Ratings snapshot: 'V' arrives with a bang!

cast-v_lSo much for those promises of peace. V destroyed the competition last night.

The drama’s long-awaited arrival drew nearly 14 million viewers, making it the second most-watched series premiere of the season (behind NCIS: LA‘s 18.7 million).

Although NCIS grabbed the total viewers crown (19.4 million), V easily walked off with the night’s highest adult 18-49 numbers. In fact, V marked ABC’s best 18-49 performance in the time period in three years.

Did you watch? Will you keep watching?



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  • Diana

    Definitely keep watching. I loved the first ep, and can’t wait to see where it goes.

    • Justin

      It was decent, the pacing was HORRENDOUS. I guess they had to keep the A.D.D. mass audience watching (like a shiny object for a fish) but why do they have to try and squeeze 4 episodes into the pilot?? It felt so rushed. at lease they couldve made the premiere 2 hours. There was no time for suspense to build. The son’s character is awful, I hope the blonde alien goes Species on him soon.

      • Matthew

        ADD does not equal stupidity. I’m a professor and I can prove it.

        Having said that, I can personally assure you that this fish was entertained.

      • Bruce

        The pace of the pilot was necessary to set up the series. I highly doubt subsequent episodes will continue along the same pace. If they did, the entire series could be finished in about ten episodes.

      • KWise

        I think they revealed way too much in the pilot episode. I understand they have to capture an audience in just one hour, but I thought they gave away way too much.

      • Kat

        They gave away WAY too much especially for just being an hour long. It would have been better if they pushed back the they are among us, they are attacking, and the surprising connection of how close one of them is to our main lead to at least you know next week. To spell it all out in the first hour seams more like a miniseries with just a 4 hour run, not a 22 ep season or 4 year show.

      • Joey Connick

        The pacing was insane, much like the ridiculous “let’s cram 8 episodes of story into a 1-hour pilot” pacing of Glee. I REALLY hope it doesn’t become anymore of a trend.

      • Jill

        Rather dumb comment, Matthew. And I hope that you have a PhD if you are throwing around the professor word.

      • OIC

        Rather bitchy comment, Jill.

      • Doc

        The only reason they fit so much in was because, since this is a remake, people knew some of the things to come. Rather than delay the expected, they just got it out of the way.

        Also, I thought it was an excellent pilot. Anna creeps me out.

    • Dug

      Agreed. This was a good start and I’m looking forward to see where they will go with the story, as they will probably build up to a mini cliff hanger before they go on the break til after the Olympics

      • watchdollhouse2k9

        Glad to hear others had a problem with the pacing. I thought everything was way too rushed. Really think that they missed a golden opportunity to build a great foundation for the length of the show.

        Not too sure how much I like the BSG-like premise that they have infiltrated humanity (ala the Cylons) but visually it’s great. The acting is pretty good as well.

        Initially I wasn’t thrilled to see this re-imagining but it wasn’t terrible or a complete copy of the ’83 series. I’ll give it thru the first run and see where it leaves us.

    • K-Dogg

      I’m hooked! Congrats to ABC on another fine addition to their Fall lineup (along with FlashForward and Modern Family).

    • Anna

      Will definatly keep watching. What can i say it was amazing

    • Ksen

      The reason for the pacing is because it is obvious that these aliens are not friendly and not of peace. It would be so boring to watch 2-3 episodes of the people falling in love with characters we KNOW are evil. It’s not like it’s a shock that they are bad and they want to destroy us. Besides, I would venture to say that a lot of people have seen the original (and as one of those people) i’m glad they didn’t drag it out.. It seems like dragging out would be dumbing it down.

      • Caryn

        Exactly. You nailed it on the head.

  • Jayme

    I’m so excited by this. I haven’t watched the episode (being in the UK and, you know, what’s the point of rushing if there’s a long wait after a few episodes) but this is so Goddamn awesome.

    Hope it keeps steady.

  • Ally

    Yes I watched and I’m definitely hooked! I just wish these rating would convince the network not to take a hiatus until March after the first four episodes. I feel like that hiatus could easily lose viewership for the show.

    • mscisluv

      I feel the same way, but unfortunately there’s no choice now. They’ve only filmed four episodes and don’t start production again until January.

    • Dennis

      They stopped production of the show and it won’t resume until January or so, so I think they won’t have any new episodes to show until they return in March.

    • tvfan

      Love, the show, but I am worried about losing momentum with a long break…

      • ej

        I agree..the wait is long…the show was good..not great

  • Doug

    Show was good – not spectacular – hope they put a time limit on it(number of seasons) so that it is a focussed effort

    • Varris

      I thought I read someplace that they are really thinking of making it a 4 year run. I’d like that…

  • John

    Ended up missing it but VERY excited to catch on Hulu.

  • rafaeladias

    I can’t wait to watch it! Will do when I get home from work =)

  • Sofia

    I thought V would affect wonderful NCIS’s ratings big time but not really! Only from 21 to 19, that’s not much (= Will watch V though, but I’ll download it.

    • crispy

      That’s because the 20 million oldsters watching NCIS don’t know how to change the channel on all these fancy new TV sets.

      • RNL

        Thanks to DVR I don’t have to choose! I plan to keep watching NCIS and watch V.

      • kaydevo

        crispy, didn’t your mama teach you to respect your elders? Apparently not.

      • timotey

        Actually, NCIS still managed to get 4.2 demo – that’s CBS’ best. Please, stop talking like only people dying of old age watch this show. Tell me how many regular network shows can say that they regularly get 4.2+ demo these days?

      • crispy

        She tried, kaydevo. But I threatened to put her in a home.

      • Kelley

        NCIS still won the night that’s all the matters.
        To tell you the truth, NCIS draws all ages. I am not old, unless 27 years old is old. I just think V is overhyped and rather watch NCIS.

      • Sarah

        I love my DVR, because I could watch both. Oh…I’m 25 so I don’t think I fall into the category of “20 million oldsters”!

      • hope

        I don’t care Tuesday night is NCIS night at my place and for as long as the season lasts this year it will continue to be so and I’m not old 22 in fact

      • Sofia

        K, I’m 18, guess I’m one of the oldsters huh? And – wow you can change the channel on the tv!? I had no idea, I thought CBS was the only channel!

  • Scott

    Honestly, I found it kind of dull, with the sci-fi allegory more than a little heavy-handed. Pleased as I am to see Morena Baccarin and Alan Tudyk onscreen again, it’ll have to get better if I am going to be hooked.

    • Kat

      I was soooooo happy to see Alan Tudyk’s name in the credits. I let out a little screech, like I was a teenager again. It was good to see Wash and Inara on TV again!

      • Avery

        Being the slow person that I am, I didn’t realize it was Inara until I looked it up on line. Long live Firefly :D

      • Kat

        I almost did a happy dance when I saw “Wash” on screen. Even if they aren’t on screen together seeing Morena Baccarin and Alan Tudyk in the same show gave me a bit of a thrill.

      • Andy Bluebear

        I groaned when I saw Alan Tudyk’s name. He’s just not that good of an actor. Morena Baccarin I do like, though…it’ll be interesting to see how her character compares to ‘Diana’s character.

    • KWise

      I kind of hated it and could barely get through the full hour. Clearly I’m in the minority here….but the characters were such stereotypes. Rebellious teenage son. The wise religious figure. Slick broadcast journalist. The guy who has “given up his dirty past” and has changed. Tough FBI agent who’s not afraid to “go at it alone.” YAWN.

      • TomB

        Who the heck are Wash and Inara??

  • Annie

    To be honest I have to watch the show online…because I watch NCIS at 8 every tuesday….but it looks very good

  • Rebecca

    Watched it and will continue to watch!

  • Jackie

    I haven’t watched it yet but it’s on my dvr and I will be watching it today. I am so excited and am pleased it got such good ratings. I’m really concerned about the no new episodes until next year though. That didn’t work too well with Lost and I don’t think they are doing themselves any favours by adopting the same strategy here.

  • tom

    Watched! Hooked! I am there!

  • pauch

    doesn’t this prove that putting something else thats big on the same night doesn’t really affect the ratings of NCIS? I’m wondering if people will stop saying that the only reason it gets ratings is because its the only thing on Tuesday nights. P.S. I’ve never watched an episode of NCIS. Just pointing out a pretty glaring fact now.

  • megan

    I watched and I will continue to watch!

  • michael

    Didn’t NCIS: LA draw larger audience numbers for a series premiere? The 18-49, I would imagine, is the largest for a series premiere but I think that the LA offshoot premiered in the 18 million range.

    • Mariah

      You’re correct. NCIS:LA drew at least 18 million for the premier. Not that I think it particularly deserved it, but it did draw more than 14 million.

      • michael

        No disagreement with you there. Hate the show.

    • RJ

      Didn’t the article already mention that fact. But hey, you know, thanks for bringing it up again on a blog that isn’t even about that show.

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