'Big Bang Theory' exclusive: Christine Baranski returns!

christine-baranski_lIs Sheldon finally going to experience a big bang in more than theory? That’s at least what I’m hoping will happen when Christine Baranski reprises her Emmy-nominated role of Leonard’s smarty-pants mother in a January episode of The Big Bang Theory.

You’ll recall that when last the brainiacs crossed paths, the will-they-or-won’t-they tension between them was palpable. So it makes sense that viewers — at least this one — would wonder whether this time around Sheldon and the thinking man’s cougar would do it rather than duet.

My moles tell me that since both BBT and The Good Wife, where Baranski currently busts Julianna Margulies’ chops, are both on CBS, scheduling was no prob. But they still wouldn’t tell me what happens in the eppy.

Figures my sources would choose now to get tight-lipped. Thoughts? Make ’em known below. (Additional reporting by Andy Patrick)

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  • Chris

    Was hoping for Wil Wheaton, but this works.

  • Mary

    This should be fun, though I prefer thinking of Sheldon as asexual.

    • Amanda

      I concur.

    • Ambee

      I have the same feelings. I love that there is actually an asexual character on tv, no matter how abnormal he is. He’s living his life and he doesn’t need sex. Oh well!

    • Amarantha


    • Isembard

      Absolutely. I’d be seriously turned off it he and Mama Leonard got it on.

      • wildofski


    • Sue

      Agreed. This would be a very bad idea. I didn’t sense any ‘sexual’ tension between them at all, that is totally out of Sheldon’s realm (I recall Leonard’s father used his hugging machine, so procreation, not recreation was on her mind).

    • AnnSanDiego

      I do too! I love Sheldon’s ambiguity. Moreover, he has been successfully infantilized by Penny so having him sexual in any way would be awkward. I think Baranski offers a funny role sans sexual tension.

    • lynn

      Absolutely. Christine Baranski is wonderful, but the idea of Sheldon and anyone would seriously turn me off a million times over.

    • jason.

      I far more enjoy the *illusion* of tension, and the payoff being things like Sheldon wanting to sing a Rock Band duet with her again, or wanting to work with her on experiments.

      Sheldon’s complete lack of interest in the sexual is part of what makes him so great as a character. There are already three other horny dorks on that show; leave Dr. Cooper out of it.

      • Devon

        I think an awkward kiss would be funnier and serve the same purpose… irking Leonard.


    Best move BBT has made this season – Baranski is wonderfully funny & with Shelton the show is hitting on all cylinders

    • Joe


      • jd

        Oh, Joe. You’re so smart.

    • annie

      Even better than this would be a meeting between Sheldon’s and Leonard’s mothers.

      • sadiesue

        I think they should continue with the “Rosanne” connection. Have John Goodman be Sheldon’s dad – the one who has to explain football to him – to Laurie Medcalf’s mother. Roseanne should be Wolowitz’ mother – the one who’s voice we know but have never seen. Then we’d have Sara Gilbert, Laurie Medcalf, John Goodman and Roseanne. Squared. Very BBT, if you ask me…

      • nikki

        Sheldon’s dad is deceased

  • Doug

    I agree this would make for a fun episode, also I would love to hear how Sheldon thinks it is logical and right to sleep with Leonard’s mother.

    • Sarah

      heh, that would be interesting.

  • takineko

    I really hope Beverly Hofsteader is not the woman who finally opens Sheldon up to romance. Even though this season all of the characters are in a different dynamic and we hardly see them together anymore– I still keep hoping some day that woman will be Penny.

    • Meredith

      me too… or in the very least I want Penny and Sheldon to have more scenes together. They have the best chemistry in their scenes.

  • Remy


    I mean, yes to Baranski. The thought of Sheldon and her getting it on is a little outside my realm of thought.

  • Amy

    He won’t sleep with her because for him, its purely for procreation. He can’t logically understand why anyone engages in it. I prefer to think of him as asexual as well, however, a little kiss, maybe awakening both of them, could be adorable…

  • Cris

    I am happy she is back but I think this episode will be more about Penny meeting Leonard’s mom as his girlfriend.
    Also Sheldon and Leonard’s mom..ewww

    • AnnSanDiego

      This is my though too. I believe Leonard’s mom will contradict the nature of Leonard & Penny’s relationship.

  • Stacey

    No way in hell would Frost Queen engage in sex unless it was to procreate! Didn’t you all hear about her amazing paper and power point presentation outlining her experiences?? ;-)

    • Jess

      Perhaps she’ll ask him to donate his sperm so that she can carry a crazy-intelligent superbaby!

  • TL

    I know that Sheldon is socially inept, but I doubt even he would break the code.

    • ZF

      Not sure about that. At the rare times Sheldon is aware of social conventions, it tends to be as an observer — as if he were an anthropologist. It seems like the only time he takes other people’s feelings into account is when he’s trying to manipulate their behavior.

    • Confused

      There’s a code???

      Not for horny geeks….

  • Marianne

    that would be hysterical. i love them both. they are fantastic. i really just want to see it to see sheldons reaction afterwards.

  • PeterBilt The Nature Boy

    Eppy? geez. no wonder they wouldnt tell you.

  • Laura

    Sorry, Sheldon is asexual.

    • Amiee


    • Corina


  • Belle

    Christine Baranski is truly funny and I would watch her in anything!

  • Icon

    Are Leonard’s parents divorced or is she a widow? Im not sure.
    I enjoy the sexual tension between Sheldon and Leonard’s mom but i want it to stay like that, anything more would be out of character for both.

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