'House' exclusive: Jennifer Morrison speaks out about departure

It’s fitting that Jennifer Morrison’s first comments concerning her departure from House would come on the same night that Cameron bid adieu to Princeton-Plainsboro.

Appearing at the Star Trek DVD launch party in Hollywood this evening, Morrison confessed to EW.com that even she was a little puzzled by her sudden exit. “I find the entire situation sort of confusing,” she said.

Although House execs David Shore and Katie Jacobs have said they are leaving the door open for Cameron to resurface at some point, Morrison said she had no news to share on that front. In fact, she had very little information to share at all, other than the fact that she is being paid for the remainder of the season. “I don’t know anything about anything,” she said. “That’s the thing. Everyone expects me to have an answer and there’s no answer to have because there’s… no answer.”

Emotionally speaking, Morrison said she hasn’t “packed [Cameron] away” yet.

“I love our writers,” she added. “I think David Shore is incredibly talented. All of the characters he’s created I’ve loved. I think he’s very committed to keeping the characters’ stories authentic.”

Asked whether she felt her own storyline felt authentic, Morrison said, “I’m not writing the show but I do think that [David] is an authentic writer.”

Morrison said she’s been comforted by the enormous outpouring of support from fans in the wake of her House dismissal. “I love the fans,” she enthused. “Honestly, I have to say one of the most amazing things that’s come out of this job is how incredible the fans have been and how supportive they’ve been. I never could have imagined asking for a more amazing group of people and I’m so thankful for their support.”

Once a class act, always a class act.

Thoughts on Morrison’s comments? And Cameron’s on-air farewell? Sound off below! (Reporting by Chau Tu)

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  • Matt

    I believe she’ll eventually be back.

    • Sandra

      I can’t tell you how much I hope that you’re right! I’ll miss her so much :-(

    • darclyte

      She’d have a better chance of returning if she keeps her mouth shut.

      • stan

        You have a better chance of not looking like a moron if you keep YOURS shut…

      • Khristina

        LOL Stan…little bit too late for darclyte to not look like a moron.

    • Jill b

      Oh, I hope not. I may be in the minority but I never liked her. That character was stuffy, prissy, and made House nearly unwatchable. And Cuddy?? Ugh. How can such a great show write such lame female characters??

      • Fendi

        I agree. Cameron was always tough for me to stomach. Her constant on again / off again character just left me turning the channel or hittin the mute button while she was on.

        As for Cuddy – she is the most unbelievable character on tv. Raise your blouse and lose the come hither no go away – you’re an unbelievable character and a bore.

      • Kevin

        I like Cuddy. She’s exciting and a perfect foil for House.

      • 13

        I agree! I have to wonder what the “fans” that say they’ll no longer tune in now that Cameron is gone are thinking. Her final scene was not high on my list, it didn’t ring true. I can’t wait for the next episode.

      • Pants

        Cuddy’s so freaking hot I don’t care if she’s believable.

      • Train

        Yes, because females never behave that way in real life. Idiots.

      • Missy

        I completely agree. Cameron was too self-righteous for me and I’m really disappointed in the storyline for Cuddy this season. Why can’t they let House find some happiness in a woman — Sela Ward, Cuddy, the woman at the asylum (whom I really liked for him) — all went no where! I think Cuddy’s was the worst diappointment — that guy she’s with is a complete nerd!

      • Amanda

        Shutchomouth about Michael Weston. He’s HOT!!

      • Alison

        Wow – I guess you may be someone who doesn’t like to watch female characters – just the guys? Personally, I think Jennifer Morrison played her part really well – she was the moral compass for the team, and when you think of the unbelievably unprofessional and unethical antics of Hugh Laurie’s ‘House’ character I would say that the show needed that moral compass. I will miss Jennifer Morrison – I would say that I hope she will be back – but who the hell would want to go back to a show where they treated her so callously and abominably? She deserves better than those cruddy people!!!

      • Brad Smith

        Adore and miss you.

    • Dripper

      I for one am watching solely for House. But I do get sad whenever a character leaves the show(kutner and now cameron), I might be the only person who actually likes every single character (how bad is that?) wilson, cuddy, old team, new team! I genuinely would rather see all of them together in the show they all bring out a different element to House’s character ergo I love them all! Hilsons, Huddies, Hamerons, Horemans, Hases, Hirteens, Haubs, let’s just let the writers do the writing and then we can do the watching. If the show goes out of your desired route then by all means jump off the bus but let’s not get pissy with each other it will just bring us farther apart from world peace.

      • catwoman

        i agree with you. I LOVE THIS SHOW. i never miss it

      • Betsy Gray

        I also agree with you – I watch House because it’s House. And as long as Hugh Laurie is there, so am I.

      • summer

        I have to say I agree. I think every character plays an important part. I was sad when Kutner left because he added optimism to the show. Cameron brought self-righteousness to the table. I loved every single person that was on the show, including all of the interns on season four. Though House will always remain nearest and dearest with his cynical behavior, sarcasm, and ruthlessness the characters add to his plot. I even like Luvas, which is a little pathetic for someone who knew House and Cuddy belonged together since the 1st season….

      • roxanne

        haha i love how house and foreman combined make horeman

      • alz

        I (L) all the characters. 13&cameron are HOT!

    • anne

      I liked Cameron but haven’t been able to believe her character since it went blond(er) and started sleeping with Chase. She never seemed genuinely in love and it just didn’t match her moral righteousness.

  • Royal

    Oh, shut up.

    • Jane

      who is that directed at?

    • Joey


    • Cheery

      Don’t threaten me with a good time!

    • Carlene

      Watch you’re mouth Royal! I am a working mom of four but I will still kick your behind to next Tuesday! LOL

      • Spelling Counts

        I hope that you’re not a teacher and that your children don’t take after you when it comes to spelling and punctuation. Do you realize what you said is actually “Watch you are mouth…” instead of “Watch your mouth…?” You also missed a couple of commas in your sentences, but who’s counting? I’m curious, what does being a working mom of four have to do with anything anyway? Seems you’d be able to handle anything if you can work and raise four kids. “Just saying.”

      • leez

        LOL @ “Spelling Counts” completely missing the point!!!

  • Connor

    I didn’t want her to leave. I loved her character…

  • switchkosterice

    I’d rather have her and the original team than Taub and 13 (sans Kutner) back any day. If Obama hadn’t killed Kutner, then maybe I’d say different, but Taub and 13 are nothing without him.

    • michka

      She said she got paid for the remaining episodes, I guess the creators and the writers could no longer expand her character. She ‘ll be probably back for the series finale or Chases’s exit or whatever. It’s sad she has to leave but the show must go on, it’s showbiz.

      • D

        It is sad. They have given that character such moronic storylines the past two seasons that it’s no wonder they can’t expand the character. Seriously – she still has her Poor Dead Husband’s sperm? Who the h*ll came up with that stupidity?

        Poor Jennifer. She has never been anything but kind, gracious, and supportive (and she still is), and this is how they treat her. Shame on TPTB (all of them, including Hugh).

    • Keir

      Chase, Cameron, Kutner and Taub would be my dream team. Swap out Taub if Amber hadn’t died (picking 13 over Amber is another awful decision, IMHO).

      I feel very sorry for Jennifer, I don’t think this is a decent way to treat a person.

      • Serena

        Agreed. Cutthroat bitch was way more entertaining than 13.

      • Al

        Well, Amber needed to die to create a mindblowing finale. :) And actually, I don’t think that 13 is -that- bad, once she’s free of Foreman.

  • Nancy

    She seems to be being treated appallingly, and some of the comments made on twitter by producers have been outright rude. I do understand that they might not have an end in mind for this season, but I don’t think this is the way to go about things. Cameron’s exit was rushed and confusing, and coming only eight weeks into the season it makes me wonder why she and Chase were married off at all (and the wedding was also a rush job under unhealthy circumstances). They’ve been building this relationship since season 1. It deserved the time to be played out properly. I think Chase’s current arc has been brilliantly handled – so far – so why has the writing of him and Cameron gone to pot since season 3?

    • RP

      Well put!

    • Nathan

      HERE HERE!

      • Mark Treiber

        I think you mean HEAR, HEAR.

      • Teege

        No. It’s HEAR, HERE.

    • Cheery

      Truer words…

      Last night’s episode was a clusterf*ck of epic proportions. And not because Cameron left and 13/Taub returned, but because the writing was horrific.

      Damn, and the season started out so well, then to piss it away with such a shoddy rush-job.

      • D

        Every episode other then Broken has been terrible. The writing on this show has gotten so lazy and sloppy that they should be ashamed. Even Broken should have been written better. They had two hours to give us an explanation for House’s hallucinations and all we got in the second hour was a couple of OMG!MIRACLES! and a talent show.
        And now we must be subjected to this train wreck that is Huddy. How many times do the writers need to have Cuddy tell House they have no relationship and they never will before they believe it themselves?

      • Al

        Not really…”The Tyrant” was pretty awesome, mostly because of JS’s spectacular scene near the end. And of course, Mufasa! :D I don’t really like how this season has been focusing so much on shipping/smex/soap opera instead of medicine, but I guess the writers are afraid to become too formulaic?

      • Alyssa

        ‘Broken’ sucked, oh-so epically. House takes a trip to a loony bin and all we got was a lousy episode.

    • Keir

      Cameron and Chase’s romance made me feel uncomfortable because of what happened in real life. I know they’re professionals, but some things (the wedding for instance) had me squirming in my seat.

      • Martha

        Plenty of people have pretended to get married or fall in love even if they’re indifferent to each other, used to date and broke up, or hate each other’s guts. It’s called acting.

      • Keir

        I know it’s acting, I don’t know but possibly, maybe, that’s why I said “I know they’re both professionals”.

      • Love & Marriage

        Did you know that Vivian Vance and William Frawley (Ethel and Fred Mertz) on I Love Lucy could not stand each other in real life? I think they did a pretty good job of acting like a married couple. I guess it’s all in how much of a professional you want to be and how long you want to keep working.

    • Jack

      The other thing I don’t understand is the inconsistency with the writing. Did everyone in the writers’ room forget that Cameron offed a patient too? It would have been great for it to have come up, and it’s not the sort of thing House would let go without comment. I truly believe the writing on this show is going downhill, fast.

      • Keir

        There was a continuity error last week too: House told Cuddy he never called her because he got kicked out of medical school – but that school is the one he moved to *after* he got kicked out.

        Cameron’s patient was near death anyway, Dibala had a shot; but still they should’ve brought that up in the show. She also felt guilty for that and said she forgave Chase because he felt guilty.

      • Jack

        To Keir: You make very good points. And it may have been implied. But I still say it was overlooked, and could have made for a much more interesting discussion/conversation with House.

      • Jack

        Also, it’s good to see someone else paying attention to the “early days” before House became Grey’s Redux.

      • Thurdee

        Re: the whole time line continuity, Doris Egan the writer of the episode has addressed the issue. She said that it was never stipulated anywhere in the show that House only got kicked out once, in short House was also kicked out of Michigan.

      • Keir

        That really sounds like she/TPTB only thought of it afterwards!

        So we still don’t know where he qualified? Or did she suggest that Michigan later had him back?

      • Thurdee

        ‘Thinking about it afterwards’ is sort of double edged isnt it?, since everything is all made up thus timelines are all flexible, facts are only facts when they have been clearly stated otherwise everything we think we know are just assumptions. I don’t think she clarified whether he came back to Michigan afterwards, it’s all up in the air right now i’d assume.

      • Carmen

        I was wondering if anyone was ever going to mention that sweet little Cameron killed off a patient too. In fairness, her “victim” was headed for the morgue anyway in a few days at most.

    • D

      I totally agree. The writers this season (and the end of last season) are doing a sloppy job. Every episode since Kutner’s suicide has been disorganized, choppy, and poorly edited. Storylines have been rushed and continuity has been terrible.

      Jennifer Morrison has been treated very poorly, IMHO. How sad is it that she is “confused” and doesn’t have a clue what’s going on?

      Why Greg Yaitanes is still tweeting that she hasn’t left is beyond me. And his treatment of any and all fans that aren’t Huddies is appalling and shameful. He is arrogant and rude unless people agree with his POV or gush and squee (and LIE) over how wonderful and amazing the show is. Sycophants. UGH.

      • Jack

        I agree. This show has taken a turn for the worst, and Greg Yaintanes is fuelling the fire. Not that Mr. Ausiello has made it better, catering almost exclusively to the shippers with his “scoops.”

      • D

        You’re right about Ausiello being a Huddy fangirl. It aggravates me to no end, and I’m not a huge Ausiello fan, but the way Greg Yaitanes has been acting has forced me to side with Ausiello and root for his “mole”.
        I sure hope that Greg Yaitanes isn’t representative of the attitude of the rest of the show’s producers/directors, because that’s going to bite them in the @$$ someday (preferably soon).
        I can’t wait until the Huddies are disappointed (because David Shore doesn’t do happy endings) and turn on Greg Yaitanes because of all the promises they think he’s made.

      • Alyssa

        If you think how Yaitanes treat ‘all fans that aren’t Huddies’ is appalling, I’d say to take a look at some of the hatred directed at him on his own twitter page. HAMERONS, you don’t post unnecessarily rude shit to someone and expect anything more than a sarcastic cheerful ‘bye!’.

    • phd


    • Erin

      I completely agree!

    • Trubie

      I agree. This is not the way to treat a character we’ve spent so many seasons getting to know. It’s also a slap in the face to fans of that character. I was excited to have both Cameron and Chase back on House’s team, but Cameron has always been the smarter of the two. House should’ve fought for her. The producers should’ve fought for her, too.

  • Sid

    13 is endlessly dull, Taub is funny but can be too similar to Chase. The old team had the best dynamic, why can’t the writers see that?

    • smartypants

      I have tried, tried, tried to warm up to 13 – it’s just not happening.

      • Carmen

        I think that 13 would work better without Foreman. He is the one that grates on my nerves with his attempts to show that he is the equal of House.

    • Elli

      Taub is similar to Chase? Have your tv checked immediately, because there couldn’t be two more different characters!

  • karen

    Agree 100% w/ Sid. ‘Nuff said.

  • lyly

    Oh Jennifer… I love you… always have… always will.

    I cannot understand how they’re kicking her out being such a great character/actress/person.. and letting Taub/13 there! And they’re bringin’ Foreman’s brother too…! I hope his brother NOT TO BE as boring as foreman…creative decisions? MY ASS!


    • Jackie

      Orlando Jones is playing Foreman’s brother; I have a feeling he’ll be anything BUT boring :)

    • Mariah

      Foreman used to be a great character, now he’s annoying. Jennifer’s story was just going nowhere and I think the wedding was a bad idea (I too squirmed given their real-life situation). Chase is actually doing a great job with his storyline and I find him to be a really good actor. I like Taub, I miss Kutner, I wish they’d flesh out 13 or get rid of her.

    • Carmen

      One Foreman is more than enough. Thank you very much!!

  • cdbfmt

    She was a great character. The fact that many people found her annoying can be attributed to how well the character was written and portrayed by Morrison. I was very upset with her end speech, it took all the growth she had in the last 4 seasons and kicked it back out the door – Cameron was once again the hurt little puppy with no strength. Even if the writers do want to bring her back, it will be impossible for that to occur under any sort of good lighting for the character. How three minutes can completely destroy a great character. I’ll miss you JMo.

    • She went downhill . . .

      . . . when they made her a blonde!

      • Sandra

        No, she didn’t even have the chance because she was hardly even in it. The show went downhill.

      • Babs

        “They” didn’t make her a blonde. Jennifer is blonde and simply went back to her natural hair color.

      • diane

        They did ‘make’ Cameron blonde. I know JMo’s natural color is/was some shade of blonde but Dr Cameron is a brunette. The girl is gorgeous either way but, from what I’ve heard, the majority of fans would love to see her a brunette again. The dramatic change in hair color was probably an attempt to make sure we separated her from OW. But honestly, we’re not idiots. I think most of us would have figured it out. Still, it’s a moot point now anyway, isn’t it?
        Still really annoyed by all this.

  • Sharona

    I wasn’t that broken up about this, but…seriously, that was a lousy episode for Cameron’s exit. Just not good at all, even if she got a fancy speech at the end that JM really nailed. I really hope she’s back later just because that was so disappointing all around.

    • Fendi

      I don’t understand why people are always telling House that they don’t want to be “like him”… especially when they rather do.
      I’ve done many jobs and even worked with someone I adored and who was my mentor but never felt as though I were in any way going to lose myself in so doing… so why on this show is that a recurring theme?
      It bothers me because it is predicatable and unbelievable.

  • omacolt

    She’ll be back. Getting paid for the season is a good sign that things aren’t as bad as they seem. Some downtime for Cameron to cool her heels helps build of other story lines and instead of not having her in any episodes because of certain storylines that they want to develop. Put the character on hiatus and bring her back when Cuddy makes House feel like dirt and House will probably have a one night stand with Cameron which will change the relationships with all involved. Jennifer, if you read these things, this is only the beginning.

    • Keir

      They have to pay her or they’d be in breach of contract.

  • Caroline

    Jennifer did a phenomenal job on the show tonight. She will be sorely missed on the show.

    Her class and diplomacy in dealing with this difficult situation will not be forgotten.

    • lyly

      Exactly. She’s even supporting them after their behaviour through twitter.

      Jennifer… you’re way too good for this show.

      • Jack

        I concur. She is a class act.

  • Fiona

    I adore her. What’s sad is that she is so incredibly sweet and classy whenever talked to and 98% of these House and Cuddy fans find every way to find wrong from her. It’s pretty downright demeaning.

    We love you, Jennifer <3

    • Jasmin09

      That is not true. There are many House and Cuddy fans who like Cameron and don’t want to see her off the show, and especially not in the way it was done. Jennifer Morrison seems like a really nice and classy person and I agree that she deserved better treatment, but that is showbiz. There are no guarantees, and she’s had a great job for more than 5 years. She’ll be fine!

    • Alyssa

      Fiona– I don’t know what you’re basing that on, but the house_cuddy community at livejournal is a pretty large fanbase and most fans there know enough to realize JMo was only doing her job acting out Cameron. There are definitely many House and Cuddy fans who like Cameron and those who don’t, I can assure you, has nothing against the actress.

  • Heidi

    It sounds like they want a shocker a few months down the pipe and are being vague with us and even more so with her, but they plan to have her back and there will be a reason for her departure or soemthing.

  • David4

    I rather have Taub, Cameron and Chase and get rid of 13 and Foreman!

    • Pat


      Foreman and Thirteen are so done as characters.

      • Ryan

        The characters have changed drastically since season one. Foreman is arrogant and selfish now, Chase barely has any parts at all, Cameron is gone, the only constant in the show is House.

    • Diggity

      I don’t mind 13, but I can’t stand Foreman

      • Leila

        I agree. Foreman is an incredibly boring character…

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