Scoop: 'Glee' courting Idina Menzel!

Brace yourselves, theatre buffs! Following in the footsteps of Kristin Chenoweth and Jonathan Groff, Tony winner Idina Menzel is in advanced talks to join the cast of Glee!

But — and yes, there is a but — she won’t be playing Rachel’s mother, as we all assumed. If the deal goes through, she’ll be playing the choir director for New Directions’ rivals, Vocal Adrenaline.

So how psyched are you? And how hard are you suddenly hoping that Chenoweth will return as April in an episode that would allow her to team up once again with her former Wicked castmate? Let the cheering commence below.

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  • jcpdiesel21

    She would have been perfect as Rachel’s mom, but oh well. As long as there’s a throwaway line about their close resemblance!

    • Abby

      Yes and yes. Would have been supremely awesome to cast her as Rachel’s biological mom, but it’s still mega awesome that she’s appearing. As long as she sings. Cuz Eve guest starred, and she didn’t sing, which means that not all professional musician guest stars are going to sing.

      • Kate

        Well, I doubt that was that was the last we saw of Eve, her being the director of one of the show choirs New Directions is competing with. And also, Eve is a rapper not a singer (not that she couldn’t, but I have only heard her rap)

      • emily

        Maybe she’ll have an arc as the choir director and then be revealed to be Rachel’s biological mom… wouldn’t that be a twist?!?

      • Kaley

        Emily, that’s what I’m hoping will happen too. I am soooo excited for this, even if she isn’t appearing as Rachel’s mom!

      • wontonjon

        That’s something I liked about Eve’s performance. It showed that, no, they won’t always make it about the singer, but more about the actor

      • Owen

        It would actually be a bit stupid to cast a character who looks (and sounds) SOOO much like another character and not comment on the fact..

      • Jessica

        I fully second the concept of a twist that Idina is Rachel’s mom…AND the rival choir director. It makes sense, because they’re both extremely talented, and if Rachel’s dads live in Ohio, surely the birth mom is close…meanwhile, I would LOVE to see Rachel’s dads at some point.

    • Lorraine

      Completely agree that would’ve been awesome but if they can get her on the show then I’m a happy camper, I really hope they can get her on the show cause I’m gonna enjoy watching it.

    • Luddite

      Totally agree. In fact, they look so much alike I briefly thought that was a picture of Lea Michele up there.

      • Courtney

        Haha, I thought the same thing for a second!

      • Jennifer

        Same Here!

      • Celia

        I think she WILL be Rachel’s mom, but they’re keeping it a secret since Rachel doesn’t know who her mother is.

      • Matt

        Me too!! I just love them both (Idina and Kristin sooo much!) If they get to sing together, I’ll loose it! Let’s make a New Year’s wish Idina comes onboard and stays for more than an episode and April has a dramatic return. Glee is just phenomenal! And I swore off buying any more TV Series on DVD’s (have to make an exception) and Fox is super smart, they’re splitting the first season into two seperate sets! And they’ve already released Volume 2 of Glee Songs (bought both within their first 24 hours of availability). I’m totally obsessed! What are we “Superfans” called? “Gleesters or Glee Geeks”?

      • loveya

        Matt, you are now a “Gleek”

      • april-ann

        I must be the only person, and I’m almost afraid to say this, but I don’t think she and Lea look alike at all. And why would Rachel have to have a biological mother introduced in the first place? It was clear from the start that Rachel has two dads.

    • heelfan2301

      I guess I will take what I can get because I love Idina! I would just have preferred they had done the whole “she’s Rachel’s mom” think because I think that would have left more avenues open for future returns.

    • ShutUpRob

      There’s no reason why she *couldn’t* be BOTH Rachel’s mom *and* the director of Vocal Adrenaline. After all, Rachel’s fathers could have lied to Rachel about who her mother was and/or what happened to her. Or Rachel could just be in denial that her mother is the leader of the enemies.
      — Rob

      • ShutUpRob

        Aaaaaand one more thing: Any chance that Menzel’s character could be named Maureen and have a girlfriend named Joanne played by Tracie Thoms?
        — Rob

      • ShutUpRob

        Aaaaaaaaaaaand one more OTHER thing: Eden Espinosa should be cast as Rachel’s aunt/Menzel’s character’s younger sister.
        — Rob

      • gigi

        I hoping for that delicious twist Rob. Wouldn’t that be something if the Glee writers threw that at us! They atleast have to have a duet of some sort. Both have such awesome voices. Now if we can just get Taye Diggs to do a shirtless cameo my day would be complete!!

    • DSK

      Being the coach of Vocal Adrenaline doesn’t preclude her being Rachel’s mom. It just means the storyline will have Rachel discovering that the coach of Vocal Adrenaline is her bio mom.

    • Allie

      i agree. i hope there’s a comparison joke to lea and idina menzel. too bad idina’s not playing rachel’s mom, but maybe everyone would think she is, and that rachel might be going to the rival school. that would be interesting.

    • Rock Golf

      And when are they going to show Rachel’s adoptive parents? “My Two Dads” updated. I’d love them to be the polar opposites of Kurt.

    • Daisy

      I agree she would have been perfect as Rachel’s mom!

      And while we’re at it, can we see her Dads???

      • V

        And can one of the dad’s be played by Jesse L. Martin? Because that would be totally awesome…

    • Jane

      From the picture above I can’t tell if that’s Idina or Rachel. She’s a natural to play the mom. Kick a–! Idina is awesome!

    • april-ann

      Those two actresses/singers/performers look nothing like each other. Sorry. But they don’t.

    • Andi

      She would have to be her biological mother, since we already know that Rachel has two dads.

  • Hannah

    Wow, Idina Menzel is one of my favorite actresses, she would be perfect for Glee!

  • welshgirl

    was wondering when this would happen!

  • Krystal

    Nooo! While I”m stoked that she’d be on, I want her as Rachel’s birth mom!

    • Anna

      2 billion bucks says that she is the rival director as well as rachels biological mom. The resemblance is so hard to ignore so I’ll bet anything she ends up being rachels real mom. Either way I’m so exited for idina She Is amazing

      • Anna

        Totally agree I can totally see idina also being rachels biological mom

  • jdawg622

    20 bucks says the rival choir director IS rachel’s mom. eh?

    • Chris

      That’s what I’m thinking.

    • Michelle

      That would so cool!!

    • Kate

      Me too, why couldn’t she be both? I mean she played no part in Rachel’s life as far as we know, just served as surrogate unless we are backing off from Rachel’s introduction of herself.

    • Vicki

      That is very much what I’m hoping! *fingers crossed*

    • Lelolai

      Exactly what I was thinking. They do love their soap-opera storylines on this show. She will turn out to be the birth mom after all in some big reveal.

    • Moxie

      THANK YOU! I had always hoped beyond hope that Idina would play Rachel’s mom and that line in the article made my heart sink. But your post gave me hope again! YES! Choir director AND bio-mom…perfect!

    • Keir

      This is what I’m hoping too. I’ll be crushed if she isn’t, it’d be such a perfect casting.

      Maybe when Rachel finds out she will want to change schools so she can be in Vocal Adrenaline; before the others (or rejection) make her change her mind.

    • M Weyer

      That would fit. Come on, “Glee” producers, LOOK at them! Not since Holly Hunter and Anna Paquin in the Piano have you had two actresses who could pass so well for mother and daughter.

      • Matt

        Talk about mother/daughter clones, remember Leelee Sobieski (played Joan of Arc, don’t know how many years ago, check’s the exact image of Helen Hunt. Like super scary similar. Know it’s a bit off topic but, never seen a resemblence that close. If Helen Hunt had a career left, Leelee could play her life story. Never been a Helen fan, “Mad About You” was total neurosis and the Oscar win for “As Good As It Gets” very lucky break.

    • cerie

      I would take that bet.

    • Isolde

      That would be the best storyline, especially if they made it a surprise even to Rachel.

    • Jeannette

      That’s what I hope! They look too much alike not to use it!

    • mary

      This is what I love about you Glee fans: Such optimism. Someone takes away your dream plot? You find a way to keep hope alive and rise from the wreckage. All shows should be so lucky as to have people like you rooting for them!

    • heelfan2301

      Ok I am so hoping for that!

    • jenn

      that’s what i’m thinking :)

    • Robin

      I totally agree with you! And I really hope we are right.

  • Autumn

    OMG! I am so excited for this…

  • Stephanie

    This should be interesting since rumors have said that WIll might get a new love interest–another glee director!

    • Keir

      But but but Emma!!!

      • castiella

        Will and Emma are the OTP. They’ll get together eventually, but I doubt it will be anytime soon.

    • Doc

      If those rumors are right, I shall cry.

  • ggny

    waste of casting she could have had a much bigger/better part

    • castiella

      It’s recurring! It IS a big part!

  • plinstrot

    I wouldn’t be suprised if all the characters remark about their similar looks and similar singing talent, then a few episodes into her run we find out she gave a baby up for adoption the same year Rachel was born and the secret unravels from there. It sounds just crazy enough to be a Glee storyline, and also secret enough that it wouldn’t be spoiled to Michael.

    • Jen

      Actually, I think the dads chose a surrogate based on characteristics they wanted their baby to have, like beauty and intellect. So Rachel wasn’t adopted, but your theory is plausible less the adoption part.

  • Joe Brooks

    They could still make her Rachael Bio-Mom *AND* the vocal leader of the rival group. Just saying

  • jeffrey bryan

    The chances of Kristin and Idina appearing in the same episode are astronomical.

    That being said… totally the birth mom.

    • castiella

      Idina is in talks to recur in up to [all] 9 episodes in the spring, and Cheno is in talks to guest star in the spring also, so chances are good that they could be in the same episode.

      • Matt

        Way to come back with the positive energy!! Thanks! Too many people loved “Wicked”, even those that didn’t have the ultimate expericence of seing them in the title originating roles (I missed seeing Idina, I saw “Wicked” in previews in San Fransisco, I became an instant Cheno fan!)Idina’s understudy went on, Stephanie J. Block, who went on to play the female lead, Liza Minnelli,in “The Boy From Oz” with Tony Winner Hugh Jackman. Stephanie was amazing, but still want to see Idina and Cheno back together. Their Tony Night performance of “Defying Gravity” is an all-time favorite.

  • Alex


    • anonymous

      If she doesn’t sing I will protest.

      • jenn

        me too.

      • maggie

        and I

      • Yillian

        She better sing because otherwise i will cry I <3 Idina

    • Kaley

      She better sing! I am still bummed that Victor Garber didn’t sing when he was on the show, and I don’t understand the point of Eve’s guest starring role if she didn’t even rap/sing.

      • deana

        Yeah, what was up with Victor Garber not singing? I hope he will return and have a number with Will.

  • Courtney

    Could she be the choir director and turn out to be Rachels’ biological mother? That would be such an amazing story arc! I’m crossing my fingers that she’ll sing!

  • rsp9720

    JDAWgJ622 I think that is a great bet! The first thing that popped into my head while reading the article was that she will be Rachel’s Mom and Vocal Adrenaline’s director. They may not reveal that right away but definately in later episodes. How awsome is that!?

  • a person


    • a person

      just thought of this..they should have Kristin Chenoweth be on in the same episode n have Idina be an ex-school friend of April’s so they can sing What is This Feeling! that would be amazing!

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