NBC confirms 'Jay Leno Show' leaving primetime

Raise your hand if you’re surprised by what you’re about to read. NBC Chairman Jeff Gaspin kicked off his network’s portion of the TCA press tour by confirming the worst kept secret in the TV biz: “I can confirm, starting Feb. 12, The Jay Leno Show will no longer air at 10 p.m.”

Gaspin said that, “While [Leno] was performing at acceptable levels for the network, it did not meet our affiliates’ needs, and we realized we had to make a change. My goal right now is to keep Jay, Conan [O’Brien], and Jimmy [Fallon] as part of our late-night lineup. I have spoken to all of them and proposed that The Jay Leno Show move to 11:35, The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien to 12:05, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon would then start at 1:05.

“As much as I’d like to tell you we have a done deal, that’s not true,” he added. “The talks are ongoing. [But] I hope and expect, before the Olympics begin, we will have everything set. I can’t imagine we won’t.”

Though there’s been no official word yet from Jay, Conan, or Jimmy, Gaspin called the trio “gracious,” adding that they “understood the difficult position” NBC is in. And Carson Daly? Gaspin insists he’ll “remain a part of NBC.” Last Call, however, sounds like it’s dead.

So what goes on at 10 now? NBC prez Angela Bromstad said, “We have absolutely dedicated our resources to fortifying and building up our development slate.” In the meantime, Leno’s very temporary weeknight home will soon be filled by two more hours of scripted content (Friday Night Lights and Law & Order: Criminal Intent are in the mix), an hour of reality, an expanded Dateline, and some repeats. “We’re not going to do five new dramas at 10 p.m.,” Gaspin promised.

In spite of hindsight being 20/20, Gaspin still sees the Leno debacle as a calculated risk and the kind of gamble that he might take again. “I don’t think it’s wrong to take chances,” he said. “Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Maybe we were a little too early on [in reinventing the 10 p.m. hour]. I still think you have to play with your schedule a little bit differently…

“By the fall,” he added, “you may see us do some interesting stuff with the schedule.”

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  • LAJackie

    Huh – bet they’re wishing they’d kept Southland now. Idiots.

    • nemo

      well nbc said southland better off with cable. i agree
      southland is a good show not for broadcast tv, but for cable

      • Stephanie Tanner

        Southland was terrific – especially the two leads. The detectives were boring (especially Ragina King). As far as NBC, this is insulting to Conan who packed up his family, all the staff, the band, built a new studio – and now they bump him. Leno’s ego and desire to stay on is destroying the “Tonight” brand. Someone needs to tell him he was a bland, mediocore placeholder of Tonight after Carson left, nothing special – he needs to move on. NBC should not be afraid to let him go.

    • Christina

      Exactly! NBC is being run by a bunch of idiots!

      • m.

        Well i think if you air anything (even the best show!) 5 nights in a week, it’ll be over quick. People just don’t want to watch same stuff everyday.

      • Theodore Adonis

        If they’re looking for 5 hours of programing, I could pitch 5 pilots that would be completely different. It would be the Adonis hour.

      • Tristan

        Guess this means I’ll have to wait until 1:05 to see Jimmy’s “Slow Jam The News”

    • Liz

      I bet they are wishing they kept a lot of stuff they trashed for four months of Leno. My personal favorite was Life. I hope NBC realizes that their gamble didn’t pay off and they won’t try something equally ridiculous next season.

      • Markus

        I agree, Life was an EXCELLENT show that fit well in the 10 pm time slot.

      • Xena

        Yeah, ‘Life’ was great and I miss it a lot. NBC’s affiliates have the right to complain about this boenheaded move with Leno instead of scripted shows.

      • Alan

        Life was one fo the best shows on TV. NBC sabotaged the program and never gave it a fair shake. If not for the writer’s strike, Life would have lasted exactly as long as Kings, another show that got the shaft way too early.

      • laika72

        I misss Life so much. I was one of the people that sent letters to all of the idiot execs at NBC last April/May begging them to renew it. It was one of the best shows that had been on in years. Bring back LIFE.

      • RMW

        I totally agree. “Life” was a show I consistently looked forward to.

      • Scott

        Bring back Life! It’s not too late!

        Why not put two of the comedians on the same show? I like how Conan has been using his announcer (a star in his own right) as more than just a voice-over guy (as Leno, Letterman, etc do). Perhaps a dialogue (not monologue) to open the show?

      • Sal

        I’m as furious as anybody else at NBC, but to be completely fair…

        They did give ‘Life’ 2 seasons to find an audience and it didn’t happen. If it was on Fox or ABC it would have been axed far quicker. Can’t really fault them too much on that one.

      • chrisw

        Cancelling Life was the biggest mistake NBC made! If there’s any way to bring it back, I hope they do it, it would help redeem the whole Leno fiasco for a lot of viewers! Let’s let NBC know we want it back!!

      • Jon

        Agree, I miss Life as well and I have blamed Leno and NBC for the cancellation and now look what happens.

      • Mike

        Loved “Life.” Loved “Southland.” NBC’s not coming back.

      • Shiny

        Bring back LIFE!

      • Coyote

        Life Life Life Life! I want Life!

      • Jammy

        So what’s Jay’s new show going to be like?

      • Rachel

        I am glad to see other Life fans too! I posted on NBC’s message boards too. Bring Life back to life!!!! I hope they hear us!

      • Mike

        I just want everybody to know that Life was great and changing times on Leno is the signs of a changing time. screwed times

      • APRIL

        Please bring back Life. It was one of those great shows that you couldn’t wait till the next episode. Loved the characters and the dialog and the actors were the best.

    • Rosalie

      YOu know what, I love Jay Leno and I love that I can have him at 10 everynight. His show is averaging 5.3 million viewers at night. That’s not far from the 8 point something million that some of the top 20 shows are averaging. It costs less to make the Jay Leno show than to make a scripted show. Leave it alone. Give it time and you will see what happens. That’s whats wrong with this networks, not just NBC, they don’t give shows the time to find their audience. They want instant gratification. The best thing here would be for Jay to just hang up the towel and retire. I love him, but I think moving him to 11:35 will ruin his show and the late night line up for NBC. A 30 minute show will feel rushed.

      • znachki

        Rosalie – this really comes down to the fact that the NBC affiliates across the country have seen the rating for their nightly news shows (which generally follow) tanking. Not only that, but the AM show ratings are also down, since folks usually leave the TV where it was the night before. NBC can’t justify this to your local NBC affiliate.

      • KathyK

        Give him time to find an audience? Isn’t the point that he came into this waith an audience? It’s not like he was an unknown trying to start a talk show, people know who Jay Leno is and they are still not watching. NBC shot itself in the foot by screwing over the scripted shows that were on during the 10pm hour and then being disresepctful of Conan O’Brien who has been a loyal talent and now they may have lost him as well as any credibilty they came into this with.

      • Lester

        Jay won’t have 30 minutes – with all the commercials it will take luck for him to even get 17 minutes – – What can Jay do with only 17 minutes of time? One monologue? One interview? One Jaywalk? Ridiculous!!! This solution is much worse than the original bungling shuffle of Jay to Primetime. I love Jay – Very enjoyable and funny way to end our day. Wonder why NBC didn’t at least split the 1 1/2 hours equally between the two comedians Jay and Conan? Sounds like Bromstad and Gaspin should be the ones to leave NBC!

      • donnywahls

        never trust anyone named lester. that guys a pervert.

      • sdm

        The only solution is to put Leno back where he belongs on The Tonight Show, sorry Conan but 2.3 mil viewers compared to Leno’s avg. 5.6 during his years says it all!

      • Steve Ungrey

        To each his or her own, I guess. But the big thing, with me being a writer (albeit one who probably never has a chance of getting something on TV), is this is a huge victory for the creative community. Writers, directors, actors, actresses and behind the scenes personnel will now have a chance to work on legitimate scripted programming. I would love to see certain people back on TV but their chances of starring or guesting on shows has been crippled by the reality movement. Shows like these do have a part on a network schedule. Just not five nights a week.

      • mel

        3 million people not watching isn’t considered “not far” Rosalie.

      • English Major

        I know my family is in the minority but they will miss Jay at 10 PM – many times we would at least watch his monologue and my teenager really enjoyed his humor. She was the audience he was starting to attract. But I agree that 5 days a week was a little much. It will be ineresting to see what NBC does.

      • ZeeZee

        Please get rid of Conan O’Brian..I quit watching the Tonight Show after he came on and dislike him even more after I learned his little tantrum caused Jay to have to leave. Bring Jay back and let Conan leave – PLEASE!!! I liked having Jay on at 10 but will now record Jay at 11:30. Please NBC do something RIGHT for once and put him back on the Tonight Show.

      • Dierdre

        5 million isn’t far from 8 million? Um….

    • Nikkido

      That’s the first thing I thought of.

    • apt

      Actually folks… NBC is owned by a cable company, Comcast… so, how can what’s good for the goose not be good for the gander?

      • bill

        nbc was owned by general electric when this decision was made. comcast just bought them in november

    • Alex

      Southland was the FIRST thing I thought of.

      • MsSuniDaze

        Southland is what I thought of too. But happily they were picked up by TNT. Hopefully Southland will be a big hit and NBC will realize what a mistake they made. NBC is failing big time. Only watch Thursday comedy (turn it when Leno is on) and will happily watch when Chuck is back.

    • Lori

      I was thinking the exact same thing. They gave up a great drama for Leno? Very smart move. NBC is a bunch of a-holes, and I’m glad they’re getting what they deserve now. Low ratings at 10pm for sure. Who’s going to watch re-runs when you can flip to a new show on any other network?!

    • Katie

      Yeah, that and Medium.


      • Wil

        Exactly. the Medium thing was RIDICULOUS. That show rakes in ratings consistently, and was getting progressively better, and I just wanna say thank God for CBS for seeing the mistake and capitalizing on it. Medium is now a good ratings earner for CBS’s Friday night lineup.

    • D

      No kidding! Southland is brilliant. Thank God it landed on TNT!

  • Brooke

    Umm. The last time they tried “interesting stuff” they got this failed experiment. This should be interesting.

  • Stacey

    Given NBC doesn’t have much to replace Leno. They don’t have five scripted shows to put at 10 until next season. So it is not a shock at least right now. I am intrigued by what happens. NBC can only got up. Hopefully this is rock bottom.

  • Michael

    This could have worked – with much better writers.

    • Lisa

      I don’t wish anyone ill in this situation BUT if I were programming talk shows, I would encourage guests to come on and actually interact with the host and audience. I am so tired of guests coming on to merely promote their upcoming projects and then leaving…Let’s have a fun with more interactive programming. I haven’t watched much of Jay Leno since his program moved. He initially said he was retiring a few years ago in fairness to his wife. I wanted to believe him but anyone who has watched Leno over the years knows he loves to work.

      I’ve been more interested in Jay when his humor has a bit of a bite, much as he did this last week when it was obvious he has to adapt to survive.

      I’ve tried hard to like Conan O’Brien. While he has his moments, he appears to be more interested in himself. I realized I’ve counting the number of times he interrupts his guests to focus on Conan.

      I urge everyone to watch Craig Ferguson. Not every night is a huge success but from the beginning he promised he’d be willing to experiment, change and grow in his comedy and he’s done just that.

  • stacy

    So let me get this straight…Jay Leno was on at 10/9c, his ratings sucked. As a result the ratings for the local news tanked and there was little lead in left for Conan or Jimmy. Conan and Jimmy’s ratings look terrible (caused by Jay SUCKING at 10/9c) and it leaves Conan and Jimmy being screwed because Jay can’t perform. Way to go NBC. One more reason that I don’t want to watch your network anymore…

    • Eileen

      I think it’s great that Jay is going back to 11:35 pm, but it stinks that he will only get 1/2 hour. Jay is much better than crazy Conan

      • Sarah

        Leno is bland, uninspired, and incredibly safe. If you like Leno, you hate comedy.

      • Cici

        I’m sorry but Conan O’Brien is a brilliant comedian. All Jay Leno can do is shtick… and not very well. I think Conan has been royally screwed by NBC and I hope he leaves this dastardly network. I will certainly not be watching Leno.

      • wow

        Agree with Sarah…Jay Leno is as funny as a sock drawer.

      • Coyote

        Sarah, you are sooo right!

    • Bobbi

      You left out some important facts. Like the fact that Leno had the #1 late night show for YEARS. NBC pulled him to make way for Conan for absolutely no good reason. So they tanked Jay’s ratings; lost viewers at 11:35 because Jay’s audience doesn’t really care for Conan; now have two damaged properties to deal with AND no good way to fill the 10:00 slot. In their attempt to fix this mess, they’re penalizing Jay by only giving him a half hour show. Let me repeat, he had the #1 show for YEARS. He made money like crazy for NBC and they have treated him like garbage. If I were Jay, I’d walk! Conan should too. Let NBC get what they deserve out of this.

      • Sarah

        Jay was supposed to be retiring. If you remember your television history, after Leno and NBC unjustly kicked Letterman out Leno trailed Letterman for a couple years. Conan was never given the same chance.

        Hopefully Conan, like Letterman before him, will leave for a network that appreciates him.

      • Gretchen

        They “pulled” Jay for a very good reason – HE ASKED FOR IT! A couple years ago, he gave them the date he wanted to walk away and they inked Conan to a deal to succeed him. It’s not NBC or Conan’s fault that Jay (like Brett Favre) decided he didnt really want to walk away, but the network had already made their plans and they were sticking by them. Only with the threat of Leno moving to another network did NBC give in to his STUPID 10p show. NBC isnt the only one to blame for this debacle – 90% lies with Leno himself. Second of all, Conan and Leno appeal to COMPLETELY different audiences, so while Conan is not winning in overall viewers, he is winning with 18-49 yr olds.

      • Dee

        You’re completing wrong Gretchen. Leno did not “ask” to leave or “gave them the date he wanted to walk away.”

        What happened was Conan was the one who was talking about leaving for another network, so NBC convinced him to stick around by promising to give him the Tonight Show in five years.

        Leno was pushed out because NBC was worried about losing Conan — he never wanted to leave.

      • jo

        No, Dee- Gretchen is right. Leno told NBC he was leaving in 2009 and they tapped Conan to take over. Check this EW article from 2004.
        My favorite part is that NBC thought they could avoid a “messy scenario” by making this deal 5 years in advance. This is really Jay’s fault. Never announce a retirement unless you’re 100% sure. The analogy to Favre is perfect here. It’s all about ego for these guys- they can’t give up the fame/accolades/media attention.

      • dbanimate

        Amen Bobbi. You’re about the only person that posted the complete picture. Whether people love or hate Leno, the guy was #1 and the network made a foolish big money deal with Conan they couldn’t or wouldn’t back out of and the outcome has ruined ratings for all. Conan probably will walk and if I were Jay, after all this bullsh-t and still being offered what will amount to about 22 mintues, I’d tell them to sti-k it too. I’m amazed how many people are targeting Leno, when it’s the NBC suits who got greedy and f-d up the whole works.

      • junierizzle

        Well then they should have left Jay and let Conan walk.
        They gave Jay five years to figure something else out. He agreed to hand it over to Conan, then Jay cried like a baby about not leaving. But ultimately I blame NBC.

      • MarcoPolo

        But Jay didn’t cry like a baby about not leaving. He was getting in talks with ABC and FOX when NBC, not wanting to have to compete with both Dave and Jay, came to him with an offer. NBC f–ked this up royally, and Jay should NOT accept 30 minutes at 11:30. He always says he doesn’t need the money, and the loyalty argument doesn’t fly, given the total lack of it shown by NBC to him. He should go to FOX, or ABC, and let NBC suffer.

      • Gretchen

        DEE – I am actually right. Leno signed a 5 yr contract w/ NBC in 2004, then announced his retirement at the end of that contract. THEN NBC offered the desk job to Conan.


        Thanks and have a great day!

      • Diva

        The STUPIDEST MOVE in late night was putting Conan on the Tonight Show which lost ALL of Jay’s viewers. I dont like Conan, never have. He isnt funny! Wang Jay back at 11:35pm for 1 hour. PERIOD. Give Conan 15 minutes, that is all he needs.

      • Kara

        I completely disagree with NBC’s decision to move Leno back to 11:30, while I am a fan of both of these comedians, I think that this move is unfair to both Conan and Fallon. And further more I agree with Gretchen, Conan targets the younger and Leno the older audiences. I don’t comprehend why everyone is ganging up on Conan. If you don’t like him fine, but don’t get mad when people defend Conan and his era on the Tonight Show. I for one am a avid follower of Conan and I think that he is currently one of the funniest man on television. If you don’t agree with me, well that is your right. However, Leno had said a few years ago that he was retiring. He should have honor what he said and not worry about Conan’s future. Overall, Leno may get his old ratings back once he moves back to 11:30, but I can assure you Conan and Fallon will probably see a fairly decent decline in their ratings, and wouldn’t that be more harmful to the network?

    • Clark D

      Well put.

      • Mahatma

        Dee us wrong. I remember the deal. Jay was the one who was planning at that time to retire. He was the motivation for the schedule change in the future. Now he gets here and refuses to retire.

    • Fangirljen

      Stacy-you hit the nail on the head. I’m bummed I won’t be falling asleep to Conan (12:05 is just 1/2 an hour too late for me) and I refuse to watch Leno… it’s official, NBC gets none of my business.

      • AT

        You make a good point here. Maybe NBC is “nicely”, if you will, forcing Conan out with this awful idea. A 1/2 hour of Leno and then they’re expecting for people to stay up until 1 to watch the end of Conan’s show. And then stay up to 2 to watch the end of Fallon’s?

        Maybe this schedule is for the Mid-westerners as I can’t imagine anyone staying up that late in the East. I know I won’t. I have a job to get to in the morning.

    • Jeff

      Stacy why don’t you get your facts straight. Jay Leno was the king of late night check his ratings he killed Letterman. Conan was not able to keep audience. Just watch his show and you can see why.

      • jimmy

        check the ratings that count, 18-45. leno’s audience was old…. and you are either old or boring… prolly both

    • sdm

      Actually, Leno avg. 5.3 mil viewers at 10 and 5.6 at 11:35 while Conan is averaging 2.3, so it looks like Conan is the one that sucks.

      • Rae

        but again, 5.3 is clearly not cutting it for the NBC affiliates across the country since all of their ratings have plummeted ever since Leno was given the 10pm spot… meaning millions of advertising revenue gone.

      • Stephanie

        Leno is the lead in for both the affiliates and the Tonight Show with Conan…. The ratings would be completely different if he were never a part of the equation and NBC actually had quality programming at the 10 spot instead of the Leno garbage 5 days a week. NBC never gave Conan a fair shot.

      • InternJack


        Are you sure that it’s Leno’s fault. The networks have already at the dwindling ratings of the the late night news.
        I believe that they were losing ratings in the late news hours way before Leno came to prime time.

    • Jackie D

      It wasn’t that Jay SUCKED 9like you put it) but because there are other viable options at 10pm. I like Jay when he was on The Tonight Show. I’m a fan. However, I had other things to watch than his show.

      This is why talk shows belong in late night or in the afternoons.

  • Shleny

    This is a bunch of crap…..Leno is so bad. I guarantee you Letterman has been on the phone with Coco, saying “Hey Im gonna retire soon….want my job.” I hope he leaves NBC and tells them where to shove it.

    • Ace

      If by Coco you mean Conan, then I hope you are right. They have treated him like crap and I hope he leaves them for it. Maybe Fox would like to enter the game?

      • Gretchen

        Obviously they mean Conan – and if you ever watched him, you would know that.

    • Mudassir

      Don’t call him CoCo! :D

    • chrisw

      If Dave’s smart, he’ll pick Craig to replace him, not Conan. Way funnier, and more in line with What Dave already does.

      • jvassalo

        Dont do that to Craig! He needs his spontaneous take! If he got any more scripted than he already is – forced to no doubt – he wouldn’t be Craig Ferguson! The WAY BEST in late night TV

      • Jellybean

        I agree that Craig is 10 times better than any of the other three. I record his show and watch it the next day. I never watch any of the other late night shows because they are not funny! Fergie rocks!!!

  • harlaxace

    I am so mad about this. Jay gave up the time slot, it’s his loss. And how can it be called the ‘Tonight show’ when it technically airs tomorrow? And I love Jimmy Fallon’s show, and to push it all the way back to one would kill it.

    • Bob

      it will still be “tonight” in the majority of the country you east coast jit…

      • Mo

        Um… Twelve a.m. is technically not tonight but tomorrow everywhere, not just the East coast.

    • NoSacredCows

      Jay did not give up his spot. Five years ago, when Jay was riding the peak of his success, NBC promised Conan that he would have the 1135pm slot if he signed a new contract. Fastforward five years, Jay is still number one but some mentally retarded imp thinks Conan is actually funny and they juggle the sched. That gives us the crap we have today. Now, wouldn’t it be funny if Conan left to replace Letterman (another unfunny dolt) and Jay did take a nice vaction over to Fox or even ABC?

      • Gretchen

        Um, check your history bud. LENO TOLD THEM HE WANTED TO LEAVE.

      • Gretchen

        Jay ASKED to leave! He told them a few years ago when he wanted to retire. Only then did NBC sign Conan to take over the Tonight Show. It’s Leno’s fault he made the decision prematurely.

      • David

        Gretchen, you’re the one who needs to check your history. Leno DID NOT tell anyone he wanted to leave, what happened is NBC — foolishly, in hindsight — was afraid of losing Conan so they promised to boot Leno and give him the Tonight Show in five years.

      • Gretchen


        See the following article:

        HE announced his retirement, THEN they offered the job to Conan

      • perseo

        Jay Leno DID agree to step down,so that NBC could entice Conan into re-signing his contract with them using the Tonight Show as the ultimate prize, however, Leno later didn’t feel good about the arrangement. Check out this article: http://articles.latimes.com/2007/oct/15/business/fi-leno15

      • Mo

        No, Gretchen is correct. I even remember reading an interview with Leno talking about retiring from the Tonight Show, and it being his decision.

    • Ken

      NBC is trying to get Conan to quit so they don’t have to pay off his contract which they would if they fired him. That way they can give the tonight show back to Jay and leave Jimmy Fallon at 12:35. It is not right for any of the three parties involved, and thsi is one of the reasons NBC is a fourth place network. at least NBC is beating the CW, PBS, and MyNetwork.

      • Howard Sanborn

        Gretchen, that was Jay being diplomatic. NBC wanted to have its cake and eat it, too.

  • Judy

    I really don’t care what NBC does. Letterman runs circles around all their guys anyway!

    • sdm

      You wish, Lettermen has just started doing well since Conan took over The Tonight Show other than that he was always second place to Leno.

      • bootsycolumbia

        That’s true, but Letterman has always been funnier than Jay. Ratings prove nothing.

      • sdm

        Actually ratings prove a lot or Lettermen would have been #1 and not Leno for all those years.

  • Jaymii

    Well, that’s better I guess then. I wonder if they’ll expand that Day One show to a series.

    • April

      LOL…interestingly enough, when I do stay up this late and I want to watch late night talk shows, I’ll watch Letterman on CBS. Then right before I turn off the TV, I change the channel to WNBC, Channel 4 because I like their morning news show.

  • Elle

    Put Chuck on Thursdays at 10! Its not like there is any competition for that time-slot, and it would have a great lead in 30 rock and the office.

    • melanie

      agreed, elle! great idea; is anyone listening?

    • Mike

      I think Chuck’s viewer demographics are a wider audience with family viewing (incl. elementary school-aged kids) and NBC would be worried about losing some of these viewers if it aired at 10pm on the east coast.

      • Ryan

        Have to agree. As much as I think Thursday at 10 would do better, its a family show meant for 8. Maybe they could rearrange the comedy lineup and put Chuck at 8 or 9? I think Community and Parks & Rec should go (and let the hate comments commence)…

      • Pete

        @Ryan – I didn’t like Parks&Rec at first either, but I gave it another shot when NBC ran it 4 times on a mini-marathon over New Years (I think?). Anyway, it’s developed into a pretty funny show. But Community has to go.

      • XK

        Community is fantastic. You could get rid of the rest of Thursday, as far as I’m concerned, but don’t touch Community.

        I enjoy The Office, generally, but P&R has never been my cup of tea, despite multiple attempts to like it.

    • Dave

      Chuck at 10pm is a bad idea. It’s either an 8 or 9pm kind of show. It’s the kind of show that’s sort of fun for the whole family. Pushing it to 10pm would hurt it. Besides, Thursdays at 10pm would see competition from The Mentalist (which averages about 15 million viewers) and Private Practice (which averages about 10 million viewers). Basically, Thursdays at any time would be a terrible decision. There is way too much competition and Chuck would die in the ratings, just like Fringe is. Grey’s Anatomy, Bones, FlashForward, CSI. NBC would be foolish to move a struggling show like Chuck to a night like Thursday.

      • Elle

        I see your point. But its not like its doing so great Monday at 8. It’s got massive competition from House, The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, HIMYM, and even one tree hill. NBC has to move the time slot if they want to show to survive at all and with American Idol and Lost starting- its going to be hard for them to find a good slot prior to 10.

      • Dave

        Yeah, you make a good point too, Elle. I still think Mondays is a better fit for Chuck. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it does this week. NBC has been going all out with promotion for it, so hopefully it pays off. I’m actually pretty interested to see how the premiere does tonight compared to tomorrow night’s episode. If it does better tonight, maybe they should consider moving it to Sundays permanently.

    • Vikki Sixx

      It would definitely be a bad idea to move Chuck to a ten PM time slot. Although it’s general competition would be l4ess, it would lose the vast majority of its demographics. One of the main aspects of its appeal is the almost comic book factor which is still a child safe genre and one f the main reasons why the show has consistently stayed family safe.

    • Vikki Sixx

      The interesting thing about NBC as a network is the fact that, although they are a struggling network, they are the only network that does try new things and approaches. They are also the only major network to actually take a struggling show (Chuck) that is a hit with critics and its fans and actually continually give it time to grow and gain fans. Any other network would have axed Chuck after season one if they even let it last the full season. So as much as you may feel the urge to sling stuff at NBC, at least they are the one network that isn’t writing stuff off all the time without giving chances.

      • Dave

        You’re absolutely right, Vikki. 30 Rock or Parks and Recreation never would have lasted this long if they were on a different network. I’ve always been appreciative of NBC giving quality shows a chance to find an audience. I wish Better Off Ted was on NBC. They would most certainly be treating it better than ABC is right now.

      • Alan

        YEah, let’s all give NBS such props. They really stick it out for their shows, don’t they? Of course, you might want to check in with the creators of Life and Kings and see what they think.

      • Dave

        Alan, of course they won’t be able to stick it out for every show. But you have to admit, they stick it out for more shows than any other network. Like I said, 30 Rock never would have lasted on another network. On ABC, it would have gotten canned midway through the first season. During its first season, Better Off Ted pulled in about the same numbers that 30 Rock did its first season and about the same as Parks and Recreation does now. Yet ABC gives BoT absolutely no promotion and is burning off episodes, while over at NBC, 30 Rock is in its 4th season and P&R gets plenty of promotion and has been given a full 2nd season.

    • David

      Chuck at 10PM is a horrible idea.

      Chuck actually did higher ratings than 30 Rock last season, so I’m not sure how it would be a good lead-in

  • Lammie

    And they cancelled “Life” because of all of this!! I never watch late night TV, but I *do* like to watch well-written dramas and comedies. NBC messed everything up, and I doubt I ever watch anything on NBC anymore. I wonder if anyone will get fired over this?

  • cate

    Moral to this story: Leave well enough alone. If something is working well…why experiment? I think the guy at the top (Suckerman) should be fired.

  • Caren

    Good – see ya – don’t let the door hit you on the a** on the way out.

  • letterman fan

    David Letterman beats Conan by two million viewers a night. He who laughs last……

    • leno fan

      Sadly, only after leno left TTS…hahahahaha :)

  • Kristie

    Why don’t they just go back to the way it was?! Jay at 11:35 followed at 12:35 by Conan then Jimmy Fallon. That lineup worked and now they have screwed it up. Why do they try to fix things when they weren’t broken?

    • Sparky

      I kinda hope Jay leaves NBC and goes to ABC at 11.35 and takes back his rightful command of the No.1 late night talk show and proves what an idiot Zucker was for promising Conan the Tonight Show 4 years too early….Not a Conan fan but I have to admit he is getting royally screwed in all this…

    • Jake

      Let me see if I can get the history of this whole mess right. NBC decided to remove Jay from the Tonight Show so that they could go for a younger demographic. Five years passed, Jay was still going strong, and other networks started making him offers. Fearing that letting Jay go would hurt them, they screwed with the schedule and now are stuck right where they were before. If they had done the right thing and let Jay retire on his own, they would not be in this mess.

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