'90210' boss hints at 'multiple gay relationships' on the horizon

90210-willis-lowndes_lNow that the initial shock and awe surrounding 90210‘s upcoming lesbian love story has worn off (it has, right?), it’s time to get down to business — the business of interrogating showrunner Rebecca Sinclair about the origin of the Gia-Adrianna romance, how it’ll differ from the dozens of cliché-ridden Sapphic story arcs that preceded it on primetime, and which member of the show’s male population is most likely to follow Adrianna out of the closet.

Where did the idea for the Gia-Adrianna story come from?
There’s been a real void in the 90210 universe in terms of gay and bisexual characters, so it was always my intention to find the right way to tell a modern story about being a non-straight — or non-entirely straight — teenager. It’s crazy that we don’t have any stories about that.

Lesbian flings have become something of a cliché on primetime soaps. How will this one be different?
This isn’t a fling. We’re coming at this [relationship] from a genuine place and not going, ‘Let’s do a titillating story that will grab some promotion.’ This is a real aspect of teenager life that’s interesting

Why Adrianna?
Adrianna is, by nature, a dramatic person whose identity is not completely solid. She’s still very much in the process of figuring out show she is.

What role does her breakup with Navid play in her attraction to Gia?
The breakup certainly shook her up and made her sort of more open to the possibilities of what will make her happy. But this isn’t a direct rebound like, “Oh, I’m going to go be with a girl now.”

How does the flirtation start?
It starts from Gia’s side. She becomes Adrianna’s friend through AA. And then she develops a crush on her, and Adrianna is initially freaked out. But then she starts to question her own feelings.

How do her friends react?
Naomi, predictably, has some outrageous opinions. She thinks the best thing about fooling around with another girl is how much guys would love it. And Silver, being more sophisticated, is like, “What’s the big deal? If you like somebody and you feel attracted to them, what is holding you back?” But once we get past the “gayness” of it all, it’s really just a story about two people connecting. I don’t think it all has to be about gender politics. Frankly, it’d be great if everyone on the show was bisexual. It would provide [lots] of interesting combinations.

After the Gia-Adrianna romance ends — assuming it will eventually end — will you continue to maintain a gay and lesbian presence on the show?
I would love to. I would love to have a gay guy [on the show]. It’s a huge part of what high school is. I feel like the objective, aside from any political or social proselytizing, is to make as many interesting relationships as possible. I would very much like to have multiple gay relationships on the show.

Of the male characters you currently have on the show, who do you think is most likely to follow Adrianna’s lead?
[Laughs] I don’t know if there’s anyone in particular. There has been some internal debate about this. I feel like as we dig into the show and hopefully make it more specific and unique and interesting, we would get into the real stuff that goes on from both the guys’ and girls’ perspective.

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  • cosmogeorge

    let’s see how this whole story will go!

  • Carol

    It’s part of life. We are in 2009 and it’s about time we stop pretending same-sex relationships don’t exist or are abnormal. I think it’s a good initiative from the producers if portrayed with good taste.

    • Ang


  • Nicole

    Carol, you are so right. This should be a part of every show, not because it’s cool or as a token gesture, but because it reflects reality. That being said, time to get shallow:

    Ausiello, since you mistakenly forgot to include a poll as to which male cast member should be the next to go gay, I’m putting in a vote for Liam. Guaranteed hotness.

  • Brooke

    You know, from the the beginning I was pretty sure that Naveed was the one who was going to end up gay. I’m not sure if it was something about the character or something about Michael Steger, but there was just something about Naveed that screamed “gay” for me, and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way at all. Then again, all of the characters have been acting very differently this season than they had last season, and Naveed’s gotten kind of annoying and sleazy this season, so yay for it NOT being him? :D I still think that Silver would have made more sense for the storyline, though.

    • Jane

      navid is deff gay

  • Snarf

    I thought billionaire Ty (was it Ty?)was gay.

  • Taylor

    It’s Navid, not Naveed, Ausiello. Talk about credible journalism. *Note sarcasm*

    • Pandora

      Where did Ausiello spell it wrong?

      • Taylor

        He’s fixed it now, but he spelled Naveed on this question: What role does her breakup with Navid play in her attraction to Gia?

  • Alan

    “Shock”?? Who the hell is shocked at this storyline? A lipstick lesbian “experiment” on a show featuring pretty young women is not shocking or new. Heck, even Heroes has now trotted out the lesbian storyline. Even FRIENDS did a lesbian episode (with Rachel kissing Winona Ryder). Geez Louise…..Any show with a pretty young woman in the cast will do a lesbian storyline at some point to draw ratings….Get a grip!! Oh but God Forbid, if the gay storyline involves two guys the show will pull a Melrose Place, and go to commercial just as the guys are leaning in for a passionate…hug. Shame on 90210 for jumping on such a stupid bandwagon.

    • Shana

      lol. yeah, this reminds me of the O.C. … Marissa was going through some issues and decided all of a sudden to start dating a girl (alex) ….but then the novelty wore off, they broke up… and Marissa went back to Ryan and being into guys in general.

  • Gregoire

    I just think gorgeous Adrianna would wait along for something a bit more, um, shag-worthy.

    • Liz

      Rumor Willis is hot. Get over yourself.

      • rodo@aol.com

        Def a carpet muncher IRL.

  • Mark in FL

    Teddy’s entire character and demeanor screams “in the closet”.

  • Allen

    I have to say I am sooo tired of the whole gay thing.what happend to just normal TV and good story lines.one of reasons why GG is so bad now.

    • Mike B

      I agree. Why does everything have to be gay anymore? Have multiple gay relationships? Lose multiple viewers.

    • amelia

      i dont see how “gay” relationships are any different than regular relationships. that’s pretty closeminded.

      • Adam

        I agree

    • IndigoRockChiick

      Allen; a storyline involving gay characters IS a normal storyline…it just has gay characters… how is it abnormal in any way??
      Also how is GG not normal? These shows represent normality in their genres, ie. teen. In a science fiction film it would be normal to have, idk aliens, which wouldn’t be normal in many other films or shows, but homosexuality happens everywhere, just like heterosexuality. It IS normal. Dal with it then go make out with a poster of JT in a failed attempt to mask your own repressed latent homosexuality. Good day.

  • Kelly

    Here’s an idea: write out Dixon and add a cute gay boy. Dixon is useless.

    • Prue

      I totally agree!!!!!

  • michelekamay

    Oh gosh, this gay thing again?
    TV showrunners should stop using the gay factor in order to increase the ratings. Those girls are not even gay or bi in real life and Rumer Willis is not in 90210 to stay. They will only share a brief kiss and that will be all. I can’t stand those useless “spoilers”.

    • justin

      What does it matter if the actor/actrees is gay or bi in real life? It’s called a character.

      • michelekamay

        I’ll make myself clear then: a lot of shows have used this same plotline: “I kissed a girl and I liked it but I’m straight”.Even Kelly Taylor gave it a try more than ten years ago and went back to Brandon afterwards. This storyline is over used on TV shows. Being gay is a way of life, “I’m gay” is not a part for a character but “I’m a gay guy bullied at my school and singing in a glee club” that is a part. Gay people are like eveybody else,they are not parts or characters. I just pointed the fact that if one of the girls was gay or bi as a character or as a real person, this might have actually add some interest, but it’s not the case.

  • Jesse

    As a gay man, these storylines annoy me b/c they are gratuitous and never seem to come from a genuine place. The character of Adriana never once exhibited any gay tendencies and now, all of a sudden, she will be involved with a celebrity female who is stunt cast. Like every other “temporarily/experimenting lesbian” storyline I’m sure theirs will be a brief and passionate affair, then Rumer will go on her merry way and Adriana will return to being heterosexual, with the lesbian fling never to be mentioned again. I would love to give 90210 the benefit of the doubt, but gratuitous same-sex storylines just irk me.

    • steven

      Well said. Very well said.

    • Alexandra

      EXACTLY!!! Adrianna showed no lesbian tendencies or whatever but all the sudden THIS is happening?!? I mean
      come on…silly! They’re just trying to get ratings… And if anyone will watch just becuz of that is stupid…it’s not a stupid porn or anything….they’ll show one dumb kiss
      and adrianna will be all like “idk what I was doing, I <3 guys" haha. Ps did anyone
      notice the resemblance between Jessica lowndes
      (Adrianna) and nelly furtado? She's so pretty!

      • amy

        yes i thought tht a wee while ago too (the jessica lowndes and nelly furtado thing!)

    • DJ

      Dude, I totally agree with you. They should not even go down this path. AND WHY ADRIANNA?! That’s really messin’ me up right now. Can we deal with her drug problem first before dumping more drama into her life? She was supposed to be “No drama Adrianna” this season.

  • Joe

    I vote Liam for the gay dude too.

  • AJ

    Thank you Allen & Mike B for bringing your anti-gay remarks. How could we have agay related post and not have some form of hate. Your hate is rather toned down though…

    Just to clarify (most likely gay & closeted) Allen & Mike B: Gay=normal. Straight=normal. Bi=normal. Get over it. Or move to Iran. They don’t have gays there.

    • Alan

      I don’t know what they mean by “normal TV” but I actually kind of share their frustration at “stunt” gay storylines on shows like Gossip Girl, Heroes, 90210, Melrose, etc. Gay on TV just for the sake of one stunt episode is pointless and actually offensive to gay people for whom coming out in not a flirtatious experiment but sometimes years of realization and struggle.

    • Allen

      I dont hate anyone.but these big exces always say they are trying to be real,but they have no clue.from tv you would think gay and bi is the majority of the world and its everywere and its not.the best TV have been straight man and women comendys.stick with that.just write better storylines and stop with the shock value.

      • tuna

        gay people are everywhere. get used to it.

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