the critique these shows is a bit of a misnomer. They may admit that these shows have low ratings or are going through a rough patch, but they are almost habitually positive about them.

        It might just be because some of the writers for EW really do love this show, and that is fine if they do… as long as they are not fans of these shows to the detriment of providing their readers with a wide range of information on a variety of shows.

        Telling me that I could have a bigger issue is also a bit of smoke and mirrors. People have concerns about a ton of things that are more trivial than world peace or something.

        I think ten years of my money going to an organization gives me every right to speak my mind.

        If I did not love EW, then I would not take the time to post this issue as much as I do, but I do and hope that I can help make things change.

        I am sorry if I am annoying anyone with these posts… but that is kind of the point. :)

      • tuna

        fair enough but maybe be more articulate and thoughtful like you were in this last post as opposed to the comments you usually make which come across like a conspiracy theorist troll. not saying that you are but you give off that impression in most of your posts as opposed to these ones where i actually get where your coming from more and don’t just automatically dismiss you. just an outsider perspective that is meant to be helpful.

      • Frank Anderson

        No, I totally appreciate the feedback as well. Honestly, I think a lot of my posts come off badly in part because I am so sick of posting them.

        I hate beating a dead horse like this, it gets really old.

        I have written to EW about this issue, and have gotten no response while I have gotten a few posts agreeing with some of my more rational posts on these comment sections.

        I hate having to keep working to get out word that more coverage of a variety of shows/movies/entertainment will get you more viewers.

        Maybe I am just not EW’s target demographic anymore and need to find a new magazine, but EW is my favorite magazine. I have seen too many of the magazines I love go the way of the dodo over the last few years. I am tired of it. The internet is OK, but nothing beats holding a magazine and reading it from back to front, sometimes multiple times.

        It is an awful feeling when something you have given this much time to starts to not be the same thing that you fell in love with.

        Again, I do appreciate the non-hateful responses. I will try to cool it down and not post as much.

        Have a good one!

      • Diane

        Its called business and everyone does it. If you are expecting a company to stop pushing their agenda then you are completely naive. News networks and publishers push their political agendas, whether conservative or liberal. ESPN pushes sports/games they have networks coverage of (the Monday Night NFL game, soccer, tennis, college football, bowling) and ignore sports/games that are on other networks (Sunday night NFL game, hockey). If you expect Ausiello and other columnists at EW to not have more inside information regarding CW and Warner produced shows, they you are ignoring the power of inside information and contacts.

        I think we should all appreciate the work that the staff at EW does and if you don’t like that they are getting information regarding shows from their family – STOP READING THE WEBSITE. Show your lack of support for their business policies by going to another outlet. But warning TVGuide and People are also covering the CW, (of TV Guide’s top 5 stories, 3 are focused on CW shows!) so start preparing your conspiracy theories now. Or maybe people are just interested in CW shows while NBC has on Leno and Halloween specials, fox has baseball, and repeats and miserable shows are filling the schedules… Shame on the CW for actually showing new and intriguing episodes…

    • darrin

      thank you for ths smallville scoop always

    • Andrea

      He also recently had a Q&A with the Smallville producers, as was clearly stated in the first Smallville question.

    • bill

      Hey Joon,If Greys continues the way it is I hear the beap,beap,beap,of life support going rite out of it.Stay strong Smallville Followers and get the word out.

      • ryley

        Actually, noy exactly a fanatic of, butt Grey’s Anatomy has been fantastic this season.

        Your joke is lame. Sorry.
        All these haters need to stfu and THANK Ausiello forthespoilers teyew giving their own shows.

      • Steve

        Yeah, joke is pretty lame since it isnt based on anything true. If grey’s continues how it did last week, then it will average 15 million viewers and be a top ten show. I dont watch it but thats pretty good.

    • Amanda

      in all actuality Smallville is doing a hell of a job. back of jack b/c the smallville mob tears ur head off! haha. just joking… or am i?

    • Kristin

      I agree, I think this column would be so much better if there were ONE question per show. Then it wouldn’t feel like we were being bombarded about one show in particular.

    • Paul

      i want more LOST scoop!!

    • Jeri

      Agree totally. The other kids should try to play nice – we don’t have to like their show.

    • Jimmy Olsen fan

      Ug without Jimmy, Smallville has seriously gone downhill. Tell them to bring back Aaron!

      • jake

        Jimmy olsen fan shut your far this is probally going to be the best season of smallville yet. jimmy was really getting gay anyways so shut your mouth

    • Mandy

      Agreed! I used to love Smallville but it’s gone so far downhill. The show is becoming an embarassment to the Superman name.

      Tom Welling, please move on. You are too good for this crap. :(

    • willow138

      im a huge superman geek and i think smallville is fantastic. both this series and the previous have a different feel to them than the rest of them. it’s progressed into a more mature show. The early years were wicked but Clark couldnt stay in high school forever. Its not grasping at straws at all, if anything this series is focusing on two of the most dominant Superman story arches of all time. Zod and Clark and Lois’ relationship. Im not saying everyone has to like smallville but don’t be petty and insult the show because the ratings clearly show your out numbered

  • Reese

    :( You spent all that time in Austin and no FNL scoop?

  • Cara

    Thanks for the scoop!! I have high hopes for Mark and Lexie, sounds like a relative which isn’t too bad. They are the cutest couple, love their chemistry and comic relief!

    • gafan

      High hopes? I wish I had high hopes
      For this Mark/Lexie spoiler, but I don’t. Why can’t they just be happy?

    • Kristen

      OMG, is it a kid????

      • ernie

        I was thinking kid too. Lame.

      • Karen

        That’s what I was thinking!!! PLEASE LET THEM JUST BE HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Vech

        That was my first thought too! A woman, between them but not a lover one who has his DNA? He so has a kid and she so is going to be around Lexie’s age! I can’t wait!

    • Coyote

      For those thinking his surprise offspring might be around Lexie’s age, in real life there’s only a 10-year age difference between the actors. Lexie is around 25, so even it Mark were 40, he would have to father the child when he was 15. Possible, but not likely.

      • Imogen

        And on the show he’s only around 38 because they said he’s pushing 40. I don’t think it’ll be a kid because it says ‘woman’.

      • Elizabeth

        Ausiello said the girl with McSteamy’s DNA is from Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. Well, in episode 8 (Invest in Love) there is an actress, Alanna Masterson, who was also in Sarah Connor Chronicles. She is about the right age (21 – but could play younger) so I’m thinking it’s his daughter.

      • patifk

        a sister maybe?

    • zandra


      I was expecting some okay Mark Lexie scoop, but tell me why it’s all the way last?
      Are you trying to make me that pissed Ausiello? Thinking that this Grey’s Anatomy major WTF spoiler will calm
      Love them to about the highest maximum,

    • Nicole

      Aw! No :( I love love Mark, especially dear Lexie.

      Who is this girl, anyway? Never watched terminator Sarah chronicles.

      Whatever. I hope it’s not a daughter, instead a sister. I have no clue as to why it would break Mark from Lexie, bit if this person dislikes Lexie then I will hate her.

      And if she DOES claim as the daughter..

      .. Fail. Mark is younger than Derek. Pretty sure he’s
      Only 36 while Lexie is 25.

  • Ellie

    For the NCIS spoiler, is it Ziva in the elevator? Otherwise, I’d say Abby and McGee

    • Lindsey

      It’s Ziva. It’s just not Tony who is stuck with her… Personally, I think it would be more interesting if she got stuck with Ducky..

      • Ellie

        Thanks. I misread it.

      • bev

        It’s Ziva and Gibbs

      • Giselle

        That’s what I was hoping. He’s been trying to get her alone to talk about her captivity.

      • Sofia

        Ugh please not Ducky. The least interesting character on the show IMO. I hope it’s McGee and I hope they become even better friends afterwards (:

        Would’ve wanted it to be Tony. Since things still are weird between them maybe they could’ve talked. Oh well. Here’s for hoping for more Tiva moments in the future!

      • anna

        Could go for Ducky…just really don’t want her stuck with either Gibbs or Tony.

      • teris

        Gibbs and Ziva has a father-daughter relationship, not a sexual one.

      • Kathy

        Hope it’s Ziva and Gibbs or McGee. There are only 5 main male characters.

      • NavyResGirl

        My guess:
        Ziva and Tim (McGee).
        That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :-D

      • guinevere

        Apparently, Sofia doesn’t actually watch NCIS.

        Ziva and Ducky trapped in an elevator would be fantastic because Ducky is so interested in forensic psychology. it would be awesome to watch him try to get in her head, especially after what happened in Somalia.

        P.S. Ducky is a total bada$$.

      • Sofia

        Guinevere (BTW I watched King Arthur yesterday, and boy, you were amazing): Apparently, Sofia has another opinion than yours. And apparently, you don’t respect that. And APPARENTLY Sofia DOES watch NCIS & talks about herself in third person *GASP*.

      • Chealsea

        omg so sad its not gonna be a Tiva ep :( but she has things to work out with other people too and so far things are relativly cool with her and tony so it better be gibbs. they’ve got some issues that need to be settled and ziva just isn’t the kind of person to ask to sit down and talk with you.

        @ sofia: WAT R U TALKING ABOUT? ducky is an awesome character! he’s like the grandfather of the team with all his stories and advice and AWESOMENESS!!! but there would be no point in having them stuck in an elevator together. it’s not like either of them have anything they really need to talk about and there’s definatly no ‘ship going on there.

    • McGees1

      it better NOT be Ziva and McGee!

      • Steve

        First of all, who says there’s going to be something going on in the elevator? That said, it would be interesting if Ziva and Ducky are trapped overnight in there.

        Seeing how it’s not Tony, I also think that it could (and should) be Gibbs.
        It’s not Tony, as Ausiello said, so that narrows it to either

      • taylor(:

        definitely should be gibbs. im rooting for gibbs!!

      • rob

        what if its Abby or Carter?

      • Sofia

        I’m having ER flashbacks – Carter and Abby my OTP.

      • Chealsea

        wats ur problem with it being ziva and mcgee. nothings gonna happen ‘ship-wise if it is. she’d probably either end up killing him or their friendship would grow. no way would they start anything there. the fanbase is way too Tiva and McAbby forward. (Tiva=Tony+Ziva and McAbby=McGee+Abby for you non-ship name understanding peeps out there)

      • Lynn Sams

        What about Palmer?!?!?!

    • Francie

      I think it’s going to be Ziva with Gibbs if it is not Tony, especially since there is a huge article with big, great pictures of Ziva and Gibbs in the upcoming Tv Guide. BUT, I still wish Tony & Ziva finally get together and it lasts!

  • Alice

    NO HOUSE?? *HEADDESK* There are still weeks of a House-drought to go and I’m already dyyyyyyyying. >.<

    • Keir

      It’s on on Monday and then all through November. *Then* it’s the drought. :(

      • Keir

        Actually it’s the Monday after next. Damn. Sorry!

    • miranda

      no House???? No House?? SRSLY???????

      • dutchie

        I think they found out about Ausiello’s mole :(
        we didn’t get anything decent in weeks

      • lisaE

        mole..? Follow Greg Yaitanes on twitter

  • Lisa

    Is this woman Mark’s daughter?

    • Ellen

      That’s what we heard. hopefully she’s just a sister, I think a child would be too.. not sure really. but if she’s his daughter then I’ll be annoyed, that means more problems for mark and lexie.

    • Kristen

      I hope not, I will cry. That would not be good for Mexie!!!! Don’t break up my favorite couple!!

    • ShutUpRob

      A daughter played by Summer Glau would be, like, totally awesome.
      A sister played by the acting-challenged Lena Headey would be so much the opposite of awesome that they’d need to bring Summer Glau onto the show just to bring the show up to normal.
      — Rob

      • Bliss

        It’s Leven Rambin.

  • Nevin

    Did you lose your House mole after Yaitanes went on the mole hunt? Cause you went from so many House spoilers to like 0 new ones the last few weeks. Depressing. Here’s to hoping you find a new one.

    • Keir

      This crossed my mind too. Secodning your hope for a new mole.

    • A

      This is news to me–Michael lost his House source?? Hope that’s not true or he gets another one because no House scoop makes me sad.

    • kel

      Hmm interesting. Find another one though Michael, its bad enough we don’t get House for two weeks!

  • Niko

    That Glee bit was soooo unexpected.

  • ashley

    vampire diaires: stefAn stakes damOn?

    • treacletart

      that’s exactly what i’m thinking

      • Jess

        yup me too. that doesn’t mean he dies though it prob in the stomach

    • Zoey

      Oh shoot, that would fit! I couldn’t figure it out. I fail today. But obviously Damon doesn’t die. Still, bad Stefan. I like Damon better.

    • Yesenia

      Sounds right to me. I haven’t read the books but I know Damon is in all of them. Should be a very intense sceen if that’s the case. I love this show.

  • Jordan

    How many weeks has it been since we’ve had some CSI Miami scoop? Pleeeease give us summin’.

  • Ashwee

    You’re so gay Ausiello. So is Glee.

    • Jess

      yet you still come to read him.

    • Nevin

      are you trolling, ignorant, or making a joke? either way it’s not funny, and if you don’t like him, don’t come.

      • Pam

        I think ignorant troll is just about right!

    • ketch

      You say that like it’s a bad thing.

    • Chealsea

      umm if you don’t like him or his column why r u here exactly? is there nothing better you could do then waste your time leaving annoying hater messages and getting a bunch of spoiler-feeders like us pissed off? yeah, i like that word; spoiler-feeders (i just made up that word)

  • julia

    Nice! Nothing on House!
    I guess the mole hunt of Greg Yaitanes, really worked out. Oh boy. What will we do?

  • Tyson08

    Thanks for the Smallville scoop!!!!

    Joon D, you’re a tool.

  • Jessa

    HOLY CRAP! our Mark/lexie theory is true. DNA? Thanks, ausiello. holy

    • Julia

      What? I feel so left out. This has been
      A rumor already?

      Mark and Lexie will hopefully work it out and resolve

  • shli1117

    For the Numb3rs scoop, you mean Michelle Nolden is coming back to play DON’s love interest, Robin? I think Charlie is happy with Amita. They are getting married, after all. :)

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