'Bones' spoiler alert: Sex, marriage, and the plot that will 'stir up' fans!

Hear that? It’s the sound of wedding bells ringing on Bones.

Executive producer Stephen Nathan confirms that two of the show’s characters will tie the knot later this season. “There will be a wedding,” he tells me. “But I can’t really say who or what the circumstances are.”

In possibly related news, Nathan reveals that Booth and Brennan’s relationship will take a radical turn following the show’s flashback-themed 100th episode on April 8. “After the 100th episode, they will reassess and reexamine their relationship,” he reveals. “They’re going to be going off on a different trajectory than we have been seeing this season.

“For most of this season we’ve seen Booth struggling with his feelings for Brennan,” Nathan elaborates. “And I think after the 100th, they might be a bit more resolved. We’ll start off in a new direction for both of them.”

Might that new direction involve the pair consummating their relationship for real? “I can’t see that happening this season,” he says. “I think their relationship is going to take a far more interesting turn. I think it’ll be much more interesting than just consummating the relationship. It’ll stir everyone up a lot more.”

What could possibly stir fans up more than real, honest-to-goodness lovemaking? Also, which couple do you think will walk down the aisle? Post your theories in the comments section!


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  • fred

    I scream no. Consummating is the way to go… come on!

    • JB

      I am sick of Bones spoilers – they are always misleading and moronic. I rewatched earlier episodes and I swear to God they are making Brennan more emotionally stunted, rather than less, as the seasons progress.

      I love the show, but the characters need real evolution.

      • Jennifer

        JB- I feel the same way. Her behavior is ridiculous. They’ve just turned her into a complete idiot with some sort of social disorder. I am a long-time viewer, but I find it harder and harder to tune in each week. The mysteries are insipid and the characters–all the characters–don’t seem to be going anywhere.

      • sfsfd

        I disagree. I’ve rewatched a lot of Season 1 eps, and she is a hell of lot more colder and unsocial than she is now.

      • badger

        jb – i was noticing something similar as i was watching bones today.
        however, the first season of a show is always different. if you notice, booth doesn’t claim his belt buckle, ties, and socks until the later episodes. in the same way, brennan’s “i don’t know what that means” comes along after the first season as well.
        i believe that she is growing, immensely, especially emotionally. like in goop on the girl she said that she didn’t have a reason to get married whereas before she always said it was an antiquated ritual.
        but i’ll admit that the writers rely on her misunderstanding pop-culture references too often just for weak laughs.

      • NatesMama

        Brennan used the “I don’t know what that means” from the pilot episode. She is much better than she used to be. I admit, she regressed from season one to season two, but come season three she was better. Watch the “Sully episodes”, she is very aware. Season four was yet another regression, but she has come back in season five. Emily Deschanel has stated that the B&B relationship takes a good turn in the 100th episode, so I don’t think panic is warranted as of yet. TPTB would be incredibly stupid to make B&B start fighting, it serves no purpose but to piss off the fans. I think they’re really going to start progressing, but with no clear resolution as of yet. I can’t wait, it’s going to be so good. :)

      • Alex

        JB – No way. they are are just building her up and her character is more than likely being built of for a final cathartic moment where it seems like her walls may actually come down for Booth.

      • Ashley

        JB- I have just started watching ‘Bones’, and from what I’ve seen, Dr. Brennan is becoming more emotional because she’s lived life trying not to show emotion, and not to show everyone how weak and vulnerable that she really is. The emotionless mask that she wears is her defense, and as the series goes on, she feels she is able to trust Booth and her team and knows that they won’t let her down. She is more social, but she possibly was this way throughout the series. Because of her intelligence and her childhood, it is possible that the reason she seems cold and unfeeling is that she connects too much, and personally identifies with the victim. Angela says this in season one. The characters are just fine, and although one or two of them needs some adjusting, I think that they have really grown and changed since the beginning.

  • Lisa

    OMG…I just know that they are going to start fighting…hating eachother!!! UGH…I’m so mad. I’ll bet you anything.

    And as far as the wedding…I can almost guarantee it’s Daisy and Lance…cause I’m sure it’s Daisy who’s pregnant. Or else there’s a slim chance it’s Angela and Wendell and Angela is the one who’s pregnant.

    But I know they are going to torture us with Booth and Brennan having some kind of knock down drag out fight over what’s in Sweets’ book. Great! Now everyone’s going to be so mad all over again!

    • sfsfd

      I’ve read the casting sides for the episode and sorry but you’re wrong.

      • Jamie

        I was thinking the same thing.. what do the sides point to?

      • sdf

        Based on the sides I’ve read, any fighting takes place in the flashbacks.

    • Russ Burlingame

      Angela has been really disappointingly out-of-character for a lot of this season, and I’m thinking that if she married Wendell because she was pregnant, it would just seal the deal that she’s not salvageable. If she did get pregnant, she’s a strong enough person not to feel like she HAS to get married, but if she did, I would hope it would be to Hodgins, who’s a good enough guy to understand the situation and who has enough money to make the baby a non-issue next season, because once she was back from maternity leave it could be nannied. That said, I think Lance/Daisy is a more logical marriage scenario, even if every part of their relationship has seemed kind of…random.

    • cindy

      Well the pregnancy is no-go. I’m dying to find out who is going to get married. Will Angela and Hodgins finally get back together? Daisy and Lance maybe? And I totally HATE that they are torturing us with the Booth and Brennan relationship. What do they mean, “they’re relationship will take a turn.” Geez! I hope it turns in a very good direction! It’s such a funny show and I simply love it! :)

      • RocketPower

        OMG what is up with ppl calling sweets lance i mean it makes him sound respectable i know i know “its his name god!” and “You are pissing me off” but seriously, booth gave him the name and everyone caught on so sweets! btw i needa vote Zachlings or internians? {Team zach or team interns}

      • sj

        His name is Lance Sweets. Sweets is his last name.

    • Jessica

      In the last episode it WAS Angela who was ‘pregnant’ but it was a false positive. And if you noticed when Cam came in to tell her the disappointment on both her and Hodgins faces. And also the look of whimsy/love on Angie’s…I am almost positive it’ll be Angie and Hodgins who finally get married!!

  • fred

    BTW I was first. Isn’t that awesome?
    And daddy Booth needs a little action. Time to prove he’s cocky after all.

    oh. That came out wrong

    • mangagirl

      someone beat you by 3 minutes.

  • doris

    gotta be sweets and daisy. she’ll discover she’s pregnant this week and boom, the’re getting married. no way it’s angela and hodgins, let alone booth and brennan. as for the “interesting turn of events” or whatever regarding those two, it sound two me like they’re getting in a fight. and nobody, nooobody, wants to tune in to see that happen

    • Cara

      oh good call, I didn’t even think of Sweets and Daisy as marriage material. I think he’s too cute to marry off, but that you’re probably right!

    • Elizabeth

      Yeah, I first thought Angela & Hodgins, but Daisy & Sweets makes more sense.

      I wonder if after the 100th, Brennan & Booth grow apart for a while instead of closer… hmm….

      • Liz

        I bet that Booth will go out with someone else, and of course, Brenn will not do something about it until the finale..

    • maddy

      Oh course it’s going to be Sweets and Daisy. Hodges has been totally shoved to the background story-wise, Cameron is busy being single-mom, Angela is busy being the office slut, and of course they’re going to break up Brennan and Bones to drag this whole thing out for another year. So who else is left but Sweets and daisy.

      • Amber

        *Cam = Camille, not Cameron

      • tiella

        Also, Brennan IS Bones. You mean Booth.

      • maddy

        Yeah, sorry, typed too fast and got my “cams” screwed up. Proof, then post! But either way, it’s clearly not going to be a brennan/booth wedding or preg. It’s really too bad they decided to ignore Hodges this season and just turn him into the guy who shows up every once in a while with lab results.

      • B/B,forever

        Now that you metioned it, they have been shoving Hodgen into the background. I’m sure that the writers will bring him into the spotlight once Angela says something about what hodgens said when Angela told him she was “preganate” (She isn’t actually preganate)

    • Sally

      Agreed, Sweets and Daisy were my first thought!

    • Fred Beiderbecke

      I agree with the Sweets and Daisy thing, first thing that came to mind.

    • LilyBilly

      I agree. Except a fight can lead to a makeup and well… An interesting turn. If its fighting, I hope there’s crying.it’ll just make the forgiving more interesting.

      Idk.just thinking

    • Greg

      Agree! It’s obvious

    • mma

      I am going with the vote of Ang and Hodgins. It is clear he is still in love with her- remember the earring he kept from their last hook up and the fact he did not get rid of that tattoo. Do you really think he would let Angela go? Sweets on the other hand almost cheated on Daisy a few episodes back (it you dont count the kissing as cheating already). So my vote is A and H.

  • cc

    Other than Booth and Brennan, the only couple it makes sense to marry are Hodgins and Angela. Yay!!! Here’s hoping it’s one of those couples.

    • Sue1

      I really like Angela and Hodgins together, hopefully they will realize the error of their break-up.

  • doris

    lisa: i posted at the same time but i couldn’t agree more on all accounts!!

  • Cara

    I think Hodgins and Angela will get married, and I think the “interesting” turn they’re going to take is to make Bones be like kryptonite to Booth, practically taking us back to square one. I hope not, but this doesn’t sound like good news to me, and it does sound like interviews in the beginning of the season.

    • amin

      slt cara cava

    • D

      Maybe Booth can have a breakdown and wind up in the insane aslyum

      • Caroline

        and have Zach as a roomie!!!

    • sdf

      What interviews?

  • Jenna

    my guess is Sweets and Daisy cuz no one else is in a strong relationship. would be nice if it was Angela and Hodgins tho!

    • amin


  • Amy

    This confuses me. Different trajectory…stir things up?

    • Jen

      Argh I know! It’s so confusing!! Why stir the pot??! What’s up with FOX and their shows this season? First they keep away House and Cuddy now Booth and Bones! Sheesh Fox give us some action!!!

      • Jaymii

        It is amusing how they mirror each other sometimes.

  • Snap

    Thanks for the dish, Ausiello. Is interesting going to translate into “tear-out-my-hair, want-to-kick-puppies frustrating?” Because if so, a little lovemaking is MUCH more interesting.

  • Jessica Warnimont

    I think it’s going to be sweets and his girlfriend

  • Cherry

    I say NO! Keep them the way it is! They have sex then they will break up!!! It is more fun to watch them this way!

    • breedy

      I have an idea this stuff all happens in a dream state like the thing about them having sex. RIP OFF

  • hsmith

    Daisy and Sweets. totally

  • fred

    I’ve read the “fight/hatred” stuff too and the arguing thingie over Sweet’s book but if their relationship deteriorates, that would just be an gigantinormous step backwards.

  • Amanda

    Um, should this be a cause for concern???? If their relationship taking a far more interesting turn means that they will be together, then I’m all for it. I’m too old for angst (they are too!)!!! :)

    • amin

      slt ca va coco

    • Penelope

      exactly! i mean come on!

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