First Look: 'Big Bang Theory' hooks up Sheldon and Leonard's mother!

Hate to say “I told you so,” but… Wait. No. I love to say “I told you so.” And I did! I totally hinted at a future hook-up between Big Bang Theory brainiacs Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Leonard’s mother, Beverly (The Good Wife‘s Christine Baranski), and see? On Monday’s episode, “The Maternal Congruence,” it’s happening. At least that’s the conclusion I’m drawing from the (possibly misleading) exclusive image above.

Oh, don’t pretend you’re as shocked as Penny (Kaley Cuoco) looks. You saw the sparks flying last time, too.

Timing for the return of the thinking man’s cougar couldn’t be better, either: Last night’s eppy brought in BBT‘s best ratings ever. And, considering how well the show’d already been doing, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that’s good.

So what do you think? Wound up or grossed out by the prospect of Sheldon and Beverly getting horizontal outside of a discussion of geometry? And which will be more fun, the snogging itself, or the moment when Leonard (Johnny Galecki) finds out? Weigh in below!

Image Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

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  • suzie


    • darclyte

      It totally makes sense. They’re both painfully intellectual, and they’ll both see it as an educational exercise with her the teacher and him the student. Awe…wait for it…some.

  • MJ

    This is going to be legen…wait for it….dairy. This is awesome. I am so ready to see this episode.

    • bosco


    • allen

      Don’t mean to mock, but I have to. It a mocking of legen….wait for it…it has nothing to do with cows…or any other lactating animal…wait for it…dary….whew that was almosting astonishing….

      • allen

        really, you mock with a misspelling…

      • John

        Technically, there is a show joke where it’s “Legen…wait for it…hope you’re not lactose-intolerant because the second half of this is DAIRY! LEGENDARY!” Just saying. Context. Or habit.

      • Uh Huh

        Could be, but to ensure the less tolerant (lactose-intolerant, hahaha) don’t lambast one’s efforts, one should try for a neutral context rather than a one-of episode….

      • Teresa

        “almosting” is that even a word?

  • rox

    Oh! I am SOOOO looking forward to this!

  • terry

    I had hoped that they would keep Sheldon asexual, but they seem to know what they’re doing on the show so I’ll give it a chance.

    • Diane

      Since Sheldon is standing there, arms limply at his side and Christine Baranski is clearly agressor-Sheldon might still be pretty asexual.

      • YaZ

        She kinda took him by surprise -pulled by his PJs and planted one on him- I would have been pretty ‘WTF’ myself TBH

    • BeachBum

      From the picture, I would say that Sheldon IS asexual, looks to me like he’s the victim of a surprise cougar attack!

    • N

      Um, since when has Sheldon been confirmed as “asexual”? Never.

      • Natalie

        Confirmation isn’t exactly necessary.

      • saintofE69th

        asexuality is a myth, not acting upon sexual urges is fact as is lack of sexual urges, but asexuality has been discerdited for some time (Harvard Medial Review, 2006).

      • Kati

        Actually the writer or producer or someone did an intervew with Mr. Ausiello himself and said that Sheldon was asexual

  • Kate

    Judging my the staging…I am guessing this is in response to something Penny says in some argument that Penny and Beverly are having and Sheldon probably is woken up and is baffled.

    • ShutUpRob

      Possibly. Also, in the picture, I don’t think that that’s Penny being shocked so much as it is either Penny or Kayley trying to keep from laughing her mass off.
      — Rob

      • Michael Collado

        Actually it looks more like Penny found out something and that Leonard’s mother and Sheldon were romantically involved and then she just went “what the hell?” and grabbed Sheldon and kissed him. XD

  • John

    Her last appearance was one of the few episodes I’ve seen, and their chemistry was through the roof! I have a feeling that there’s a twist here, though, and that they probably don’t ACTUALLY do it.

  • Henry

    This seems out of character. The beauty of Sheldon is that he is someone who does not operate in the realm of normal social interaction. He wouldn’t seek sex or intimacy. I’d actually be surprised if he could relate to someone on that level. I hope this photo/scoop is intentionally misleading and that they don’t ruin asexual Sheldon!

    • Liz

      Agreed. I’m not entirely comfortable with a sexualized Sheldon. He has made it clear he is “above” such animalistic instincts. It’s charming.

      • Sarah

        While true, I would love to see Sheldon actually have animalistic instincts for someone and then try to apply logic to it. He is “above” such instincts until he meets someone who gives him strange feelings :)

      • IAA Louie and Mark

        Yes – but remember. She is just as outside the realm of normal human interaction as he is. Somehow it makes it right. I’m so excited! I’m super excited for the “rate how the experiment went” after glow!

      • John

        Yes, but in everyone’s development they reach a point where urges begin to govern actions, and then the logic will move to support it. It would be an interesting progression and wrinkle for the character.

    • Matt

      Look at Sheldon’s hands, though, completely down at his sides. She is kissing him, and it appears to be completely one-sided.

      • Brooke

        I noticed that right away, too.

        Let’s face it, if there wasn’t some hidden twist to this picture, they wouldn’t be willingly showing it. It’s a “gotcha”.

      • Vicky

        Or as Sheldon would say “Bazinga

    • Isembard

      I’m with you. I do trust the writers not to fall into cheap sitcom cliche and actually have these two hook up. I’m guessing that, like most tv leaks, this picture is totally misleading.

    • JennaE

      I agree…leave Sheldon as he is, besides, look how tense he is in the photo, I would guess he is not enjoying that kiss

  • JP

    OMG Amaizing!!!!

  • harry

    wound all the way up!!!!

  • Sharky Snarky

    It seems that Sheldon is baffled and too scared to move so it’s still his character. And yes, their chemistry was unbelievable. It should be fun!

  • Alba

    I can’t wait to see Sheldon’s reaction!! hilarious!!!

  • JMB

    It’s probably an experiment on Leonard’s mom’s part, and Penny walks in on it. Or she misreads Sheldon and thinks he wants to get jiggy with it and he doesn’t. Or something along those lines. I would not want Sheldon to be “normal” and have “normal” urges. It’s too out of character for him. I think it would be funnier for her to kiss Raj and try to get him to talk or something.

    • Sue1

      My first thought was some kind of experiment too, makes the most sense. Should be a very interesting show.

      • saintofE69th

        well even Spock “got down” get down Sheldon, “get down” with your non-funky self…right on

  • Sarah

    Notice she is still wearing her purse. It’s almost as if she is about to leave the room and decided to surprise Sheldon with a kiss. As other posters mentioned, it looks very one sided. Love Penny’s reaction though!!!

  • Tricia

    Aaaaah! This is totally a Bazinga!

  • Lelolai

    I really wish I had not checked your site. I knew Christine Baranski was coming back in the next episode, but I had not seen this picture and it would have been nice to be as shocked and surprised as Penny. Way to spoil a funny moment.

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