Press Tour Scoop: 'Three Rivers' axed, 'Numb3rs' not dead

Greetings from the first day of Winter Press Tour, where CBS president Nina Tassler just tossed a few scoopbits our way during the network’s exec session. Here are the highlights…

* There are 18 episodes of Flashpoint in the can that “will make it to air at some point.”

* Charlie Sheen’s personal drama has had no impact on Two and a Half Men. Read Lynette Rice’s in-depth exec session recap for more on that.

* Three Rivers is officially canceled. “We all know that when something is ‘on hiatus’ it’s code for something else,” Tassler cracked.

* Regarding CSI‘s Laurence Fishburne problem, Tassler says viewers finally seem to be embracing his character. “He has assimilated more into the ensemble,” she said. “Audiences have found that as he is more comfortable with the team, the team is more comfortable with him.” She adds that audience research is showing that viewers now feel “he has arrived, he is settled, and he is part of the team.” Upcoming episodes will feature “more irreverence and more of the iconic stories that we have done in the past.”

* Numb3rs is “absolutely still in consideration” for renewal next season. The show’s order was cut this season simply to make way for new midseason drama Miami Medical.

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  • MaryJane

    I’m sad that “Three Rivers” was cancelled, if only because I’m a huge O’Loughlin fan. This show was a big disappointment and I’m still steamed at CBS for cancelling “Moonlight”, a show that was at least a season before it’s own time. Instead of wasting our time with shows like 3R with terrible scripts, why don’t they resurrect “Moonlight” and let us really enjoy Alex O’Loughlin?

    • Katelin W.

      I completely agree with MaryJane. “Moonlight” would have been a success if CBS would have marketed it differently and given it the attention it so rightfully deserved. I didn’t even get in to the show until about the tenth episode and immediately watched all the other episodes…and got my mom hooked on it as well. C’mon, CBS. Resurrect “Moonlight”! It would be the best decision you have ever made.

      • :D

        I’m totally with both of you! I loved that show and was pissed when they cancelled it.

        At least I have True Blood to look forward to :)

      • Amanda

        Moonlight never stood a chance. Maybe on the CW or Fox because they have lower expectations, but on a major network, the show was DOA. I’ve loved my fair share of “niche” shows that ended too soon, but I don’t think it’s fair to blame CBS on this one. All the marketing in the world wouldn’t have helped.

      • Eric

        Shocker. Another CBS article, another crop of the same commenters still complaining about Moonlight being canceled. Logistically, it makes no sense to bring back a show years after the cast and crew have gone their own ways. Get over it.

    • Jean

      Why are you cancelling such a good shoe??I love 3Rivers and Alex Mc!!!!

      • Danny Tanner

        It was an awful and hilarious show at the same time. Did you see the commercials? I could not stop laughing at how cheesy it was – I thought nothing could be cornier than the Blossom special episodes, but this show took the cake. If anyone watches medical/legal shows where the young/model/Harvard educated rookies work hard and play hard please don’t reproduce.

    • Anna

      I agree Alex is delish and a very good actor as well. I also wish Moonlight would come back. CBS continues to make bad decisions in regards to programming and do not have as their agenda what appeals to people.

    • charli

      i have to disagree. Alex is great, no doubt about that. But Moonlight had no bite. True Blood goes across the line, Twilight is all teen love blah blah. Moonlight was just blah. it was too much a copy of Angel and had nothing original. What it needed wasn’t more time but something to give it a unique bit.
      As for Three Rivers, same problem. repeating what’s been done but without any bite. they tried with the transplant thing but they didn’t take it all the way. it was a 5 in the tension when it needed to be a 15. especially with ER having just ended and folks still sated on the medical schtick. which is why this other show is likely to fail as well.

    • Becky

      I agree with you about Moonlight, I really liked that show, it was ahead of it’s time. I don’t think it was given the chance it needed. They replaced it with a show that I never liked but they gave it a chance. Three Rivers wasn’t bad but it did need some development. It was still new. It needed a chance. CBS seems to be too quick to pull the plug on things. Or they keep a show around that really shouldn’t be.

      I would love to see Moonlight come back. I would love to see Alex back on TV.

    • Mike

      You’re nuts, Three Rivers was great. It was a great medical drama and unique that it focused on transplant. You are so shallow.
      the psudo medical comedy dramas should be axed. Three Rivers was the best medical show since ER

  • sam

    I am sorry that we are not going to see Alex weekly, but this show was painful to watch except for the great acting. I too wish that they had not given up on Moonlight–it was great.

  • Liana C

    Ditto to both those comments… Moonlight was briilliant, terrific actors, good scripts, and as pointed out, way before the vampire glut that we have out there now. And frankly, better than the vampire movies that are just a showcase for teeny boppers. Please, an adult version, such as Moonlight coming back, would delight all the fans!

  • wakeforce

    Three Rivers didn’t work. Mercy is on its last legs. Miami Medical sounds like a real peach. At least Moonlight wan;t another lawyer/cop/ medical drama. CBS needs to come up with an original idea, or it will always be known as an old folks’ home.

    • zoe

      DO NOT DIS MERCY! Mercy is doing decent in the ratings. I love love that show.

  • Teri

    I really liked “3 Rivers”. It’s the only thing on CBS I ever watch. Well, other than Big Brother.

    • Heidi

      I liked it too. the first episode was not great but I realized it wasn’t the pilot – not sure why they did it out of order, it was as though they were setting it up to fail. But the show grew on me, the storylines and character development got better every episode. It could have been really good.

      Moonlight was amazing and I still miss it as well.

      Shows should get the greenlight for a full season, in the same time slot so viewers can come to expect it. Three Rivers got shifted around alot in time – sometimes it didn’t start until 10:30 for some reason even if TV guide said 9 or 10. It was so confusing it dropped viewership.

      MOonlight also got moved a few times but it did have a fan base that followed it.

      I just hate CBS, period!

  • midas328

    “Numb3rs” is really starting to appeal to me; have there ever been any “Northern Exposure” cameos?

    • Danny Tanner

      No, but its pretty obvious the next big storyline is David and Colby’s romantic relationship and how it affects office dynamics at the FBI.

      • Dave

        LOL – seriously though, there’s no bromance between David and Colby, I don’t think David would ever forgive him for that whole Janus List thing.

        Anyway, so Numb3rs losing those episodes was for a show that’s cancelled before it’s even shown? CBS are losing the plot.

    • Chappel

      I’ve always enjoyed Numb3rs but wish they could find a way to get Nicole Sullivan into the cast. She was adorable (as usual) in last night’s episode and her character worked great with Charlie… math in stereo!.

      • Laura

        Ditto. I loved the “math in stereo” line…

  • Ingrid

    CSI’s Laurence Fishburne problem – snort – what a very polite way of saying that this storyline is crap. I never thought I’d say it, but to me it seems that CSI has now run its course and not even the “old timers” can make it viewable any longer. To put Fishburne in a leather outfit and on a bike was probably the most ridiculous idea ever and demolished whatever little credibility the character had possessed in the first place. I like Fishburne but the addition of his character (and of course the demise of William Petersen and the sudden comeback of Jorja Fox, whose career outside of CSI not surprisingly did not take off) killed the show. Put it to rest, just like you cancelled Three Rivers (one of the crappiest things I’ve ever had the misfortune to watch).
    Why they wasted Alex O’Loughlin on it is beyond me. But then so is why they cancelled the exceptionally fun-show Moonlight…

    • jalola

      The problem is they keep writing Langston as if he is Grissom but logically all the viewers know he hasn’t got the seniority. So each week the writers have him advising and lecturing the long-time CSIs and taking leads on cases when they know historically Grissom would hold new investigators back. It annoys the faithful fans to know end and angers fans of Marg Helgenberger, George Eads, etc. because their characters are being made to look incompetent after all these years.
      They should have done what House did. Bring in a large number of rookie CSIs and weeded them out till they got to one or two new dynamic CSI-1s who grabbed young viewers but also let the older characters keep their respect.
      I’m convinced the head show runners and writers have NO respect for the long-time actors on the show.

      • jalola

        Oops. That should be “to no end”…

      • dbl219

        I disagree. This may have been an issue last season, but thus far this season has featured very little of Langston compared to the rest of the cast as a whole, and I think the producers have made it clear that CSI is NOT the “Ray Langston show”.

        Most of the recent storylines have more heavily featured Eads, Szmanda, Helgenberger, and good ol’ Paul Guilfoyle than Mr. Fishburne, and they have been by and large very ensemble oriented, with no one character dominating the entire episode. So kudos to CSI for listening to fan feedback and giving us more of the characters we know and love.

      • dbl219

        Just want to add, that’s not including the “CSI trilogy,” which heavily featured Fishburne. But that, if anything, showed he was a junior member of the team because he was a) expendable enough to lend out to another state’s investigation and b) inexperienced enough that Stokes (Eads) had to take him under his wing and help him refocus when he got too emotionally invested in his missing girl case.

      • jalola

        Just read any interview with Carol Mendelssohn and see how many times she even mentions Marg, George, Eric, or Paul. The answer is zilch.
        Petersen, Fishburne, Fox and whoever the guest star of the week is are her world.

    • BigMamaMimi

      I’ve watched CSI since its beginning–Fishburne’s taking over last season almost got me to turn the channel–he doesn’t fit in. This show was never about a “Star”–one thing to love about William Petersen was his very subtle way of ‘starring’ in this series. The big shots took a wrong turn last year with Fishburne. The writing has been off, way off what it was–kidnapping Henry? WTF were they thinking after Nick’s and Sara’s experience?
      As for Jorja–love having her back–but I don’t think Jorja left CSI to be a big movie star. She was pretty clear she wanted some time to do other things–plays, politics, travel–movies were never mentioned. I think she is doing CSI now to have some fun money!
      As for Tassler and Mendelsohn–its all about making more money and they don’t really care what fans say even as millions turn the channel!

  • Niko

    Was there a problem with Laurence Fishburne? Folks are getting too impatient, methinks. Langston’s settling in quite nicely. Just a little more, perhaps.

    • PowerBook Pete

      The only problem I’ve seen with Fishburne was how thoroughly he out-classed everyone in that episode of CSI:Miami he appeared. The CSI:NY regulars fared better.

  • clara

    I hope Numbers will be dropped for good….the story lines are same-o-same-o, and the acting is so un FBI in real life.

    • Fd

      You are wrong Numbers is a great show

      • justin

        you’re darn right Numbers is a great show!

    • dbl219

      Hardly same ol’, same ol’. With the plethora of crime shows on television across all of the major networks and several cable channels, Numb3rs by far remains one of the most consistently interesting, engaging, and original crime procedurals out there. Not to mention some amazing guest spots from actors such as Nicole Sullivan in last night’s lottery episode, Henry Winkler, and John Michael Higgins’s laugh out loud appearance in the UFO episode. And if you’ve seen the UFO episode, you can’t possibly tell me that storyline was like an episode from any other crime show.

      • kev

        That episode was a hoot! I loved it. Keep Numb3rs coming, awsome show! They all seem a little different episode wise. Just a good solid show!

    • Zing02

      I understand the premise of the show…math helping law, however; math is starting to overtake the show. The FBI look like they can’t do anything on their own.
      AND…I want MORE Don and LESS Charlie.

  • Jenn

    Moonlight is the best show ever!!!!

  • jan

    Nina needs to find another show for Alex O’Loughlin ASAP.
    Although I don’t necessarily disagree with her on LF, I don’t like his character, and I don’t think CSI needs him or his steep price tag. I’d say let him go and find a new, up-and-coming actor; one with charisma, less gravitas.

    • ree

      they should get rid of laurence fishburne and replace him with alex o’loughlin.

      • mangagirl

        Hee Hee!! CSI with a vampiric twist!!

      • jan

        oooh…that’s a great idea! Nina!

  • Mandy

    When CBS gives Alex’s shows the attention it deserves I’m sure it will be a big sucess.
    I already miss Three Rivers, I’d like to see more about the private lives of the doctors, specialy Alex character.

    But I agree, Moonlight is the best show. Bring Moonlight Back!

  • Danny Tanner

    Horray for Numb3rs!!!! – Does this mean their is hope for David and Colby to still get together and Amita to get her eyesight back – let’s hope so. And send Larry to Pluto or something.

  • Cris

    Ok, but, bring Alex back as a vampire or a doctor, please :D

  • april-ann

    I don’t care at all about Charlie Sheen’s personal drama. What I do care about is that I have not watched his show in almost a year. It is a travesty how long the story with the boring fiance has been allowed to continue. That is not why people ever tuned in.

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