It's official: 'Bones' brings back Zack

It’s a done deal! With the scheduling all worked out, beloved Bones alum Eric Millegan is set to appear in the show’s 100th episode on April 8.

“Zack will be back,” confirms executive producer Stephen Nathan.

As I first reported back in September, the landmark episode will flash back to Booth and Brennan’s first tag-team assignment. “We’ll see Zack during their first case,” says Nathan, “and we’ll see the first meeting between Booth and Zack.”

Who’s going to be the first to welcome Eric (and Zack) back? Ready, set, comments section!

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  • Jo

    Ohh, I may just watch Bones just for this episode. I missed Zack SO much.

    • jenn

      Can someone please tell me why he ever left to begin with?

      • laynie

        It happened in Season 3, there was a serial killer case where the murderer was taking bone fragments and plating them in silver. they thought they caught the killer, but he struck again, and this was right after zach tried to blow himself up in the lab. it turned out that he was the apprentice to the serial killer, and I think they tied it to Zach’s PTSD from having to go to Iraq, so he’s been in a mental hospital ever since.

      • Anitamargarita

        But is that really why he left? Because the writers tok the story in that direction? I’m not buying it. There’s a story there.

      • LG from VA

        It seems that in August, 2009, he released a video to YouTube that described his ongoing ordeal living with rapid-cycling bipolar disorder. Can anyone confirm?

      • Skye

        I heard it was because he wanted to go on broadway..but I’m not sure it was every confirmed.

      • km64

        geez how can u be a BONES FAN if u dont know the story of each of the characters and how they integrate their personal and social lives into and the to the overall show and plot throughout each of the seasons! You have to watch the whole of season 3 to understand!

      • equestrianlovematch

        I think Bones should marry him

      • jenn

        No, I know why “Zack” left and the rancid Gorgomon storyline, but was it a creative decision or did he want off the show? Also, km64, chill the ef out. You sound like an idiot. That was probably the most convoluted comment I’ve ever read, on top of attempting and failing to sound intelligent.

      • Chi

        After that storyline, I don’t see how they could bring him back to the same job. How could he be trusted? Maybe there’s some other way for him to return to the show, poss. Bones becomes his support system because of their special relationship? I really did like him so I’m happy to see him back, but I don’t want a ridiculous plot arc tacked on.

      • Amanda

        Chi- His character is not coming back to the show. He is only coming back in the 100th episode. That epidsode will be a flash back to B&B first case together, which technically happened years before Zack went away, so it not going to mess with the storyline.

      • Elizabeth

        He got wrapped up with the Gorgomon a serial killer. I think he got sent to a mental place for the crazy people. If he would admit to screwing up then he could come back.

    • Lucy


  • Nikkido

    It would not be a good flash back without him. But I can’t say that I actually miss him.

    • Mal

      I agree.

      • AJ

        Zack who? I kid, I’ve watched every episode of Bones, but yeah, it’s good he’ll be there, but who cares. People were all pissy when he left the show. I think the show is fine with or without him.

      • Sadie

        I also agree. I know that many fans were terribly upset when he left the show but I wasn’t one of them.

      • Konrad Wegrzyniak

        swearing is a sin

    • Sarah D

      I like that blond kid that Angela was into the most. He looks like that guy from the OC onlier rougher. Melikes!

      • annie

        I wish they would have played that romance out more.

      • DE

        Didn’t she sleep with him? Wendell, right? i was so hoping they’d follow up on that

      • Caroline

        Wendell’s my favorite too! I hope they keep him. I would have rather seen Angela hook up with Sweets though – even though he’s cute with Daisy, I still find her annoying.

      • cas

        I think they will address it more. There was (spoiler alert) a lot of scoop at the beginning of the season about Bones and Angela getting in a fight over someone she’s sleeping with, and I’m thinking that someone is Wendell. I like him, too, by the way. I hope he sticks around for a while. I like most of the interns, actually, so I’m fine with the rotation thing they’ve got going on.

      • Jess

        They’ll be addressing the whole Wendell thing in next week’s episode. I have to say, though, as much as I like the new squintlets I miss Zack! He was so sweet and dorky. It’ll be great to see him with the team again, even if it’s only for a flashback.

      • Steve

        I was hoping they’d continue with the Angela/Wendell story line too. It seems like as soon as they hooked up he vanished. It would be good if that relationship continued and Zack came back too. I liked how he and Booth clashed.

      • ashlee

        I also liked the blond kid. But my favorite was the oddball who is currently in Avatar. He brought real chemistry with everyone to the role. I would love to see him back.

      • mads

        I love Wendell. But Nigel-Murray is my all time favorite.

      • maddy

        Yeah, she banged wendell as a reward for him for giving him money for her save-a-pig project. (never mind the was no build up to either angela being a animal rights activist or any brewing attraction between her and wendell) Basically all the writers proved was that Angela learned nothing during her celebate period about relating to people in non-sexual manner and the fastest way to get Angela to sleep with you is to either give her money or what she wants. great character development.

    • Mary


      • Trenna

        I think Angela is going to be pregnant with the blonde guys baby.

      • cher

        Zack makes the show complete. I hope the writers and Erick decide that Zack needs to be apart of the show again, I myself watch the re-runs with Zack in them. BRING BACK ZACK FOR GOOD and get on with the show.mAlso when sweets took Zack back to the Mental Institution, Zack told Sweets he didn’t actually do harm to any one and sweets said Zack had to tell Booth and Zack said no don’t tell anyone, so that is the way Zack can come back to the show by telling what he really had to do with Gormagon…

    • kt

      Zack depature signaling the begining of what was a fast and deep slide for Bones by the writers. They seem to have set the boat straight again this season, but clearly the writers were on crack when they thought turning zack into a serial killer out of the blue was a good idea

      • ariel

        Agreed! That was totally off the wall, and ever since then we’ve been bombarded by a revolving door of interns. Zack was perfect in the ensemble. Now it’s like there’s this core cast with all these kind of cast kind of extras. Yuck.

      • fsdf

        Technically, he didn’t actually kill anyone. He was only an accessory to murder.

      • ariel

        But I don’t think even as an accessory he’d ever be able to come back to the show except for something like this. I miss the camaraderie between Zach and Hodges.

      • merelyn

        Agreed, thought part of the reason that it was out of the blue is that Season 3 happened during the writers strike so the entire season got truncated. I bet if the writers had had a whole uninterrupted season they would have done a better job with it.

      • kt

        true, he didn’t kill anyone, the writers even managed to leave that part completely out and it was only revealed in a later episode. yet more evidence they didn’t know what the hell they were doing.

      • jane

        If I remember correctly, in a much later episode Zach confesses that he really did not kill anyone. When Hodgins tells him that they could appeal, etc. He declines and provides a real “silly” reason. I did like Zack and Hodgins’ antics. As far as Angie, I liked her but… She has become a whore. Will sleep with anything that walks. This is a “brainy” program and I doubt that such people dress and behave in the fashion that especially Angie behaves. I liked it when she was engaged to Hodgins and part of the establishment. At times it appears that everyone is sleeping with everyone else and continue to be friends. In what planet would that happen?

      • Elizabeth

        AMEN! Zack is my favorite character, I hope that he returns.

    • renee

      i miss zack, bu uttt … i have to admit i’ve truly enjoyed the roving assistants. they’re all quirky and most are people i’ve enjoyed from other shows getting a chance to excel in interesting roles. wow, never thought i’d say that. is there a way to have all the above??

      • ariel

        Zack is out for good once they made him a serial killer. The only thing worse would have been a decapitation.

      • maryb

        I totally agree…the rotating intern group is very good. You get all different types of quirkiness. Not to blaspheme or anything, but Zack was actually getting on my nerves.

    • RKE

      I agree. I didn’t mind him, but I’ve actually come to like the rotating interns very much.

    • jj

      I completely agree. I was a little bummed to hear he was back until I read it was for a flashback.

      • Sadie

        I love the rotating interns, I just wish they I could see more of Vincent Nigel-Murray!

    • diane

      i agree. i’ve been enjoying the rotation of the other interns in the lab. it adds good story lines to secondary characters with out becoming boring. my favorite is clark and is “personal” issues with personal issues at work. next is mr. nigel murry. he was super in this british sitcom “hardware”. really funny guy!!! so yeah, don’t really miss zach. hodgkins “king of the lab” stuff isn’t quite as funny with out zach but its ok i’ll live.

  • Megan

    YEAH! He’s my favorite (besides Booth, of course…)

  • Dede

    YAY Zack. I miss him although I like all the new interns in their own way it would be nice to see a more permanent character emerge or Zack to come back for good.

  • Mal


  • Maria


  • Maran

    yay! It was really sad when they made him Gormogons apprentice, he was awesome.

  • Tally D.

    This is so exciting. I’m totes flailing right now.

  • Mandy

    YAY! Zack’s back! Even though I still LOVE the other interns.

  • Casey_F

    Woooohoooo!!! I miss Zack!

  • tracy

    aw, yay! i adore him and it’ll be nice to see him back. that being said, i sort of love the rotating replacements, especially fisher and nigel-murray.

  • Monica242

    This is a good start. He needs to come back for GOOD now! Please, Bones, bring Zach back!

  • Jenna

    YAYY!!!! just sent Hart a tweet too. haha! thanks for bringing him back, i love me some Zach! :D

  • Calla Lily

    Yay Zack – miss the King of the Lab!

  • Franziska

    *YAYYYY that’s so cool! can’t wait to see it!! welcome back, eric :)

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