'True Blood' exclusive: Meet Eric's new plaything

True Blood is giving Eric a new toy.

Actress-model Natasha Alam (The Bold and the Beautiful) is joining the season 3 cast in the potentially recurring role of Yvetta, Eric’s new dancer at Fangtasia, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Eric engages in a sexual relationship with his newest employee, which, if I’m not mistaken, is a flagrant violation of Fangtasia’s super-strict sexual harassment policy. (I made a funny.)

In other True Blood casting news, character actor Gregg Daniel (NYPD Blue, Desperate Housewives) has been tapped to play Reverend Daniels. Tara’s mom turns to the Reverend for, um, comfort. (I made another funny.)

Photo Credit: Alam: Sara De Boer/Retna


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  • Kenbud

    Thanks, Mike …….. patiently waiting on Alcide casting news. Hands down my favorite character in the books so far. Keep up the fantastic work!!

    • jessesgirl

      Sorry I don’t see it, throughout the books I read Alcide as a conceded pompous ass. He is also suppose to be a pretty young guy and I just saw a picture of the actor they got for the part and he is way too old and kinda dirty looking as far as I’m concerned.

      • Jeff

        He’s 33.

  • Julie

    Yay! She seems okay. I cant wait for Alcide’s casting either!

  • rafaeladias

    Luuuuuuuuuuuuuv Eric! Best character of the show. Can’t wait to see him naked :D

  • Christine W.

    Ooo! Eric + Sex = A VERY promising Sunday night.

    • Taylor

      I could not agree more!

      • jenn

        I am so jealous of her! If I were her, I’d ask him back to my apt. for extra practice.

  • Shadow Step

    Can’t you kids just find some porn on the internet? Does it have to be in all shows *sigh*

    • Michael

      True Blood is the best porn there is!

    • Katie G

      no….but since it’s very first episode True Blood has been full of sexuality. A lot of it’s plot line is wrapped up in sexuality/lust/desire
      so yes
      sex must be included in True Blood. Especially when we’re talking about the heavenly Eric.

      • Jennifer

        Thank you!! And why look for porn on the internet when we can watch it on HBO with Eric!!!

  • Molly

    I can’t wait for True Blood to return. I don’t know who Alcide is, but I’m guessing it’s a good thing he/she is going to be cast haha.

    • megan

      Sookie and Alcide, a werewolf, are somewhat involved in book 3. He plays an important role and the two have alot of chemistry!

    • Nenya

      I don’t know what the fuss is about honestly, he was interesting and somewhat relevant in the 3rd book and then he was the most useless character ever, nothing really happens with sookie.

      • niki

        ‘Somewhat’ relevant in the 3rd book?? Did you even read it? He plays a huge role!

  • Liz

    As long as it’s not Sookie, I’m happy! Bill & Sookie are so great together! Anna & Stephen do a wonderful job. Forget the books, the show is its own thing.

    • Sofia

      Thank you for writing this; funniest thing I’ve read all day! LMFAO!

      Bill & Sookie lost all their season 1 chemistry. Sookie even has more chemistry with Hoyt than with Beel.

  • Katheryn

    Alcide is a werewolf that arrives in book 3. and i am TEAM BILL all the way! yes ive read all the books that are out so far. i still stick by bill. i dont like blondes (i.e. eric!) lol

    • MoGal

      OK, Bill is all yours. I too was not into blondes being one myself but the minute AS’s face came on the screen in season 1 episode 4 my heart melted and I LOVE THIS BLONDE. Also he is the absolute best actor on the show. As I read the books I also fell in love with Eric and AS plays him to perfection.

  • Isolde

    Ugh! Eric doesn’t need a new plaything. Anything that distracts him from Sookie is a bad thing. If they’re going to add unnecessary extraenous characters they could at least introduce the fairies. They kind of start out as filler but then definitely go somewhere throughout the books. And WHERE IS ALCIDE!

    • Michele

      I can’t wait for Eric & Sookie to get together on screen and I wish they would stop making up new (and unnecessary!!) characters. There are so many wonderful characters in the books to play with – why add more???

      • Liza5326

        I’m in complete agreement! I can’t wait to see who they cast for Alcide! There are so many rich characters in the books and the storylines would be killer on screen!

      • rochelle

        I’m not getting it either. I understand creative freedom and all that but I don’t understand why all the changes to season 3? I’ll have to have faith in Alan Ball. Season 2 was off but at least it was a story in the book (marianne/maenad) but Sam’s brother? His mom? A plaything for Eric? I guess they just want to bring him more into the story, he doesn’t really come front and center until book 4. Although there’s the whole Sookie getting staked in jackson that I’d love to see played out on screen :) And where’s Bubba?

    • Nenya

      well, eric needs his fun too, it’s not like he’s a virgin like edward cullen, and he doesn’t have a relationship with sookie… yet, he should be having lots of sex

    • Dee

      Are you kidding? I’m actually glad that they’re having someone else being cast as Eric’s lover in season three, as the Eric/Sookie storyline does not make the entire show and the producers can’t just focus on that storyline alone. I’m actually looking forward to see what’s gonna happen, and hey, if there’s any sex scenes involving Eric in the third season, I’m all for it.

  • tchetcha

    I hate her already!

  • Vinsssent

    Damn, I was hoping for an Eric/Lafayette hookup…

    • Tarc

      And why would you think that Eric would ever be exclusive?

  • Curt

    Anyone else think that Ryan Hurst (Opie, Sons of Anarchy) might make a good Alcide? I mean he has that full beard and that sad puppy dog (ok, wolf puppy) look going on.

    • amy

      I could totally see him in the role.

      • levelheaded

        I love Ryan Hurst. I love True Blood. The combination together would make me weep with joy… As long as he didn’t quit Sons of Anarchy.

    • Jen D

      I love that idea!

  • Cougar

    Yummy! Any reason the see Alex/Eric naked is a win win for me:)

  • Willa

    She is much hotter than Sookie. I will enjoy their sex scenes. :D

    • Steph

      For real. Anna Paquin is not pretty like Sookie is in the books. I keep wondering what these incredible guys see in her. Plus, she’s a horrible actress.

      • cictrubie

        Got a boyfriend or guy friends who watches TB with you? Ask them. All I hear about is her body (perfect!), her lips (I won’t go there!) and her relationship with Bill (it’s real — all guys are a little afraid of women they really dig!)

        Just a private survey from my man and his mates . . . .

      • Jennifer

        Seriously, Sookie in the books is not half as annoying. She is curvy like a size 10 and is chesty unlike Anna is is quite flat and way too skinny.

  • medusa

    This bitch Yvetta does not even exist in the books, so why making up this crap.Eric wants and loves only his Sookie…that piece of meat does not men anything to him.Eric will be with Sookie, and they marry in the book 9, as I read them all twice !So, forget Bill, he is the past

    • Dee

      Uh, maybe it’s because Alan Ball has said that he’s not going to follow everything that happens in the books. He’s making True Blood his own show, and plus, if he followed the exact plotline from the books, it would make the show really boring.

      A lot of fans seem to forget that they need to separate the show from the books entirely, so what happens in the show is not exactly going to make everyone happy.

      • cictrubie

        Thanks for those comments! I agree so much. The bloody show would be so BORING(!!) if it went chapter and verse by the book. Why even bother watching. Or better yet, we could all take out our books, mute the ruddy TV, and recite the book bakc to the screen.

        I wonder how many of us are really True Blood fans and how many are just fans of the show playing inside our heads?

    • melati

      I wouldn’t get too excited about Ivetta cuz as long as Sookie “belongs” to Bill Eric can’t legally have her, I thought. So far AB has done a good job intepreting it for TV and I actually like how they’ve changes some event up for the show.
      I draw the line at briging in too many non-existant characters tho. Wouldn’t mind seeing a dumb-a$$ redneck Bubba-like vampire lol.

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