'Supernatural' exclusive: Sixth season or bust?

The apocalypse may have to wait. CW boss Dawn Ostroff says Supernatural creator Eric Kripke is warming to the idea of a sixth season.

“I think he’s in that state of mind,” she says. “I had lunch with Eric the other day and he’s really excited about the show right now. I think he feels this season has been really satisfying for him. He’s certainly not running out of ideas by any stretch of the imagination.”

Ostroff, who says Kripke has been “hitting it out of the park” creatively this season, also points to Supernatural‘s ratings success as proof the show has a lot of life left in it. “The ratings are up,” she says. “We have more young women coming to the show than ever before. There aren’t a lot of shows that you can say are doing better in their fifth year.”

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  • CandyMaize

    It is SO good to hear nice things from Dawn O !!!!

  • Mzvee

    This just made my day!

    • Mia

      Mine too! My two favorite shows are Supernatural and Lost and I don’t know if I would have been able to stomach them both ending in the same year! I think they should have the apocalypse happen and have season 6 deal with that. How awesome would that be??

    • tvfan

      This is the best news!

  • shayna

    Ahhh!!!! I’m soo excited! I’ve watched it since day 1 and I don’t wanna see it go

    • k

      me too!!! my hubs made fun of me initially then i got him hooked by the middle of the first season!!

  • Gare

    I totally sent this question into ask ausiello=] Im excited he responded quickly. I trust kripke. he knows best.

  • Supernatural Fan

    YES!!!!! Bring on season six!!!!!

    • Andy

      Why talk about season six like it will be the last there should be another six seasons left to go atleast

  • BLG

    Dealing with a post-apocalyptic world would be an awesome sixth season. There’d be tons of material to work with.

    • Wilson

      OMG THIS. I would love to see SUPERNATURAL after Apocalypse :)

      • mel

        Me too, especially with those amazing Supernatural writers.

    • olivia

      holy craaap, that would be freaking amazing.

  • Alexandria

    As much as more Jared and Jensen would make my 2010-2011 TV season terrific, there comes a point when you’d rather let the show end on a really good note than draw it out so long that it jumps the shark. Still, in Kripke we trust–there are a lot of things he could do to make a season 6 that I’d really enjoy. (Note: Sam and Dean all splitsville again? Not one of those things. Their brotherhood and working as a team is the foundation of the show.)

    • KC

      This. 100% this.

    • Cate

      So, so much THIS!

    • Kellly


      I know people want to it to go out with a bang, but what good is going to do when it’s gone for good and people are JUST starting to realize what an awesome show it is?

      But I really love your comment because I agree that Kripke and the writers are extremely creative. There are so many ways they could have a season six AND still go out on a high note.

      • topazbean

        I think they could pull it off, provided this is a creative decision, not a financial one. If they really believe they can take the show in exciting new directions, I can’t wait to see what they do. But given that the entire series so far has been based around this five year arc, next season would have to be a complete and total game changer for it to be anything other than a total anticlimax. I don’t want to see lots of nostalgic visits to old characters – that just reeks of them not having any better new ideas, and those people are getting their big goodbyes this year. And I don’t want lots of arbitrary talk of how all the demons are weakened after the failed apocalypse but hiding away and lashing out and that’s why Sam and Dean are still having all the same old fights they always were. I want an entirely new adventure happening for entirely new reasons. Do the writers have it in them? Well, they brought us angels and a suicidal teddy bear (an episode that arguably kicked off the show’s wacky creative peak), so I wouldn’t put it past them. Also, they would be doing themselves no damage to give more episodes to Ben Edlund. If we think about it – Sam and Dean are at the point where they have died and come back so many times -been to hell, there’s talk of them going to heaven as well, they’re really supernatural beings themselves. I’d like to see them feel a bit more empowered by that knowledge, and I think this would change how they see what they do and the sorts of jobs they approach – make them more ambitious but also more set apart from other people.

    • Wickeddoll

      I’m right there with ya, Alexandra – I hope they don’t do to this show what happened to “Heroes”.

      • Ariel

        Heroes started it’s downward spiral back in year 2 or 3. Supernatural has gotten better witch each year. As long as they keep it Sam and Dean rather than Sam vs. Dean and interesting stories, then the show will be good.

  • dryedmangoez

    The ratings for the show are very good, even in reruns AND against the other Thursday juggernauts. Creatively, the show is kicking on all cylinders and a life post-apocalypse would be just as interesting I think, especially with Kripke and Co.

  • Michael Collado

    Pshaw, she’s said good things about a lot of shows she’s cancelled. In fact, I think it’s safer to say that it’s going to get cancelled than not.

    I just kid. (Somewhat.) It’s a shame I never got into that show.

    • Kate

      ‘Tis a shame. I avoided for years, and then caught up on DVD last year. Best TV viewing decision I’ve made since I found the Wire. Supernatural is a ridiculous amount of fun, and one of those rare shows that improves on each previous season. If you find yourself looking to kill some time, give it a chance.

  • Elle

    Now she’s interested in Supernatural?? Where the heck was she the first couple of seasons?

    • Alicia

      At UPN. (Well at least the first season).

  • Jaymii

    Please end it Kripe. Don’t let the DemonBitch fool you.

    You know what ridiculous, though? The fact that she’s pleased about the young women. That statement annoyed the crap out of me.

    • Katie

      Yes to this comment! ITA!

    • WinchesterFan

      That’s the crux of the matter. Season 5’s overall ratings are down (like many other shows); but it has shown an increase in Demon O’s prized brainless demo. It means the show is losing adult viewers and gaining teenage girl viewers. Not something for Kripke to shoot for or feel pleased about. Everything about this show was great; the shadowy lighting, the stories, the classic rock, the focus on the Winchester brothers. Season 5 seems to be drowning in self-awareness and fan references and angels who visit whorehouses, sit on whoopee cushions, and drink shots. If I were 15, I’d love it.

      • Anna

        Well said and I agree. I don’t know where people get the idea that the rating are up or the show is better??

    • merelyn

      Yes, THIS.

    • Nicole

      Why all the hate for Dawn Ostroff? I am out of the loop. Enlighten, please!

      • Brooke

        Everwood. Veronica Mars. More specifically, the cancellation of.

      • cas

        Oh, lord, I miss Veronica Mars! I would add that the decision to pick up Melrose Place instead of Body Politic is part of the Down With Dawn movement, too.

        As for SPN… I have mixed feelings. Season 5 NEEDS to end with the prevention of the Apocalypse. If Kripke can come up with something great to follow that (and if we can keep Castiel), I’m all for Season 6. However, if hthe PTB are planning to stall the Apocalypse and draw out the same storyline for another season, I’d rather just end with Season 5.

  • tonderk

    It good she finally jumps on the Supernatural bandwagon in the 5th season. Where has she been? It’s my favorite show!

  • anak!

    YEEESSS please!!
    supernatural is my fav tv show and i have a big obssesion for Dean so i definitely don’t want it to end.. i’ve been praying for it not to end at the 5th season sooo please Kripke give us MORE!!!

  • Hanna

    Ugh, as much as I love SPN that’s not good news. Let it go out like it was supposed to in season 5. I don’t want to see it drug out and ruined the way Smallville was. And ‘not running out of ideas’ well, I beg to differ Mr. Kripke. And what can you even do after freaking Lucifer and the apocalypse? Ruin the show with god awful love interests or something? NO, PLEASE! You ran out of interesting storylines after season 3, imo. JUST SAY NO TO SEASON 6!

    • Kellly

      I normally would agree, but the boys have always had contracts for 6 years anyway, so it’s not like they keep trying to stretch it out for no apparent reason. No one knows whether or not there will be a 6th season, but ALL fans worth their salt know if there IS going to be a season six, it will definitely be the last no matter what. That’s my and most people I know’s mentality, at least.

      And we don’t know that the 5th season WILL end with the end of the apocalypse. For all we know, it could just be the beginning. If there’s one things I know about Kripke it’s that he’s an expert at mindfucking the fans (hahaha). Who knows?

      And ‘they ran out of interesting ideas after season 3’? you’re crazy IMHO. The best storylines and plot points they had started with season 4.

      I’m just going to guess you don’t like the religious aspect of it all. So I won’t judge you for that. But I can’t see another reason you liked the earlier seasons so much better.

      • Mel

        “The best storylines and plot points they had started with season 4.” o_O

        Well forgive me for disagreeing with you on that. To much retconning, dropped storylines, characterization fail and plotwholes big enough to swallow whales for my tastes. Definitely sub-par to what a well rounded show it was in the first 3 seasons.

        So here you have plenty of reasons for people not liking season 4/5 as much as the earlier ones, then simply not liking them for the “religious aspect”.

      • Kellly

        I forgive you. (haha)

        And I was asking/guessing that that person didn’t like the religious aspect of it all. It’s just odd that she would like season three but not season four. IMHO, Season 3 had some great episodes, but it was completely rushed [writer’s strike] and too positive. Even the coloring was happy. It didn’t seem to cater to Dean’s deal as much as it should have. Plus.. Ruby and Bela, ugh. It seemed to me that except for a few, it was a season full of ‘filler’ episodes.

        I’m not going to argue more on specific disagreements with your opinions because it’s not going to get me ANYWHERE, but answer me this:
        How many people would still be watching the show if seasons 3-5 were STILL centered around finding John/killing the YED? Would you still be watching it?

      • Mel

        “How many people would still be watching the show if seasons 3-5 were STILL centered around finding John/killing the YED? Would you still be watching it?”


        Sorry again but I don’t know where you get the idea that just because I don’t like the crappy writing of the last season and a half, I wouldn’t want the show to evolve past the plot of the first two seasons? I would even have liked the angel arc if it had be done with a lot more care, quality and balance.

      • Chi

        Agreed! I hope she’s being honest with us. An early renewal would give them time to prepare for a truly great final season.

      • WinchesterFan

        I agree with Mel about the retconning. I pretty much liked Season 4 up until the middle of the season. Then, it’s as if Kim Manners took all the common sense with him when he died. I read a comment from Misha Collins (maybe he regrets admitting this, but it’s too late now) that he, Jared and Jensen all talked to Eric and tried to get him NOT to put that idiotic whoopee cushion bit into the middle of that very serious scene. That tells me these actors know a bad idea when they hear it. There has been far too much lame fratboy comedy and fan references lately, and it’s hurting the overall story, IMO. Fan conventions? Wincest? Becky? Please.

      • bungee

        It was season 4 when several well-respected television writers started to finally pay attention to the show and put Supernatural on several best of TV lists. It was season 4 that earned the show a People’s Choice Award and the season 4 dvds have outsold all the other seasons. Sure there are some fans who haven’t liked the direction of the mythology but many, many more are loving it. It’s really very simple: if you think season 6 will suck, don’t watch it. If you don’t like the way your favorite character is being written, don’t watch it. If you think the show have stagnated in it’s season 1 form, please stop watching. Meanwhile, the rest of us will enjoy Supernatural as Kripke wants to make it, for as long as he wants to make and have a damned good time doing it.

    • TZ

      I totally agree with people who want the show to end (don’t get me wrong, I’m SPN’s number one fan) except I feel like the 10-12 episodes left of season 5 may not be enough for the brothers to save the world. As much as I’ve been rooting for a 5 season run (such a nice, whole number), a season 6 may be a good thing. It’s so nothing feels rushed. The worst thing Kripke can do is have such a fantastic run at a show and then fizzle out at the end because he feels like he has to meet a “five season deadline.” But, PLEASE no more after season 6! I LOVE this show. DON’T ruin it!

    • timotey

      Really? For me, season 3 was the most awful one. I do own it on DVD but I haven’t re-watched it yet. With season 4, it finally got back on track for me.

      • Lindsay

        I agree. Season 3 had some stand-out episodes (Jus in Bello, Mystery Spot) but overall felt like something was missing. Its not one I go back and watch much either.

      • Raven

        You can blame the writer’s strike for Season 3 – it was compacted and didn’t give much of a build like all the other seasons. There are some good episodes but it wasn’t as fulfilling as the other seasons.

      • WinchesterFan

        Mostly you can blame the network (AKA Dawn) for Season 3. Yes, there are some great standout episodes there (the Christmas ep is perfect); but aside from the shortened season due to the writers’ strike, the network is responsible for the bad change in lighting, less classic rock, and the addition of the two (had to have one for each guy, cause that’s how Dawn thinks) hot young pieces of ass. No disrespect intended to the actresses, only for the characters. In regard to the ridiculous change in lighting, Kim Manners said in an interview: “It pleased the network. It did not please us.”

    • kerrie

      The guy’s do have six year contracts. But the contracts come with an out for the network to end the show when ever the mood hits. Also Kripke only wrote a five year story arc. There is a very good chance Kripke hasn’t changed his mind about a sixth season. Unless he says it do belive it. I’ve been working in “hollywood” for 15yrs, Saying ” I just had lunch, dinner, coffee. or i was just talking to Him/Her the other day and said person is excited or feeling good about this.” 9 times out of 10 means they have yet to convince the other party to do what they want. The reason is to stir online chatter in an effort to strong arm the person(s) involved. So don’t get mad at Kripke if he dosen’t change his mind. After all he is the mind behind it all.
      Forgive my spelling i work an ugly long shoot.

  • Dave

    “There aren’t a lot of shows that you can say are doing better in their fifth year.” Sure, maybe not on the CW. Check other networks, Dawn. There are plenty of shows in their 5th season or further that are doing very well.

    • Kellly

      She means doing their best in their fifth year compared to the years before.

      Very few shows actually GET BETTER with age.

      • Hal

        That the show have gotten better with age is a very subjective opinion. Plenty of the fanbase don’t think that is the case though.

      • Marissa

        At the very least, the show got more popular. Which might not be a good thing since “One Tree Hill” and “Gossip Girl” and “Vampire Diaries” are the in-things right now… but I must admit, the storyline has gotten much more defined and intense in the last two seasons. I didn’t really enjoy the JW/YED storyline, it was mostly just random monster-killing. This has a track.

      • Kate

        I don’t know, I saw episodes in the first couple of seasons and wrote the show off. I thought it was uneven, the emotional stuff very clunky, and the general monster of the week storyline could be really weak (ha!). Maybe the fans who were there from the beginning don’t the like changes it’s taken, but I was pretty bored by the demon stuff by the end of the third season. They’d played a lot of it out and were rehashing ideas. I much prefer the denser, deeper mythological storytelling, and think the humourous and emotional aspects of the show have greatly improved (whoopee cushion notwithstanding). I love the way they’ve handled the injection of the angel mythology, and think this was exactly what the show needed. Just my opinion, but I really can’t see the argument that once the writing was so tight and now it’s weak – go back and rewatch those early seasons; maybe it was only tighter because it was so much more simple.

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