'Law & Order: CI' scoop: Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio named new captain

Law-Order-chief_lLaw & Order: CI is undergoing yet another staffing change.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio has been cast as the show’s new captain, sources confirm to me semi-exclusively. She replaces Eric Bogosian, who is the latest CI vet to depart as the show shifts its focus to Jeff Goldblum and new partner Saffron Burrows.

As I previously reported, Vincent D’Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, and Bogosian will exit after appearing in the show’s two-part season 9 premiere. Rumor has it one of the three will be carted off in a body bag.

Thoughts on Mastrantonio as the new boss? Sound off below! (Additional reporting by Keith Staskiewicz)

PHOTO CREDIT: Bogosian: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC; Mastrantonio: John

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  • Marie

    I will continue to say Goodbye to this show after the 2 part premiere. I adore Jeff but I’m gone. No Vincent no show and I predict the ratings will hit rock bottom. Goodbye to a great show I followed from NBC To USA.

    • elizabeth

      I won’t be watching again. I’ll remember them as they were. I like JG and MEM, but they won’t replace KE and VDO. And I’m not about to watch either of the two stars get killed off. First the move to USA and now this, it is a literal death march, only they seem unaware of it.


        I agree with you, why fix when it’s not broke. They have a good mix but, now it looks like it’s going to sour.

    • MarkInL.A.

      Without Erbe, even occasionally, and now no more perky, impish, great sense of humor,Julianne Nicholson [she was the MAIN reason I continued watching this show]. I’m outta here.

  • Timothy

    I continued to watch L&O:CI because of the dynamic between Goren and Eames. I still think Jamie Sheridan was the best Captain on the show and was pissed that they let him go. Now that D’Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, and Bogosian are leaving and “Maid Marion”, Sorry that is what I see her as and cannot get it out of my head, is joining, there may be another L&O that I will stop wataching.
    Come on NBC! Why change a good thing….

    • Dave1955

      Dick Wolf is the producer of these shows, not NBC. He’s the one that insists on the staff changes. And, in my opinion, that’s what keeps the franchise alive. In real life, staff changes.

    • Karen

      Jamey Sheridan wasn’t let go, he quit because he was sick.

      • Heather

        Actually, JS signed on for 5 years only and left when his contract expired.

        One of his reasons behind leaving was that He and his family lived in California and Jamey commuted to New York for filming.

    • Alan

      well, she is also an oscar nominee. I’m glad she’s back working.

  • Lex

    At least they have the same hair.

  • Kes

    Yup, I’m out after Goren and Eames go.

    • Maggie

      Me too. When Goren & Eames go, so will I.

      • byrd

        Agree totally

    • Narue

      Me too. No Goren & Eames, no me.

  • Susan

    No Goren, Eames, or Ross = No Me! USA Network has murdered LOCI !!

  • Jane

    eames :(

  • Suzanne

    This is totally unbelievable. USA Network is gutting Criminal Intent. Why don’t they just start from scratch? This is disgraceful and just shows there are no brains at all at USA Network. Vincent D’Onofrio built Criminal Intent along with Kathryn Erbe. No Goren and Eames, no Criminal Intent. Don’t ever trust USA with your favorite show. They’ll screw it up. Idiots!

    • Leslie

      Good point. If they are going to do all of this, they might as well start over. Regular fans aren’t likely to stick around, so why throw the new folks into an almost-guaranteed loser?

    • danuff1

      NBC owns USA, enough said.

  • Mikaylah

    I’m out too. I only watch the episodes with Goren and Eames. I’m sad that we will only have two more episodes left with them. There will be so much left unfinished. :(

  • Doug B

    Sorry but L&O has stuck around because of cast changes. It can get stale and was getting stale with Goren and Erbe. New cast means new stories and ways to tell them.

    I’ll be checking it out

    • imeaj

      I completely agree. I’m putting some trust in USA here and hope to see some unique story lines coming up.

    • twman

      The show was created around Goren. It’s like getting rid of Dr. House, basically.

      • vampirony

        The show was created around the concept of knowing who the criminal was to start off and following the police trying to get inside their heads. Those of us who’ve watched L&O from the very beginning (Chris Noth and George Dzundza) have seen the characters come and go and the format stay solid. With CI, you got more into the heads of the criminals and the cops. But the format is solid and they’ve been looking for a change. I’ll give it a chance like every other round and hope Logan will come back from time to time, although I’m loving Chris Noth on The Good Wife!

      • Chris

        twman is right – Dick Wolf created the show with D’Onofrio in mind for the part. It was the first L&O created around a specific character, not just the stories.

      • BLT

        Exactly! You can’t have House without Dr. House. You can’t have L&o CI without Goren. I mean, really! He was the whole reason I watched!

        Oh, and my Mother is completely in love with him and is really upset! And I have to hear it all the time. Pray for my sanity.

  • Kelly

    Congratulations to NBC for managing to kill a Law and Order series, that it NOT an easy thing to kill!! But with the departure of D’Onofrio and Erbe, every single fan seems to be departing too. The sad thing is, USA/NBC (whatever) MUST know this and still are not taking steps to prevent it by keeping the stars that people tune in to watch. I hate to tell you this network execs, but WE DO NOT WATCH FOR THE STORY LINES, WE WATCH FOR GOREN AND EAMES!!! Goodbye to L&O:CI I’ll miss you! Because EVERY person with a brain knows that this will be the last season without our stars :(

  • Amy

    Well, I won’t be watching, so makes no difference to me. After Vincent is gone, so am I.

  • Sandy Jordan

    They keep sinking further and further. L&OCI will be nothing more than crap by the time they’re finished with it.If they’re trying to get the show off the air, well they’ll do it. It will be a big joke after Vince and Kathryne leave.

  • Matt

    Wow, I can’t believe all the love the outgoing cast is getting here. All BS of course, or their ratings wouldn’t have sent them to USA in the 1st place. Good riddance to D’Onofrio’s bloated Columbo ripoff and Erbe’s blank-faced standing around. Begosian’s a loss, but Goldblum and any partner is a total upgrade.

    • bracchus

      I never liked Goren… I never watched this show until Goldbloom came along. I don’t like the Captain (Bognosian) nor Erbe.

      I actually watch and like this show now!

      • byrd

        You are so correct

    • Anne

      There’s no BS about it. The majority of fans love Goren & Eames. The show didn’t go to cable because of ratings. NBC was going to can the original L&O and Dick Wolf made a deal to keep it on the air so he could equal Gunsmoke’s 20-yr record run. NBC felt they couldn’t support all three L&Os — probably because they’re the fourth network and can’t command as high an advertising dollar. USA actually asked for LOCI because it was so popular. Dick Wolf made the deal so as not to jeopardize his number one.

      • Kath

        Dick Wolf is an idiot. He just wanted the recognition of having the longest running show on tv. Well, I hate to inform him, but there is a big difference between a 20 year show with numerous cast changes throughout the run and a 20 year show that had virtually the same cast (minus one or two people) for the entire run. The whole L&O franchise needs to go away. LOCI was the only one I liked and it got the worst treatment.

    • Kendra

      Finally! someone making some sense on this comment board. These two actors aren’t gods gifts and they aren’t the best on tv. Just cause they are leaving doesn’t mean the show is going to go down the tubes – it might even be better! Saffon Burrows and Goldblum will make a great team I think. If you all are that upset about these 2 leaving the show – go outside and play, there is more to life than tv…

      • RJ

        Uh Kendra, that’s kind of the point. You said if we don’t like it leave…and that’s what we’ve been saying all along. Many fans watched the show because they liked Goren and Eames. They will stop watching when they leave. End of story.

  • deb

    this show IS Goren & Eames, bye bye from me and YUK @ the replacement detectives.

    • Dave1955

      I am so over Goren’s antics, I can’t describe how happy this makes me feel. Maybe I’ll actually watch the show now.

      • byrd

        I definitely

  • AJ Simon


    I still like Jeff Goldblum though.

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