Breaking: ABC axes 'Eastwick,' orders more 'Forgotten'

This just in: ABC has opted not to order additional episodes of Eastwick, effectively canceling the freshman dramedy. The show, which has consistently ranked last in its Wednesday-10 pm timeslot, is expected to finish out its current 13-episode run. ABC, meanwhile, has ordered five additional episodes of The Forgotten.

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  • shayna

    WHATTT?!!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! THIS IS BULL S**T how dare abc cancel an amazing show with a great cast!!! This is soooo not fair!!!!

    • april-ann

      ABC did what ABC does best. Cancel great shows with amazing casts.

      • Heidi

        I know, ABC always does this! Eastwick is much better than The Forgotten.

      • EC

        Shh! Fox will take that as a challenge…

      • Steph

        @ EC lol.

      • Zoey

        EC – Too funny, and sadly, too true.

      • Monica

        You’re getting ABC mixed up with NBC. i.e. Studio 60, Las Vegas, Lipstick Jungle, Dirty Sexy Money….

      • Amanda

        Dirty Sexy Money was ABC.

      • theduck

        To be fair, ABC (which has consistently taken the most risks with shows over the past few years) canceled Eastwick because it was losing viewers each week, while the forgotten (no typo – the title’s in lower case), while a bad show IMHO, has maintained its audience. Sorry, but the business facts are clear.

      • Lola

        To be fair, a show like Eastwick would have more younger viewers who would be more likely to watch shows online where a cbs-like procedural like the Forgotten would have more older viewers who are loathe to watch their tv on a tiny computer screen. Until the networks find a way to include online viewership in ratings, quick cancellations that annoy viewers will continue to happen.

      • Mariah

        uh, remember pushing daisies, dirty sexy money, life on mars? but the truth is, it’s not abc that sucks, it’s the viewing public who killed those shows, but lap it up for stupid reality and contest shows.

      • renee

        SORRY, i’m ecstatic the forgotten is being remembered. LOL. i dropped eastwick after the first 2 episodes because i had no interest in watching a show about a man manipulating 3 women. the forgotten i cannot wait to watch every week. sure, it’s formulaic but it’s telling the stories of people who could be real. living lives like you and i. even more important, as an attorney, i love and know the importance of the volunteers who help identify these john and jane does, so they are not forgotten. to their families, this is priceless.

      • MandyB


      • laura

        I don’t even know what The Forgotten is.

      • S. Schoolcraft

        Why? Why do we go through this every year. Shows are never given a chance anymore. Even the ‘best’ shows out there had a rock start. I really like Eastwick, as do my family and friends. Each episode builds and builds. We’ll never find out what Jamie was up to now. Would the older ‘witches’ attempt to kill Daryl again? We’ll never know. Great cast, great writing with a slow build. It kept us wanting more. ABC sucks for doing this. They might as well change their slogan to, “ABC, where good shows die”. For once, ABC, listen to the fans, and don’t cancel Eastwick.

    • Mary Morales

      I love that show! Bastards!

      • ed

        you know, this show would have got picked up after like 3 episodes if Abc would have made smart scheduling moves like putting Eastwick fallowing Desperate housewives and placing Brothers and sisters in the Wednesdays at 10:00 spot. eastwick would be improved right now and brothers and sisters would improve the Wednesdays at 10:00 spot.

      • uma121

        “ed” you’re brilliant. Faults and all, Eastwick is fun to watch. It just needs to find the right audience.

    • Christa

      Let’s be honest, if you were a network executive you would do the same. The show is simply not pulling the numbers that would justify keeping it on the air.

      • jericho

        You are correct. Even if the show has gotten a LOT better since its first two episodes. They have two choices, cancel it or move it.

        Moving the show would require a place to move it. Unfortunately for Eastwick, the one place they could move it is occupied by the horrid Private Practice. So they cancel it.

        Its sad that ABC keeps crap on the schedule while not even adequately promoting a show that has clearly stepped out of its horrible start and is much better than several series on the ABC schedule.

      • To jericho

        ABC keeps crap on the schedule? Are you on crack? LOST, Desperate Housewives,Flash Forward,Cougar Town,Dancing with the Stars AND Grey’s Anatomy. It’s THE best network on TV right now. Not to mention the new redux series “V”. Go watch cartoon robots on Fox if your not happy.

      • TV on the Brain

        LOST – Utter Garbage
        Housewives – Utter Garbage
        Cougar Town – Utter Garbage

        Yeah, ABC keeps trash on, or screws crap up like this. FlashForward MIGHT be decent, I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. V is overdone and rushed. Not exactly “crap”, but it doesn’t have any life to it.

        Eastwick is actually a decent show, it’s sad to see that garbage like the forgotten is allowed to continue, while Eastwick is cut.

      • fireflyfan

        Holy crap, fox has cartoon robots!? I’m outta here

      • Silv

        And The Forgotten is? I don’t know anyone who watches it. I’ve tried. Lost interest before the first commercial & switched channels. I loved Eastwick! I even sat thru – I mean cringed thru – Cougartown in order to wait for Eastwick to start. Ugh. ABC sucks.

      • Zach

        @TV on the brain – the fact you just said Lost is utter garbage proves you have no credibility and that your opinion means absolutely nothing.

        go jump off of a very high building please. thanks.

      • april-ann

        While that is probably true that it was not pulling in the numbers now, I would not do the same if I were a network exec. I think what bothers fans is not that a show is cancelled, but that a show is cancelled before given somewhat of a fair chance. Dirty Sexy Money got so badly dicked around by the writers’ strike and by ABC, and when they finally got around to airing it in July, it was fantastic and had the makings of the next Dallas. I know it’s all about money, but you have to spend money to make money, network execs should know that. I’m glad that they did know that at one time, or we would never have enjoyed shows such as Cheers, Seinfeld, Dallas, Knots Landing etc.

      • Caitie F

        The show really wasn’t that great. I watched the first four episodes and was just bored…and apparently that happened with a lot of people if they lost numbers every single week.

        If a new show is last in the ratings every week, it doesn’t make sense to keep it on.

      • Jason

        Except that some of the most popular shows in television history didn’t find their audience until 2 or 3 seasons in- then became a HUGE hit. I didn’t find Seinfeld until 2nd season, same with Friends-wait, isn’t ABC the one that shows Cougar Town? that show is simply awful. Can that, and keep Eastwick. I’m tired of Lindsey Price being fired- she needs another good show to be on!

      • tada

        ABC could have the same fate as NBC if they push that DUMP button too quickly. There are shows on NBC that I’ll stop watching if I notice the numbers are down. I’m sick of the quick cancellations before a show finds an audience. I’ll stick around for shows on the other networks because I know they have a better chance to make it. NBC has created a self-fulfilling loop where they cancel shows because they don’t have the numbers, but the audience doesn’t stick around for their shows because they know they’ll be canceled. ABC should be wary of doing the same.

      • Khristina

        @ tv on the brain…

        Comparing LOST to Eastwick is like comparing filet mignon to a McDonalds hamburger. You can stick with the drive-thru while the rest of us enjoy our 5 star meal.

      • Sheri

        To TV on the brain–
        If you haven’t watched Flash Forward yet, don’t bother. You won’t understand it at all unless you watch the first 7 episodes online.
        For the Eastwick fans–if you truly like this show you’ll protest its demise to the network. Us Jericho fans managed to make CBS give us a second short season.

      • laura

        It’s the time slot.

    • laylagalise

      Absolute Bastard Channel cancels a great show… Not a surprise. *cough sportsnightmysocalledlifepushingdaisesinvasion cough* Oh well, it was a lot of fun. Hopefully they’ll continue to air the rest of the episodes.

      • AJ

        *cough noonewatchednoonewatchednoonewatched cough*

        It’s business people. I guarantee if you can get 4-5 million more of your friends to watch, ABC will order more episodes of Eastwick.

    • ctynee

      the show is pulling 4-5 million viewers and gets beaten by LENO,its definitely worthy of cancelation

      • Ashaloo

        TOTALLY agreed!!! Leno is even worse than he was before he came to prime time, but I’ve seen two episodes of Eastwick and can EASILY understand why ABC is making the move. Smart in my opinion. I’d much rather watch The Forgotten, even though it is in the same genre as WAY too many other shows.

        No one wants to see a second-rate bewitched version of Desperate Housewives.

    • The Truth

      Um, if its such a great show why has it been dead last in its time slot? Its even behind the Jay Leno show which is hemorrhaging viewers.

      • Mel

        It is a great show. Anything you put up against a CSI will not pull in the rates that ABC wants. This show would be great at 10 on Sunday. There is nothing on Sundays.

      • Vanity Feral

        @Mel Uhhhh… I really like Eastwick and I’m sorry to see it go, but ABC’s Sundays at 10 are occupied by the only show that I couldn’t live without. So… no.

      • MJ

        I believe the lack of viewers have to do with the lack of promotion of the show and the loss of viewers can be attributed to the fact that there were 11 episodes over the course of 15 weeks, viewers never knew if and when it would be back on. I personally thought it had been cancelled back in November when it did not air for two weeks. It was on, then gone, back on and now gone again. ABC itself is responsible for the lack of viewers not the quality of the show.

    • victoria

      Shame on ABC! This is one of only a few new shows on ABC worth watching! Forget Flashpoint, it may be a good show, but it is so tried and predictable!
      Too bad ABC couldn’t hype the show or change time slots. (they have done that for many of the other shows)

      • Paul

        Flashpoint’s on CBS. It’s a Canadian based show that will be taking over for Numb3rs.

    • Kayla

      Surpirse!ABC is cancelling another great show in order for more stupid ones to remain on the air.

      • Mariah

        Because stupid people watch stupid shows and stupid is where the money is.

      • Mariah

        Because stupid people watch stupid shows and stupid is where the $ is.

    • Cris

      East-what now? This show actually aired?

    • Diego

      You have to be kidding. The show is terrible. Bad acting….bad concept…bad production values…You don’t need 2 or 3 years to recognize these things. Quality will always ring true AND bring in the ratings no matter what. Eastwick was none of the above and based on a 22 YO movie and an even older book. Time spent on this show is time you’ll wish you had back…..

    • Daniel

      Wait… this was a great show? I an an Eastwick fan, and I was looking forward to it. I set a series recording before the premier. I promptly deleted that after the premiere. I found it painful to watch on so many levels. The only redeeming quality from the premiere was Veronica Cartwright, who is awesome in whatever she does.

    • Damion

      What show were YOU watching?

    • AM

      I can’t believe it! Who can we write to stop the cancellation? Eastwick is my favorite new show this season! Like an older “Charmed”. I’m furious.

    • Lana

      I agree! I want Eastwick, it was such a guilty pleasure. Who do we write too???

    • Ann

      This is exactly why I try not to get invested into a new show until it’s been renewed for at least a second season. I’m very disappointed that Eastwick has been cancelled. It was a fun show…like Desperate Housewives but with black magic and better storylines. I’m especially going to miss Paul Gross. It was good to see him on American tv again.

    • krystal

      i love eastwick this is not cool bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • krystal

      stop canceling grate shows Eastwick is one of those bring it back you stupid people!!!!!!

  • kay

    Man, Lindsay Price can’t catch a break. Can we start a petition to get her on Grey’s or Modern Family or something that WON’T get canceled?

    • Jen

      poor girl, I’ve liked her since she was on All My Children. She had a decent run on 90210 though

      • Andy Bluebear

        I’ve liked her since Bold & the Beautiful, didn’t know she was on AMC. But yeah, she’s a likable, charming actress, maybe she just needs a better agent?

      • KFed

        Michael Li! She’s great.

    • GabbyD

      i know! she’s so lovely and funny, i wish she’d have another show.

    • Kevin

      Oh please have her on Grey’s Anatomy or even the new show V.

      • Mariah

        I wouldn’t put a lot of faith in FlashForward or V. They are popular now but may get axed when the fickle public stops watching. That’s the dilemma. I have been burned so often by ABC’s cancellations, that I wont invest in serial shows like V and FlashForward, and many people wont either, thus ensuring their demise. I’m glad I stuck with Lost, I’d be so PO’d if it had been cancelled!

    • gigi

      I think there is a Lindsay Price curse out there…and I love her!! This show was actually really good. The Forgotten? Really? I couldn’t sit through an entire episode. Big mistake ABC…big mistake!!

  • Caitlin


    I feel partially responsible for always watching it on Hulu.

    • MichyGeary

      Don’t feel guilty. Online views at Hulu and ABC count just as much.

      • ctynee

        no it does not count, online viewing does not matter on advertising revenues since contrary to what people believe, the amount of people watching online is just small compared to live TV

      • TV on the Brain

        Ahh, the spreading of misinformation. Next time, make sure you know what you’re talking about before you post, mmkay?

        No, online views do NOT count towards viewership. Even DVR views count less, sadly, because we’re not watching them how the networks want us to.

      • Al

        While viewers are noted, they aren’t counted the same. As an advertiser,would you want to buy time on a show that had huge DVR ratings? Seriously who watches the commercials when they TIVO?

      • Paul

        Actually, the numbers of people watching shows online and on-demand, or downloading them from iTunes and Amazon are rapidly increasing – within a couple of years, they will surpass traditional TV viewing. The day is coming when people will just pick the shows they want to watch, program their TiVo’s and download a week at a time to watch at their leisure.

        The ratings system is flawed, everyone knows it, from TV exec.’s down to the guy on the street. Unfortunately, it’s all we’ve got and TV stations have to prove some sort of efficacy to their advertisers to be able to charge them appropriately. If you guys really want to make a difference and get your shows noticed, figure out another way to do it. Of course, that would require a lot more work than just complaining online, but wouldn’t it be worth it?

    • The Atomic Tiki

      No need to feel guilty—unless you have a Nielsen box and are watching the show on Hulu.

      Actually, for those of us who are non-Nelisen viewers, online and DVR viewings are the only way that networks even know what we’re watching.

      • mscisluv

        Do you know anyone who actually is a Nielsen viewer?

      • Silv

        I know of no one who has a Nielsen box. My theory is that they can figure out who watches what thru cable and converter boxes.

      • Mariah

        My family once did this when I was a kid.

  • auds

    abc cancels everything

    • Ugly Jenny

      Does this mean that Ugly Betty can be moved to a better time slot? Friday nights is the ultimate ghost town of television. Move this great show to a time slot that can get some ratings and has a devoted fan following!

      • sarah

        oh please. ugly betty has been the worst show ever created, i’m surprised it’s lasted this long. it deserves the friday slot. then hopefully it’ll disappear.

      • Amber

        sarah – you must have aweful taste in TV if you think Ugly Betty is a bad show. It’s won a friggin gloden globe for heavens sake. It’s been AMAZING this season and I feel sorry for you that you havnt seen it.
        Ugly Jenny – Betty probably wont get Eastwicks timeslot because 10pm is way to damn late for a comedy like Betty.

      • KFed

        Amber, the Golden Globe comment only proves Sarah’s point. They obviously sent the voters some amazing gift baskets. Worst show EVER created.

      • mostboringseasonever

        Ugly Betty is als on the Chopping Block. I read that yesterday. The show is continuing to lose viewers and plummet in the ratings.

    • AJ

      Complete your sentence.

      ABC cancels everything…that no one is watching. Regardless of how much you love this show, you have to admit it’s ratings are horrific. Networks are not in the business of being a charity. They need to make money to survive, just like you do.

    • Mel

      See that what we are talking about ABC keeps Ugly Betty, Private Practice, shows that suck and ones that are enjoyable and they get rid of.

  • Jake

    The show was tanking. Honestly, ABC was more patient with this series than it deserved…

    • Fatima

      This is only the new school way of thinking though. I’m not comparing the show to Seinfeld, but under that logic, that show would have been gone after 5 episodes. No one wants to wait things out these days.

      • Ashaloo

        EXACTLY!!! And the world would’ve been better off had they done business the same back then. The “show about nothing” was as exciting as….well….nothing.

      • mostboringseasonever

        The thing is back then the networks could afford the luxury of waiting things out with a show that had critical acclaim but a small audience. With all the competition now from cable, internet, etc. the networks cannot afford that luxury. These are very different times.

    • Meredith44

      Really. I’m sorry for fans of the show, but when Eastwick has the same ratings as Leno (both got a 3.2 last Wednesday), that’s saying something about how poorly it is doing.
      It sucks for fans, but as an impartial observer, I’d have to say be grateful that you get to see all 13 of the filmed episodes, rather than having the last few never aired.

      • warped

        I too was thinking they should be grateful it wasn’t flat out cancelled. At least they’ll be getting to see all 13 episodes.

      • S. Schoolcraft

        This show wasn’t given a fair chance. As stated above, shows will catch their full fanbase in the 2nd or 3rd Season. With ABC, shows don’t even get near the 2nd season, because they are ‘dump-button’ happy. Careful ABC, the next ‘dump-button’ my be you.

    • Paul

      Amen. I can count half a dozen shows that were axed after 2 or 3 episodes. We can’t count on visionaries like Brandon Tartikoff (NBC – kept Cosby, Seinfeld & Cheers on the air ’til they succeeded; helped create guilty TV like A-Team, Knight Rider) to rescue shows that have quality, but low viewership to begin with.

  • ggny

    kinda surprising even if it is getting low rating Eastwick seems like a ABC type of show…But The Forgotten on the other hand seems more like a CBS show

    • Jayne

      It’s a Jerry B Show … funny you should feel that way ! lol

  • Cynthia

    ABC stinks. It cancels everything. I very much enjoyed Eastwick!

  • Amanda

    That’s great! I love the Forgotten! I was so worried they were going to cancel it! xD

    • deb

      Me too. Great news for The Forgotten.

      • SpencerHopeful

        Me too! I love this show. I was afraid that we’d lose it. Nice to know that they’re giving it a chance.

    • Tenney

      I agree. I love The Forgotten. Glad that abc is giving it some more chances.

  • David4

    The show should have been canceled a month ago, the show is horrible and had worse ratings than my family videos.

    • XSEDrake

      Ugh! Troll.

      • David4

        I’m not a troll when it’s the truth.

        The show had horrible ratings, and if it was any other year it would have been canceled years ago.

    • L

      you must have a very uninteresting family. Eastwick, by the way is an awesome show.

    • Gary

      Don’t you have to go sit under a bridge or something?

      • chattypatra

        Gary, you crack me up. I just “went back” to my first year teaching that book to my Kinder class. The troll did live under the bridge. Ha!

    • irvin

      David I agree with you, I couldnt sit through the show, thought it was horrible.
      When Leno has the small chance of beating a show you know that theres trouble.

  • Kristen

    Aww, I really enjoy Eastwick! :(

  • Nina

    I looooove the forgotten. I don’t even know what Eastwick is…

    • MonoK

      Then why even comment here?

  • Ryan

    And it was really getting good too! I’m not happy about this at all.

    • Patrick

      I enjoyed the show too mostly for the eye candy but I felt it was dragging. A statue falls and kills a guy? Really? That’s the best they came up with to oust a guy? Sara Rue was annoying but I greatly enjoyed Lindsey & Rebecca’s roles. I wish those two actresses well.

  • krusch

    that sucks

  • LostinDharma

    Well I guess we had it while it lasted and it was a good show and I am a dude who enjoyed it. I thought it was just getting warmed up. The Forgotten won’t be getting my viewership and I think this show should have been left alone for a while, ABC, that just sucks!

  • kst

    Total bull. Eastwick is an enjoyable, fun show. I’ve struggled to like The Forgotten and it stinks. What a bore. When will TV execs get it right – take a page out of cable’s book.

    • Jayne

      I don’t know … cable does less shows and doesn’t have to fork them out so fast. I find it sad that network shows have to be compared to cable. 13 episodes of mad men isn’t the same as 22 of something else.

    • Erik

      Eastwick would of been perfect after Desperate Housewives on Sunday nights.

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