'NCIS' boss on Tony and Ziva: 'It's a long road back'

NCIS exec producer Shane Brennan is spilling more details about the Jan. 26 episode titled “Jetlag,” which finds Tony and Ziva traveling to Paris on business and… pleasure?

“The episode puts them in the most romantic city in the world,” he teases, “and it puts them in the same hotel room.”

Yeah, yeah, but does anything actually happen? “There will be a realization that the spark is still there,” he says. “It doesn’t mean that something is going to be resolved, but it does mean that the journey may have started again.

“It’s a long road back,” Brennan adds. “When you think about what they went through, for them to resolve what happened and come to terms with that, it’s a long road back.”

My question for all you restless Tiva fans: Are you willing to wait?


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  • Daniela

    oh yeah, I’ll wait! The tension is part of the fun with those two…

    • Lorie

      ITA, Daniela. I love the tension. I can wait, too.

    • Metoo

      I’m with you!! The tension is in deed part of the fun — and they both work it so well!!!!

  • Sofia

    Can’t they just take a shortcut? It’s nearly been 5 years of UST and teasing. Come ooooooooonnnnnnnnnn.

    • Cheery

      LOL, seriously! That’s what drives my crazy about TV shows, no way would people spend 5 years JUST flirting!

      And glad you finally got some scoop, Aus! The 22 million fans thank you :D

      • richsugarmommies

        Graet show guys!

      • Jenelle

        agree Cheery – 22 mill aussies would have liked to seen the full Season 7 – considering the Exeutive Producer is an aussie – should look out for us too..

      • Jack S.

        I agree. It’s ridiculous that shows have these UST/teasing relationships drag on for years, only to have the relationship happen. Then, once it does, it all goes down the toilet within 6 months.

    • dani

      hahaha yeah, but if they do it the right way it’s definitely worth the wait… if they rush things it may not be as good… but then again, if they wait a lot it won’t live up to the standard fans have set…

    • Vinz

      Well, considering the fact that it took 9 years to get Rabb and Mac together (if the way it happened and all the ovstacles in between were realistic is a totally different question!) I think we’ll have to wait a little longer. Maybe even a really long time longer.
      Then again: Tony is acting really immature these days. Way more annoying then he did earlier (like in the 6th season). So I guess he has to find his way back too. Not only they. So it makes sense they’ll wait. They both been hurt and each of them has to get back to the point were they can even begin to think of doing the next step. And then actually making the next step will be a long way to (I’d say half a season at least :D).
      Or they’ll simply have sex one day and we’ll have a long period of awkwardness ahead of us…

      Anyway: It will be funny and sad. Just like it’s been the rest of the time…

      • Cheery

        I really hope they don’t go the Harm and Mac route on this one. That was the most insulting, least satisfying series finale in recent memory. Not only did viewers have to wait 9 years, the writers couldn’t even do the characters justice.

      • bwana

        Better Harm and Mac than the wham/bam end of tension of “Moonlighting”…

  • shoshie

    yeah…I just want to see them getting back to the way they were before and then see their relationhip grown into something more…

  • Deena

    FINALLY something is about to happen. This status quo is killing us!

    • Charlotte

      Great! You’re right, it’s killing us! Finally, finally… Well not really something, but at least we know it *will* happen… someday!

      • Deena

        They will spend the night in Paris and in the same room. Something will happen. Be it just talking or fighting! They are way to nice with eachother. It’s not kosher….

      • Dave

        What will happen? SB never has said a romance and in fact he just said it will be a “long road back” Back to what since they have never had a romance? Back to fully trusting each other? Back to friendship? Those they have had, but a romance -nope? Once again the TIVA fans are reading what they want which I guess is fine if you want to but then you guys always get let down.

      • S

        Dave: That’s the beauty of it. The hardcore anti-Tivas can read what they want and Tiva fans can read what they want. No one gets pissed or breaks down crying or threatens to stop watching the show or starts bashing Ziva. Everyone remains happy. All is well!!

      • SadMonkey

        @ Dave: Actually, SB HAS said that there will eventually be a romance (or at least that Tony/Ziva will have sex.)
        But this is also the guy who made a number of other promises about the show & the characters that haven’t come true (most recently telling TV Guide that there were no plans for Tony/Ziva this season & that they would remain status quo), so coming from him, this entire dialog means absolutely nothing.

    • bethanymae

      If status quo means bathroom scenes, banter, and flirtation, the waiting can’t be too painful, because that’s all we’ve seen since Reunion. :)

      • Dave

        SadMonkey he never said that. He said it would happen but he never said what “it”was. It could be getting their freindship back since at the time Ziva had just pulled a gun on Tony. SB has never used the term romance, love or sex when it comes to TIVA. Yes that is part of the plan to keep TIVA fans hopeful without pissing of other fans but nothing has ever been promised to you guy as far as romance. Just a relationship and there are many many kinds or relationships.

      • marija

        bethanymae I totally agree with you! I don’t mind waiting when they’re giving us amazing scenes anyway. Reunion was amazing and I also loved the little scenes in Faith and Ignition. HOnestly, who can say that they don’t give us Tiva love?

  • Krissi

    better waiting for sth great than never seeing it at all….
    don’t you agree? and I KNEW they would end up in the same hotel room! ^^

  • Deena

    Oh, and Michael THANK YOU!

  • Li

    But then again, sex in Paris is sooooo the 00’s. Let them have sex somewhere exotic.

    They are my favorite non-couple on TV right now, I really enjoy the tension and hope they’ll keep it up and then BAM! Haters won’t know what hit them until they’re sucked in into the wonderfulness of Tiva.

  • Beth

    I feel like Tony and Ziva have been well aware of what’s between them this whole season. But, there have been some mixed signals so it’ll be nice if they can get on the same page again. If we get to see sparks fly, I’m all for it…the chemistry between these two characters is awesome and I really do hope we get to see a lot more flirting going on!! (But, can we not drag it out for too long??? We can only take so much UST!)

    • Deena

      They know what’s going on. But they are afraid to admit it. Both have been hurt before.

    • ana

      What chemistry? It’s a one-side love chase with Ziva just dying to get her claws in. Take a look at Tony’s expression in the Reunion bathroom scene. The last thing he wanted was a kiss from her. & if you’re that sick of whatever UST you see, then go watch a soap instead of ruining NCIS.

      • Hayley

        Actually ana, I disagree. There is undeniable chemistry going on there; he does care. He risked his life to save her, and did you see him in the bathroom scene in Endgames? He looked like he wanted to kiss her then :) You can tell its going to happen, but its taking its time. It will… someday… Im getting to impatient though lol

  • Albert

    I recall a nice French film with Juliette Binoche called Jet Lag that had two strangers sharing a single hotel room in Paris. I wonder if Tony will make reference to it or if Ziva will skinny dip in the pool like Juliette?

    • rosendo

      hola quiero aser elsexo contigo espero que teguste estas 8pulgadas queme guindan solo quiero des nudarte y meterte este pedasito

      • chattypatra

        rosendo, please keep your vulgar comments to yourself!

  • laura

    that is exactly what i hoped would happen! i think its still too soon after africa to have them start dating but maybe end of this season or beginning of eight….

    • Tom

      Dating again? When did they date? Tony was not seeing anyone for the years after Jeanne and he was only see Jeanne for that one year. So when did they date. Once again TIVA fans see only what they want. There is true evidence of a real romance between these two. Just some fans hopes of one. And it looks like they will have to keep hoping for some time to come. Especially since SB did not say what kind of sparks you will get. Remember last year when you were all so sure a Tony and Ziva storyline would mean romance? What did you get? Plus he did not say where the road would lead you. You may not like where it goes – especially since it cant lead back to romance if they have never been there yet.

      • Amy

        laure mentioned dating – NOT dating again. you just saw what you wanted to.

      • Sofia

        Comment fail! Once again ANTI-TIVA fans see only what they want.

      • Mellie

        i know right? the anti’s make it sound like we’re the crazy ones. he went of on a tangent about something she didnt even say! learn to read
        p.s. TIVAAA :)

      • Lisha

        it doesn’t say it in this spoiler but I saw on another one that SB said shippers would be happy, so something good will happen, even if its just talking and flirting w/ them

  • tvfan

    I can wait until the end of the series before the entire cast can get some romance in their lives.

  • mary

    I do NOT want them together, I do not wish a womanizer, twit and shallow guy like Tony on anyone!

    Seriously, why would Zeva give him the time of day!

    To each their own, I really don’t want them together!

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      Have you watched the show at all??? Haven’t you seen Tony grown from a womanizer to a one woman guy? Did season 4 mean nothing????

      Of course maybe you should learn to spell Ziva’s name right first.

      • S

        iawtc. well said.

      • ana

        I’ve watched the show & seen him grow. Tony definitely doesn’t deserve Ziva. NO romance on the show please

      • charli

        ana….i agree that Tony has grown..and he definitely doesn’t deserve Ziva…he actually deserves someone much better and someone who can actually express some emotion beside anger.

      • Hayley

        Lol. Agreed :)

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Oh I’m willing to wait, as long as they actually give us some moments in between! I can’t wait for this episode!

  • janet

    Ziva is obnoxious and has never filled Kates shoes. Too arrogant by far. The rest of the cast is fantastic.

    • Amy

      yeah, because Kate was so great and so loved by everyone that the number of veiwers has gone up since she left the show.

      • Deena

        Exactly :D

      • Pepper

        Viewership means only one thing: show’s not gonna get cancelled any time soon.
        If I met someone like Tony, I’d punch him in the face. And I’m not half as cool as Ziva. She’s such a strong woman and she falls for this lousy man… so lame.

      • ana

        So the success of the whole series since S2 is totally due to Ziva & the previously *unknown* actress who plays her? Oh the entitlement!!

      • Erin

        Idiot. The ratings are due to the numerous reruns. So many ‘probies’ I know found the show this way. That and word of mouth, it’s gained viewers fast. It isn’t because of any one actor nor character.

      • Morgan

        In my opinion, the success is a mixture of Ziva, who is one of the most popular characters on the show, hate to break it to you, and a huge increase in character development. The first two seasons the characters were a lot more shallow and two-dimensional than they are now. The death of Kate really helped create some opportunities to flesh out the characters we already knew and introduce new characters such as Jenny and Ziva that would come out of the gate with interesting backgrounds that would shake up the team dynamic.

    • Sofia

      Yeah, well, Kate did have bigger feet.

      Some people really don’t handle change well. Sigh.

    • Jill

      Nothing against the actress but I could never get into the show when Kate was on, she was too strident and lacked a sense of humor. I don’t even watch the reruns with him.

      I think the Tony/Ziva dynamic is fantastic. Can’t wait to see what happens next with them.

  • katiegirl06460

    this should be an interesting episode. I would like to see how they continue to rebuild their partnership no matter how or where it goes.

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