Exclusive: 'Nurse Jackie' drops Mo-Mo!

I hate to be the bearer of rotten news just three days before Christmas, but I just learned that one of my (and no doubt your) favorite Nurse Jackie characters will not be returning for the show’s upcoming second season.

I’m taking about Mohammed “Mo-Mo” De La Cruz, the sasstastic gay nurse played by Haaz Sleiman. A Showtime rep confirmed that Sleiman is no longer with the acclaimed dramedy (which returns on March 22), but provided no further details. A rep for Sleiman, meanwhile, says producers felt “the character’s storyline ran its course… We were surprised. It came out of left field.”

Adding insult to injury, I just screened the first two episodes of Season 2 and Mo-Mo’s departure isn’t even addressed. Not even his best bud Jackie acknowledges his absence. It’s as if he never existed! (UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that Jackie does, in fact, give her former BFF a teensy shout-out within the first two episodes. And I do mean teensy. I’m not surprised I missed it.)

Not cool. Not cool at all.

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  • Nick

    This is something one of the network’s would do, for sure. BUT to just drop a fan fave and, dare I say, part of what made that show THAT show? Unacceptable.

    • paige

      how does a character with no storyline have a story that ‘ran its course’? Seems like the producers wanted to cut cost so they fired him

      • sean

        i was begging for more storyline for him all season. he shined. the season was 12 episodes long and it revolved so completely around jackie that no other storyline could have run its course. honestly, i was immediately bored with Coop and O’Hara and remember after the season finale verbalizing that i really hoped they’d decide to explore Mo Mo and Zoey next season. upsetting. and idiotic on their part if it was their decision.

      • donknottz

        Um it is called Nurse Jackie not Nurse Jackie & her gay friend Mo Mo.

    • maddy

      absolutely ridiculous. i love Momo! and not to say that thor isnt great, but there is no competing with Momo. he was by far my favorite character on the show. i miss him.

    • Nanette Hayakawa

      I absolutely loved Mo Mo in his role on Nurse Jackie, which is very well written and the show is just a hoot! Bring Mo Mo back in some capacity!! His fans want him on TV.

  • sandradee

    NO!!! Ever since seeing the Visitor I have loved this dude. Though I actually thought his character on Nurse Jackie was just a walking stereotype, and am sort of glad he’s leaving the show for that reason. Hopefully he moves on to bigger and better things.

    • PA

      Thor is more of a walking stereotype and not as representative. Mo was a great character and had great chemistry with Jackie. Agreed…. on to bigger things.

      • Jake

        I do think that there could have been a lot more development for Mo Mo’s character, where that be his friendship with Jackie, his conflicting relationship with Zoe that grows into friendship or the obvious relationship potential between Thor and Mo Mo, since Thor adored him. That’s not to say the the show hasn’t developed in wonderful ways since de la Cruz’s departure, but his character is missed, and this basically sounds like they were trying to cut the show’s costs and killed Mo Mo to do it. Lame.

  • emily

    this also happened after the pilot of ‘white collar’ when diana (also gay, also not caucasian) was inexplicably gone with no explanation or even mention by a single person in the show. what gives?

    • timotey

      Natalie Morales aka Lauren Cruz who replaced Diana is also not caucasian. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Diana to pieces and would have preferred if they kept her – Natalie Morales is cute and I adored her in The Middleman but Cruz is boring.

      • Ryan

        I too would have preferred to see a tough gay woman remain on that show rather than Morales

      • idgie

        Her character is so…bland. Natalie Morales character was vibrant and powerful.

    • bearcat97

      Marsha Thomason, who played the gay FBI agent, has cropped up in a few other things, so it’s possible that she didn’t have time to be on White Collar anymore. I like her a lot (have ever since Las Vegas), but I also really like Natalie Morales and having her on the show almost makes up for the fact that The Middleman was so unceremoniously cancelled a while back.

    • Kathy

      I didn’t even notice. I guess I was watching someone else…

  • marc

    thats bizarre

  • besimon

    I just saw The Visitor and he was awesome. I too hope we will some him in something (film, TV) where he is the lead.

    • ak

      man i love that film. good call.

  • Boyracer7632

    That sucks! I liked Mo Mo!!! He was a cool sidekick for Jackie… I’m sure going to Kia his character….

  • Sommery


  • Boyracer7632

    I meant to say that I’m going to MISS his character… LOL!

  • Mel

    Mo-Mo is my favorite characters on NJ. Screw you showtime!

    • Memo

      Your favorite character in NJ? I don’t get what that means, is he from New Jersey? Is Nurse Jackie set there?

      • Jen

        Um, NJ is also the initials for *N*urse *J*ackie…

      • pauch

        Actually f*cknut it says “on NJ” not “in NJ”. If you’re gonna be a big enough loser to pour over every blog post to find a typo so you can jump on it to make yourself feel better, at least do it right and pick something that is ACTUALLY incorrect.

      • stfu and


      • Memo

        well excuuuse me it just sounded stupid, incorrect and confusing for someone to abbreviate it like that. It’s a state, not a TV show. I’m sure the producers would be annoyed by that too… You wouldnt call LOST ‘L’ would you?

      • joe

        Are you serious, Memo? People abbreviate pretty much all TV shows. UB (Ugly Betty), GA (Grey’s Anatomy), HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother), SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance) AI (American Idol)… this list goes on and on… sounds like you just got upset that someone called you out for getting confused and full of yourself at the same time. I have no beef in this situation, but I had to respond. I’m sure the producers aren’t worried that people call the show NJ.

  • virgil’s diner

    Wow. That stinks. I kind of get it. They never really gave him much story other than being Jackie’s bff, but still – a terrible loss for the show.

  • ak

    what! that’s craptastic. what a sham and a shame. momo ruled. i’d much rather see the other *murse go—the oafy blonde dude. xoxo momo.

    *male nurse, not to be confused with male purse.

  • D

    He was not exactly my favorite, but he was not my least favorite character either. Therefore I am bummed, but not entirely surprised. It felt like the writers were neglecting him in season one. Nearly all of the supporting characters got their own little story towards the end of last season except for him.

    I’ll miss him. He was pleasant to my eyes.

    And yes, I hate it when important characters get dropped and nobody mentions it on the show.

  • PN


    • James

      Ho, Ho, Ho!

  • Noa

    a great loss! I absolutely loved his character, and I was really touched when he sang in Arabic in one of the episodes. How many Arab characters do we have on American TV that are not portrayed as “terrorists”?

    • Andy Bluebear

      Technically, he’s mixed (Hispanic/Arab) or Hispanic who is Muslim. I don’t know many Arab’s named De La Cruz ;) Still, it was cool to see a gay guy called Mohammed on TV. Wonder if that had anything to do with it? Interestingly enough, this isn’t his first gay Arab role…

      • ME

        Technically he’s mixed?! Are you kidding me?
        Do you correct anyone who calls Obama black?

        The point was that whenever there are Muslim characters it’s usually either a negative portrayal, a stereotype, or a huge deal. This time it was refreshingly matter of fact. Just one of the little details that made him such a compelling character.

        What does it matter what he technically was?

  • Jim

    Ugh! Sleiman was sexy and hysterical, and he scored a lot of poignant moments in really limited screentime. I hope leaving was his choice and that there’s something great coming down the pike with him in it.

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