'True Blood': 'Prison Break' alumni are fresh meat

Someone old, someone new… HBO is now confirming that True Blood has cast both kinds of characters for season 3.

First up: Marshall Allman, best known as Dominic Purcell’s son on Prison Break, has landed the plum part of shapeshifter Sam’s younger sib, Tommy. If you must, go ahead and launch into your own rendition of “He Ain’t Hairy, He’s My Brother.” I’ll wait.

Ready? Alright then. Shannon Lucio,  who on Prison Break was the GATE receptionist who turned out to be an undercover Fed, has been cast as Bill’s wife, Caroline, to whom he never returned after becoming a vamp during the Civil War. (Yes, we originally saw the character in a season 1 flashback played by another actress. This guest spot promises to be a bit more significant.)

So are you psyched about all the new additions to the cast? Or are you worried that they’ll take too much time away from Sookie and Co.? Discuss below.

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  • TJ

    Oooooh! Bill’s wife. I wonder if she’s somehow not dead?

    • dirtmcgirt

      I definitely think True Blood is getting waaaay too many extra characters. Have you seen the list of characters on the show lately? It’s HUUGGGEE!
      It’s taking time away from the great actors/characters like Eric and Bill and Sam. I mean how much of them did we really see last season? Very little. If they could please shrink the size and give the good characters better and bigger story lines, I’d really enjoy TB more.

      • Javabooknut

        I think they are straying to far from basic C. Harris Mythology. It’s clear in the books that only the first born child of two shifters will be a shifter. That’s a big change. I like some but that is a big deal.

      • IowaGirl

        Javabooknut – I don’t think Tommy is necessarily going to be a shifter. The story refers to Sam being a shifter, not Tommy.

        “…has landed the plum part of shapeshifter Sam’s younger sib, Tommy”

      • Carrie

        Have they said he’s Sam’s biological brother? After all, Debbie Pelt was a werefox and Sandra Pelt was a were since Debbie was adopted.

    • Sanna

      It’s a flashback. Bill comes back after he’s turned

    • Celia

      I”ve read all the books and neither of them are in it. I’m ready for some BIG casting news like ALCIDE!!

      • CaliGirl

        Can I get an AMEN?? I wanna see Alcide and Quinn!!! And when are Sookie and Bill going to break-up….Their relationship was not that big in the books…

  • Stephen S.

    I’m not really a fan of this show, BUT if Shanon Lucio gets naked in this show the same way Ana Paquin does, I’m SOOOOO going to watch!

    • BlatantURLPimpingMustDie

      I’ll second that. She’s got a sick body!

  • Lou

    Finally, we know who is playing Bill’s wife Caroline! I’ve been dying to know ever since that casting call was leaked. I cannot wait to see the Bill/Caroline flashbacks, and I hope that Ms. Lucio is around for more than just one episode.

    • Liz

      Ugh, NO! I don’t want to see his wife! Well, maybe just to see Bill not loving her as much as he does Sookie, but that’s all! We already have Lorena, no need to add another woman!

  • Ami

    I just wish they bring back Godric even if in flashback *sigh*

    • Matt

      Yes, Please!! Godric was so amazing! I cried all three times I watched the episode where he “gave himself to the light”. It broke my heart to see Eric in such pain.

    • sophie

      They’ve already said they will. And Alex said there will be more flashbacks from the Viking era too.

  • April

    Oh, that would be interesting if his wife was turned, maybe by Lorena too? She could in on Bill’s abduction… I like it! ;)

    • maria

      that would be crazy… :)

  • Mad Men

    You know Lost has a lot of characters too. So, if Lost can do it, then True Blood can too.

  • TBG

    Ugh, I can’t look at Shannon Lucio without thinking of her as Lindsay on the OC and I hated that character.

    • ShutUpRob

      I loved Lindsay. I wish they had fired Mischa Barton rather than Lucio back then. The OC would probably STILL be on the air right now if they did.
      — Rob

    • taylorrness

      SAMESIES. soon I’ll be looking out for Ryan Atwood (and be sadly disappointed).

  • lee

    That episode with Godric and his death scene was the best thing I have seen in a while. Amazing acting from Godric, Eric, and Sookie.

  • sarah beth


    • Ben

      I understand wanting to see what happened in the books play out for real but there is a difference between something being tabbed as being “based on” something and duplicated from it. It’s using the books as a basis like it’s supposed to but adding elements for many reasons that I’m sure you are aware of even if you don’t like them. If you were expecting a duplication then you set yourself up for disappointment. Comparisons between the books and show are inevitable but if you attempt to view the show based on it’s own merit, despite being aware of differences maybe you’ll be less annoyed. That’s if you even are annoyed. It sounds like you are.

      • krystal_skyi

        You are so right. I understand everyone wants bill-sookie-eric, But common’ The books are great and the show is great. Enjoy the best of both worlds people.

    • sil

      you have to remember.. the books were told from sookie’s perspective.. there are several different characters who have their own lives and go through their own thing. to be honest i think the show would be a bit boring if it was all told from sookie’s view. i like seeing what the other characters are doing. it adds something extra. but thats just me

      • Julie

        This isn’t about books.good.show.baaaaaad. This is taking a movie based on someone’s autobiography who was born in Memphis in real life but for entertainment’s sake was born in Beverly Hills for the movie.

        Charlaine Harris created the Southern Vampire Mysteries. It’s canon.

        It would be like taking Buffy…and suddenly deciding to do a new series where she doesn’t become the Chosen One at all but stays the bratty cheerleader and we watch her go through her Jimmy Choo phase.

        These characters are crazy! Sam’s brother. Doesn’t exist. Jessica. Figment of True Blood’s imagination (but a refreshing addition). The cheesy “yes, yes Bill Compton I will marry you”…is but a nightmare. Eric…acting like a sheepish lamb to Bill Compton? Hec no.

        It’s not about Eric v. Bill. It’s about the integrity of the story. If they want to change canon so much…perhaps they shouldn’t have BASED it on the book, but rather created their own show with their own characters in ther own framework.

        At this rate, I probably won’t watch season 3. Too many characters with idiotic storylines (hello…MaryAnn…way too much screen time and I LOVE Michelle Forbes).

      • GDub

        reply to Julie- When the weres came out and Sam had to rush back to visit his wounded mom, didn’t he have a (half?)brother and sister there too? CH created a world, not a neighborhood.

      • joe

        to Julie –
        Don’t watch. Both Alan Ball and Charlaine Harris have been very open about the fact that the show and the books are taking their own paths. Harris is working on new books and has said that she has no plans to pay attention to what is going on with the show when she writes and doesn’t expect Ball to remain faithful to her books. There have been thousands of ideas loosely based upon others’ works. It’s a smart jumping off point, it brings in fans of the original and it helped boost Harris’ already significant sales. Had they stayed true to Harris’ vision, it would have been an interesting show that had potential but went nowhere. That is no insult to Harris, but when we read, we create our own vision of what is happening. When we watch TV, the producers create this vision. A true adaptation of Harris’ books would have been a snoozer. As is, we get good TV. But, like I said, don’t watch. Every thing’s not for everybody.

    • spikenalabama

      I understand that the show is merely based on the books by Charlaine Harris but I don’t understand why the need to add so many characters? The books give you plenty to pick and choose from.

      • karla

        i agreee!!!!
        maryann was a waste of time!!!
        one thing is CH being ok with and other is messing with a good storyline…
        anyway ill watch but.. i need more love triangle i just finish dead and gone andddd i have no words .. it was the best of all .. what u guys think about it?

    • maskedavenger

      I second that!
      (some changes are necessary though…)

    • Lisa H.

      I totally agreee with Sara the show is getting away from the books. The writers for True Blood could take some lessons from the writer for Twilight.

      • Stacy

        This is different though. With Twilight we want it to be just like the books because it is a two hour movie. But with a TV series they have to change it up a bit or it would be boring! Personally I love both and will continue to watch the twilight movies and True blood tv series

  • bruno

    i just really wish you’d go away though so you’d stop spoiling my television experience. loser.

    • Michelle

      you spoiled your television experience by clicking a spoiler post. loser.

  • Mad Men

    Shannon Lucio is a very good actress.

  • ks0724

    Book Spoiler Alert

    I just hope they keep as close to book four as possible. That is definitely my favorite book. The whole Sookie and Eric thing in that book is awesome. I’m going to be real upset if they don’t have Sookie break up with Bill by the end of the third season. And Bill is barely in the 3rd and 4th book. Eric without his memory and being all weak and sensitive would be awesome to see. Also I just really, really want to see that shower scene.

    • Sanna

      If you think Bill will be away for seasons, then you’ll get very dissapointed. Steåhen Moyer is the lead male actor and he’s not going anywhere

      • DE

        He doesn’t have to go away but he can not be in the middle of things. They did it w/ new moon

      • nicole

        I am so glad about Stephen M. being the main lead male character on the show. He is incredibly sexy and a hell of a talent! Alan Ball chose his lead well. I hope to see more and more of him!!!!!

    • msw

      I completely agree with you about book four and that shower scene!! They would be crazy to change that (or leave it out?!). I think alot of people would be really disappointed it they dont stick to at least that plot point.

      • don’t mind the spoiler


        what shower scene is this? somebody please explain :)

      • CaliGirl

        Ha ha ha….I want him to call me Lover!!!! So I wonder if they’ll drop her and Jason being 1/4 Fairy and the whole Jason turning shifter??? Can’t wait for the next book to come out in May!! Dead in the Family

    • DE

      I also want the story line to be the same on book four. It’s my favorite!!

    • nc

      I second that. I couldn’t put the book down. It was delicious!!!!

    • Liz

      I SO don’t want to see the Sookie & Eric thing. in the books, it lasted three minutes (when he’s under a spell, otherwise still an ass). In the show, BILL is the man, and gosh, Stephen Moyer & Anna Paquin are so great together!

      • nicole

        I agree with you Liz. So far I am loving the show. Alan B has taken the BEST of CH’s books and created his own vision. Alan has read all the books and has discussed them with CH and has decided how the show should be. His way. This is True BLood not the Sookie Stackhouse show. I personally prefer the show over the books. Stephen M is the lead actor in the show. He will not be marginalized. The show is basically Bill and Sookies story. They will have ups an downs as in any relationship and there will be triangles and drama. I like the addition of new characters each season. Keeps things interesting. Anyways someone is always wearing a red shirt at the end. LOL. As long as our regulars get plenty of screen time, the more the merrier. I am especially looking forward to the flashbacks. Bill’s wife…why not? Godric and Eric…absolutely. I feel sorry for those who feel the show has to be a carbon copy of the books. That would be boring. If some don’t like the show I am sure there are reruns of some other show out there. Don’t ruin this for us who love and support Alan B and the show. Give me more Stephen Moyer…what an actor, and gorgeous, so love that man!!!!!!!!

      • Stacy

        You hit it right on Liz. I never understood the ERIC and SOOKIE crazed fans! Yeah they fool around a bit in the 3rd book but really they are kind of together for the 4th one and then that’s it she moves on! But I do hope that they put in some variation of the Shower scene cuz yeah that was hot.

  • Alex

    Oh Shannon Lucio is that chick who was on The O.C. for a time! She was played the girl who may or may not have been Kirsten’s secret half-sister and had a thing with Ryan.

    At least she’s a decent actress.

    Marshall Allman’s also a great choice. I cannot wait for season 3!!! Bring it on already *sob*

    • DE

      Ugh, the OC, I’ll try to not hold that against her

  • Manju

    I love Shannon Lucio, she was awesome on THE O.C. and more recent GREY’S. I always hate it when they show one actress and then easily replace it when the role gets bigger *caugh* Kaitlin *caugh* but now I’m fine with it. Allman was pretty good on PB, I’m happy with the additions.

  • Brad

    Flashback sequences. Perhaps Bill tried to make contact with her after he came over. Or she was the victim of another type of corruption. Time will tell. I don’t think the show will put things out of reality or as much as vampires and shapeshifters can exist.

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