'House' scoop: Jennifer Morrison on 'resolution' for Cameron and returning next season

This may not entirely appease House fans frustrated by Cameron’s abrupt exit earlier this season, but it’s bound to help: Jennifer Morrison’s imminent comeback, she hints, should give her character, and viewers, closure.

“The audience is going to get the information they were looking for,” says the actress, who declined to confirm the exact length or timing of her return except to tease that it occurs during a “really smart episode.”

As for the circumstances surrounding her surprising departure, Morrison is more forthcoming, eager to make it clear that the decision to leave was not hers. “I love the show, and I love [Cameron],” she insists. “Under no circumstances would I ever decide on my own to leave.”

So what happened? She recounts: Executive producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs “came to me as we were leading up to episode 8 — which is the episode where I left — and said, ‘This is where we see the show creatively going, and [we’re writing you out].’ And they very generously said, ‘We wanted to let you know so you knew you were available for other things, should they be offered.’ As far as I knew, there was nothing more.”

Opportunity ended up knocking on Morrison’s door soon after: She was cast in the Broadway revival of The Miracle Worker. And “right around the same time, [Shore and Jacobs] had an idea to [bring] some resolution to Cameron’s storyline. So very generously as well, the play has accommodated my missing some rehearsal time to do the show.”

And what about the future beyond the play, which will run at least through the spring? Although Morrison remains contractually bound to House next season, “I don’t believe that they have plans to pick up my option,” she confesses. “That does not mean I won’t be back for a handful of episodes, but it does mean I probably will not be a series regular next season.”

Naturally, looking back on her six-year run is bittersweet for her. But more sweet than bitter, it seems. “[Working on House has] been the most incredible blessing I could ever imagine,” she says. It’s been the most incredible people to work with and the most incredible character. But I have to respect the producers’ ideas of where the story is going.”


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  • Kristen


    • Meg


  • Mickey

    I bet it was Greg Yaitaine’s decision.

    • Jack S.

      He should go die in a hole. With his head crammed in his own behind. You know, where it normally is.

    • Alea

      How many people JM fans need to insult just to praise her? Let´s see: Greg Yaitanes, Katie Jacobs, David Shore, Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, Olivia Wilde, Jesse Spencer, Omar Epps…Pathetic

      • Zach

        What are you doing here? stirring the waters? why don’t you log in twitter and kiss Yaitanes’ ass?

      • Jenna

        wow zach, you are SO mature *rollseyes*

  • Ara

    The more I listen what she’s saying the more I love her. She’s just way too good for this show and I’m glad she has a job outside House.

    Love you Jennifer!

    • Cara

      Couldn’t have said it better!

    • Cheery

      I know, she’s just so classy and honest, and this confirms those two-faced jackasses KJ and DS as liars.

      Thought they could just give her the axe, and then after the backlash realized they actually need to give a beloved character a proper send-off. Who would’ve thought???

      • Emma

        WORST thing they could do for this show. Jen’s always been too good for them – it was a horrible thing to do, I love her character.


  • elena

    I’m torn about cameron. while morrison seems lovely, it’s been way awkward since she & jesse spencer split in real life, and practically went missing while House was looking for new interns…
    glad she gets to go be awesome, hope this storyline resolves something.

    • Jill

      Both she and Jesse have said they enjoy working with each other. It was nothing to do with them, this was a decision of the producers.

      Dropping C&C (and Amber) and spending all that time on the boring Foreman and Thirteen was a stupid decision that hurt the show badly IMO.

    • Alexandria

      This. She wasn’t getting to do much. Wasn’t a fan of her acting skills early on, but I think she’s improved, so it’s good that she’s out there *acting* somewhere.

    • Q

      I agree it’s been awkward, but I think it was more from the addition of 13. I was watching some old eps over the weekend and just stunned by how 13 just looks and acts so similar to early Cameron. There is no room for both of them, I just think the producers made a dumb choice to stick with 13 instead.

      • D’s Advocate

        Thirteen was clearly meant to be Cameron 2.0. Neither one of them have ever worked for me; both characters come off like Mary Sues in a House fanfic. But it’s good to see that they’ll actually put some closure on C.’s arc.

  • kristina

    Stopped watching when she left regular and they brought the new interns in.

    • Erin

      I too started tuning out when they replaced the original ducklings with subpar copies and had C&C as glorified extras. That was when it all started going downhill.

      However this season has been fantastic. Chase is back and we got a substantial amount of Cameron before she left admidst a meaty storyline. And now we’re getting closure. I’m happy with that. It’s a heck of a lot better than what she got for the last 2 seasons – appearing once an ep to say a line if lucky, and no opportunity to do any other decent projects.

      She’s handled the news and the media graciously. Kudos to her.

    • m

      I’m with you. The story has just been off with the newbies. I had actually hoped they would stay gone and bring back the originals. SO disappointed to see JM going. I think this will be a serious decline for the show

  • David4

    Yeah she was gone long ago, and the way she was written out was fine, there is no need to have her come back.

    • Emily

      Just out of curiosity, you must be a Huddy fan, I’m right?

      • Cheery

        Being a Huddy fan and disliking Cameron are not mutually exclusive. I’m a huge Huddy shipper, but I adore Cameron and am pissed to see her go. The original fellows were/and always will be the best–that’s why I’ll miss her.

      • Rachel

        Ditto. Love Huddy AND Cameron. Am incredibly pissed she’s being written out. The new ‘ducklings’ suck.

      • Farrah

        Same here. I’m a big Huddy fan, but I love Cameron as well.

      • David4

        What does that have to do with anything?

        Cameron is fine, I liked her fine, but in the last few seasons she was seen for about 5 minutes total. The writers should just ditch the older characters and make the new ones better or make new ones again. It was a waste just to have here in the hospital for 2 years bu never seen. She was written off the show, leave it be.

    • El

      Same here. Always liked House/Cuddy dynamics, didn’t mind Cameron and absolutely hate the way they chose to get rid of her, basically negating last three years of character development.

      And yes, I think that Olivia Wilde is possibly the worst actress on TV today and tanks entire show. Very sad.

  • Liz

    Since I’m not watching anymore after she left I don’t care a tiny little bit about that show. It’d become boring and sad since season 4 and having her was the only thing that kept me from leaving it for good.

    If they bring her back as regular then I’m coming back too.

    • Tanja

      First, sorry about my english.

      Show without Cameron isnt the same. Changes are SOMETIMES good but 3 years are enough time to see that TPTB made a huge mistake, there was so much better directions that the show could go after S03.
      The show is all about Greg House but without Cameron House loses big dimension of character. You dont have to be Hameron fan or shiper to be able to see that.

      Your loss TPTB, your loss!

      And I still think that they have time and space to do it write…. bring her back and all those great interactions from S1,2,and 3. Old team rules and show back then was THE BEST. That is a FACT.
      I hope that Shore and Jacobs will make agreement with Morrison and I hope that we will see in season 7 hers character as good as it was a long time before!
      Morrison seems to be a very mature and good person.

  • Tess

    I literally just teared up reading this post. I love the character of Cameron (and Jennifer Morrison as well) so, so much. The show is just not the same without her, and while I will be happy to have her back for a more fitting farewell, I think that watching Cameron leave all over again will be even harder this time.

    • Amanda

      I would have to agree. It seems like by this point, the writers are simply trying to toy with our emotions. Frankly, i’ve gotten sick of it. I want my favorite character back =(

  • Fernanda

    It’s nice to ‘hear’ Jennifer again. And it was nice to see her with the whole cast at the Golden Globes too. Whatever happens with Cameron, all the best wishes for the her future.

  • bebe

    Jennifer Morrison, you’re a rock star!

  • Dana

    Hopefully tptb will realizze what a treasure they had in both Cameron as a character/Jmo as an actress and she will be back full-time next season Cannot wait for her return and hopefully the return of my love for this show.

  • Kat

    Why do I get the feeling that Shore and Jacobs decided to write an episode to “bring resolution” to Cameron’s character only because they were completely blind sided by the uproar from peopel who wanted Cameron back? They probably thought they could slip her from the show and no one would notice. Wrong again, Davey.

    Maybe if the rest of the show were better and more interesting, it wouldn’t matter so much whether Cameron is on it or not. As it is, I stopped watching when she left. I’ll tune in for any episode that Cameron is in but other than that, there’s nothing on the show that makes me want to watch.

  • Aiden

    She’s handled the whole things like a professional. I love how gracious and understanding she is about it. Makes me miss her more on the show, though. All the best for Jennifer Morrison! (And hopefully she still comes back from time to time on House. It hasn’t been the same without Cameron)

  • milesespecial

    If the producers and writers are too inept to execute further storylines for Cameron than it exposes just how much their abilities have waned the last two seasons. Still, so be it. BUT next they should move to release Chase has well. I love Jesse Spencer but without Cameron his character fails to have any more reason to stay. The silly contrived “murder” story not being sufficient or logical.
    Reuniting with Cameron or going it alone, Chase needs to move out of the cocoon of dysfunction that is the hospital and the show on to a real life.

    • milesespecial

      Oh yeah and I’m looking forward to seeing her on B’way in a few months. I hope the transition goes well for her.

      • Lexa

        Me too – I’m hoping to get tickets. I’m sure she’ll be amazing – did you know she was actually trained as a stage actress? I can’t wait! Although I’d rather her just be back on House of course… :(

  • Jill

    You say closure, I say jerking the audience around yet again.

    Whatever storyline they write for Cameron, it won’t make sense of the fact that the producers got rid of one of the very few characters who provided a contrast to House. When almost every character on the show is cynical and self-serving, it doesn’t make for good drama.

    • Amy

      Completely agree.

    • V


    • Barbara


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