Sarah Palin book: Rep for Alec Baldwin and Katie Couric responds to 'Going Rogue'

A rep for both Alec Baldwin and Katie Couric has responded to Sarah Palin’s comments about the actor and newswoman in her memoir, Going Rogue, which hits stands tomorrow. In her book, Palin talks about her Saturday Night Live appearance, in which she told Baldwin that “Your brother Stephen is my favorite Baldwin brother.”

According to Rogue, Palin had other ideas for the skit, but they were all turned down several times. One of her suggestions was: “Hey, Baldwin, weren’t you supposed to leave the country after the last election?” Baldwin’s rep, however, says the reason that line was turned down was because the actor never claimed he was leaving the country if George W. Bush was re-elected. (Baldwin has repeatedly insisted the quote was fabricated.) “They nixed the joke because the underlying premise just wasn’t true, because he had never said [he was leaving the country],” Baldwin’s rep, Matthew Hiltzik, tells EW on behalf of Baldwin. “It’s a complete fallacy. But then, once Palin knew that, after telling her [it wasn’t true], she said, ‘Well, let’s say it anyway,’ like she needed it to be true.”

As for Couric’s response to Palin’s memoir — in which the former Alaska governor claims the newswoman was “badgering” during their infamous September interview — Hiltzik says, “The interview speaks for itself.”


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  • Bobby’s Robot

    Seriously lady, if you can’t handle a Katie Couric interview, how are you gonna handle a global crisis?? Just go away.

    • Michael

      Is anyone up for a nationwide book-burning? I would shell out the cash to burn that garbage in effigy.

      • Wrong

        Do you know what in effigy means?

      • Kim

        You’re an idiot. I thought liberals were all for free speech.

      • Mil0

        You do need to look up effigy. But freedom of speech doesn’t disappear because you can’t stand the person speaking. I intensely dislike Ms. Palin, and I bought her book! Usually I don’t give money to people like Rush L. or Anne C but Palin is so marvelously stupid while pretending to be profound–it’s sheer entertainment.

      • Frank Anderson

        Well, if you don’t like her then I wouldn’t suggest giving her any money… which buying her book would do.

      • Sean

        I’d like to burn the book, too. However, you need to learn what ‘burning in effigy’ actually means.

      • Caleb

        Why is he wrong? Wouldn’t the book be a crude representation of Sarah palin herself? I guess I don’t know what it means either

      • Lisa

        Hey Kim…you might call him an idiot for using a big word that he didn’t understand but let’s not pretend that liberals are the only people who think that dumb bitch should shut her yap. As a Republican and, hopefully, a human being with an iota of intelligence, I find you to be the idiot after reading such a ridiculous comment.

      • Rick Blaine

        Love to see liberals advocating book burning. But wouldn’t that increase your carbon footprint?

      • J.

        I think we can all agree that Palin has the right to print as many books as she likes, without fear of it being burned. They’re just going to collect dust on the store shelf.

      • Lois

        I’m not in favor of book burning. Just don’t buy Palin’s book.

      • tamburlaine

        Awesome liberalism on display. Elitism? Check. Hostility to alternate opinions? Check. Flirting with totalitarianism? Check. Hypocrisy? Check.

      • Desmond

        Awesome use of the right wing extremism playbook by Palin. Creating lies to fit a preconceived narrative? Check. Accusing the media of a “liberal bias” for fact-checking your lies? Check.

      • Sean

        Isn’t book burning just another method of free speech? (i.e., dissent?)

    • Dream Out Loud

      A global crisis? does that include the socialist state we are rapidly descending into? Palin certainly has her flaws but she wouldn’t have been the train wreck that the current Obamanation is had she been elected. but then again, she probably wouldn’t have won the Nobel Peace Prize for peeing standing up.

      • Lois

        True, Palin wouldn’t have been a train wreck like Obama; she would have been the apocalypse.

      • JA

        Palin is a poser. She has absolutely no depth (and she’s the biggest reason I didn’t vote for McCain) and this sophomoric book proves it. It’s about settling scores and not about a vision or direction for the country. I wouldn’t elect her to be President of a high school. Then again, she’d probably quit half way through her term. I don’t get how anyone can take her seriously as a political heavy weight.

      • SDTim

        LOL… “socialism” is the new fear-mongering word the right throws around to rally the uneducated. They’re also the people that claim to love Jesus, yet behave the exact opposite of what he taught. But this is an entertainment site, so I’m off to check on more entertaining fare that debating the merits of a pathetic wannabe from Alaska!

      • Bob Johnson

        Dream Out Loud, have you taken your medication today? I think your hallucinations are starting in again. Remember, with your illness you will always think the nation is a train wreck and the Socialists are coming to destroy planet earth. Please feel better soon, the rest of us are so tired of this foolishness.

      • Ronny

        as for the book burning dilemma, just recycle it, it solves everyone’s problem. Socialism, Capitalism, Communism, blah blah blah, I just want something that works, and works longer than the next election.

    • Just don’t b.s. me

      Thinks about it.It’s not censorship to burn your own book! “Book burning” threatens democracy when books are banned or taken from people against their will.

    • Rocketman

      Soon, Sarah will have to bone up for her Barbara Walters interview, where again she will be challenged and badgered by such questions as “If you could be a tree, what kind would you be, and why?”

      • Ladyli1

        And Palin’s reply would be “Oh, I’d be a Sunflower so I can be sunny and light, which will shine a light for freedom which will help solve all the problems in the world by shining a light on the socialisms that are facing our great country of ours right now with just a wink and a smile. Now can I show you some fancy pageant walkin’?”

    • cndn610

      don’t buy it, get borrow from the library.

    • Tina Davis

      Why does Sarah Palin always have to blame everyone because she is an idiot.If McCains’s people would have let her talk more,he never would have had a chance running as long as he did,,,,,,, As far as Katie making her look stupid, get real Sarah, you are stupid, so go build a road to no where and live there.So we never have to see you again..

    • sunray

      i agree Tina

  • fancypants

    Sarah Palin has no class. Absolutely none. She often acts like a spiteful 16 year old.

    • amj

      Agreed, let her go away already! She was funny on SNL but clearly we didn’t see how obnoxious she was behind the scenes. And, get off of Katie Couric’s back, she is a reporter, she is supposed to ask questions. If you cannot handle questions then don’t offer to be interviewed!

      • Frank Anderson

        I don’t know if she was funny on SNL, or if the SNL she was on was funnt.
        I think probably the latter, because I don’t know if I laughed at any of her lines.

    • RD

      Give me a break. The media was constantly acting like they needed lies about HER to be true. Remember “Trig’s not her baby,” “She spent thousands on clothes,” and all the rest of the crap that turned out to be hoaxes? THAT’S what “no class” looks like. At least Palin was only trying to make a joke on a comedy show!

      • Erin

        All you liberals who trash everything she does and all you conservatives who praise everything she does are the reasons that moderates like me tune all of you out. Try to have a more open mind all of you.

      • henry

        thanks, Erin, for being the voice of reason, I think Sarah Palin is an idiot, but people get way too caught up in their own opinions.

      • Leigh

        I agree 100% with Erin. I’m a moderate; I don’t hate Palin but I definitely don’t love her. I hate the liberal vs. conservative crap that is so common these days. It’s irritating.

      • fancypants

        she did spend thousands (not her own $) on clothes and didn’t return all of them. she has publicly argued with a 19 yo kid. no class.

      • lins

        I didn’t like Palin at all and Couric’s questions could have been asked by an eighth grader writing for the school paper. She should not have had a problem. That having been said, I do agree with the moderate sentiment here. There’s nothing in this country that brings out the worst in people more than political debate. I guess everyone is a pundit these days.

      • The clothes

        Not a hoax.

      • UncleSam

        Erin, what exactly are we supposed to have an open mind about in regards to Sarah Palin? She has shown all of us numerous times that she has no skills when it comes to political thinking, and that all of her “problems” are self-inflicted. Yet she blames everyone else for her stupidity and poor-decisions. Why should anyone be neutral about someone who refuses to take responsibility for their own actions while they’re trying to milk the public for money and attention? That sounds like a despicable person to me, regardless of political affiliation.

      • t.g. pierson

        Uncle Sam…You not only described Sarah Palin, but while reading your post George W. Bush came to mind. Is there a pattern here?

    • Rocketman

      I’ve heard that Sarah’s second book is much more classy than her first. It’s a collection of makeup tips entitled “Going Rouge.”

      • Rocketman

        . . . with a bonus chapter on lipstick . . .

  • kaydevo

    My favorite part of the Couric comments in Palin’s book was that she did the interview with Katie out of pity, because Couric suffered from low self-esteem. Hah! LOL! That’s not only stupid, but hilarious! Anyone who, like me, watched Katie on “Today” for years, knows she has a healthy ego. And I watched that interview, in which Couric was professional and asked appropriate questions. If you think “And what do you read?” is a badgering question, you shouldn’t be running for office. Even city council.

    • mike l.

      I watched that interview, and asking what your favorite newspaper is definitely not badgering.

      • DG

        It’s not badgering, but it is definitely condescending. I don’t think Couric would have asked the veneered/doll-haired one that question. It was a legitimate question, but it was aimed at being a “gotcha” moment. After the so-called foreign policy expert made multiple inane and inaccurate statements during his debate with Palin, I did not hear many Dems attacking him for being stupid. This guy had been in the US Senate for over 30 years and he is talking about US military intervention in Lebanon. “France and the U.S. ‘kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon?’ When was that?” By the way, I am no fan of Palin.

      • DG

        It’s not badgering, but it is definitely condescending. I don’t think Couric would have asked the veneered/doll-haired one that question. It was a legitimate question, but it was aimed at being a “gotcha” moment. After the so-called foreign policy expert made multiple inane and inaccurate statements during his debate with Palin, I did not hear many Dems attacking him for being stupid. This guy had been in the US Senate for over 30 years and he is talking about US military intervention in Lebanon. He said France and the U.S. “kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon.” When was that? By the way, I am no fan of Palin.

      • cndn610

        it’s only a gotcha moment because Palin didn’t have an answer. Now, a year later she says she didn’t answer because she was insulted. Why did she wait a year to give that response?

      • DG

        “It’s only a gotcha moment because Palin didn’t have an answer. Now, a year later she says she didn’t answer because she was insulted. Why did she wait a year to give that response?”


        Anybody can come up with an answer for that question–even if they have to lie–so it is a bit confusing. How hard would it have been for her to say “The Anchorage Daily News, New York Times and Washington Post”? Not hard. Or even, “I usually get my news on the Internet from The AP, Reuters,, and” Regardless, Biden definitely gets a pass on being an incredibly ignorant person and Palin has been scrutinized more than any candidate in my lifetime.

  • Realism 101

    Money Money Money Mooooney,
    She is being a true American: find the best way to make the most money in as little time as possible.
    As long as she stays away from the Oval Office (or any government position), I think we can coexist.

    • Luddite

      My thoughts exactly. As long as she stays out of office, she can write all the books she wants. I don’t have to buy them.

      • Sean

        amen to this

  • Susan

    Palin was a godsend to Katie’s career! I have no interest in hearing or reading anything Palin has to say.

    • ks

      Unfortunaley we will have to suffer through Sarah’s book on TV for months to come :(

      • Akash

        im not into weevhtar this conversation is about but all i have to say is that rich lowry u are a negative disgrace to the united states. obama is here to help u not to be against u. u really dissapointed me with the things u were sayin about him after his speak. u want him to be something that he is not. he is an very intellengent man that owe up to what he says and u should respect him for that. he havent done anything to u. so what if his speech didnt jump out at u, that is your opinon. he touched alot of people so what if he didnt touch u. his speech doesnt have to make history because HE DID! YAS HE DID!!!

  • Em

    Right. Because Katie Couric is such a difficult, unfair, unreasonable journalist.

    • Kim

      Couric is a talk show host, first and foremost. Are you one of the maybe hundred people that tune into her CBS News broadcast?

      • Frank Anderson

        I don’t know if the number of people who watch her show has anything to do with Palin’s inability to answer the questions posed to her in this interview.

    • Me

      I hear Couric once thought about kicking a puppy. But then he answered her questions about what newspapers he did his business on.

      • mike l.

        epic comment ^

    • shelly

      really??? :o

  • lucy2

    She thought Katie Couric smiling and asking what she read was “badgering”? So much so that she still complains about it to this day? Come on, Sarah, just admit you were exposed and you’re not cut out for the job.

  • Hrumph

    Can’t read, but writes a book. Great.

    • amj

      Haha, funny!

      • amj

        unfortunate thing is that the book will be a bestseller

    • Erin

      LOL :D

  • yeahandaslo

    I am not a huge Katie Couric fan, but no rational person would actually say that she was badgering Sarah Palin during that interview. The republicans wanted a woman on the ticket so they went with the one they thought would be most marketable for them, they didn’t take the time to research whether or not she was qualified for the position. The simple fact that Palin couldn’t name a national newspaper that she read is extremely telling, why bother lying about it in the first place? If somebody asked me what newspapers I read I would say, “I don’t read any specific newspaper, I read google and yahoo news which both link to many publications” easy peasy

    • Frank Anderson

      Yeah, the stuff she screwed up on the most was crap that she could have just winged if she had any real substance, but once she was out of her zone of rhetoric, she was completely lost.
      It was pathetic.

    • Stephen

      My favorite was when she could not name any supreme court cases – and then suddenly the next week on Fox she was able to list several cases as if she knew them all along.

      • cndn610

        more interesting is that there was a big case regarding Alaska, maybe the Exxon Valdez, that she was complaining about like two months before the interview, but she couldn’t remember on that day.

  • Mac

    Katie should thank Sarah for her rise in popularity on CBS. Until then, she pretty much tanked compared to the two other networks which I thought was hillarious since NBC offered her much more money than CBS is paying her if she would stay on the Today show. I hope her career continues to decline.

    • A.J. Simon

      Wow, what grudge do you have with Katie Couric to warrant so much hatred? Let me guess, you went to high school with her and she didn’t even realize you exist? That or you just hate the idea of a woman anchor?

      • TKay

        The same could be said for all those against Palin.

      • motown

        The irony in your statement is glaring! You are concerned about a negative comment made about Couric, a woman, but have no problem with the the way Palin has been trashed for over a year now? Unbelievable.

      • Sean

        Except that Palin asks for it.

      • Lois

        Palin put herself up for public office, which means that she has to be able to take a lot of crap lashed out at her. It doesn’t matter about a politician’s sex, they have to have a thick skin regarding criticism.

        Couric was simply doing her job in asking Palin questions. There were no hardball questions.

        It doesn’t matter that both are women. Couric did her job in that interview, and Palin didn’t.

      • JA

        I’m a woman and I could never stand Couric in the Today Show – though I watched because of Matt Lauer. She was always trying to hard to be funny and isn’t – AT ALL. Having said that, I thought her interview with Palin was terrific. She was easily able to expose her as an unqualified candidate. It was the first time I had any admiration for Couric.

  • Mark

    Borders is already offering 40%-Off Sale of Palin’s book, I guess trying to recoup some before they have to repulp it in a few weeks.

    • Rebecca

      Offering a discount like this one is actually standard practice for new releases at large chain book stores such as Borders and Barnes and Noble.

    • Deb

      and I’ve seen the “O’s” book on clearance for $5.

      Too bad the POTUS’s book hasn’t been fact checked.

      Katie Couric is a has been.

      • Virg Mary

        wow! What’s with all the judgement? And negative judgment at that. You’re not going to sway anyone with that type of appraoch, so how does it make anything better? What’s the point of being rude?

    • ODINGA

      Palin is no dummy, she has guts, lots of it and turns that gutsy attribute to make money. Palin cannot articulate a thought, let alone make any policy statement, book written by a ghost writer. who knew Palin before McCain? She has no substance and will never run a real state, let alone a nation, but I admire her tenacity. All women should be like her.

  • DanOregon

    Baldwin’s response was stupid. So suddenly SNL has stopped making jokes about rumors and false perceptions about celebrities? Really?
    Not that the suggestion by Palin was funnier than what they ended up using – but what a ridiculous response. Really!

    • kaydevo

      Maybe it was because Palin has a documented history (brief as it may be) of making up stuff and proclaiming it as fact, and he just couldn’t stomach an unfunny joke based on a lie about him? Just guessing…

    • MickOregon

      I guess he could have said that he was going to flee to Russia, but she would have been peering at him from her back yard. She is a loon.

      • Kim

        Speaking of her Russia comment, it was a rhetorical statement. My god.

      • Frank Anderson

        That doesn’t really make it that much less of a stupid comment.

      • Kelley

        Kim, I could see it being a rhetorical statement the first time she said it but when she repeated it over and over again it became obvious that she may actually believe it.

      • Ironic

        Baldwin didn’t say he was leaving the country, and Palin didn’t say “I can see Russia from my house”.

      • False

        Rhetorical? Repeated over and over? She *never* said it! Tina Fey did!

      • @Frank

        Why is it stupid? It’s like saying “I live in spitting distance of Mexico.” No one would say, “How stupid, you don’t live that close to Mexico!”

      • Maggie

        What she said was that Russia can be seen from parts of Alaska. Tina Fey was the one who said the part about the porch.

        Palin said that seeing Russia from parts of Alaska made her knowledgable about foreign affairs. And yes, that was just plain stupid.

    • Maggie

      The rumor about Baldwin leaving the country was started by Kim Basinger in a magazine interview. (check Snopes) I imagine that anything said by her about him is a sore spot for him.

  • dave

    True or not, the leave the country line would have been hilarious. I’m guessing Baldwin was just too sensitive about it. And Katie asked questions that were pretty softball if you ask me.

    • KEVIN

      He probably wanted to nix it more because she actually believed it!

  • Chris

    I find it deeply troubling that anyone would support this half-wit for president. She clearly possesses none of the traits needed to be the leader of the free world and, as I recall, she simply quit being Governor of Alaska without any real reason… aside from being investigated for ethics violations. If she is elected president, when push comes to shove, will she just quit then also?

    • get it rite

      Thank you! Rush and all his croonies still say governor, in fact she QUIT and is a FORMER governor

      • dave

        Well much like a President is still referred to as President Clinton or President Bush, the same goes for Governors.

    • Barbara Trahan

      Would you please inform me as to what background & experience Obama had to lead the free world.ZERO!! Yet you saw fit to vote for him. Sarah Palin was at least a governor. Obama’s only experience is in campaigning for Pres.

      • heelfan2301

        Um, he was a US Senator! I think that qualifies for at least as much, if not more relevant experience than a governor of state whose primary source of income involves the perpetuation of the world’s universal dependence upon oil.

      • Mike

        Obama was more qualified, Barabra Trahan, because he actually THINKS. Palin shoots off at the motuh and does whatever she thinks. She is a loony.

      • rblrdr

        Harvard Law School graduate

        Illinois State Senate (6 years)

        United State Senate (<4 years)
        January of 2005 – November 2008

      • scott

        in addition to the US senate he served 3 terms in the IL state senate. 3 COMPLETE terms. but I can see where you would think Palin is more qualified giving she couldn’t complete a single term as governer. not to mention the woman is a complete incoherent idiot. but then I suspect you might be as well.

      • SKR

        President Obama had spent years serving his state government before moving on to the United States Senate, Im tired of people talking like he was some guy off the street. (Holding up Palin as an example of experience is the total wrong way to go about it too)

      • Mike

        Well Obama can name at least ONE Supreme Court case. What position you hold or held isn’t as important a factor as your intelligence or integrity are when running for office. I don’t judge the stupid or idiotic, I just don’t vote for them.

      • PMD

        Honestly Barbara Trahan, please get your head out of the sand. We all know than candidate Obama was more qualified than Governor Palin. I mean Governor Palin was the female version of Dubya.
        Have you looked around your country and seen the state of decline in the last nine years? If not open your eyes. I do not want someone I can drink a beer with to run my country, or go hunting with. I want an actual intellectual being who can began to resolve the domestic and international crises facing this nation.

      • Nelda

        Barbara, you may be right that Obama had a relatively thin resume to be prez (McCain’s resume was far more substantial). But Obama took his case to the people, explained why he wanted the job and won primary after primary. Palin won over just one person before she was on the ticket — McCain. It was the process of selection as much as anything else that gave Obama the right to run and be elected president.

      • Experience

        Senate => legislative position; mayor and governor => executive position; President => ??? Can you fill in the blank, kids?

      • Maggie

        Yeah, because being mayor of Wasilla is just like being president.

    • Me

      Chris, one could only hope that she’d quit if she ever held the highest office. She’s lacking an intellectual curiousity about the world and isn’t aware of what she doesn’t know. I may not know quite everything that’s going on with Afghanistan but that’s why I watch and read the news. I want to know. This quality seems to be missing from Gov. Pailn.

  • Mike

    Seriously folks. We all need to just ignore Palin and she will go away. She is addicted to fame, almost as bad as the crazy Heene (balloon boy) family. I used to think Dan Quayle was the most unqualified candidate to ever appear on a major party ticket of Prez or Veep. Then this crazy, out of touch with anything below Sasketchewan, helicopter moose hunter comes along. I would actually vote FOR Quayle if it was between him and Palin. Hell, I’d vote for a dead caterpillar before I’d vote for Palin. She is ridiculously unqualified, bigotted, and out of touch. I think Levi Johnston knows more about politics than her.

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