'Smallville' sneak peek: Doctor Fate, Stargirl, Hawkman, and more!

When it comes to Smallville‘s two-hour Justice Society-centric movie (airing Feb. 5), there’s no such thing as too much hype, right? Good. Glad we’re all on the same page. In related news, feast your eyes on these exclusive new images from Absolute Justice. The shot above previews the violent showdown between Justin Hartley’s Green Arrow and Michael Shanks’ Hawkman, while the photo below offers a first look at Doctor Fate (Brent Stait) and Stargirl (Britt Irvin). Too much hype? Ha!
PHOTO CREDIT: Jack Rowand/The CW


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  • Elly

    Cool. Can’t wait for this episode :)

    • BP

      This is gonna be Legen………………………………………..wait for it………………………………………………………………………….DARY!!

      • BP

        How odd, I thought this looked kind of tired. I could have sworn I thought all the DC cameoes were forced.

        Damn that Thanksgiving Rohypnol.

      • ankhdad

        LOL!! outstanding comment!!
        can’t wait either!

      • imo

        This show is beginning to look too “TOOOONEY.”

        Dr. Fate’s looks like Thor with a Dart Vader’s costume!

        Star Girl looks like a female Captain America with a cane instead of a shield!

        Hawkman looks like an angry carpenter with a mask! LOL!!!

        The worst part, Clark Kent the supposedly Superman has a NEO Matrix costume! HAH! LOL!!!!

      • stu

        I never missed and episode for 6 years, but I stopped watching Smallville 2 seasons ago, when Lex went it changed forever. It already had stopped being the show I loved, but that seemed to be the death toll. I would love to love it, but I don’t anymore. Such a shame.

      • emtx3015

        SV is a complete FAIL. The trainwreck continues with the Disney-like costumes.

      • Peter

        Legendary indeed. I love it. It looks great.

      • KingLion

        What the hell are you people talking about “Disney like costumes”? what does that even mean?

        They are being 100% percent faithful to their comic book counter parts and for me, I couldn’t ask for more!! I can’t for February to get here!

      • Beth

        amen to that.

      • dave

        BP, that HIMYM line has gotten played out because of people like you. Thanks for removing all its funny.

      • Jen

        why do people insist on saying smallville was beter when it was some high school baddy of the week crap? It’s so much cooler now, sure Lex is gone but I have faith that he will be back and when he does come back ohhhhhhh boy it’s gonna be goooooood….bring on Tom Welling as Superman he acts and looks more like the man of steel each episode and god bless the writers/producers and everyone who has something to do with it for giving the true comic book fans what they want :) all I now wish for is a Batman/wonder woman/superman team up :)

    • imo

      Nah, I never like Lex as Supe’s main villain. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Michael’s Lex. Michael is one great actor did awesomely as Lex the character. But Lex as the villain for Superman, BAD… Supe need a super villain, more powerful or equal to himself without having to forcibly downgrade his intelligence by giving him a peanut-size brain as has been ridiculously been portrayed. I mean if you’re gonna take the intelligence of Superman, might as well replace him with Bizzaro as the main character. So, yeah, (IMO) Lex isn’t a good Superman villain….

      • Jen

        While I do agree that Lex wasn’t ‘the villain of the story’ as he claimed to be, I think in this context it was a good jumping off point as Clark progressed into adulthood.

      • Peter

        Lex is Supes’s classic villain because you have the irony of a man with no powers taking on the most powerful man on Earth, and almost doing him in more than once!

        Also, “imo,” as to your comments on the JSAers and their costumes, how would you prefer them to look? Fate looks brill, while Stargirl’s costume is patterned on that of the Star Spangled Kid, a hero invented roundabout the same time as Captain America and a lot of other flag-waving heroes. Her “cane” was given her by Starman and is her source of power. As for Hawkman, I don’t get the “angry carpenter” thing at all.

    • whtukall

      Ok, Smallville got Hawkman, Dr Fate, Stargirl, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Flash, Doomsday, Speedy, Zod, Metallo, Toyman, Lex, Wonder twins, Martian Man Hunter and etc will all their costumes. But, let me tell you all one thing, “You’ll never, ever will see Clark in Superman suit!” I’ll say this again, You will never, ever will see Superman on Smallville! You want to know why???? Because Tom Welling is completely “AGAINST” wearing the suit!!!! So if you want to see Superman in a suit, FIRE Tom Welling out from Smallville and replace the title of the Smallville with “GrayPubicVille!” Then, you will see Superman in his Super suit!!! LOL!!!!

      • coginchaug

        ummm..Flash hasn’t been on the show…it’s kid flash or impulse..whatever you prefer

      • whtukall

        Yeah, “Impulse” or whatever you call it on Smallville Earth Universe, it is still “FLASH!”

      • James Howlett

        A technicality, but in a manner of speaking, Flash has been on the show. Bart Allen is NOW the Flash if you read the comic books, unless they’ve changed that yet again

      • Joel

        Bart is Kid Flash now. He was very briefly the Flash during Infinite Crisis but the Flash is now Barry Allen and Wally West. Bart has gone back to being Kid Flash. And alive.

        And all you Smallville haters can just go away. Smallville has been on fire this season, even moreso than last season. There has not been a single bad episode yet this season. When can you say that about previous seasons? Seriously, when?

      • ben

        Isn’t the Clark Kent the “FLASH” AKA: “The Blur” on Smallville???? I’m so confused….

      • Joel

        No he’s being called the Blur because all anyone’s seen of him is a blur. They don’t have a regular name, like Superman, for him yet.

      • que

        So, is Clark Kent is Superman or Flash??? All I know is Superman flies super fast, and Flash runs very fast! And all we see in Smallville is Clark always running super fast as the Flash! So that Clark in Smallville is gotta be Flash, until he’s start flying, which we’re not seeing!

      • nitrous

        No! Bruce Wayne is Superman, Clark Kent is the Joker, and Flash is “The Main Man!!!”

      • jaye

        actually you will never see superman on the show because of licensing issues.

  • woolanyu

    WOW! thanks
    Hope the CW will raise up the bar in promoting the SV TV movie

  • darclyte

    Geekgasm in 4…3…2…

  • Becca

    Those are great, but it’d be nice to get some shots of Clark with the heroes. He is the star of the show, not Oliver.

    • mgb

      Amen, sister. I’m getting tired of the Oliver-palooza at the expense of our beloved Clark.

    • ChristianMatthews

      Tho I agree at times, then if that is the case they need to make Clark a bit more interesting for me to stay on board. I mean, I’m an old school comic fan and while this show is supposed to be for non comic fans and comic fans alike, Ollie for me is one of the most interesting parts about the show.

      Mind you when I say that they need to make Clark more interesting, I really think they are this season. I know we have to drag it out for the show’s sake and we love these characters and want to see them as many years as we can, but there is only so much we can do before we simply must have Superman. Sure, that wasn’t necessarily the road they wanted to take, but this was always bigger than those in charge. It was destined to be a superhero show because the main character is supposed to become a superhero. I feel Season 6, last season and this season have truly evolved Clark the way he should have been from the beginning and not the tons of Lana/Clark love drivil they did for the last however many seasons. Mind you I really started watching with 6 but that was because of Ollie showing up and Clark getting off his superbutt and really doing something. Even the Lana/Lex/Clark angle was great that season. Tho I’m told if you watch any of the seasons prior to that, you get so tired of her as I was starting to by the end of 6 so I suppose it was a good thing I didn’t watch this show from the beginning as I would not have appreciated 6 and up as much as I do and I CERTAINLY wouldn’t be sticking around for this. I mean these just aren’t Smallvillized versions of the costumes, THESE ARE THE COSTUMES! Stargirl looks so great and Dr. Fate and Hawkman look perfect. Clark NEEDS to meet all of these characters because they are iconic and will help him truly have a deep, meaningful evolution into the Superman we all love.

      • Wes

        yeah, Lana was a huge drag and a mood killer. I’m loving the show since she left.

      • Jen

        To all those who say smallville isn’t what it used to be your right, It’s been 9 years and the show couldn’t stay with the whole high school I love Lana Lang thing, people who want that sort of show should watch the vampire diaries. Smallville creators have oviously realised it’s main audience are the superman fans and as a superman fan I think the shows direction over the past 3 years has become amazing and I will continue to watch the mythology of a legend unfold and be happy everytime it gets closer to it (nuff said) :)

  • Mireak

    OMG, they look like Minutemen from Watchmen. Kinda lame.

    • J. B.

      Um, yeah. The JSA characters were around long before Watchmen. And you do know that these ARE some, just some of the characters that inspired Watchmen right?

      • Dilly Dally

        I think the comment meant that the costumes look pathetic.

      • John

        The Watchmen were based on the Charlton Comics characters:

        Captain Atom became Dr. Manhattan
        The Question became Rorshach
        Nite Owl 1 and 2 were based on Blue Beetle 1 and 2.
        Silk Specture 1 and 2 were based on Phantom Lady
        The Comedian is based on Peacemaker
        Ozymandias is from another source – Doc Savage.

      • fillerbuny

        Actually, Ozy is based off the Charlton character Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt. Silk Spectre is based off Nightshade.

    • Fansworth

      I think the minutemen were inspired by the JSA. remember the Watchmen are based on Charlton comic characters that made their way to the DCU. Rorchach=The Question Nightowl=Blue beetle Silk Spectre= Phantom lady/Black Canary

    • Chloeville

      Yeah, when we are getting knock offs upon knock offs it’s time for the show to call it quits.

      • Barb

        The Justice Society of America isn’t made up of knock-offs, they originated during World War II, and were replaced by the JSA in the 1960s. Pretty much all the other comics are the knock-offs, they are the ORIGINALS.

      • NewEra

        Please don’t correct her ignorance, just reveal in her helpless bitterness. The bitter bitter tears of Chloe fans are so tasty!

      • Jim

        Barb, I think you mean the J*L*A–short for Justice League of America. Those are the characters that have dominated DC Comics since the 1960s–Barry Allen as the Flash (as opposed to Jay Garrick), Hal Jordan as Green Lantern (as opposed to Alan Scott), etc.

      • Barb

        Jim, you are exactly right. I mistyped. (Misspoke doesn’t seem right here). Of course, I mean the WWII incarnations, the Justice Society, not the early 60s Justice League. For those complaining it’s not updated… yeah, it is, or all these characters would be over 80.

    • MattyB

      Yeah, they’re supposed to look like that ’cause the whole Watchmen look was influenced by the JSA in the first place. So what you’re saying is like saying The Beatles ripped off their look and sound from The Monkees.

  • Danny


  • Gina Vera

    I hope this is not the last season and that there is a spin off!

  • Danette

    OMG I can’t wait. Been lookin’ for someone worthy OTHER than Oliver. Finally… givin’ me some Hawkman! It’ll also be nice to see Shanks again on the tube.

  • Kenneth

    Thank you so much for the shots. As a fan of this DC Elseworlds story, I’m very excited to see this incarnation of the society, and how they play in the sandbox. Stuff looks great.

  • chattypatra

    I agree with Becca. As great as it is to get information on this episode, Superman is where it’s at. Where are the pictures of Clark?

  • Cos


  • JT

    Nice midriff

    • Koreighey

      That’s really all I’m looking at too.

  • Fansworth

    What is that thing on Stargirl’s face. its so bulky. Hers was the easiest to do too.I hope they keep them in the dark a little

    • Quirky

      I agree. It kinda looks like one of those night masks that women wear when they sleep to try to prevent wrinkles. In fact her whole outfit looks like they just added stars to a track suit. The other costumes look great though.

      • Norris

        Well…considering her origins as a rebellious teen super-heroing to piss off her step-dad and being as the interview with the Hawkman actor implied Stargirl is still a newbie…that works really well.

  • Valerie

    I hope you’ll be able to release a photo or two of Clark with the guest stars. Remember him? Clark Kent?

    • Fansworth

      Personally I don’t watch the show for clark, lois or chloe so I’m excited some superhero stuff is being used. Remember, there has to be something for everyone

      • Valerie

        How does that even make sense? Clark Kent=future Superman, who is a superhero, and should be doing superhero stuff. This is a show that is supposed to be about Clark Kent. Guest stars of the hero variety should be here to enhance Clark’s story.

      • Fansworth

        He should be, he isn’t. He’s too busy getting loved up with Lois to have done anything truly super-heroic since Metallo. Notice how they are always saying that clark does superhero feats but we never see them? Its probably budget related but its skewing the show towards a romance series rather than an action series

  • Eddie

    The bothersome part is that these people (Smallville Producers) have a responsibility to stay within the canon of DC. And in that canon the struggle for the JSA was always more between Hawkman and Green Arrow, so they stay faithful and give us Fanboys what we want, and all you care about is how clark is portrayed. Kudos SV Producers for sticking with the true source material. And Michael again thank you, you continue to be one of the only reasons I have a twitter account.

    • Bethann

      With all due respect, this comment completely misses the point of Smallville. The show is not, in general, about the overall DCU canon. It’s about the story of how Clark Kent became Superman. So it’s completely reasonable for people who’ve watched Smallville from the beginning, and who’ve watched it for the story it said it was telling — how Clark Kent became Superman — to want to know how Clark fits into this big, two-episode arc that’s playing out on a show *about him*. I’m sorry, but Smallville’s not just about giving you Fanboys what you want, since most of you probably stopped watching it along time ago anyway, and have only come back this season because all the DCU guests are showing up. The show was never just about the overall DCU. It was always primarily about Clark.

      • cas

        This “movie,” however, seems like it IS at least a little bit about the DC universe, outside of just Clark & Co. So let the fanboys get riled up. I think it’s justified in this case.

      • Barb

        Although Clark is, has always been and will always be the primary in the DC comics universe, he is influenced by others in it, and their appearance here is both appropriate and useful.

      • ChristianMatthews

        I agree that Clark is supposed to be the main focus but at this point in time with the level of heroics he is doing, he would be running into other DC characters. There is no way around it. Maybe one could argue not nearly this many but it is a world of superheroes and they do exist in the Superman/DC universe and he would meet them. It isn’t just Superman’s universe and they don’t exist in it. It happens in the comics and as much as we like the show, it is a comic book show. And for the Ollie haters think of it this way. Sure, Ollie is his own man but at times, I like to think of him as Clark’s sidekick LOL

        Besides, on a show basis, there always has to be something to keep people coming back season after season. I mean I’m really sorry but the show was NEVER this good before about 3 to four years ago. They have already beaten this dead horse as much as they can, they may as well be doing some new things with the corpse LOL I mean without some of these stories, I don’t care how popular it is, with the formula they’ve been using for years, it wouldn’t have lasted nine seasons even WITH a dedicated fanbase. Thank God part of that old equation has gone out the window and we don’t have the lana/Clark stuff holding everything back. Good for a while sure, but not as long as they kept it going.

      • SuperPat

        I think what Eddie is trying to say is that: yes, it is a show about Clark, and he is awesome, the best part of the show, obviously. but if you have green arrow in the show, as Smallville does, and Hawkman comes into the show (and these 2 characters have a history) then the producers/writers shouldn`t just ignore that for the sake of teaming Clark up with Hawkman. who knows, that might be a part of it, but if they`re both in the episode/movie, which they clearly are, from the pic (and they share scenes) the powers that be are going to shed at least a tiny light on that relationship. could be in the first minutes Hawkman & Ollie meet. there`s no evidence of any epic drawn out scene between Ollie & Hawkman… everyone who`s not directly involved with the project can only speculate.

      • Joel

        It is about Clark and his evolution to becoming Superman, but they also have to stick to DC Canon where possible. Hawkman and GA have some history between them and that’s to be expected in this adaptation as well.

      • Hal Jordan

        The thing about the rants that SV should be exclusively about Clark (and not other heroes?) is sort of lame. The point is that when will Clark start interacting with his peers? Only when he wears the suit? Gimme a break…

      • jake

        bethann i sort of agree but the show’s main focus is not about how clark becomes superman they’ve the writers and producers have said it themselves the show isn’t superman with his secret identity is clark kent the show is clark kent secret is superman.the people who just want to see superman are missing the point of the show. i love smallville and always will. but some of you people piss me off. smallville is a great show.

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